Cat With Eyebrows Gains Thousands Of Instagram Followers

By: Amanda Crum - January 30, 2013

“Cat with eyebrows” is exactly what is sounds like: an adorable white cat with eyebrow-like markings on his forehead. And while that’s pretty much his sole claim to fame, Sam the cat has garnered thousands of Instagram followers…almost 6,500, to be exact.

People love cats, it’s no secret. Cats have pretty much ruled the internet over the past few years as they take over memes, funny videos, and adorable pictures for the express purpose of making your day a little brighter. Sam is no exception; with his curious markings, he looks perpetually surprised, and every photo of him is made a little better because of it.

I’m pretty sure he could get away with murder in my house and it would be impossible to stay mad at him.




Amanda Crum

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  • Jayne

    He is sooooooo cute! Look at the last pic. That one is really cute!
    “Hi lil-buddy!”

  • Jenahblue

    He makes my heart smile.

    • Spikenalabama

      Mine too!!!

  • Sue

    OMG!!! Too cute!! I’d be all over him like a baby!

  • Pam

    I think Grumpy Cat and Worried cat should get together.
    Sooooo Cute.

  • Kathryne DIcks

    He looks like Eugene Levy to me!

  • Spikenalabama

    I want him!!!

  • Maria

    he looks absolutely adorable,this picture is just too cute for words.Actually when looking at the picture,he kinda resembles Groucho Marx??????????????????????????????????????????????? lol lol lol lol For those of you that grew up with that or have seen the reruns knows what Im talking about.??????

    • Nancy English

      sooooooooo cute anyone that think that the cat is ugly is sick0

  • marissa morocco

    Too cute for words!!!


    Very cute, I would love to have him ! He would fit right in with my other cats( I mean my kids). He is a great looking kitty.

  • tracy

    are you all high? that is the most god awful ugly cat I’ve ever seen. Creepy looking cat, I’m going to have nightmares about this ugly ass cat. Can’t get over some fool actually posted that ugly alien cat thing.

    • TM My

      Sad bit of work arent you?

  • Wtf

    Hello cat ladies. Some chick used mascara on her white cat. Compare the pics and get rid of some of your own cats.
    Probably have an average of 6 each. “curious markings” my ass.

    • Nana Lenore

      Just had to say something nasty, didn’t you?

  • Trish

    He’s a cutie!! If you wanna see an even cuter cat follow @daisythewhite