Cee Lo: Accuser Says She Secretly Recorded Him

    November 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Allegations of sexual assault are serious and are sometimes tricky things to prove, and when a celebrity is involved, the stakes get a little higher. Now that Cee Lo’s accuser is saying she has a recording of him admitting to slipping a drug into her drink when they were on a date so he could have sex with her, the situation is even more serious.

The woman told police that she went out to eat with the musician in L.A., and that after having drinks, she remembers nothing about the night. She woke up nude in a bed and says Cee Lo was in the room with her. When she reported the ordeal to the police, she says, they had her place a call to Cee Lo to try and get him to confess that he’d drugged her…and according to her, he did. TMZ reports that he references the drug MDMA–commonly referred to as Ecstasy–in the phone call, although Ecstasy isn’t known to make users pass out with no recollection of events.

Now, conflicting stories as to the sequence of events that night and during the days directly following are making things even more difficult for investigators. Cee Lo commented on the allegations to TMZ, saying he hasn’t been to the restaurant in question in months.

“Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else,” he said.

  • Rod

    Ecstasy doesn’t make you pass out! That’s ridiculous! Rohypnol and GHB make you pass out…

  • Truth Hurts

    Sounds like this woman, and I use that term lightly, was intent on setting him up.

  • Joe

    All Black Guys Are Criminals

    • tj curry

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    • Really!!!

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      • Maxx

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    • Glenn

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  • seewitma3rdi

    Hey Joe…hate much??

  • Dawn

    smells like a set up to me. i’m a woman and i believe that. he has alot of $$$ and she knows it; happens all the time.

  • Kerry

    Yeah!!! Definitely an attempted set-up.She knew he’s gone to that restaurant & Ecstasy is pretty commonly used in that lifestyle;so,she’s hoping he’ll settle just to mke it go away….

  • Dog Lover

    There’s an interesting aspect of this case that everyone is missing… If the police have a individual contact a potential suspect regarding a crime, such contact is recorded and monitored by the police. So, if such a tape existed in which Cee Lo admitted his guilt, he would have been charged already. Obviously there are aspects of this case that we do not yet, but her story does not add up in many respects. However, it is too early to tell whether she really is/is not a victim. In the end the evidence will speak for itself.

  • novella

    how did she record anything passed out????? just another white girl trying to get money out of another black guy that has money. when will they wake up???

    • Really!!!

      I don’t think the so-called female victim’s race was ever mentioned. For all we know, she could be any race/nationality. Race is not the issue here. Women of all races have played this game in the past.

      Although I doubt the female victim is upfront/truthful about what occurred. I will reserve passing judgment until all the facts are made known. However, one of the unfortunate things for Cee Lo is that he is known for his suggestive sexual comments/references, which he sometimes makes to The Voice contestants. So, even if he is innocent, that behavior makes him a target for such allegations.

  • novella

    how did she record anything if she was passed out???

    • g

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  • Thomas

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  • http://www.autodevis.fr devis

    If this sticks He will be in a lot of trouble

  • Maxx

    This is why celebrities should be very careful who they keep company with, who they have around them & who they date. If I were a celebrity, especially a MALE celebrity, I would NOT be in the dating scene too much because there are too many human-maggots & set-ups in that lifestyle – always somebody waiting to snag a lawsuit & make a dollar off of a celebrity. And I’d have cameras set up EVERYWHERE in my home (except the bathroom, in which case, I’d have to figure out something else lol) – I dont know what THIS person’s case/situation is but I know there are triflin’ a$$ women out there who are always in the celebrity social circle JUST TO SNAG A RICH GUY & in alot of cases setting up the male celebrities, dating them & sexin’ them just to get pregnant by them or later holla “rape” & try to prove it so they can get a big payday. SMH. I’m a female & I swear I HATE women like that.

  • Glenn

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