Catherine Zeta-Jones is Home After Bipolar Treatment

    May 24, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Last month, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones announced that she would be receiving treatment for her bipolar disorder. Earlier this week her husband, Michael Douglas, revealed that the Traffic Actress should be done with treatment this week.

Now it appears that Zeta-Jones has returned to normal life. According to a People magazine report, the actress was spotted driving her car in New York City on Tuesday.

Zeta-Jones came forward about her struggle with bipolar back in December 2012. She stated at the time that it’s “not easy” to deal with, but reassured fellow sufferers that it can be controlled. When entering treatment earlier this year she also stated that “millions” of people suffer just as she does, but that they should not be ashamed to seek help.

Bipolar disorder, once known as manic depression, is a mood disorder characterized by extremely intense mood swings. When experiencing a mania, symptoms can include insomnia, grandiosity, delusions, paranoia, racing thoughts, and inappropriate behavior. Sufferers have described the feeling as thoughts racing through their head too fast to fully comprehend, and seemingly without end. Following a manic episode, bipolar sufferers can fall into a deep depression, often intensified by guilt or embarrassment over their actions while manic.

(Image courtesy David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons)

  • http://Yahoo.com W Vincenti

    Good article! Glad that views on this illness have changed. My girlfriend killed herself back in the 90’s because she had manic-depressive illness, and was so ashamed. It is time to stand agaist the fear and prejudice that goes along with illnesses like bi-polar disease.

    • http://gmail Heather Negahdar

      Thankfully people will be more willing to seek help from this disorder, after Catherine Zeta-Jones has spoken out and shed some light on her illness. Very brave woman.

  • helen wintrob

    I wish Ms. Zeta-Jones all the best and admire for exposing an illness that she could easily hide. However, all people should be entitled to the very best treatment, not just the extremely wealthy. They should also be given financial support while recovering, so that in addition to the difficulties of the illness, they don’t have to deal with financial problems as well.

    Helen Wintrob

  • Beulahill

    It is mighty good of her to let us know and realise that it is controllable. The credit should go to her close ones as well for the disclosure instead of hiding in a closet. I am a caretaker and realise the traumatic pains of family members.