Casey Anthony To Appear In Court In October

    September 14, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Casey Anthony, the young mother famously acquitted in 2011 of first-degree murder in the death of her toddler, Caylee, will be returning to court in October. A deposition in the civil suit against Anthony filed by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, the “nanny” Anthony claimed abducted her daughter and later admitted she did not even know, is scheduled for October 9th in Tampa.

Fernandez-Gonzalez is suing Anthony for defamation of character and losses she acquired stemming from the manhunt in 2008; she says Casey Anthony “ruined her life” when she was wrongfully accused.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty in the death of her daughter over two years ago, and has rarely been seen in public since; many still believe the bizarre circumstances surrounding little Caylee’s death are too much to be coincidence, and that Casey Anthony undoubtedly murdered her own baby.

Anthony didn’t report her daughter’s disappearance until weeks after the fact and then led police on numerous leads that were all eventually proven to be completely false.

The October deposition will be the first of many for Casey Anthony, who is the target of several other civil suits filed by individuals and groups involved in the disappearance of, and search for, three-year-old Caylee. It will also be the first time Anthony is under oath – being under oath prevents a person from remaining silent under their Fifth Amendment rights, which Casey is known for, in order to avoid speaking about the ordeal.

Fernandez-Gonzalez’s attorney, Matt Morgan of Morgan and Morgan, told an Orlando news station, “There is no option, when you are being deposed. Your attorney can make an objection but you have to talk, there’s no option to stay silent or plead the Fifth in this particular set of circumstances.”

The most anyone can hope for at this point is that the true details surrounding Caylee’s death will be brought to light and the case can finally rest; Caylee’s remains were finally discovered six months after her disappearance, and Casey Anthony created blatant lies about her daughter’s whereabouts throughout the search, hindering the investigation.

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  • John marshall

    get that biznatch in jail

  • Jennifer

    sweet child would of been 7 years old ….

    only hope that the real truth will come out under the seeds you’ve sewn …. not all of us get to be parents. shame on you Casey Anthony.

  • http://webpronews.com elizabeth K.

    No way will she be able to compensate Zenaida if there is a judgement against her but at least she will have to go to court and admit again she lied about the nanny story…..too bad they can’t prove she lied about her daughter’s death. We all know she is guilty of that one, too.

    • L

      The nanny story was already admitted to being just that, a story. All in opening statements of the original trial.

  • Seriously

    @ Courtney Wills – I agree 100% that she should have been convicted of killing her daughter. Obviously the US Justice system is a joke. On one hand, they release killers like her into the public while they lock up other people that did nothing wrong.

    However, your article is HORRIBLE. Why? It was clear from the way you explained the story, how guilty YOU believed she was instead of being factual being a true journalist. Anyway, thought you should know that.

    • @Seriously

      I totally agree.

      I have a friend who went to visit a woman from the internet who had invited him to meet 5 different times over the course of a year. On the fifth time, he finally agreed. He stepped out his car and was arrested. It turns out the woman was a member of a vigilante group who claimed he thought he was going to meet an underage girl. The vigilante member had previously been under federal investigation for fraud and had a history of mental issues. The DA forced my friend to plea after delaying his trial for 2.5 years and he was sent to prison. Man has never harmed a soul and literally, did not see a person in during his “crime”.

      This woman has a mountain of evidence against her and a dead daughter. Yet, she is found not guilty.

      My friend never saw a person (literally). This woman has a dead child.

      Innocent people are sent to prison all the time in America.

  • Beth

    Whether she is under oath or not she will find a way to skirt around the truth. She knows exactly what happened to her daughter and who did it. She is just afraid that if she tells the truth now it will somehow come back and blow up in her face and she will have to face up to what she has done.
    Whether she killed Caylee or not, she knows what happened to her and who did it. She may not have been personally involved in her daughter’s murder, but she sure knew more than she said in court or what she is saying now.

  • L

    I still can’t believe this lawsuit is going forward. Zenaida Gonzalez is not the same as Zenaida Fernancez-Gonzalez. Zenaida Gonzalez and M&M are just looking for their 15 minutes. Zenaida Gonzalez threw herself into this case looking for a big payday. Ditto for M&M. They should be in jail for filing official court documents under a false name. And the death of Caylee by any means has nothing to do with this civil suit. I don’t see how Casey could be made to answer questions irrelevant to defamation. Gonzalez and M&M need to crawl back under their rocks.

    • L

      correction F-e-r-n-a-n-d-e-z. Sorry, misspelled up there ^^^

    • wonetah einfeldt

      wait casey is taking all the room

  • http://yahoo dor

    have we not wasted enough time and money on the murdering tot mom?

  • Jeff

    She may be a felon but I always thought she was hot.

    • melanie

      You are disgusting!

    • wonetah einfeldt

      like VD

    • Molly Ryan

      Ugh. You can’t be serious. She is ugly inside and out.

      • fabio

        someone should fart on her face

    • @Jeff

      Lots of felons are good looking. We lock up more people than any other nation in the world. Actually, in the HISTORY of the world. It is easy to get a felony in America.

      So, yeah. There are lots of good looking felons.

  • http://yahoo pat

    That bitch needs to die just like she did her little girl. She doesn’t deserve to live or even have a life…Caylee never got to grow up or even enjoy being a little girl or anything like that..We have had enough and taxpayers have wasted money on this bitch fr a trial…She really needs to be put to death NOW..

  • John Sammy

    All she has to say is she don’t actually remember too many of the details surrounding the investigation. Just because she is under oath doesn’t mean she has to give a definite answer. Also you have the right to waive your deposition and it won’t be used in trial unless the statements you make are contradictory to what is said in trial. If the majority of the answers are I don’t really remember and then you waive it then the attorney don’t got much for trial. People can remember later on.
    Its a cheap move, but crooked prosecutors sometimes coach their witnesses to do the same to force inexperienced defenses to take a plea agreement for their client.

  • melanie

    It’s people like her that make me wish I believed in hell.

    • Bob

      Agreed…and wow…that is a powerful statement!

    • @melanie

      It is statements like that which will land you in hell.

      How can you expect forgiveness if you can not forgive others. Believe me when I say, lots of people who think they are good people are going to get a rude awakening when they die.

      • Molly Ryan

        Dear @melanie
        And you know this…how? Been there, have you?

  • http://yahoo Dee

    How can a illegal immigrant sue for defamation of character when she is just a filthy mexican and shes trying to get money from a precious little girl who had to die because of an ignorant mother who probably needed to be on medication for psycho problems. Taxpayers are going broke from the mexican refugees suing for everything under the sun when they arrive in America they get everything for free when they get here.

    • wonetah einfeldt

      can you spell ignoramus

    • Molly Ryan

      Why, YOU must be a HUGE fan of Big Brother 15!! So, spill, Miss ‘Dee’ – who are YOU rooting for for the win? Could it be the lovely Gina Marie, who is a very prominent Afro-American-and Asian-hating bigot, who recently called an 8 year-old boy she never met a “dirt-sucker”, because she decided, after seeing a photograph of him, that he is half-Hispanic. Oh, Dee, baby – you would just LOVE this girl! Or maybe Spenser, the kiddie porn watching misogynist, is your vote for the big money? Or perhaps you’re not a Big Brother fan. You really should be. This season has been rife with bigots of every imagination, you really should tune in. Its got all your Klan buddies in it.

      You know, your disgusting ignorance is truly frightening. The only redeeming feature about your post is the vast majority of readers who hit the ‘Dislike’ icon after reading it.

    • Jennifer

      You’re a f**king idiot! Do you know Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez personally!? I highly doubt it! So how do YOU know she is an illegal immigrant? So you mean to tell me that just because she is Mexican that means she is “dirty”? How do you know she is “dirty”? Have you met her and have you been to her house? Did you sneak up behind her like a weirdo and sniff her or something? Ohhhhh yes and what do you mean by she is trying to take money from that baby!??? Ummm last time I checked Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez is suing that freak Casey Anthony NOT Caylee! Do us all a favor and keep your ignorant comments to yourself! In my opinion all the ignorant simple minded people like you need a psychologist so you can get some really good medication, just like CASEY ANTHONY!

      • Molly Ryan

        Tell it, Jennifer! That poster is mad scary. It always is scary to me when I realize that people like her are actually living in my country, and they are allowed to vote – not to mention operating motor vehicles on the same roads my children and I are on. You cannot do anything BUT question the judgement of anyone who actually thinks like that.

    • @Dee

      You are an idiot. This has nothing to do with race.

      By the way, most everyone in America is an immigrant, unless you are Native American, which judging by your comment, I doubt you are.

  • http://webpronews jim

    I’d still like to nail her…

  • YouRacistPIG

    You racist pigs. How dare you throw racism into this tragedy and a very large group of people you never met and lump them all together as one. People born here are descendents of immigrants and an attack on them is an attack on everyone. Go shove your face in a sandbox or better yet go move to the North Pole! I am sure you will be much happier with YOUR people, the animals!

    • Jose

      Dear Pig,

      Everyone here is the descendent of LEGAL Immigrants you midget brained moron.

  • Reality

    If you are a woman in America, you can get away with anything. You can lie. Set up other people. Do basically whatever you want. There are tons of men in prison simply because women lie and manipulate.

    Casey Anthony is living proof that you can get away with anything. I am not 100% sure she killed her daughter, but at the very least, she neglected her daughter.

    But Casey is good looking and simply a woman. That is often enough to get away with anything in America.

    • Molly Ryan


      What a total misogynist you are. EVERYONE is capable of lying, you fool. Lets ask all the men in prison whose VICTIMS were female, if their victims ‘made them do it’. How about all of the convicted rapists? All innocent, of course! We all know that no man ever, ever actually raped a woman, right? She asked for it, she was wearing tight jeans and a short skirt, it was all HER fault. What about all of the women over 50 who have been violently, sexually attacked? Did they all get up in court and “lie”? I’m sure every one of them, in fact, I am certain that every woman of any age who was raped had a total blast having to stand up in court and testify about what happened to them. Such fun to have it in the papers and online, and having everyone they know talking about them, pointing at them. No, you’re right, thats so cool. Such FUN! Listen up, moron – no woman in her right mind would EVER voluntarily go through such a thing, you truly need your head seen to. You know what? If we are all so horrible, do yourself a big favor and just leave us all alone. I’m sure you will be much happier. We definitely will.

      • @Molly

        You have issues don’t you? There are therapists out there that can help you. The post you responded to did not even mention anything to do with rape. Yet, you went there and went on quite a rant.

        Please get help.

        By the way, like you yourself said — anyone is capable of lying and doing wrong. Yet, 95% of people in prison are male. Sorry, my dear, but women do get away with everything in this nation.

      • @Molly

        Yes, you are right. Everyone is capable of lying. That includes women.

        I am also not sure what age has to do with anything. Does someone being over 50 make them more honest? So, are you saying that women under 50 are less honest? That they lie? Sounds like it.

        • fabio

          go fart

    • saliwarner

      She did not kill her daughter…believe it.

      • @sali

        Honestly, I have no clue at the point.

        All I know is I am glad I don’t have to listen to Nancy Grace. That woman is a nut and half the people don’t realize how much she lies and embellishes things.

  • saliwarner

    I have never believed Casey killed her little girl…Never in a million years would she deliberately harm her….she was inside her house with her father when Caylee fell in the pool and drowned…Old man scared Casey and blamed everything on her, instead of himself who was watching the child…There is so much more to this story that people do not know but one thing for sure, Casey didn’t do it…..period…get over it…..move on…leave her alone.She doesn’t deserve this..the old man and Cindy are the quilty ones here for more than one reason but of course Casey is taking the fall for all of them. You will hate yourself if you ever learn the truth of this whole matter…not Casey’s fault…She has suffered enough…Back off her.

    • Lisa

      I you serious? She is responsible in more than one way. She research how to make chloroform. She made it administered it and over dosed that poor little girl. When she realized what she had done she put that poor baby girl in her trunk until she could bury her. God will judge her but I am sure she doesn’t care.

    • Julie

      RIGHT ON!!!

  • Nancy Grace

    Hi, Nancy here.

    I know all there is to know about everything. I am god. You are all wrong and I am right. Everyone is guilty and should go to the hell of prison for the rest of their lives. Except me of course — because I am a good human being that looks out for the rights of women everywhere.

    I don’t have any hidden agenda. My bank account proves it. There is only one person I look out for —- that is me —- um, I mean —- you the people.

  • American Justice

    There are lots of guilty people walking free and lots of innocent people in prison. You can rest assured of that.

    If you are poor, you will go to prison — guilt or innocence does not matter. If you are rich or if you have a high profile case where people can make money off it, you will go free.

    So few people have really been in an actual courtroom and have seen what goes on behind closed doors. If the American public ever truly knew how shady things are, they would become so disillusioned. Prison is big business in the US. We have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners. That does not even count those people on detained, on parole or probation. Never forget those numbers.

    The land of the free is really not all that free at all. Not even close.

  • Wow

    Woke up this morning, had a cup of coffee, and read this article. Also, read these comments.

    It seems that things like mercy, forgiveness, and compassion are dead in America. Everyone wants to be forgiven for the things they do or have mercy given to them, but so few people are willing to give those things to others. Americans like vengeance and look where it has gotten us. Our society is crumbing.

    There is a reason why the Lord said vengeance is his. He is the only person who knows the full truth about anything. Northwestern published a study that conclusively showed that 30% of people in our prisons are innocent. I have worked in a court for years and I have seen so many forced pleas that it makes me sick. I can most certainly say those statistics are accurate.

    Leave the vengeance up to the lord. Human beings get many things wrong. We forget we sent Christ to prison and crucified him and he was completely innocent. If it happened to Christ, it can happen to you.

  • When You Are a Man

    When you are a young man, you have images of women you would like to marry one day and women you want to avoid every coming into contact with.

    I have no idea what the truth is about this case. Everyone has an agenda. However, one thing I do know: Nancy Grace is the spitting image of a woman you want to avoid if you are a man. She is the poster child for what men fear they their wives will become.

    That woman is awful and makes all women look horrible. I can honesty say that there are only three women in this world I truly can’t stand. Two of the women were involved in a court case where they set up a guy I knew was completely innocent. The other woman is Nancy Grace. All other women out there I can deal with. But not those three.

    I know this sounds bad and some people may get mad. But if given a choice to sit in the same car as Casey Anthony and Nancy Grace. I would choose Casey every time.

    Nancy is awful.

    • Gabriela Medina P


      • Julie

        CASEY ANTHONY!!!!

  • VaNilla Van

    Just the fact that a mother would wait 31 days, to report her 2 year old baby girl missing!!! Make up a story about a “nanny”, and a “job” that did not exist! I just can’t understand it…if she did not murder that child by her own hands, then she knows who/how it happened! That alone, in my opinion, makes her ass guilty! These babies depend on parents/caregivers to keep them safe, but this is not happening, and the babies/children are the ones who suffer!

  • Julie