Celine Dion: Did She Steal Someone Else’s Song?

    July 11, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Celine Dion has millions of adoring fans, many of whom have been flocking to see her perform at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, where she holds a residency. It’s likely that Dion could sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and everyone would swoon with excitement; her golden voice has won her admiration all over the globe, and it doesn’t seem to matter what she does…it’s all good.

But there’s one man who is taking issue with a particular song performance, because, he says, the song belongs to him.

Daniel Merriweather says that his song, “Water And A Flame”, was on Dion’s setlist recently but she credited it to Adele, which infuriated him. Initially, Merriweather accused Dion of stealing the song, but later said she just miscredited it.

“It turns out that she didn’t realize that ‘Water and a Flame’ was my song from my album ‘Love & War’, instead she thought it was an Adele song. She should’ve just done her homework before she decided to cover my song…name her album after it…and then publicly imply credit to the featured act on the song (Adele).”

Dion’s management has released a statement about the whole thing, saying, “Celine certainly doesn’t claim in any way whatsoever that she wrote the song. While we can understand Daniel’s disappointment by not having his name mentioned during Katie Couric’s interview, it’s rather unfair to Celine to be on the receiving end of the many disparaging comments that have now become public.”

Dion is currently mentoring a fellow songstress in Vegas whom she’s taken under her wing, and says that’s not something she usually does.

“I’m not looking to make friends in the business because I want to do my job, I want to have a good time and go home to my family,” Dion said. “But Veronic — it’s a different scenario. I’m not quite sure why. I want her to be my friend. I love her. I respect her very, very much.”

  • Antoine Albert

    Eg White and Daniel have both equal credits for the song “Water And A Flame“. Celine wanted to work with Eg White because he has produced a couple of songs with Adele and as we all know Celine adores her.So he gave her one of his best work that he did in the past with Adele and Daniel. Celine is doing what she has done a couple of times in the past, covering a good song that her fans probably don’t really know about into a “Celine Dion“ power vocal performance. Like she did with “The Power In Love“ in 1993 and recently with her 2007’s hit “Takings Chances“ who also was the album title track. I think she sould have named Daniel during the interview, i guess Celine and her team did’nt realize that big mistake they did. On the invertiew if she had only named Eg Whithe it would have been better. And Daniel reaction by putting that on the web was certainly very unprofessional and direspectful to do to a Music Legend like Celine Dion.From my point of view.

  • Angela

    Get over it! This person is getting tons more press than if she did mention the right person. Which I’m guessing is exactly what he wants!

  • Diane Hanson

    I do not think Celine would intentionally discredit the person’s song whom deserves the credit.

  • http://yahoo.com AJ Perea

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Celine is a gifted musical artists! It is obvious that given her stature, there was misunderstanding! A simple meeting between Mr.Daniel Merriweather and Ms. Dion and a public acknowledgement of HIS song at her next performance of “Water And A Flame” is all that is needed. The end result would be a win/win for everyone!

  • Jean-Pierre Cote

    I saw the Kouric interview and never Celine try to take credit or said Adele write this song as Merryweather say he should have done it homework before having is little boy tantrum, It is sad as it is a beautiful song but he was so disrespectful to Celine and her millions of fans, I really hope they drop the track as they did for the Album title