Casey Anthony’s Ohio State Viral Fun

Just let it go, guys. Just let it go.

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Casey Anthony’s Ohio State Viral Fun
[ Social Media]

Mom of the year candidate, Casey Anthony, was spotted in Columbus, Ohio by someone armed with a camera phone and email addresses for the TMZ.com staff. Needless to say, when the images hit everybody’s favorite gossip site, Casey Anthony once again went viral.

She blew up on Buzzfeed, and, of course, Twitter. Granted, it wasn’t all flowers and sunshine in regards to the reaction, but once again, the mom Nancy Grace loves to hate is in the public eye, although she was trying to be somewhat low-key by donning an Ohio State Buckeyes cap.

Because of that, Ohio State fans are pissed. So much so, in fact, one Buckeye fan, radio personality Jimmy Jam from the “Dave and Jimmy” show offered Anthony $10,000 to wear a different hat, but not just any hat in particular. No sir, there’s entirely too much sports rivalry bad blood to reward her for simply switching hats.

No, in order to receive the money, Anthony has to switch to a Michigan hat. The Michigan Wolverines are, of course, blood rivals with the Ohio State Buckeyes, making the intentions of the offer quite clear:

Buckeye fans would rather see their rival school sullied by the Casey Anthony effect instead of having her associated with their school. During the video, the natural arrogance of the Big 10 conference seeps out during the request–SEC Speed Kills, folks–and, in all honesty, I find myself siding Anthony in this situation.

Dear Ohio State fans, get over yourselves. It’s clear the Jim Tressel/Terrelle Pryor debacle has left deep, ugly scars on your psyche, but drawing attention to the fact Anthony is wearing attire that represents the same school you support reeks of desperation. Simply enjoy the fact that Michigan hasn’t beaten the Buckeyes since 2003, and move on, and let Casey Anthony rot in anonymity. By calling her out like this, you’re only keeping her in the public eye, which will only increase her marketability.

It figures an Ohio State fan would make Casey Anthony a sympathetic figure. Just get over it and get ready for the upcoming football season, although, the Buckeye nation probably won’t enjoy it as much as seasons past. Having your program gutted by Terrelle Pryor’s tattoos can ruin what was otherwise a rosy outlook.

Twitter, has, of course, chimed in as well, and there’s a lot of anguish from the Buckeye nation:

Of all the teams, of course, Casey Anthony chooses to wear #OhioState hat & tarnish it. Boo. http://bit.ly/oV9764 #GoBucks 1 day ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

@THR: Casey Anthony surfaces in Ohio http://t.co/D9ametX” ugh she will give Ohio State a bad name! 2 days ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Dear Casey Anthony, please don’t wear Ohio State hats. 2 hours ago via txt · powered by @socialditto

Considering the turmoil-filled offseason the Buckeye nation has endured, the following sums things up quite well:

What’s worse for Ohio State? Their huge memorabilia scandal with their football players or having Casey Anthony as a fan? 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Anthony’s haberdashery choice didn’t go unnoticed by the University in question, either. In fact, Ohio State addressed the non-issue:

A rep for the university tells TMZ, “We are never surprised to see Buckeye pride displayed across the world. Buckeye hoodies and hats have traditionally been spotted across the world, and we understand that as a result, our logo will be seen in a wide range of news situations, whether positive or negative.”

Folks, if you don’t want Casey Anthony associated with OSU, here’s a tip: IGNORE HER. The media cycle, because of the influence of social media, is so fast now, if the issue was ignored, people would have already forgotten Anthony was in Ohio State apparel. Now, it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if her association sticks.

O-H-I-O, indeed.

In other news, if a Michigan fan doubled the offer, and bought her an entire Ohio State wardrobe to boot, it would be quite fitting. If she plays her cards right, Casey Anthony could make a nice little chunk of change playing both sides of the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry fence.

Casey Anthony’s Ohio State Viral Fun
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    Baby Killer in Ohio and a fan to boot

    • Deanna

      The pics were so staged, I mean come on, walking and shopping in a store front window, I wonder how much she got for this “little spot of, “don’t forget me” that’s exactley what it was. “Don’t forget me”
      Looser OWN baby killer can stay in OHIO and stay the hell outta FLORIDA! YOUR NOT WANTED HERE!

      • cenk

        No…..She can stay the hell out of Ohio as well. That’s fine if your don’t want her down in FLA, but we don’t want her here either.
        She can live in some deserted Island some where. How’s that?

        • chris zurek

          You can wear an Ohio State hat in any state,just cause they think it’s her, doesn’t mean she is in Ohio. Her daughter had Ohio State outfits.


    Doesnt appear shes so fearful for her life

  • Kookky

    So, is she now telling everyone that she is in college? Doesn’t she need a GED first?

  • BradH

    Here is a youtube video of her shopping in Old Navy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beTNZ6syBPU

  • http://www.change.org/petitions/dont-profit-off-the-death-of-caylee RobertFTL

    Please sign the below petition to stop Casey Anthony from profiting off the death of her little girl.


    • http://phoenixlocal.biz PhoenixLocal.biz

      Wow. That really is one of the worst petitions I have read since college. There is nothing to it. It’s simply 951 people (at the time I read it) saying they will boycott any person or business that tries to profit from this debacle. What’s funny about this “petition” is that those 951 people will visit every site on the web that mentions this story, and probably click a few ads, thereby making the purveyor of the information a small amount of money. So, these very people that are Anti-Anthony are the same people that are bankrolling these payments to Anthony. EVERYBODIES best bet is probably let it bee. She’ll get hers someday.

  • Sue

    There are so many things wrong with this article, I don’t know where to begin.

    1) There’s no proof that Casey Anthony is in fact the woman shown in these pictures.

    2)Even if this is Anthony, there’s no proof these photos were taken in Columbus or anywhere else in Ohio, for that matter. Believe it or not, you can actually purchase and wear items containing the OSU logo outside the borders of the state. Rumors about her location are just that…rumors. The people representing her have good reason to keep her whereabouts hidden considering the extreme hatred many people have towards this woman.

    3) No one knows exactly how these photos ended up in the hands of TMZ, but these photos were not taken “by someone with a camera phone”. These photos were staged. She’s shown wearing three different outfits with her hair fixed differently each time. This was no chance encounter with a random member of the public carrying a camera phone. There’s good reason to believe these photos were staged and sold by Anthony reps to TMZ. Thousands of rabid Anthony haters have been launching boycotts against any media outlet rumored to be bargaining for Anthony’s images and interviews. This probably was a backdoor way for TMZ to get in the game while they (implausibly) deny they paid for the photos.

    4) “Anthony’s haberdashery choice didn’t go unnoticed by the University in question, either. In fact, Ohio State addressed the non-issue: A rep for the university tells TMZ…” Exactly who was this “rep”? I doubt this ever happened and I can’t believe anyone would site TMZ as a reliable source for anything. It’s tabloid journalism, not far removed from the National Enquirer.

    5)”The media cycle, because of the influence of social media, is so fast now, if the issue was ignored, people would have already forgotten Anthony was in Ohio State apparel.” You obviously have no idea how many people obsess over every move Anthony makes on a daily basis. The wall to wall coverage of this woman has shifted from cable news to social media. A relatively few people complaining about her choice of headware adds little to the frenzy. Check out a facebook page called “I hate Casey Anthony” (57,000+ members) if you want to see this obsession unfold in real time. It’s an eyeopener.

    Your venomous rant has nothing to do with Anthony – it’s just an excuse to air your hatred of Ohio State and the Big Ten. Why not just address that subject directly instead of adding to the pointless rumormongering about Anthony.

    • LedgeButta

      You spent an awful lot of time out of your day blasting that article, and you are probably a supporter and believe in her innocence too. Why do you give a s**t about this article? It sickens me how much time people waste criticizing how other people waste their time. And now I’m wasting my time on you… jeeze.

      • Sue

        As you said…you just wasted your time responding to me. Ironic. I wrote that comment because this article was short on facts and long on obvious bias against Ohio State. The author should stick to writing his *opinions instead of adding to the insipid rumor-mongering which passes for journalism these days. The post on TMZ containing photos of Anthony (which also made claims about her current location) was repeated throughout the internet as if it were factual information. Even the CBS news website – which should know better – reported the story as if it were fact. The line between hard news and gossip is blurring more and more every day and it bothers me, as it should everyone.

        As far as my supporting Casey Anthony – I said nothing about my belief in her guilt or innocence. That was pure conjecture on your part. Since you brought it up, I do believe she was guilty and I think it’s an incredible injustice that no one will ever have to pay the price for the death of that child. I do however believe many people have carried their obsession with this case too far. There are hundreds of people who spend hours online every day collectively wallowing in their hatred of this woman and wishing for her death. Maybe you think that’s a useful way to spend one’s time but I disagree.

        By the way, this rumor-mongering is not without consequences. After the Anthony photos were released, some people began speculating about where she was staying (allegedly) in Columbus. An amateur detective found the name of a hotel close to an Old Navy store near OSU and began posting the address and phone number of this hotel on high traffic sites on the internet. There was absolutely no proof that Anthony was staying there. This hotel received angry calls accusing them of harboring baby killers. There were people online encouraging others to go to this hotel and confront her. This kind of behavior has real-world consequences. It’s not a harmless pastime for bored individuals. I talked to someone who worked at the hotel that night – it was not a pleasant night for them.

        I believe it’s worth the time I took to comment here. This involves issues involving the decline of journalism and the mob behavior which results from anonymous posting without fear of consequences. Not petty issues in my opinion. I guess this article was just the last straw for me and I had to comment.

        • slacka

          ohio state sucks, n00b

        • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

          Now, now, Sue. Don’t let your hatred for the SEC dictate the conversation. ;)

  • Jenny

    You people just shut up about Casey!! She is moving on her life and she will be just fine!! Just leave her alone!! You all are very rude about Casey Anthony!! If she wants to wear Ohio Hats thats fine!! i dont have any problems with her!! Get it over!!!

    • DAN

      SLIME LIKE YOU CAN GET OVER IT TOO EASY,we will never shut up tell we see that ‘slime slit’ is beat down so u shut tf up u child murderer supporter & GET PHUK’T..

  • Kate

    That is not Casey Anthony.

  • caneboy

    Can’t believe Buckeye fans are crying over a few guys not playing this year. Crybabies! Every team loses a few players every year due to injury, arrests, whatever. The teams move on. Quit crying already.

  • Bernie

    Not to stick up, or put down Casey Anthony…. all I can say is she was tried in a court of our peers. The way our laws work, many people get away with stuff, and even sometimes get PUT away with stuff…… so, she was tried by a court of our peers, and was found innocent… it’s time to just drop it, and let it go. If she is just an evil person, and is truly guilty, she will mess up again. There are hundreds of things for everybody to worry about now (and even then) in this world….. Casey is nothing compared to other travesties in the world right now….. focus your energy elsewhere……

    • http://phoenixlocal.biz PhoenixLocal.biz

      I agree. She was not found guilty (which IS different than being found innocent), so leave her alone. I don’t say this because I like her as a person, but because we are simply lining her pockets purely out of our hatred for her. Our best move would be to ignore her, and let her mess up again. If we ignore her, she is no longer marketable. Are you serious, $10,000 to Change Hats!!! If you gave me the new hat, I would do it for $10!!! It’s these kinds of antics that are getting her noticed, and making her RICH!!!

      I know that I’ll regret saying this, but look at OJ. He got off scott free, and now he’s doing ALOT of time, because he thought he could get away with whatever he wanted, again. He thought that once he literally “got away with murder”, that he could do whatever he wanted, with impunity. Well, he found out otherwise. Yeah, he “stole” his own property, but he went about it the wrong way, and he had that HUGE cloud hanging over him from his previous courtroom drama. Karma is a bitch…

  • Fab

    This def does not look like Casey. You can see in the definition of her face this woman shopping has a sharper chin, where Casey’s face is much more oval.

  • http://so-cal-strippersconnection.com/ Lauren

    No one has kicked her ass yet… waiting for that story!

  • kimererjill@yahoo.com

    ithink it was her and it was staged,they payed her to do that, now she’s probaly moved again,that’s how she’s makin money, f’n with us like that

  • kimerer

    i would even bet those pics are fake, her and body adjusted with computer imaging,experts said they could that, go to InSession and see

  • Scott

    The SEC sucks.

  • http://www.jimewilliams.com Jimmy Williams

    Casey and the Luckeyes………..Hmmm!!!

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