Casey Kasem Still Unburied a Month Later

    July 16, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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The feud between Jean Kasem and Casey Kasem’s children has gone on for years. The whole thing came to an ugly head a couple of months ago when Casey’s kids declared publicly that Casey was missing. He had been in a care facility and needed medical attention. Their concern was that she had taken Casey out of the country to keep his kids from seeing him in what could have been his final days alive.

The children then went to court get legal help finding out where the ailing actor had been taken by Jean.

After police located Casey and Jean traveling in Washington state, the court battle raged on over whether Jean could spirit him away from his kids when he was in failing health.

A judge allowed Kasem’s daughter, Kerri, to have him admitted to a hospital. The family feud got really bizarre when Jean Kasem threw raw hamburger meat at Kerri.

It looked like everything had finally come to a close when Kasem died in the hospital on June 15. He was surrounded by his children. Everyone figured the battling was finished. Maybe there would be an inheritance dispute, but it was all over but the paperwork and lawyers.

Guess again.

Casey Kasem’s daughter, Kerri, who has been in the vanguard of the fight with Jean, has now announced that her father’s body has not yet been buried. She claims that it is at a funeral home in Tacoma, Washington. She says that Kasem’s kids want to bring his remains to California to be buried in accordance with his wishes.

St. Anthony’s Hospital in Washington says that Jean Kasem did claim Casey’s remains, but they have no idea what happened with them after that.

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  • moya

    If this is true, I find it utterly disgusting. What is the freakish wife excuse for not burying the husband she claimed to love so much. Guess she’s too busy hanging out with her rumored new boy-toy than to do the decent thing and bury her husband.

  • saknows

    The kids should go away. The daughter keeps getting her face and name in the news. Let the widow bury him as she wants.

    • Wendy Smith

      Since Casey had made his wishes known, and it appears that the wife is not honoring those wishes, the daughter (as the spokesperson for his children from his first wife) is simply trying to make sure HIS wishes are honored. These aren’t her wishes, nor his wife’s wishes but HIS wishes. And the wife should be honoring that. She doesn’t get to ‘bury him as she wishes.’ Aside from that, these aren’t just random fans. These are his KIDS. Obviously they love their father and are trying to see him treated right. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case with his widow.

    • 2378bri james

      The widow is nuts, with control issues. His children are only trying to do what he said and wrote he wanted

    • Lisa

      saknows your an idiot the dumb bitch leaves him in the morgue the kids want their father buried,,,

    • Notthereyet

      Kids should go away? His children will always be his children, Jean on the other hand can go away and stay there.

    • SelenaMillieux

      They are his kids his blood they are not and should not go away,whats wrong with you? They should have a say where he is buried-otherwise is wife would do it in a secret location not honoring her husbands wishes. You’re so anti kids how would you like to have a stepmother of father like Jean who excludes you and your siblings from anything and everything that have to do with your parents,including their last care and burial? he has a will that should be carried out and she’s being spiteful

    • rae

      this man should of been laid to rest a month ago. this is disgusting and very sad. Even if the kids go away this wife is still not right in the head to not have laid this man to rest a month ago.

    • Denise

      excuse me, its been a month and that man has his blood running thru their viens, they have a right to say what they want. Bury the man and she will go away.

    • jholleye

      saknows, Are you special,did you ride the short bus, or just RETATDED.

    • plainlyspoken

      The widow isn’t burying him. That’s the point. Would you want your father lying around dead for over a month? Something very wrong with this woman…

  • Luke

    Maybe they are filming “weekend at Casey’s”.

  • peg

    she is an idiot

  • Ray

    Not sure if this is true or not but I do know as a father myself I would want my children to take care of things. Jean should stay out of it all and let the kids bury their father the way he wants it not her way. I do agree with Peg, she is an idiot.

  • Kanna-Chan

    Was his wishes recorded on paper or by witnesses? If not, the ex-wife has the ultimate say-so.

  • Jay1

    Great family dynamics going on there. I cant fathom a family so incensed to fight over every last detail of ones remains. If Casey had made his final wishes known, those wishes SHOULD be followed to the letter-plain and simple. Like it, or not!

  • Sjdsgirl

    His wife is a freak. Why would she let his remains go unburied for so long? What is the point of that, what is the gain of it? She must be trying to torture and harass his children every which way she can, thats plain to see.

  • MamaBear3

    That reminds me. I think I’ll watch Weekend at Bernie’s tonight.

  • sailphuket

    All I have to say. Poor man..he deserve more respect then that.As his wife let him rest in peace and give him a burie he deserve..

  • a fan

    declare the woman insane, put her in an institution and give Mr. Kasem the burial he deserves. My God how selfish of all of them. Let him rest in peace.

  • jasonwheeler97

    Old Jean has certainly proven herself to be a nut job. Guess since her acting career no longer exists, she is using Casey to keep herself in the media and it appears to be working, even after his death.

  • billy

    lol wasnt he creamated,people generally dont bury the ashes

  • Dave Grammer

    Damn Stop waiting and go get your Father and put the man in the ground as per his wishes, Stop fighting with the Step Mother and get on with it, You worried about the money I’ll pay for it. Just give him respect

    • SelenaMillieux

      why dont you address that to Jean his widow too not just his kids

  • Apul_MadeeqAoud

    She looks like a tranny.

  • Nick Mele

    Shortage of coffins or contractor Bags or Love

  • Notthereyet

    All I can think of is, what a terrible end to such a sweet, gentle man. May this woman be moved by compassion and put aside this petty behavior and bury him.

  • Teresa McCoy

    You disgust me. You should be ashamed of your selfish self (the wife). Get the hell over yourself and properly bury the poor man.

  • QCman

    Jean is checking the body for pocket change, and gold fillings.

  • Judy Thorne

    This family needs to get a grip!

    • plainlyspoken

      The wife needs to get a grip. The kids have done nothing but advocate for their father’s health and now his burial. I would do no less were it my father. Jean threw raw meat at the medical workers who came to pick Mr. Kasem up and take him to the hospital where he was found to have sepsis, bedsores and an inability to take nourishment. She’d taken him *out* of a healthcare facility and shuffled him from place to place to keep his family away from him, possibly while he was still able to tell them the truth about her. Her behavior resulted in this man’s premature demise–I work with the elderly and I am convinced of this. Now she has him on a slab somewhere and refuses to bury him. I don’t see what more the kids can do except publicly speak out about her behavior–which speaks for itself.

  • Kalena

    That witch is crazy and shows her disregard for the man she claims she loved. Loved his money. That’s the bottom line. She is incompetent and should be committed. I’m appalled by her behavior. She will reap what she sows. Evil, evil, demented witch.

  • Evelyn Dunham

    the wife and children should squash their beef with each other and come togeather as a family and bury him period.

    • Dazy

      True, but you can’t have a rational discussion with an irrational person. Jean has proven herself to be completely irrational. It’s sad.

  • Paj675

    A lot of people thought that his kids were money hungry. In the end everyone saw how unbalanced and selfish the wife was. Hope Casey will be buried soon but to be honest he isn’t there anymore so whatever Jean wants to do, it won’t hurt Casey.

  • mary

    how very sad that his family has as so little respect for him as a human being let alone an American icon. an intermediary should take over and bury the poor guy according to his wishes im sure its all down on paper what casey wanted

  • Susan Brunkhorst

    If Kerry is correct that Casey wanted to be buried at Forest Lawn, which is consistent to having lived in LA, then Jean should allow it. She is being difficult, especially in moving him away from his children as he was nearing death. Casey Kasems’ will should be respected. Jean is taken care of and if Casey left provisions for his children they should be respected. She just wants her minute of fame. If she had truly loved him she would have respected his wishes and his love for his children. This is her final minute in the limelight! She is the one who took him out of the state as he was dying. she is awful.

  • Bluetoo

    The “I’ll show you” broad has no regard for her husband. It doesn’t matter who has the last say, it has to do with respect and dignity. Obviously, she has no class nor does she regard her husband and his final requests. How sad for a man who was a class act!

  • Valerie D. Henderson

    Stepmother from hell….

  • Abby N.

    Santa Monica law enforcement is “suppose” to be investigating the elder abuse charges against Jean – yet NOTHING has come of it….she must have pals on the force because this woman should surely be charged!! Friends in high places I guess…

  • casey_fan

    Note that we are only hearing Kerri’s side of the story. Jean (wife of 34 years) may believe that the kids took responsibility of their father’s medical care and took him off of life support which cause him to die and made her a widow despite her wishes. Why should she now take responsibility for the burial? In other words, the kids were quick to take her to court for medical care, place their father in hospice, etc. Thus, why are the kids not taking responsibility for burial and leaving it all up to her? As a result, it is probably best for the kids to take the issue to court and bury their father. Jean doesn’t appear to be fighting with them over the issue. Hopefully after Casey is buried, all parties can move on with their lives and not fight over the money.

    • LG

      Jean went to court to have the body released to her and took possession immediately. It was her choice to claim the body for burial purposes. The kids continually state that they would follow their father’s wishes to be buried at Forest Lawn. Jean is negligent in taking care of the matter and totally disrespectful to her late husband. Now that he is dead and she got her money, she doesn’t care.

      • plainlyspoken

        If only it were that simple…I think there is something deeply disturbing about this woman (who threw raw meat at the EMT’s who came to pick her husband up and take him to the hospital). I think she believes she can avoid potentially pending charges against her for elder abuse as long as he isn’t buried. Or she’s trying to twist the knife in his kids’ hearts knowing their father is lying on a slab somewhere not even decently buried and the law is on Jean’s side. I sincerely hope that whatever funeral home has his body will file something with the court demanding his body be moved to another facility or buried. This woman is a sociopath IMHO and doesn’t do the right thing unless she’s made to do it.

        • LG

          I agree with you. When our father died his wife did the same things and it broke our heart. She knew we had no legal rights and threw it in our faces. She disrespected our father and disregarded all his wishes. It took 1-1/2 months to put him to rest because she was busy traveling with her boyfriend. These women behave like this because they can and they have no conscience.

  • LG

    She doesn’t have to pretend to care anymore now that he is dead and she got all of the money. She’s probably off with her boyfriend spending the money. She did minimal to get the money and now doesn’t care. Exactly what my father’s wife did when he died. Called to say it was all hers, went to Vegas with boyfriend, moved him into dad’s home and didn’t respect any of his wishes.

  • plainlyspoken

    The latest on the internet is that Kerri wants an autopsy. She has petitioned to have his body placed in cold storage until an autopsy can be performed. http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/07/17/3292230/casey-kasems-daughter-seeks-right.html?sp=/99/296/

  • Donella Lyden

    The should all be ashamed of themselves, and let the poor man rest in peace.

  • Bea

    It’s all boloney! The kids only showed up and started complaining when their father was dying. They’re afraid they won’t get the insurance their father left them. If this is true, his wife can’t change that. As for the Kasem money. That money was made during their 32 yrs. of marriage and it belongs to his wife. That’s the problem!

  • Kimberly Edson Holmes

    Something is mentally wrong with Jean Kasem! I have a feeling she buried him somewhere where his kids can’t ever find him just to spite them. She doesn’t care what his wishes were, I think she’s all about his insurance policy and Will…Money snd spite! I could see her burying him in an unknown place and not telling anyone, especially his kids, because she doesn’t want them to be able to go visit his grave…EVER…She is one sick, evil person if this ends up being the case!

  • Judy Thorne

    The children seem to be the caring ones, but regardless, the man needs to be put in his resting place.