Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera Come Back To “The Voice”

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Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera are both coming back as judges on “The Voice” after they took a hiatus to work on their respective projects.

Aguilera left to headline a tour, and Green went on to focus his efforts on a Vegas show. Their big red chairs were kept warm by Usher and Shakira, who seem to have enjoyed their time on the show, but the original judges want their spots back. Aguilera has already signed her contract–which will pay her $12.5 million for a fifth season–and Green is negotiating his. The show has gained popularity in the last couple of seasons, and producers say they will continue to work with their celebrity judges in order to keep everyone happy.

“These are current touring artists, so it’s a matter of balancing schedules. They’re all in demand, and we’re just balancing it all,” executive producer Mark Burnett said.

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and country star Blake Shelton are also set to return for the next season.

Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera Come Back To “The Voice”
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  • B J Van Camp

    why are they coming back? Current judges were so much better & actually help the contestants

  • http://NationalShowTickets.com Debbie

    Glad to see them coming back, yes we sold a lot of tickets to Christina Aguilera’s tour. Cee Lo Green is a good addition but I do like what Usher brings to The Voice so I hope he stays on. Shakira also adds a lot to the show so I wish she could stay on as well but she will probably go on tour but now we can sell her tickets on our website so I just enjoy “The Voice”

  • Marnie

    I hate both christina and cee lo, I won’t watch anymore if they come back

  • Brenda

    First year watching the Voice…..loved it!! Won’t be watching with CLO & Christina Aquilara back (didn’t like it when they were judges)

  • Kyle Hyde

    PAPA CEE LO is one billion times BETTER Than BOTH Ushcrap and Shakira COMBINED IMO.
    BOTH already got ONE Talent eliminated the first week of full votes on the Top 12 last tuesday.
    And Shakira got TWO of her talents on the bottom four with the second ending up at the 10th spot.

    Both have been pretty AWFUL while Cee Lo has improved seasons after seasons and managed to finish Second Coach on both Season 2 and Season 3 behind the unbeateable best coach in the history of The Voice US, Bl

  • Kyle Hyde

    Papa Cee LO is ONE BILLION TIMES Better than all The Usher and Drake and Lil Wayne of this world IMO.
    Not only is he running circles vocally wise and musically wise around the overrated jackass called “Usher” but he is also one billion times a better COACH and better human being than this POS.
    Cee Lo cared about his talents while Ushposer has been only but arrogant, obnoxious and annoying to the highest degree (wtf with his leg on the chair ? Total jackass move).

    Vedo, Josiah and his whole team are AWFUL. Josiah BUTCHERED MUSE first The Script NOW and faking playing guitar on both (a common thing on The Voice and US Shows right ?).

    Basically Ushposer is the male version of Bitchina.

    Let’s take a look at Cee Lo Green track record on the show : Second on Season 2 and Third On Second 3 (but since the first two contestants were BOTH from Team Blake, then he was again second best coach).

    Not only this but he has done that by being THE ONLY One who turned around for many talented and different artists during the three seasons he has been on :

    Nicholas David (who finished 3rd last december), Jamar Rogers (who was on Season 2 “Top 8″), Justin Hopkins, Tony Vincent, Diego Val, Mycle Wastman, The Shield Brothers, MISTER BAM BAM CODY BELEW (who also ended up on TOP 8 and ended up being the most VERSATILE and ORIGINAL Talent ever seen on any “The Voice” USA).

    Papa Cee Lo RULEZ ! Unlike Bitchina who is a massive failure like her last album and tour IMO ! (hey I’m still trying to find her “lotus” every week on the I Tunes Charts SINGLES AND ALBUMS and she is NOWHERE to BE SEEN !).

    She is not worth a penny and they’re gonna give this washed up arrogant and untalented coach 12 millions of dollars while people are dying of not drinking water and eating food and are homeless in the US ? Seriously ?

    Her track record on The Voice : fourth and last – fourth and last – FIRST Coach to have NO TALENT LEFT on Season 3 for The Top 8 !

    Speaks volume IMO !

  • Thomas

    This is bad, why they are bringing these two losers, the ratings on this show will drop like a hot potato. Be smart you are bringing 2 of the most people that people dislike..loosers..

    I don’t know how many people watch this show, but I am pretty sure a lot of them will not watch it with these two. I won’t, i think they don’t have any class and they should go back to where they belong to the ghetto…loosers…

  • http://webpronews Me

    Unfortunately, if they return I will not be watching the show anymore. It is to bad because Adam, and Blake are really fun to watch. Usher and Shakira showed more of a genuine interest in the competitors.

  • Chris Miller

    Horrible news. Christina makes it all about her and she isn’t constructively good with other contestants that aren’t her team. Usher and Shikira have made this season 20 times more watchable. Looks like we will be tuning out again.

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