Cat Lady Suicide: Parasites Could Be the Cause

    July 5, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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We all know about the archetypal character of the crazy cat lady. And odds are if you haven’t experienced this kind of person in real life, you’ve seen a character representative on shows like CSI, The Office, or The Simpsons. The “crazy cat lady” is associated with an aging spinster who attempts to fill the void in her life with an increasing number of feline friends. This kind of person is associated with loneliness and depression, and in the case of The Simpsons — that has pushed them over the edge into insanity. However, there is a new study out right now that suggests that there may also be a physiological connection between cat hoarding and loneliness, depression and suicide.

The study comes out of Denmark, whose researchers found that women who are infected with a certain type of parasite found in cat poop are one and a half times more likely to commit suicide. The bacteria is called Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii), and not only does being around it make you more likely to commit suicide, but you are more likely to do so through more violent means. In this case violent refers to cutting or stabbing oneself, shooting or jumping from a building, as opposed to overdosing or something like that.

In the past, the parasite has been linked to mental illness and schizophrenia, and with the increase infection comes an increase in these symptoms. The senior author in this study, Teodor Postolache of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Explains that the connection between the parasite and suicide is still tenuous. It should be noted that this is the first large scale study of this type, with 45,000 test subjects.

“We can’t say with certainty that T. gondii caused the women to try to kill themselves, but we did find a predictive association between the infection and suicide attempts later in life that warrants additional studies. We plan to continue our research into this possible connection.”

He goes on to explain that this study has not drawn any conclusions about how T. gondii actually causes suicide.

“Is the suicide attempt a direct effect of the parasite on the function of the brain or an exaggerated immune response induced by the parasite affecting the brain? We do not know. In fact, we have not excluded reverse causality as there might be risk factors for suicidal behavior that also make people more susceptible to infection with T. gondii. If we can identify a causal relationship, we may be able to predict those at increased risk for attempting suicide and find ways to intervene and offer treatment.”

The parasite is fairly common, infecting about one third of the world’s population. Although the most common place to find it is in cat poop, it can also be contracted from undercooked meat and unwashed vegetables.

sources: Gawker Inquisitr

  • Tammy

    My friend has cats and I tried to tell her thats why she is crazy!

    • Mike

      Linda, keeping the animals “low” isn’t the key. Animal limitation laws are a violation of constitutional rights and they punish people and animals who haven’t done anything wrong along with those who have. Keeping animals cleaned up after, fed, watered and sheltered properly is the key. Spaying/neutering, regular vet care and vaccinations is the key, regardless of how many you have. Keeping them from being a nuisance to neighbors is the key. Not too many people can keep up with 30+ cats, but there are those who can and do. There is a huge difference between hoarding and rescuing. Simple-minded people confuse the two, mostly thanks to sensational news stories and misleading TV dramas and animal haters who work in city and county governments. I have 35 cats and also worked for the Humane Society and currently for a vet clinic. Having multiple pets doesn’t automatically make you crazy or a hoarder. I love animals and I love people. I have many friends and am close to my family, who consider my cats their grandchildren and nieces and nephews. I don’t use the cats to “fill” any “void.” Keeping up with the cats is a full time, expensive job, but it’s what I love to do. I wish people would spend less time judging others and more time minding their own business.

  • LeighAnne

    That is ridiculous just because people own cats does not mean they are crazy i’ve had cats since i was a child and I am of sound mind . These people obviously already have issues of loneliness which is why they get all those cats in the first place

    • concerned

      you sound pretty n.u.t.s. to me

    • mandy

      They are talking about the extreme cases Linda people that have like 30+ cats in the house, and do not take care of them. They become feral, leaves feces and urine everywhere, hence the spread of infectious diseases occurs, including parasites such as roundworms, hookworks, Toxoplasmosis etc. I worked for the Humane society, and had to encounter several of these hoarders houses, and the situation was always the same, the people just dont see the danger in it. I have three cats and a dog, I am not crazy, but thats because I keep my animals under the legal city limitations, keeping the numbers of animals low is the key

      • http://yahoo Janne

        I have seen it to. But if you look at the way they explained the study it made it sound like anyone who has a cat is more likely to have problems not just hoarders.

      • Bored At Work

        agree with mandy, if you have more than a handful of cats. Something is up… somewhere.

    • http://yahoo Janne

      This is the smartest comment I have seen yet. There is another study that initially says that having animals such as a cat or dog helps to lower blood pressure, anxiety. I think it depends on the biases of the one doing the study. Anyone can sway the findings.

  • Linda

    People need to get a life and stop studying things. Oh no wait…there is money in research!! Lots of it. Sorry I forgot, my cats made me lose my mind!

    • Trevor Gowe

      You people are idiots.

      Yes lets just toss science out the window because we’d rather keep our eyes closed.

      • Dave

        Lets not throw science out the window but, lets stop making decisions and moving our society in directions based on science studies that are not complete or entirely accurate either…or could be interpreted another way.

      • Elena

        you are the misfit

    • concerned

      De-Nial isn’t just a river in Australia.

      • sarah

        the nile river is actually in egypt, not australia…denial isn’t just a river in EGYPT

      • Mega


      • Maddy Lanier

        I was kinda hoping you were just kidding when you said Australia..

    • ben

      linda, that’s the most ignorant thing i’ve heard someone say in, well, it’s probably only been about 20 minutes, but this is the internet so that’s a long time to go without seeing someone this stupid. do you really think ceasing to study things scientifically will somehow make the world better? if so, why are you using the products of previous scientific research? you should get off your computer, stop driving your car, and throw away your TV for starters. in fact, you should just kill yourself, because without agricultural and medical advances based on “studying things”, your ancestors would have more than likely starved to death or died of disease before your ignorant ass was ever born.

      • patty

        Ben, I agree with ur opinion on research studies….but really hun, ya didnt have to say she should kill herself…that was cold and uncalled for, Im surprised it came out of an intelligent person like u….be nice, sweetie!!!

        • Dave

          I am surprised you are really assuming ben is intelligent based on his statements thus far…I see no correlation between intellect and the comments….

  • dicky

    my cat breathe smells like cat food.

  • Gina S

    I can see that owning multiple cats and not keeping there litter clean can cause an unhealthy effect on someones body. If your pregnat you shouldnt be around feline feces cause of the toxins. whatever.. if you are hoarding that many cats there is an underlying mental issue going on.

  • Phillygirlluv

    What do you expect when you have cat sh*t all over your house. Not only is it nasty dirty it cant be healthy. I think they have other problems like bugs rabbies flys possibly dead cats laying around that the person doesnt even know about. Neighbors have to know something is wrong with all those cats around and dont want to get involved. In some counties the ASPCA are hesitent to get involove cause they dont have the money or resources to help,

    • Cameron

      Maybe you should learn to write English before you comment on how nasty cats are. I wonder how clean you or your house are.

      • Elena

        I know I laughed at “rabbies flys counties hesitent involove”…
        Phillygirlluv…. get a blasted spellchecker its rabies, flies, countries, hesitant and involved. Sheesh. The truth is you are just an aggressive teen I think Phillygirlluv ..unfortunately you are typical of whats out there today the braindead drinking teen and if you are not a teen go back to school!

    • http://yahoo Janne

      You must really dislike cats to come up with a comment like this.

    • crailey


      • Dave

        mus b da rabbit strain….

    • Mike

      Phillygirlluv, with such an uncaring attitude toward human suffering, you should probably remove the word “luv” from your name. It is profoundly hypocritical, the misnomer of the century. I’d rather share the world with “crazy pet people” than a bunch of hateful, uncaring bullies.

    • LadyLizzie

      I am not a crazy cat lady, but I do have four indoor cats…and a dog…and 3 litter boxes. I clean twice a day (litter), there are no feces on my floor or dead cats lying around. You are a very under-educated person about cats to suggest such things are common. You need to go back to school and learn how to spell and use proper grammar, too, if you want to submit future opinions on subjects you obviously know nothing about. This whole story is crap; another reason for people to distrust or dislike animals. Trust me, I love these cats, I have always had cats…along with children, husbands, dogs. Probably the only thing that keeps me going is knowing I have them to take care of; suicide is not an option when you have furry children.

  • jpc

    great news we dont need crazy pet people like her…..maybe more will follow

    • shawna

      I don’t think you read the article. It was not about anyone in particular :)

  • Otis

    1/3 of the population has been infected with the parasite…doesn’t 1/3 of the poulation experience depression/anxiety at some point in their lives?! There is no cure for this either. I read another article about this yesterday. I like how they make it seem like the only way to contract this thing is through feline waste and if you are a woman. Funny, how they casually add at the end of the article that one can contract it from unwashed vegetables and meat as well. Seems pretty likely that most of us (not just the crazy cat women) will be exposed to this parasite at some point in their lives.

  • patty

    This lady obviously had a mental sickness….mental sickness causes people to do many unnatural or unnormal things, unless they get help and meds for their problem….some one should have helped her b4 it got out of control….i feel sad for her, no one cared to help her…like the city, or state, or our mavalous government employees who’s job is is to help people like this. just sayin…..

  • Rob Wryter

    Cats are good, cats are nice,
    Cats are cute and cuddly spice.
    Say it twice,
    Cats are cute and cuddly spice,
    Say it thrice,
    Cats are cute and cuddly spice.

    And I will go to work with blowtorch and pliers on any sicko who is hurting cats because of some insignificant bacteria in their poop.

    • shawna

      AMEN! Me too. Cats before asshole humans, that’s for sure!

      • Elena

        absolutely Shawna

      • JoeBlo

        I think you’ve lost your mind. Cats show no loyalty and wouldn’t care if you never came back home.

        • Elena

          idiot…cats are known to walk for miles even to try and find a scumbag owner sad that they do

    • yummycatdimsum

      I love cats they taste like chicken.

    • Elena

      bless you Rob if I saw anyone being cruel to an animal I’d split them with a spade or a similar pounding by the way I reported a creep once online who was showing off about hurting cats and the SPCA tracked him down and gave
      him a huge fright ah that was cool.

  • Toniann

    having cats is not crazy, anyone who thinks so is.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ David Jones

    I am part of a rescue group that deals with cats and I foster about 30 in our sanctuary. Its a tremendous chore to scoop and clean daily but our local shelter is full and adoptions are way down due to the economy. This study was similar to one that was done last year and what they don’t say is in this article that the parasite is more prevelant in tropical climates. Even thogh this was a Danish study I would like to know if all the subjects were from Denmark or throughout the world.

  • verna

    Doesn”t matter how many animals you have as long as you keep them clean,change litter boxes often,bathe your dogs and brush your cats.

  • Sam

    Obviously if you’re a hoarder of any thing, you’ve already got mental issues. You’ll get sick from any kind of hoard….whether you are hoarding cats, dogs, farm animals, or humans. If you live in a home with a lot of humans and never clean up…..you’re going to get sick. It’s just common sense. Any time you are dealing with feces, whether it’s your cat’s, your dog’s or your own…..if you don’t keep clean and wash your hands……you’re gonna get sick.

  • http://None E, Lewis

    As my mother used to say, clean off your own door step before you try and clean off some one else’s. Don’t compare me to the simpsons. I am not crazy, and I have cats, and they are very well loved and cared for. Thank you very much.
    E Lewis

  • Maryjane

    Also can be planted in meals or crops, to destroy populations and to produce more jobs….. WakeUp….. Internation. P.s. I realized back in 1995 through a profounded dream.

  • Jackie James

    Well, cat ladies aside, if 1/3 of the population is infected, are there tests that can determine if one has it and if so, is there a treatment to get rid of it?

  • Cara

    It has been shown that almost everyone has parasites. They come from eating meat, dust, dirt and anything outside your house. You would have to live in a bubble to avoid parasites. I’m sure there is a lot more to it than just parasites. If someone is replacing animals with people, there probably is a much deeper issue. Many of these people have been hurt deeply by humans and may suffer from depression. There are many causes of depression especially with the increase of heavy metal toxicity, poor diet, and drug use. These toxins also provide parasites the environment that is conducive for their survival. So what comes first, the filth or the bugs? A healthy person’s immune system is more than capable of handling parasites, but it is always easier to blame a cat.

  • maryjane

    Medias suck it dry.

  • http://crocodile_smile_inc@yahoo.com frank


  • michael

    If anything, my cats have kept me from killing myself. They are the best pets and companions.

    • Elena

      for some reason menaces and lunatics + serial killers hate cats above all animals
      just like the worst psychos…cat haters are even more
      insane. Cats are precious we have had them all my childrens life
      and all we reap is love and loyalty. For those who just hate cats
      and find any excuse to despise them yr day is coming dont worry about that (death gets us all and you have to answer for it).

      • Michelle

        Such beautiful things people have written about cats, and all those good things are true. You are all the cat’s meow.

    • Elena

      and amen Michael !

  • Happy Cat Owner

    “Although the most common place to find it is in cat poop, it can also be contracted from undercooked meat and unwashed vegetables.” Isn’t it more likely toxoplasma gondii is contracted by one of these means? Most persons who own a cat/cats take the necessary precautions when cleaning their litter box, except in the case of hoarders, but who knows how clean the salad you just ordered actually is? By not investigating the other sources the article is misleading and seems malicious. The best part of the article was the clip from the Simpsons.

  • Monastic

    Does it ever occur to these wiseguys that conduct these studies that maybe, just maybe the folks that have furry friends instead of human friends just might be somewhere on the Autism spectrum? When people have been so mistreated, misjudged and thought of as odd for so long, it makes a person a little more reserved and mistrustful of other human beings…why wouldn’t a person treated like this by society wish to have friends that love them unconditionally? This is why animals are the perfect choice for adults on the autism spectrum (and..yes, Autism is not just a childhood thing but a different wiring thing.)

    After society beats you down so long (just look at how movies and the media depict those that isolate themselves from the world…catwoman, indeed) some tend to get depressed. It’s not because of a parasite or even autism, it’s because people just don’t want to accept anyone that is different from the Norm….Lack of Acceptance is definately on the road to Depression.

    • Anita Carson

      Monastic, you are so right. Your take on this whole thing is well-thought out and connects the dots, something most people fail to do. Once people scratch the surface (pardon the pun) they are likely to find deeper issues of loneliness, depression and yes, autism which leads to the isolation and suicide; not cat ownership.

      • http://centrurylink Lavita

        My Mother whom is 80,has a cat that has been to the vet,they both had the same illness.Thyroid.Mother seems to be going down as well as the cat.She is a very clean person,in a very clean home.Anything in this world is possible.Now the beetles in trees?She has been ill for 4 months.And sad,and depressed.All I can say is Lord help us.

  • patty

    you guys, dont understand this lady had mental problems and needed medical help…she didnt get help, cuz no one cared.

  • Dave

    Mike, yeah…me thunks you be rite all the way through..I’m just agreeing.


    This is sexist!

  • http://www.glubmin.com Glubmin

    Crazy cat people are an awfully defensive lot aren’t they?

    • http://centrurylink Lavita

      I can tell your English….But yes you are right, just as animal lovers whom love animals.

  • tom

    This whole thing is so retarded. Did anyone stop to think that perhaps getting this infection makes these women FEEL EVEN WORSE PHYSICALLY than they felt before they got the infection? That alone could be enough to account for the slight up-tick in suicidal behavior. You don’t need a PHD to figure out that one. DUH!!

    • lynne wild

      EXCUSE ME !!!


  • W

    Two facts’ being associated doesn’t mean one causes the other. They can stem from a common principle. Local ice cream consumption is correlated with drowning. Not because ice cream causes drowning, but because its consumption increases in the summer, as does the rate of swimming. The study draws no conclusions about a very common parasite’s relationship to a sad problem.

    • Happy Cat Owner

      Thank you! So true.

  • Ruby

    …this article is written by an idiot trying to convince other idiots that in fact, like the media portrays us, cat ladies are crazy people.

    UH maybe! if choosing to stay home on a friday night because you don’t want to hang out with humans and see how stupid they can actually be and rather stay in and play “catch the dot kitty” is crazy??? then yes, I am :) my cats make me happy and will turn my bad day around with a single headbutt! take that!

    …now, i’m going to find my laser pointer lol

  • Ruby

    by the way, i’m not taking this seriously. I think its a load of crap. But anything to talk about being a cat lover 😉

  • Moby Dee

    If they’re jumping from buildings, could the virus be making them think they are cats?

    • elenio


  • rsb

    three letters WTF

  • JGP

    Now we’re blaming cats for stupid people. When is anyone going to stand up for personal accountabilty ?

  • Author 149

    1/3 of the world’s population!!! That’s over 2 billion

  • mdcow1955

    Got a 28 year old in a back bedroomloves Cats Hates everything & everyone else,………………maybe there’s something to this

    • tammie inchaurregui


      • jojo

        So, how many cats do you have?

    • jojo

      Step 1.Send her to the store
      Step 2.Dig hole in back yard
      Step 3.Put dead cats in hole
      Step 4.Lysol her room and hallways…

      everything should work out just fine.

      If new cats show-up, repeat steps 1-4 and play stupid.

  • daisy

    Texas Todd and the guys from Free To Kill Again lies to Daze and all thier fans…they dumped her when she needed them both…they are a bunch of talentless, selfserving backstabbers….Do not hire this band…they are not the same group..dont waste your time on this sad outfit..

    • daisy

      So true…Texas todd and Free to kill again are over…they lost the most talented part of the band…Daze will rock forever and will always be there for her fans…no bullshit shmoozing from that classy lady….we will see you soon Dallas Daze

  • Jelly

    Lonely, depressed people tend to stay indoors and keep to themselves more and cats don’t require owners to go outside (like for walks or bathroom duties) like with dogs. So maybe the more depressed, antisocial type gravitate toward cats as pets (and company). Therefore, they were already depressed and its not to blame cats or their droppings.

  • Paula Freeman

    Uh, just wash your hands after handling the litter…………….that’s what I do…………

    • rose

      Toxoplasmosis, is a parasite found in cat’s feces. It can be dangerous to the unborn fetus in pregnant women. That’s why OB/Gyn physicians tell their pregnant patients not to touch, clean, or empty cat litter boxes. Hand washing isn’t adequate because the contaminated litter particles become “aresolized” (in the air) which is then breathed in by people. It’s a real parasite which can also be deadly in immuno-compromised individuals.

      • gee

        thank you rose i had heard this rose is there a cure also all people out there cats are very healing to all humans

        the men that are so angry about cats and carry anger in general through out there lives are men that are

        more than likely these men were assaulted with a razor blade with out there consent because they were infants at birth by there mothers through circumcision the whole man non circumcised men offer harmony domestication contentment kindness to the world the way men were born to be.
        cats are victimized by these men the anger is projected towards cats especially, do not get started with these type of men with an argument these men will assault cats even more when you or i are not looking for the simple reason of disagreeing with these type of angry men

  • w b marvin

    Liberals don’t like cats because they can’t control them.

    • Smartlady

      Screw you! I raised five cats from birth to death and have a beautiful shrine for them, you dim wit.

      • jojo

        We know you’re sick,’smartlady.’ We get it.

        Get help. You need it. Get help before those cats and their diseases kill you.

      • Biff


  • http://hughes.net rosa hess

    i love my pets i have had cats and dogs since i was a kid now i have 2 dogs and 3 cats there all wonderful im not depressed im quiet active and going back to college for medical

  • Smartlady


  • Smartlady


  • Smartlady


    • kim clark

      And how many cats do YOU own?

    • jojo

      You sound like a real “cat lady” B I T C H!!! Hurry-up and kill your disgusting self, please. OHHH! WAIT! Be a sweetheart and kill those filthy little cats(rodents) first.

    • Biff

      So Chris is a little turd boy b***** who is a sex offender and a pedophile?

  • michele

    are they stupid!!! here’s something else to blame on poor cats! here’s another reason scare the public into tossing thousands out into the streets! what a bunch of ^$^%%&^&#$ idiots!!! if you keep a clean house, having multiple pets can be possible and you dont have to be “a crazy cat lady”

    • mike

      Judging from the over the top posts here there may be something to this story.
      Of course, we have 2 cats and 2 great danes and 2 more cats just showed up and I am feeling a little nuts. Not suicidal mind you just crazy. Then again, if we run out of dog food there are alternatives. Keeps everyone on thier toes. I forgot 2 mention the parrots. Darwin’s survival of the fittest in practice.

  • John

    I can not believe how poorly this article is written. My 11 year old son has a better grasp of the English language than does Chris Gabbard. How can I be expected to take this article seriously when it seems to have been written by a moron?

    • Frank

      I’m so Sorry Chris, but I have to agree with John. English is only my second language, but straight into your second paragraph and I was wondering if they [owners of this site] stole this article from a 8th grader, a academically challenged 8th grader.

      It is truly appalling that you would stick your name on the end of something so poorly written without hesitation. (Then perhaps you did hesitate). Perhaps there was a little voice saying; “No Chris, don’t allow this garbage to be published, Not with such little grammatical taste”- In which case I implore of you Chris, please… listen to your inner voice next time.

    • ex- Cat “lady”

      PARASITES found in CATS!,
      Cats are predators, Cats hunting and kill birds, rabits, etc.
      The Cats are not original from EEUU
      The Cats were introduced by settlers, in Cargo-Ships
      In the Ecosystem the Cats are a menace to other endangered animals. The journalist wrote a VERY GOOD!!! Science article
      The Negative comments came from ignorants:Cat’s lovers.

      • Catwoman

        You cannot even put a sentence together!

        It actually hurts to read this.

  • Tara

    This is retarded. I suffered for years from depression until I got involved with animal rescue. Specifically, cats. Helping an animal in need of love and kindness brought me not only a sense of accomplishment, but also joy. It brought me OUT of depression and allowed me to find something worthy in myself, something lovable and good. I am not a crazy cat lady, but I AM crazy about cats. Animal therapies have been used for many years with troubled teens, and even adult prisoners. Time and again, working with abused and neglected animals of all kinds has helped these broken spirits to heal and find something good in themselves that they never knew was there. I thank God for animals. Journalists, however… No, just kidding. Journalists are okay too. Even if some, like the person who wrote this article, are very highly misinformed.

    • ex- Cat “lady”

      Very good SCIENCE article. The Cat are full of parasites, and your Med. Vet. is very expensive to find “all the Cat’s diseases” for you! This article CAT LADY SUICIDE is very good to HELP PEOPLE. Dr Phill said on TV: people need to help people, and he is an Intelligent person.

    • kim clark

      Retarded is such a rude word to use for mentally disabled. It is crude and hurtful to the individuals and their families who suffer said conditions. It seems to be a pattern that people who think they are loving people because they take care of animals are clueless as to the feelings of human beings and basic kindness and good manners. I think people who are obsessed with animals are people who can’t connect with humans. I get angry when I hear stupid Chelsea Handler or middle school boys say retarded. They have about the same level of caring and sophistication. Knock it off!

  • kate

    odd, i had cats since grade school and am not schizo…my niece and sister never had cats in the house…etc…yet they have been dx’d as schizo and psychotic….hmmmmm and my sister is ocd clean so i doubt veggies got her?

    • patty


  • depwavid

    Toxoplasma is an evil little organism, but don’t forget Coccidia, which is just as nasty and is also transmitted from cats to humans. Guess that senior-year parasitology course wasn’t a total waste of time… although most of my fellow students stayed paranoid about sanitation for months afterward.

    If you don’t want the government snooping through your trash, just wrap anything sensitive in wet, smelly cat litter. The thought of some wannabe KGB type coming down with Toxo or Coccidia warms the cockles of my heart… sic semper tyrannis!

  • depwavid

    Read some of these comments below and am appalled by the hatred. Don’t have a cow, man! My fiancee and I have six cats between us. I don’t let her do the boxes because of Toxoplasma and Coccidia. Our cats don’t go outside and don’t hunt rats(the intermediate host for Toxoplasma)so we’ve broken the parasite’s life cycle.

    Here’s the point: simple precautions and otc cleaning agents should protect you. Immuno-compromised people and people with respiratory issues should not clean litter boxes without breathing masks and gloves. Don’t chuck your helpless cat because of this when a little care will keep you safe.

    I seem to remember that Ivermectin MAY kill both Coccidia and Toxoplasma. Any veterinarians out there who are up on protozooan parasites? My parasitology course was thirty years ago, and I could use a refresher.

  • Almostsanecatlover

    Smartlady -Apparently you misunderstand the meaning of the the word “Smart” unless it is meant sarcastically.Anyway why all of this hatred? Yes- The author wrote like an eight year old. Lets hate on him.The info is interesting for cat lovers who are jumping off of walls. I am not (yet) but if I do I will have an extra suggestion for my Doc. I just do not understand why everybody seemd so pissed off?

  • Almostsanecatlover

    Also loved the comment about jumping off buildings because cat lovers have begun to think they are cats great lol. And the word retarded is great. It is not an insult to the developmentally challenged it is an old un-pc word for slow stupid dumb people it is great and when I do dumb stuff I call myself retarded.

    • scotty

      yes , my wife thinks she can leap from furniture , etc, and now wants to try a leap from the roof to the garage, she thinks she can make it because she has watched her 8 cats long enough to now how to jump right; should i let her go ahead and try this ? she’s planning on it this weekend and says i cant really stop her ..

  • Kit

    What is wrong with all these people? I’m a cat-lover myself But ya’ll are freaking over an article someone wrote to meet their deadline. Everyone just needs to chill the f**k out

  • almostsanecatlover


  • Laura

    Yes, I’m a borderline crazy cat lady. But just think about this: exposure to any poop is bad okay. Cats will kill and sometimes eat small live critters, but dogs eat cat poop and dead things (I’ve seen it myself). So, you dog-lover/cat-haters think about that tonight when you let your dog kiss you.

    • http://yahoo.com Judi S

      I also am a cat lady but really dont you think that depression is caused by many things and exacerbated by lonliness? perhaps these crazy people are tired of being alone and hearing all the bull the rest of the world is saying about them. Besides I bet your cat or dog gives you more love than most people. Many who are really mentally disturbed also eat their own poop so… lets find another way to spend money. Toxoplasmosis has always been a problem so if in doubt wear a mask and gloves when cleaning the litter box. So easy to solve the problem and just let us crazy cat people alone. Cats (and dogs) are better than most people. Hats off to you Laura tell em

  • MAYO

    We live with a cat/animal hoarder, ten cats. Knowing him, I doubt cat hoarders will see themselves in this article, it’s such a decrepid/deceptive situation, self-blindness is the rule, how else could it be tolerated? Why is it that cat-people, and not just the hoarders,think its okay to have litter boxes or a litter box inside with that horrid smell and think it’s nothing? Animals, cats included, never live around their own excrement, all animals have a fine sense of smell. Cat-hoarders are not the “animal lovers” they think they are, and those people who claim they live clean with so many cats–I’d like to actually see their homes. They do nothing to help cats get adopted, they hoard a bunch instead of doing real animal rescue work (one true rescue worker could save hundreds of cats.) Sorry, animal hoarding is an extreme state of poverty.

    • TawnieT

      And you are the genius that LIVES with the person that you so easily rail against? What does that make you? A parasite as well?

  • http://BING Judith C McLaren







  • Heather

    I have a hard time taking this article seriously, especially since the author doesn’t even know that Toxoplasma gondii is a protazoan not a bacteria.