Casey Anthony Found In Florida, Slapped With Defamation Suit

    May 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Casey Anthony has been in hiding for several months now after the intense and highly publicized trial regarding the death of her 2-year old daughter, Caylee. Although she had to remain in Florida after the trial because of unrelated check fraud charges, no one knew exactly where she was until now.

Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman Anthony named as her daughter’s kidnapper when police first began investigating Caylee’s disappearance, has filed a suit against Anthony for using her name in association with the toddler’s death. Anthony initially claimed that Gonzalez was a babysitter and had kidnapped Caylee, but in reality the two had never even met. It was brought out during the trial that the story was fabricated, but Anthony still hasn’t said why she made up such a story during a crucial investigation. She was later acquitted of the charges related to her daughter’s death.

Investigators working for Gonzalez tracked down Anthony in order to serve her papers for the lawsuit, and she will likely have to take the stand next January, something she refused to do during the first trial.

“Ms. Gonzalez is happy to hear that Casey Anthony finally will be held accountable just like everybody else,” says her attorney.

Casey Anthony is still living in FL, eh?
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Casey Anthony Found In Hiding..WAS she in a trunk w/ duct tape & ether like her kid? NO? Then who cares? Try hiding like Hoffa next time
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I know it’s been about a year…. But it still blows my mind that Casey Anthony was found not guilty. #yesimstillbitter
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  • christy

    may the bitch hide.. But only god knows what shes guilty of…. shes a mother who got away with murder and for that she will have to answer to god someday… I hope her time left on this earth is less than peaceful and she gets whatever is comeing her way…

    • mended_heart2

      Christy–You said it!! I’m hoping we hear that Casey Anthony has
      paid for killing that little girl. Everyone knows she did that!
      How can she live with herself. Getting babtized at this late date??
      I recall when she was first jailed she refused to speak with the
      jail pastor! What an evil bitch!!

      • Merri

        Only God knows and it is not our job to judge her. He will judge her IF she truly did it when the time comes. Remember, God’s commandment #9 states Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness against Thy Neighbor. So basically, do not accuse unless you know 100% that it is true. For her sake, I hope her daughter’s death was not a deliberate act. We will never know unless she tells us all. Double jeopardy means she can’t be tried again but they can always get her on conspiracy or some other charge one day……

        • b

          There is no God. For if there was that poor little girl wouldnt have died, the killer would have been brought to justice. Please, keep you superstitions out of this.

          • K

            I don’t know if she did it or not. I believe she is innocent but it’s no one’s place to say anything about it. We are all entitled to out own opinions. If she is guilty the God will handle if not then justice has been served. People say crazy things when they’re scared. I can say that from experience. I was brought up on agg assault with a deadly weapon cuz my bf used to beat the shit out of me & one night I defended myself then for whatever reason I told the PD some crazy story. I was found innocent thank God!! but I was scared and confused about what what he would do if I told the truth. I couldn’t imagine spending my life in jail for that situation. I’m not saying that Casey is 100% innocent but maybe it WAS an accident & she was scared of what her parents would do so she lied.

          • sareena

            People die all the time. That’s life. Does God not exist for that reason? Of course I don’t agree with what she did. It was horrible. But shes better off where she is now than growing up with a mom like her.

          • Lolita

            @ b… Yes there is a God! He watches over us daily. But there is also a devil, and sometimes his evil ways prevail. God forgives us of our sins, so maybe she has been forgiven, only God knows, we are not to judge others. Getting baptized will not save her she has to repent of all her sins to our heavenly father, he is the only way to be saved from hell’s fire!

          • The World We Live in Today

            I know that their is a GOD because he lives in me daily. He always shows me the right path, and helps me through me struggles. You can believe what you believe, ” but as for me and my house, I will serve the LORD”

          • Snow White 68

            I have to agree with b…..God most certainly would not allow all of the evil in the world.

            An accident??? For goodness sakes….really?

          • Mary


          • http://WebProNews.com Adele Charpentier

            You need Jesus

          • Caseymust die

            K. I don’t know where you’ve been, but you’re brain is as small as all the jurors in that trial. She was not scared of no body. The only thing she was scared of is getting life and not being able to party ever again.

          • Cookie

            B SHUT UP U DONT KNOW IF THERES A GOD OR NOT AND THERE IS AND Caylee is with him having the best time of her life…. and everything happens for a reason… God knew what was best and God did want that to happen the devil did…

        • Mary


        • Jill

          I’ll gladly go toe to divine toe with God right now, this second & say with clear heart & conscience that Casey Anthony murdered & intended harm upon little Caylee, whether she was in or out of her mind. If Im wrong, I’ll SO gladly have & welcome God to strike me down in the most painful way he can instantly (NOW!!!) master and let me burn in purgatory and hell for all eternity, and then an eternity after that. THIS is how positive I am Casey Anthony is a murdering, lying, evil, cruel and vicious demonic, vile creature. I only hope God is biding his time to come up with the most perfect punishment for her and that the time she spends waiting to meet her maker, is spent at the highest level of anxiety and endless pain in every extent of the word. If you know me, you know I dont say this lightly so for me to be so bold, Im DANG sure of my convictions. Just hope Im around to see her burn (in other words, see her karma befall her).

          • d

            What’s the difference between a preacher, a politician, a murderer, a liar, a thief, a rapist, a pedophile, a judge, a housewife, a nurse, a lawyer, Casey Anthony, and you and me?
            The bible says if you hate someone it’s murder in God’s eyes, so before railing God and Casey Anthony, be grateful your sin can be forgiven also Jill.

          • Nancy Miller

            I agree with you, no mother that has a child die by accident can go out and laugh and party like Casey did day after day and night. A good mother would be curled up in a ball sobbing after calling the police. What mom can have such fun after a child dies by accident if she loved her child? The jury was idiots and did not do their job.

        • dick cheney

          I’m sorry but God, really? You think God exists and lets people kill their children and allows priests to molest children and allows George Bush to slaughter 100,000 Iraqi civilians and send thousands of US soldiers off to die for nothing? Really? What is wrong with you people? The tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and the invisible man in the sky don’t exist. All three are equally preposterous as ideas. Someone should have put a bullet in Casey Anthony’s head a long time ago. Your made up God is not going to punish her.

          • Luna del Rio

            Will the real Dick Cheney please stand up.

          • d

            What’s the difference between a preacher, a politician, a murderer, a liar, a thief, a rapist, a pedophile, a judge, a housewife, a nurse, a lawyer, Casey Anthony, and you and me?
            The bible says if you hate someone it’s murder in God’s eyes, so before railing God and Casey Anthony, be grateful your sin can be forgiven also.
            And if you read the bible you would understand why God allows the things He allows. Jesus Christ saved our soul, not our flesh, and where a conscious may tell you to act differently, God gave us free will. It’s a choice how we live, what we say and do. “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” Jesus is a gentleman, He won’t come barging in your life unless you ask Him to. BUT be prepared, it will change your life, and a changed heart will realize grace and mercy like you have never known, and love you can never match. The love and mercy and grace that will show you, all of your wrongs and sins and hate can and will be forgiven, just like all those people mentioned above, including Casey Anthony. It will make you realize that by the blood of Jesus Christ WE ALL can and will be forgiven, and you’ll be so grateful that God changed your wretched sick heart, you truly will have no room to judge another. God will judge Casey Anthony and you and ME! The good thing about God, is He already knows both sides of the story. I am praying for you today.

        • http://yahoo Anne

          Merri You are an Idiot!

        • Nancy Miller

          There is NO IF Casey the bitch DID the evil deed. It is too sad that the jury was far too incompetent to be on a jury and i hope they lose sleep over letting a child killer walk free. Casey is an evil sociopath and should be with Scott Peterson or better yet in a swamp like Caylee. I hope and pray that Zaneida Gonzales gets justice after being dragged into Casey’s evil world.

        • http://CaseyAnthony bridgett

          It’s really sad that she got away with this! Where’s the justice u know! She can’t hide forever and someone is going to end up hurting her one day. She has to live with it all her life. I know that little girl went to a wonderful place but she was cheated!WOW

      • ron

        reminds me of O.J. trial

      • d

        What’s the difference between a preacher, a politician, a murderer, a liar, a thief, a rapist, a pedophile, a judge, a housewife, a nurse, a lawyer, Casey Anthony, and you and me?
        The bible says if you hate someone it’s murder in God’s eyes, so before railing God and Casey Anthony, be grateful your sin can be forgiven also.
        Maybe reconsider whether or not your wicked heart is evil as well? Jesus Christ can save your soul, just as He can save Casey Anthony. He does not save your flesh, and where a conscious may tell you to act differently, God gives us free will. It’s a choice how we live, what we say and do, and just like you have done, by hating and judging another, “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans3:23). “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” Jesus is a gentleman, He won’t come barging in your life unless you ask Him to. BUT be prepared, it will change your life, and a changed heart will realize grace and mercy like you have never known, and love you can never match. The love and mercy and grace that will show you, all of your wrongs and sins and hate can and will be forgiven, just like all those people mentioned above, including Casey Anthony. It will make you realize that by the blood of Jesus Christ WE ALL can and will be forgiven, and you’ll be so grateful that God changed your wretched sick heart, you truly will have no room to judge another. God will judge Casey Anthony and you and ME! The good thing about God, is He already knows both sides of the story. I am praying for you today.

    • jeff beatrice

      she didnt do it ur all a bunch of idiots!

      • lisa

        yea right!!!!!! the bitch killed her own daughter………i hope to see her one day paying for that and for all the lies that she told,ONE DAY THE BITCH WILL PAY………..

        • Leslie

          she did do it justice was blind that day think them jurios why high on somthing find her not guilty shell get hers thats for sure and i hope i hear about it when she dose

        • Tracey

          Many people make the mistake of believing that God forgives “little” sins such as lying, anger, and impure thoughts, but does not forgive “big” sins such as murder and adultery. This is not true. There is no sin too big that God cannot forgive it. When Jesus died on the cross, He died to pay the penalty for all of the sins of the entire world (1 John 2:2). When a person places his faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, all of his sins are forgiven. That includes past, present, and future, big or small. Jesus died to pay the penalty for all of our sins, and once they are forgiven, they are all forgiven (Colossians 1:14; Acts 10:43).

          We are all guilty of sin (Romans 3:23) and deserve eternal punishment (Romans 6:23). Jesus died for us, to pay our penalty (Romans 5:8). Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ for salvation is forgiven, no matter what sins he has committed (Romans 6:23; John 3:16). Now, a murderer or adulterer will likely still face serious consequences (legal, relational, etc.) for his evil actions – more so than someone who was “just” a liar. But a murderer’s or adulterer’s sins are completely and permanently forgiven the moment he believes and places his faith in Christ.

          It is not the size of the sin that is the determining factor here; it is the size of the atoning sacrifice of Christ. If the shed blood of the sinless Lamb of God is sufficient to cover all the sins of all the millions of people who would ever believe in Him, then there can be no limit to the size or types of sins covered. When He said, “It is finished,” sin was made an end of, full atonement and satisfaction for it were given, complete pardon was obtained, peace was made, and redemption from all sin was achieved. It was sure and certain and complete; nothing needs to be, or could be, added to it. Further, it was done entirely without the help of man, and cannot be undone.
          Now you might not like casey anderson becos you THINK she is GUILTY, if you are one of those who HATE her, if your a liar, if you steal, if you are envious, if you feel anything besides love for anyone you also will be judged as if you were a MURDERER,becos the bible tells us to love one another, and to forgive one another.While the world is looking at casey,God is looking at us, and Iam sure he is not pleased, so be thankful for the Passion of Christ, Thank God for the Blood, thank him for Grace that is for all men.

          • john

            Who is Casey Anderson? You don’t even know her name!

          • d

            Thank God for you! Please remember Jesus said that He will call them into rememberance no more. It’s not fair to put him in a box, or to put conditions on His saving grace. I mean what if you get there, and Jesus said, by the way, do you remember this one??? I don’t know about you, but I’ve screwed up entirely too much in my life, to count on my brain remembering EVERY sin. Jesus said, “it is finished!” He didn’t die 1000 times once for every sin of you and I and everyone else. He died ONE TIME, for ALL our sins. When He was on the cross, WE were on His mind. It’s like saying Jesus is going to forgive you, for one sin, but punish you for another. There is no human could ever,ever be “good enough” to get to heaven, without the blood of Jesus Christ. As near as I have read no where in the bible does it read anywhere, that says I’m going to let this sin go, but not that one, or I’m going to punish you worse for this sin, because it’s a worse sin. If that was the case in John 8, Jesus would not have said “nor do I condemn you, go forth and sin no more.” Remember she was an adulterer about to be stoned to death “caught in the very act”. Jesus teachings were very clear. If she was only going to be partially forgiven, He would have told her that. The disciples were murderers, liars and thieves. Did He tell them, get ready because you’re in trouble for what you’ve done! No! If you know or have read something to the contrary, please let me know.

          • d

            My post was in reference to this one part that you wrote

            “Now, a murderer or adulterer will likely still face serious consequences (legal, relational, etc.) for his evil actions – more so than someone who was “just” a liar.”

      • Gary Lennon

        I assume with that reply you have an iq of about 48. Therefore you are excused from making any statement

      • sareena

        Its sad that you believevthat considering what she did.

      • Mary

        Hey Jeff
        Do you have a life? Well then………….go get it and stop being a S**T stirrer……..your boring!!! :-))))

      • Caseymust die

        Dumb dumb dumb. It’s people like you that let murderers get away. You believe everything that comes out of the killer’s mouth. Grow up.

      • http://yahoo Anne

        Tracey you are truely a very Stupid person. You are a real

        Idiot! Thats It!! Get Real.

        Jeff your just looking for attention, No ones That Dumb!

      • http://yahoo.com amanda

        i have given birth to nine children and i have five that are living and four that have passed 2 from natural causes and 2 from a hit and run drunk driver and i know this bitch did not act like a grieving mother how can you be so damn in competant to think she did not commit this heinous act i believ it is because you are as stupid as her attorneys were for defending this baby killer it is dumbasses like you who allow people like that evil bitch to get away with stealinng an innocent childs life

    • http://yahoo eric

      It’s those moron jurors who couldn’t see the real facts of the case.

    • crystal

      I agree with u. I know wut i am about to say is probubly wrong to some people but who cares. I hope one day she suffers the same or worse so she can feel the pain and suffering sweet little caylee felt that tragic day. I hope the bitch dies a horrible death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • crystal


        • bill

          wow!!! love people like you…your oppinoin is right and every one else is wrong

        • d

          What’s the difference between a preacher, a politician, a murderer, a liar, a thief, a rapist, a pedophile, a judge, a housewife, a nurse, a lawyer, Casey Anthony, and you and me?
          The bible says if you hate someone it’s murder in God’s eyes, so before railing God and Casey Anthony, be grateful your sin can be forgiven also.
          And if you read the bible you would understand why God allows the things He allows. Jesus Christ saved our soul, not our flesh, and where a conscious may tell you to act differently, God gave us free will. It’s a choice how we live, what we say and do. “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” Jesus is a gentleman, He won’t come barging in your life unless you ask Him to. BUT be prepared, it will change your life, and a changed heart will realize grace and mercy like you have never known, and love you can never match. The love and mercy and grace that will show you, all of your wrongs and sins and hate can and will be forgiven, just like all those people mentioned above, including Casey Anthony. It will make you realize that by the blood of Jesus Christ WE ALL can and will be forgiven, and you’ll be so grateful that God changed your wretched sick heart, you truly will have no room to judge another. God will judge Casey Anthony and you and ME! The good thing about God, is He already knows both sides of the story. I am praying for you today.

        • d

          What’s the difference between a preacher, a politician, a murderer, a liar, a thief, a rapist, a pedophile, a judge, a housewife, a nurse, a lawyer, Casey Anthony, and you and me?
          The bible says if you hate someone it’s murder in God’s eyes, so before railing God and Casey Anthony, be grateful your sin can be forgiven also.
          Jesus Christ saved our soul, not our flesh, and where a conscious may tell you to act differently, God gave us free will. It’s a choice how we live, what we say and do. “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” Jesus is a gentleman, He won’t come barging in your life unless you ask Him to. BUT be prepared, it will change your life, and a changed heart will realize grace and mercy like you have never known, and love you can never match. The love and mercy and grace that will show you, all of your wrongs and sins and hate can and will be forgiven, just like all the people mentioned above, including Casey Anthony. It will make you realize, by the blood of Jesus Christ WE ALL can and will be forgiven, and you’ll be so grateful that God changed your wretched sick heart, you truly will have no room to judge another. God will judge Casey Anthony and you and ME! The good thing about God, is He already knows both sides of the story. I am praying for you today.

    • frank

      Christy, only God knows if she is truely guilty or not. I’m not exactly religious, but what I do know is that we humans have no right/reason to pass judgment on another. We are not devine, and we will never truely know what really happned with her child. Only God knows if she is truely guilty or not.

      • Eva Slade

        Frank, I think you may need some help

    • jill

      She will rot in hell no mother kills their own child..

    • lee

      I thought you said “only God knows what she’s guilty of”? You claim she’s guilty of murder. How does that reconcile in any reasonable persons mind?

    • Lisa Scruggs

      @ christy. i believe that is God your speaking of and he will have justice for her. We can forget the legal system but the ultimate judge will be God. (He deserves a big G)

  • Alex

    You can run but you CANT hide for ever…

  • Monica

    I hope her days on earth are complete hell. It still disgusts me that she got away with murdering an innocent child. SHe will have to answer to God someday and she will have a great fall into the fire. BITCH.

    • jennifer

      It’s like she went into freaking witness protection program. Why the heck is she hiding. People will do harm to her if they see her. I say an eye for an eye! This still gives me anxiety everytime I hear anything about her and that means she is winning. She got away with this murder… I am sick over it. This will live long and probrobly end up in history books in years to come. I hope she meets her maker sooner then later and He sends her packing!

      • Renee

        I know in my heart that Casey Anthony killed Caylee and the jurors knew it to. Problem with jurors though, is that when it’s a Holiday Weekend and your trying to keep them secluded from their families and their plans, they tend to want to wrap things up quickly. She got away with murder because twelve people thought about themselves before they thought about the innocent child that was murdered. Casey may be hiding for now but she can’t hide forever and someone someday will find her and she will get her just reward. Our father in heaven didn’t do this to Caylee she did and she will pay the price for it in the end. I know that her family may have supported her through the whole trial but I am sure that they aren’t all really believing that it was accident and that she got frightened, she made up way too many lies. You can only cry wolf so many times and she is at that limit.

        • http://www.thrivingwithptsd.com monica

          In my mind and heart, I feel she did kill or help kill Caylee. I still think the father had something to do with it, because I don’t think Casey was smart enough to cover it all as well as it got covered. Her dad was ex-cop of some sort.

          The thing that I’ve realized in the last two years of a very difficult time in my life is this: it takes a lot of energy and maintenance to keep all that hate and resentment alive. Takes energy that could be used for good. Like doing some volunteer work of any kind.

          Maybe attend a training session for a crisis hotline, or anything and put that anger to good use.

          That has helped me beyond words in my life. I’m not preaching at anyone, just sharing what works for me.

          That is what I find to be true with me, and that don’t mean its true with everyone else. I answer a volunteer domestic violence/suicide hotline, and after 2-3 hours of listening to others pain, I realize how lucky I truly am.

          As a mother to 3 precious children, I cannot imagine what kind of “disorder” she may or may not have. How can someone sleep at night?

          I hit a bird the other day driving 30 mph and I stopped and cried, and could not sleep. What it would do to my heart to hurt another person….I truly can’t imagine.

          Maybe that is where the word sociopath or psychotic comes in, I don’t know I’m not yet a professional. In my 2nd year of college for psychology.

          I do feel that God will take care of her when she passes on. That is enough for me.

          • Debra

            Hate is like weeds in a garden, with moisture they grow. Sadly some appear to be that water to this hate of a woman, the jury found innocent. Like it or not people that is democracy. Stop feeding hate.

        • Janeth

          I agree, only the Lord knows what she did. My spirit does not feel she is innocent though. She is going to answer to God when she dies and then go to hell. Just her lies caught up to her. What kind of monster is she

    • mended_heart2

      Monica—I totally agree with you. I wonder how that BITCH
      murderer can live with herself or even want to live on!
      I hope we all hear of her end soon.

      • http://Google Jane Sullivan

        I believe Caylee accidentally drowned (because her mom was not supervising her) and the dad helped cover it up. He is a cop, and knows how to do it.

        So it is no wonder the family is sticking together, they all had a part in it.

        I wish her no harm, because what goes ’round comes ’round……she will get her just karma. Not wishing her death……that would be too easy. Live with the remorse and guilt for the rest of her life. Oh, another thing, TIE HER TUBES….no more children.

        • Hazeleyesgrl

          I disagree with the drowning story if that was the case it would have been brought out sooner as being that..and her father being a cop knows how it easy it would have been to call and report an accidental drowning which happens all the time in warm places like Florida..and people dont really get charged for pool drownings..I believe that child was accidently given some type of sleeping medicine since Casey didn’t have a babysitter and died from that..and she made up all types of different stories just to try to cover that up..because she would have been more likely to be charged from that than a common pool drowning.

          • Niagara

            Of course – that’s exactly what happened. Casey is a stupid selfish b**ch.

          • Melanie

            why cover up an accidental drowning?? It happens all the time. So there ya have it thats bullshit!!

        • http://www.thrivingwithptsd.com monica


          I sure do agree with tying her tubes.

          But our society won’t do that without a fight. Medicaid won’t pay for it without a big medical reason, traditional insurance won’t do it until a woman is past 40. I know because I had good medical insurance at the time and I had to have a Dr. go to battle with them to get it approved.

          I had to go to war (or so it seemed) to get a hysterectomy at age 32, because I was too young. Did not matter to Dr.’s how much pain I was in due to cysts. I had to go through a psycholocial exam, so did my husband. And sign a waiver that I would not sue the Dr. I went through 4 Dr.’s before I found a woman Dr. who “got it.”

          I can’t take birth control pills or other hormones. I was in a hellish state with 5 cysts, and Dr.’s told me I was too young to make that decision, even though I had 3 children and did not want more. Neither did my husband.

          That needs to change in our society. But I don’t know how. There just are some people who should not have more kids or kids at all.

          Remember Andrea Yates? she drowned her 5 kids in a bathtub in Texas. She will get out in the next couple years, she already gets out and goes to church (good for her), what if she gets pregnant again? Good grief.

          There are no clear answers here.

    • Lance

      Alright…enough..get on with your lives and let her do the same…It’s over for Fucks sake…stop being bitches and deal with it

  • http://yahoo Joyce

    I can say that I can not judge or would want to be the judge doing the conviction. Only GOD knows what happen to Kaylee and for that the judgement is going to be why more then I can imagine. May GOD help the ones who are being the judge.

    • Jen Callast

      I agree.

      • Mike LVNV

        Christ told us to judge righteous judgement. John 7:24.

        • peggy3969

          I am not sure exactly what your half of a verse means but I think we are taught that “Judge not that you be not judged” and “Vengence is mine saith the Lord.”

    • gary

      Get a grip Joice with your God stuff. God lets all these things happen. He is God and controles all.

      • Savannah

        God is not responsible for evil – but He doesn’t necessarily prevent it all. That’s because He gave the human race a free will – which means He lets us choose rather than forces us to comply. But freedom means people can make bad, bad choices. God is a Redeemer and a Restorer – but if He prevented everything from happening – we’d be living in heaven! The reality is that evil exists – there is an actual enemy of the human race – the devil. He comes to steal, to kill and destroy. Jesus comes to bring life (John 10:10) Everything will be exposed before Him someday. “At His knees, everyone knee shall bow and tongues confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!” (Romans 14:11)

        • peggy3969

          I totally agree with your comments and Jesus will forgive any sin, but she truly must repent and receive the spirit of God in her heart which can totally turn a life around. John said he baptized with water but there comes one after that baptizes with the Holy Ghost.

          • Don Smith

            Yeah right. For God so loved man that he created dinosaurs first????

          • peggy3969

            Maybe Don Smith should be concerned with his own soul with that attitude.

          • Mike LVNV

            God made evil, He is responsible. He made everything.
            The people who violate the law and do evil things are responsible for their acts.

          • Realist

            @ Don Smith LMFAO!! I agree, I think if the people who wrote the bible (which was meant to suppress women & force communities to comply with some basic rules by putting the fear of some fiery hell) actually knew about the dinosaurs…they would have made some example out of them by putting a *story* in their book of why they no longer exist. IDK, probably say they were gay or something.

        • http://Google Jane Sullivan

          My personal belief is God does no control everything……we are born with free will…..we make choices in life…..then have to live with the consequences.

    • Eva Slade

      I think you need help

  • Betzblue

    This gash may have fooled 12 stupid jurors, a judge, her family, & a few groupies…but the rest of intelligent society knows what she did.
    I hope she’s been spayed so that she can never re-produce another victim, I hope she’s never allowed to babysit another child much less adopt one, I hope she will never make one dime from books,movies, interviews, posing for playboy or hustler,etc. ( Many people plan to boycott). Her picture does deserve to be hung in the “Disgusting POS Hall of Fame” (if there is such a place).

    • stu

      could not have said it better myself,flordia loves the lethal injection,why in the hell spare that scumbag.

      • http://Yahoo Kurt Smith.


        I loved what you wrote about casey anthony.Myself,living here in Lehigh Acres,we are always in need of testing New Alligator Bait.Although casey,she’s amight to thin.No?

    • jennifer

      Some of those jurors were not so sure. It’s almost like they got brainwashed in the room they were in. One juror said she herself was crying not because she was happy but because she was unsure. These jurors should have took weeks to come to a verdict. They will have to live with that for the rest of their lives as well. They are just as guily as Casey! Never in a million years did I think she would be found not guilty. She needs to come out of hiding so she can get what she deserves.

      • mended_heart2

        Jennifer–I agree with you. I really think that Jose Biaz
        is just as bad as Casey Anthony for making up and presenting
        all those lies to the court and leaving out all the info
        that would have done the job of “GUILTY”
        Now BIAZ is making money with books and appearances due to
        that little girls murder by Casey Anthony!

        • peggy3969

          I still don’t understand how Casey’s father can be accused of molesting her without proof. I am sure that has truly ended that relationship. I hope her mother did not blindly take Casey’s side like every other time she seems to have done.

          • http://www.thrivingwithptsd.com monica

            I’m sorry to say this, but what kind of “proof” is there when a father molests a child?

            Bluntly put, unless there is semen present on or in the child or severe bruises and the child can tell what happened AT THE TIME IT HAPPENED, then there is no proof to be had.

            Wish it were different, that is not the way our “system” is built.

  • Adele

    I hope this “woman” gets harrased and taken for every penny she will ever get for murdering her child! Hope that jury can sleep at night knowing they set a child killer free. shame on you Florida!

    • uranidiot

      THe jury did their job you idiot. The prosecution didn’t prove beyonf a reasonable doubt that she committed 1st degree murder. You should be ashamed of the Prosecuter for trying to shoot for the stars and get a death penalty when he could have easily proved enough for a life sentence. Idiot.

      • Barbara

        I totally agree. It was the prosecutor that had to prove there case and they didn’t do it. Would you not rather see a guilty person walk than have an innocent person in prison or the death sentence for life. They definately could have gotten a vedict on a lessor charge but they shot for the moon and lost. I believe the verdict was correct.

        • dorothy sanders

          i cannot believe what i am reading the prosecutor had four charges againt her if you dont know that Goggle it they found her not guilty on four charges and guilty on one the lesser charges they found her not guiltey when you found out the truth you are going to feel like a fool be sure to look it up foolre

        • dorothy sanders

          uranidiot they had four or five charges against her they found her not guilty on four charges and guilty on lying if you dont know goggle it you will feel like a fool for what you wroter

      • donna heurlin

        The jury did not do their job. They listened to her scumbag lawyers – instead of REASONABLE doubt, they held the prosecuter to the impossible BEYOND ALL DOUBT standard. Any reasonable person would have seen that A. she left with the child, B. the child is never seen again, C. She lies for a month, telling everyone the child is “somewhere else, with someone else”, D. She is seen partying by countless people the entire month, E. When found out, she manufactures numerous other lies to cover up the first lies, F. When the child is found, the evidence is clear that only her mother would have had access to the articles found with her, (and don’t say her parents had access also, that is LUDICRIS), G. the list goes on and on and on – case was proved beyond REASONABLE doubt!!!!!!!!!

        • etybhy

          Reason doesn’t hold up in court. They didn’t have any evidance that she did what they, and you claim she did. If she did get away with murder than she is going to get hers eventually but as of now, she didn’t do it. They jury did their job by not being bias and only focusing on the evidance, not on what is right or wrong. The jury even said that they would put her in jail but they couldn’t.

          • mended_heart2

            That trial was a farce because the prosecutor was not allowed to give the most damaging evidence! A lot of it was not permitted. What about “The last
            person to see that baby alive”?The MOTHER! That is
            usually the first thing investigators look at. How about that bitch driving around with that baby in the trunk of her car and probably abandoned the car when she couldn’t stand the smell any longer! The jury should have heard that!

        • Hazeleyesgrl

          So true Donna..I think part of it was many of them wanted go home so they wanted to rush at it..one had a cruise vacation scheduled..I also heard rumors that some of them thought they could make money off the case if they picked the non guilty verdict..they thought that would score them money making interviews..funny thing is now knowone really cares to speak or interview them..since so many people got upset at what they did and dont care to hear their story.

      • sherry

        no u are an idiot lawyers should be disbarred and held accountable in court for lieing like jose biaz he clearly lied and unless he had proof of her fathers doings to her then he should never have lied her father should be sueing jose biaz for purjury and defamation of character and lieing in court they make us tell the truth and if we dont we go to jail im all about the truth so help me god jose is a scumbag lawyer and casey anothony is a murderer im sure she used her feminane wiles to get him to do whatever she wanted wish i could have been a fly on that wall when they were alone who knows what took place between them too lawyers lie all the time my exs lawyer did and i proved him wrong in a court of law but because he is a lawyer he was exempt from jail judicail system sucks

  • Michael

    It always puzzles me why people get so worked up about the possibility of a mother murdering her child, when we, as a nation, look the other way when 30 to 70 million babies have been murdered in their mother’s own womb since Roe v. Wade.

    So, evidently, it’s ok to murder them in the womb, but once they make that 8-inch trip down the birth canal, they’re protected? Is it a positional thing? Something a GPS unit could measure?


    • Cherie

      Good for you. No death is okay regardless if in the womb or outside.

    • Kimberly

      You prolifers never cease to amaze me. When you become a woman that has been a victim of incest/rape, or have a child that will not live life able to care for itself, or find yourself unable to fully care for it, then come tell me your story. It’s surprising how people that are never under such duress always seem to judge. If she were to have the child and abuse him/her, would you care for the child personally? If she found herself not able to buy groceries, would you open your wallet? We are in a world filled with mean/crazy people. When the parents pass away, leaving a child that can not take care of itself, will you go and take care of that person without losing patience. There are not little or big sins in life. I don’t care what organized religion tells you! Sin is Sin. So, what sin have you committed so we can pick you apart like you are trying to do with others. Just as we have no right to do so, you don’t either!!!

      • Sheila

        Before making judgements on Michael do a little research! Did you know that only 1/2 of 1% of all abortions are due to incest and rape? Since when does two wrongs make a right? I was raped when I was 19 and it did not result in a pregnancy but if it would have I don’t think I would have been able to kill my child. Along with healing from a rape I would have had to deal with being a murderer as well. I had three friends in high school that had abortions not because of rape or incest but because they decided to sleep around and forgot or never took contraception. They all regret it to this day and even one of them can’t have children at all because of the scar tissue from the abortion made it almost impossible to conceive. Your view also seems to be very self centered. If you can’t afford a kid don’t have sex! If you can’t be a proper parent don’t have sex. I have 5 kids and if my husband and I passed away our kids would be protected and cared for by my family so it is not an automatic that a child that loses both parents goes into government care. So your stand point is if you find yourself pregnant and for any reason at all just don’t want to care for the child or if the child is not going to be ultra perfect by your standards the mother has the right to kill it???? That is terrible thinking!!! I guess then if we can’t afford to care for our elderly parents or family members who can’t care for themselves we should just kill them too! Hey in fact lets go out and start killing anyone who could potentially be a drain on society! With that type of thinking you are right up there with Adolf Hitler! Did you know his thoughts were to create a master race and he did everything possible to kill children, elderly and mentally disabled people because they were not ideal people. How horrible! May God have mercy on us all!!!

        • Kimberly

          Sheila, Not everyone is strong as you are. If a woman decides to abort a child, that is NOT your decision to make. SIN IS SIN. If you kill, it is just the same as lying. I never remember God giving us a list of ranked sins! Just because a woman is pregnant, that does not make her a whore! Let me guess. You attend church every Sunday and the pastor has placed misguided thoughts in your head. Think for yourself! Not everyone has a situation like yours where their family will care for a mentally disabled child. You are telling me how narrow minded I am but you need to take a look in the mirror. Get all the facts about a person’s situation before you make a rush to judgement. Then, listen again. I am not Hitler but I am a realist! Look around you!! It is ideals such as the one that you expressed that sets us back 400 years! I’d respect a mother that aborted an unwanted child more than one that gave birth and abused it. I respect a person when they admit to themselves when they can’t do what others would want them do and conform!

        • http://Google Jane Sullivan

          Give me a break……how many abortions are actually a result of rape/incest? the facts please.

          In my opinion, abortion is used more often as a means of birth control. I say we need better education and programs for birth control.

    • holly

      Classic. A MAN using a tragedy as a platform to make HIS opinion known, completely ignoring the topic at hand showing no sympathy for the victim. Ignorant in more ways than one!

      • Kimberly

        Well said Holly!!

        • Britt

          Well said, Holly and Kim… I’m sorry but I’m lol at Sheila ranking Kim with Hitler ..That alone shows your ignorance, Sheila. This topic is not about abortion. Casey,killed her baby, the same baby we saw photos of and videos of..a baby that loved her Mother and trusted her. I wonder what Caylee’s last thoughts were when her Mom taped her mouth shut and threw her away like trash? Maybe you should think more about that than Hitler..Oh and you really should stop having so many kids, that way you would not have to worry who’s going to feed them etc..Oh wait!! Michael will:)

      • kathy

        i thought we were talking about Casey Anthony? we can sit here and debate the issue of abortion until the sun comes up! i respect the right to be able to choose and & don’t judge anyone one way or another and neither should anyone else. we are talking about casey anthony and the premeditated murder of a much wanted child. keep to the issue, please!

    • Andrew

      (Uranidiot) If anyone is the idiot, it may just as well be you. Apparently you need to look over the ballot of what she was chaged with, it included, Murder 1, Murder 2, Manslaughter,Child Abuse and 4 Counts of lying or misleading information. She was acquitted all but the 4 counts of lying. Before calling anyone an idiot, look at the facts, or in your case (Fax).

    • sherry

      i dont no lets put ducked tape over your mouth and nose put a little cloroform in the trunk of the car and through u in it and leave u there we have no idea the pain this child endured but i dont think it was pretty and then lets see how u do they should find casey anothony the same way her child was found and abortion in my book is wrong but we have choices did caylee have a choice no and the people whom have aborted their children have one person to answer to just like casey anthony will we all have our opionion and this was travesty of huge proportions our judicial system sucks we should go back to the old days when justice was justice

    • http://Google Jane Sullivan

      Agree! In addition, if a pregnant mother is murdered, the suspect is charged with a double homicide, even tho the fetus is in the womb.

      But abortion is legal. Same thing.

      How screwed up is our society?

    • crystal


  • gayle

    What is stuck in my craw is their mention of her “long hair” when she left the courthouse. I have long hair too, and hold no jealousy or resentment, but why in God’s name would they mention her appearance? She murdered her little girl and got away with it. Did they not notice the baby was “very attractive” too? This country is obsessed with looks, and, I swear, it is easier to get away with…you name it…when you are good looking.
    So…could the media and the government, everyone who is protecting her, start taking her out to some big fattening meals? Then she’ll get fat, and justice will be ‘served’ with dessert. Thank you, it felt good to vent.

  • bay

    oh man!!! Well, now that people know where she is… (not being at all suggestive) Doesn’t January seem like really long time???

  • Jackie

    I think it is a shame that she got byewith killing her daughter. She will have to answer to God someday and it want be pretty. She should have at least got charged with child abuse. How can anyone not report their child missing before 30 days

  • Stinaa

    That Poor Baby Girl. I Hope That She Rotts In Herself Because Of What She Did. That Baby Haden’t Even Started Her Life Yet. Poor Child. Casey Anthony Deserves Any And Everything That Karma Gives Back To Her.
    R.I.P. Kaylee Anthony <3


    Perhaps she and OJ should hook up – oh no, wait – he IS in prison now, isn;t he?
    Oh well, it could have been a match made in hell.


    Perhaps she and OJ should hook up – oh no, wait – he IS in prison now, isn;t he?
    Oh well, it could have been a match made in hell.

  • http://caseyanthony christine voto

    She can run and hide…but in reality she is her own worse enemy. She will live with the fact that she took her daughter’s life…a sentence in itself with no prison bars…everyday that she looks in the mirror. Her life will be hell…in time she will meet her own fate…

  • Nancy

    She should have the same thing done to her as she did to that innocent baby girl.

    • mended_heart2

      Nancy–I totally agree with you. I hope one day soon we hear THAT on the news!

  • Kristine

    She was hiding in Zimmermans car….packing a magazine.

    • http://Google Jane Sullivan

      Ha! Funny Kristine!!

  • Lisa

    I agree that she should be held accountable for what she has put Ms. Gonzalez through, why should she be able to cause all this mayhem in everyone involved lives? She says she wants to start a new life fresh, but I think she has a lot of unfinished business to take care of first, what do you think?

    • http://Earthlink JAN pARSONS

      I agree with you Lisa. The majority of decent people know that Casy killed her daughter. But her nonchlant attitude and showing no signs of sorrow were enough for me. Then she pur MS Gonzales thru hell, and look at how she treated her parents. They had spoiled her rotten all of her life, what Casy wanted Casy got. SOmetines actions speak louder than words. What goes around comes around. I can’t judge her, only God can and we cannot speak for him. BUt this girl is self centered and so very arrogant-This was an unbelievable tragedy-the saddness was
      so overwhelming. In my heart as a mother who lost a son, Casy did this!!!

  • robert

    oj got away with it

  • vivian

    todo llega en esta vida y lo que aqui se hace aqui se paga, viva little baby caylee, with God.

  • marie

    The jury did think she was guilty but the Judge told them they needed evidence and they didn’t
    think circumstantial evidence was enough. Also think they were in too much of a hurry to get
    home. Bad jury and bad judge. Justice failed and they all have to live with that too. Also the
    closing argument of the prosecution was poor. Makes me wonder if there was a deal made.
    Most criminal cases have convictions based on circumstantial evidence. Courts are not based
    on justice, they’re based on games.

  • Wendy Dauberman

    Good thing she wasn’t tried in US District Court, Richmond, VA, because they twist the rules to convict. She would have NOT been allowed to defend herself there; they would have found her guilty just by being the last person to “see” the child. (Take this any way you want to … the laws and rules that apply “normally” in the U.S., don’t apply in ALL Courts.)

    • Britt

      So true Wendy, If she was in Texas when she killed her baby, she’d be a dead woman! Or at the least waiting for the needle to be stuck in her arm. I at least find some solace in knowing Casey’s days are numbered. It’s all about Karma, she’ll get her’s.

  • david

    Im not saying she is innocent but the laws we live under worked think god we have a legal system

  • Norma

    In three months, Caylee would be celebrating another birthday. She was a beautiful child, murdered at the hands of her birth mother. I find it hard to imagine what might be in the mind of the one who selfishly took her life. Casey will pay one day for what she did to Caylee.

  • Blaine

    i hear that casey and zimmerman have become lovers and are in hiding togetather and they are trying to create a satin spon child anthony zimmerman

  • jon

    Most hated mother in America? Try most hated human being on earth.. She and OJ Simpson should just get married..

  • Angela

    Trust me, this monster will be in trouble again, maybe not right now but someday she will mess with wrong people and have her day.

  • http://yahoo LIAM

    If ROB LOWE takes this part in the movie I will place him on my list of actors that I will never watch again! Further more any products advertised during this movie will NOT be purchased by me..That’s a PROMISE. I haven’t watched anything Rosie O’Donnell has been in (political views) or Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn and a few others…FOR A LONG TIME and I never will again…..

  • karen

    Just remember everyone, Casey cannot hide from God! He knows everything she has done and unless she truly repents, she will pay for her sins in hell which will be much worse than she could ever pay for them here on earth! However, I also would like to see her pay for them now!

    • mended_heart2

      Karen–For those of us who saw this case unfold from the very
      start and heard all her lies and saw Biaz get up there and LIE
      and saw this thing for three long years and heard that jury
      say “Not Guilty” need some closure too! It is not a good thing
      for the majority of citizens to be duped! Closure for all of us
      who cared will only come when that Casey Anthony PAYS for what she did and we HEAR IT!



    • L. Smith

      I hope that God isn’t dumb enough to fool with Casey. If she can get to heaven nobody should worry about going to Hell! Damn!

  • brent

    if i ever get in trouble and that a big if i hope get casey anthony jurors deaf dumb and blind

  • audrey

    It is time that this woman was left to get on with her life. NOT for her sake but for that of Cayleys grandparents and family. they have to live with their little granddaughters death forever. The public will speculate for years to come.
    Casey cannot really have loving daughter relationship with her mother anymore either.
    It is a disaster. the family dragged through the mud. Casey ever
    economical with the truth.
    Now living her own life and hopefully will never produce any further children. she obviously is not a fit person to do so. If she did not kill Cayley then she neglected her enough to cause her death.
    NOw we are told Cayley drown in the pool, so why not say so in the first place, it is not the first accident that has happened in a pool. children do wander off and get drown.
    Let us for once and for all get the truth from either Casey or the family and then move on.
    I suspect that Casey is happy to be free of the little girl she found an encumbrance when it came to partying and being tied with a child. she isnt the first mum, nor the last to feel like this. ‘
    Whatever happened this little child needs to be allowed to rest in peace and in telling the truth perhaps this could be achieved instead of years of speculation.
    Why would George let his daughter take the blame if indeed as now stated the child drown accidently in the pool. It doesnt make sense.
    None of us will forget the haunting pictures of a beautiful wide eyed little girl gazing at us from the press and tv.
    May she rest in peace with no family members now being tempted to write a book about it or have further money making interviews etc.
    We, the public will always have the image of little Cayley with those big haunting eyes in our minds.
    If there is a God then she is surely with him.
    Her mother is young and has a life to lead, let her get on with it.
    no more press pictures or articles about her. This isnt about her its about little Cayley. Casey showed the world she didnt care by her behaviour, her partyng, wild life etc. whilst her innocent child lay dead and unwanted,thrown out like trash.
    I hope no man will be foolish enough to marry Casey and let her have more children for her own and their sake.
    Let her disappear into obscurity and never be allowed to profit by writing about the little ones demise, other than finally to tell the truth about what happened.
    Cindy and George can get on with their lives and they should be left alone. they have been abused verbally in public and it seems to me that this is very unfair. Cindy knew her daughter was not an ideal mum and made that plain. I feel sad for them for they lost granddaughter and daughter in effect. I hope they can move on and hold dear the memories they have of little Cayley.
    Casey has a long life ahead, hopefully she can settle down and live a good life without more children.

    • Jen

      You have it all figured out, don’t you? For someone to say move on, you wrote an SA?

  • Ann Marie

    She should be in jail for the murder of her child. A life sentence with no parole.
    Anthony is guilty beyond any shadow of doubt………..

    • bill

      of course you know more than the jury…you must have been a eye witness…maybe if they called you to testify she would have been found guilty.. they missed out on the smokin gun

      • http://yahoo.com justme

        she didnt use a gun. didnt u watch the trial? she murdered her and put her in the trunk and threw her ojut like trash.

        • http://webpronews Pat

          she murdered caylee in self-defense.caylee was just starting to talk,make sentences and would eventually tell on mommy.keeping her knocked out with chloroform,getting in the way of relationships and her parents would out her lies.

  • Donna

    I can’t for the life of me see how anyone could harm they’re child. It’s not just her, read the papers. I couldn’t have children, and if these people didn’t want them, they could of given me they’re child for me to love and give everything I have. You also have that lady who killed ALL 4 of her children. How sad what’s the matter with people today?

  • Kenny

    Maybe the posters here should start blaming the prosecution for casey’s
    acquittal. The jury weighs the ‘evidence’ not the feelings of the people
    who don’t have a clue what happened. If any of you guys saw what happened then where were you during the trial? Do you know casey? I doubt it. Did you see what happened? A definite NO. Caylee is in a much better place now, and casey will have to live with what she did, or die with it. And if she didn’t, she’ll still have to live in a world with people like you guys
    I suppose hater’s just gotta hate, huh?

  • renee

    she deserves to die i still cant belive she got away w that murder of her daughter hide casey hide i really have not to much to say but casey you are a piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BDC

    She will get what’s coming to her – Just like OJ

    • bill

      gotta go for now…jackie glass is on tv…shes the judge who put oj behind bars just to get her own tv show…that shows EVERYONE wants to cash in on tradgity..ps oj was convicted of something that had nothing to do with the murder case…if he wasnt such a moron and let it go he would still be free

  • http://webpronews GS

    She’s getting what she wants. She’s in the spot light again. I think she loves the attention even if it’s bad. She’ll be sucking it up.

  • bitter? sad? angry?

    please, everyone; stop being so weak-minded.

    • laura

      we aint being weak minded the bitch killed her daughter and deserves the fukin death penalti and she will finally get whats comin to her

      • http://syria.org Reality

        Shes a frazzled, fragile sociopath who made a mistake. Fry bigger fish.

  • Jessica

    Wow, you people are sicker than you think she is! Making jokes about her being in a trunk with duct tape like her kid! Now not only are you messed up in the head you’re also ignorant about anything that ever went on during that trial. You were also clearly brainwashed by Nancy Grace. BTW, NANCY is the one that needs to answer some effing questions! “so, Nancy, what does it feel like to use the disappearance – then murder of a toddler to upgrade yourself to celebrity status?” But that’s far beyond my point. My point is! First of all, The heart sticker found at the site of Caylees remains wasn’t even a sticker that matched one from the Anthony’s house! The one in the woods was a heart shaped rhinestone with a sticky. The stickers you all saw in the photos taken at the Anthonys house were flat paper stickers that had NO resemblance to the one found at the scene. I could also say the same for the duct tape. The alleged chloroform in the trunk was found using a HOMEMADE device! George also said on the stand that when he got to the car at the tow yard it smelled because there was bags of garbage in the trunk so he sprayed FEBREEZE all over the car. George was a really ” neat & tidy” kind of guy. You could say he genuinely cared about what people thought of him…. So I’m guessing if there were literally bags of garbage in “his” car ( they “owned” it but “let” Casey drive it as hers) he probably sprayed like a whole bottle of Febreeze in the trunk alone. That’d explain the “trace amounts” of chloroform in the trunk measured by the homemade device. Making that at home would be like making fireworks in a meth lab! And it has been being made only by professionals since the early 1800’s! There’s no EVIDENCE to back up the allegation that Casey tied up and duct taped Caylee so she could go party! I think it’s just that most women kind of WANTED to hear that Caylee died because her mother got fed up with taking care of her kid. I think that’s because most women sometimes have pretty intense feelings when they get overwhelmed with their own kids. It’s just something that others could almost find “understandable”. I’m pretty sure every mother has had just a quick flash of a daydream of a life without your kids at least once! Its just harder for people come to grips with the idea that it was completely possible that the morning after Fathersday after Cindy left for work and Casey was still asleep, little Caylee woke up that morning and wandered in to Grandma & Grandpas room where she was then molested by George. She either died during the abuse possibly by suffocating. A pillow over her head to muffle her screams perhaps. ( I’m really trying not to offend anyone but sadly things like that happen all the time..) or maybe Grandpa was giving her a bath that morning and molested her in the shower. Which could lead you right into the evidence of the pool if you can follow me for one more second here. Ok, let’s say George is molesting Caylee in the shower when he realizes shes not breathing he quickly gets himself together and grabs Caylee and dashes into the living room but probably KNOWS by now he’s killed her. He sees the pool out of the window and has an idea. He puts Caylee in the pool and bursts in to Casey’s room saying something along the lines of “where the hell is Caylee?!?!?”. Casey stumbles out of bed and now theyre both running around their house checking Caylees usual hiding spots. They split up. When they finally meet again near the front porch George is holding Caylee in his arms screaming at Casey “look what you did?!??!” …. In florida you will go to jail if your child drowns no matter the situation. Casey knows this & you best believe George knew that. No need to call 911, daddy is a cop. Besides the doctors would be able to tell if she really died drowning or not. So finally George just says “Daddy will take care of it” just leave the house and say she went with you until Daddy figures out what to do…. The next 31days … She’s not out partying. She’s gone from staying at her friends house to living with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend works as a DJ and as a promoter for the club. She’s helping him get people to show up at this club and come listen to him DJ….anyway, I’m just saying go do your own independent research!

    • mandi

      Jessica. I have to agree with you. I don’t think Casey is completely innocent, I do however think George is very very very guilty. Just an opinion and as we see here…….we all have one!

      • dorothy sanders

        we are not going to answer such dumb bull shit jessicia andmandi

    • Matty

      Whow!!! you could write a book!! Ever thought of writing thrillers!!
      Look Lady! I don’t care what the evidence was. In my eyes she’s horrible. Know matter the case, she could be innocent of murder for all I care, she would still do time in my book just for partying and hanging out having a great time knowing her daughter went missing. Do you approve of a mother like that, because If you do then it makes me wonder what kind of a person are you. Frankly I Don’t care who did it, the point is that someone did it and the little girl is gone and the mother showed herself to be a real peace of S–t.

  • laura

    maybe the bitch will get what she deserves for once

    • http://syria.org Bashar Hafez al-Assad

      Yes, she is the worst person ever. I mean, I did murder 50 people yesterday(Making it 10,000 for the year!), but only like 20% of them were children. 100% of that hottie Casey Anthony’s murders were children; so she is much worse.

  • ali

    I hope she stays in hiding i hope she never has peace of mind always looking over her shoulder every glance her way drives her to insanity let her own mind torment her

  • ed

    The jurors had either a temporary or permanent case of stupidity. ‘Beyond a reasonable doubt’ was never the issue. The defense made it a case on ‘without even the slightest doubt’. In other words (and I heard this in closing arguments), if the jury had even the slightest doubt that she did this, they were obliged to find her not guilty.

    When I heard this, I could not believe the prosecution did not address it with an objection. Or that the judge didn’t reiterate the actual meaning of beyond a reasonable doubt when charging the jury. It was as if everyone dropped the ball – except the defense.

    I still believe that justice will be done. Either she will get AIDS and die a horrible death or someone will kidnap her and put her through what she did to her daughter. Or maybe the guilt will eat away at her for the next 40 or 50 years until she is driven to suicide. I have to believe in justice for this bi///tch.

    • bill

      your kidding right??? AIDS,kidnapped?to wish that on anyone makes you more evil than she is supposed to be!!! the sheep have fallen into the media sensationalism of this case and NANCY GRACE is the worst of them…stirr up ppls emotions for ratings and declare her a monster b4 you even know the facts of the case…i just hope that statement doesnt bite you in the ass brother…

  • Genuine

    Yes, I too have a lot of disdain and disgust for the heifer. Who can take their child’s life aned show absolute ZERO amount of remorse? BUT, the most asinine in this ENTIRE ORDEAL are the JURORS! I mean, HOW STUPID COULD CAN YOU GET? Just like I hope Anthony (and her momma) continue to have restless nights, I wish the same for the jurors. The IQ of my chocolate Lab exceed that of all the jurors combined.

    Gonzalez …. DON’T STOP! Maybe she’ll finally be held accountable for SOMETHING that she had done.

  • Genuine

    For those of you that say “Casey Anthony will have to live with it”, I ask ….. ARE YOU SERIOUS? For someone to be affected by such event(s), they would first have to have a conscience. Did any of you see any act/display that would make you believe that she had/has one?

  • bill

    the only person that truely knows what happened is god…is she guilty or not, i have no clue but she was found not guilty by a jury of her pears so in my eyes our justice system worked and she is not guilty…i was not in the court room and i dont let my emotions rule me..it is a shame what happendto that poor little girl but look at the artical on yahoo front page today…2000 people wrongfully convicted with over 10000 yrs in prison between them…why? ppl judging with there emotions instead of there head…know its time to leave the woman alone…what ever she did or didnt do is between her and god..unless you feel you are divine and can act in the place of god?

  • Karen

    FLORIDA ? Thought we were better at gitting rid of unwanted wild life than that. Even animals that eat their young are considered worthless.

  • anthony hunnicutt

    The only thing I want to read about Ms Anthony is her obituary notice and may it come soon.

  • chaunceytanner

    Casey Anthony will always be the poster mother for unacceptably bad parenting. She knows what happened to her child that night and will have to live with that knowledge for the remainder of her life. A more powerful judge will she answer to someday. As for her parents this either will pull them closer or tear a sad marriage apart. I feel bad for her brother who was left in the dark around this child’s life.Caylee is in the arms of someone who will love her the way she was meant to be loved.

  • shay

    I learn one thing about the C.A.trial!In Fla.you can get away with killing your kid(s)but do no jail time.Lie to the law and they lock you up.What’s this world coming to.

  • mikecolligan

    Anthony is scum just like her white trash family.They all know what happend to that child!!!!!!! FLA justice. Fla what a beautiful place.Too bad about all the asshole people though

  • Disgruntled American

    Karma is a B!tch!!

  • Conni

    too bad she cannot get the death penalty for the civil case. she deserved it in her murder trial and the 12 jurors, who were iundoubtedly dumber than a box of rocks or tampered with, one or the other, and perhaps both….let this killer walk free. i hope she has to pay for the rest of her life, and continue to have to hide for her own safety. her freedom is not important to me….just as her daughter’s life was not important to her.

  • Tyler

    You so called Christians spewing out hate are disgusting and vile. If that is Christianity, I prefer hell.

  • Mina

    You folks need to study up on the law. Casey Anthony was acquitted in a CRIMINAL trial. This defamation suit will have a CIVIL trial. No jail time for ignoring subpoenas etc. If she loses the lawsuit there will be a judgement against her which she can pay or not as she chooses. If you are looking for “justice”, you won’t find it in this lawsuit.

    • CJ

      She will get hers one day when she is out walking , and someone comes up behind her. She will pay one day . She can’t hide forever.

  • janice grinstead

    I never would care if i heard her name again..rip caley

  • http://yahoo.com justme

    i wish the b*tch would do what she should have done all along, instead of murdering Caylee she should have taken her own worthless life.

  • CJ

    You can only hide for so long. You better hide your whole life, because there are many people after you.

  • Cassie

    Let’s face it – there is no justice in this country anymore, if there ever was.

  • Cassie

    Let’s face it – there is no justice in this country anymore – if there ever was any.

  • Pattie

    I agree with most of your comments however in the end we have a dead baby who had her entire precious life in front of her- I say DO NOT buy Jose Biaz book or anything that pertains to this case- hit her where it will always hurt her and those that surrounded her.

  • http://yahoo.com justme

    i hope nothing but bad stuff for snotmom. i hope she is found in the same way Caylee was found, wrapped up in garbage bags and thrown out like trash for the animals to eat. i dont care what lies Bozo and company told in court ( and that the 12 village idiots bought) all evidence pointed only to her and that it was murder, not an accident. i hold the jury responsible for freeing a murdering felon so that she may go out and reoffend. the sooner she screws up and lands back in jail, the safer we will all be.

  • Ivan

    Casey was just holding her ground when she killed her baby

  • richard van orman

    get over it she won.like it or not.she can never be tried for that.she one and it was 12 pelope that let her go.thats our system and it is the best in the world.

    • Jen

      Get over it! Are you serious? A child is dead, she was at blockbuster, arm and arm with her unknowing boyfriend. And her daughter just died? Then she’s out like bar fly for 30 days? Avoiding her family, lie after lie. The jury failed Caylee, Casey failed Caylee. You must be heartless to make such a comment!! Why don’t you hook up with Casey, just don’t have children unless you want to find your child thrown away like trash! While Casey on to the next man….sorry excuse of a mother!!

  • SondraDee77

    Look at it this way…I hope she lives to be at least 100. Right now she is in Hell. Her partying days are over, she has to stay in hiding the rest of her days. And when she finally leaves this Hell she will then go to the other Hell for eternity.

  • Erik Haun

    Good Hope they slam her. Couldn’t happen to a nice “BITCH”

  • Gary Lennon

    Simple! Casey Anthony is guilty and she knows it!!

  • Erik Haun

    Good Hope they slam her. Couldn’t happen to a nice “BITCH” She killed that child! She is USELESS! Dead to the world in my opinion!

  • Jen

    Burn in hell Casey…baby killer!!!

  • I Love Casey

    I love you Casey. Don’t listen to the haters. Let’s hook up after you are proven innocent of the nonsense this maid is claiming.

  • Jason

    Man, Casey Anthony is hot!!!

    • http://webpronews elizabeth

      you need glasses sir

  • Karen Hall

    My daugher is 31 years old and still my thoughts daily are for her happiness and safety. That is what a Mother does, put her Child’s needs first. A mother has the gift to Give Life, not to take it away.

  • http://webpronews elizabeth

    The jurors had no choice but to find her not guilty and you can blame the prosecution for that. They charged her with first degree murder which means she planned it ahead of time. If they had charged her with a more realistic charge like second degree or manslaughter she would not have been found not guilty. Put the blame where it belongs…on the prosecution.
    I hope in Jan. she is found guilty and has to shell out big bucks for the rest of her life.

  • k-dub

    Kinda make u wish Dexter was real, huh?

  • Dan

    I think she did it but I also think she is hot !!

  • Dan

    How does a hottie like that do something like that??? What a shame …

  • david G

    here we go with god,what if he dont exist she gets off scott free. im aithyist, so in my eyes she needs to pay dearly and we know she wont. so why give the attention to her sorry azz.

  • Dave O.

    The Jurors where right in what they did. Casey did not do this check her father out again. I love her & hope her all best now. To all the world just let her be now. To Casey if i can be any help to you fine ok. i’m in Fla as well. Love Dave O.


    she did not do it the easter bunny told me so

  • michael martin

    a court found her innocent. why because they had zero evidence. in this country you need that in order to convict not your silly she did. and your holy then though bs. god this and god that get over it. you need EVIDENCE NOT EMOTION MORONS.

  • angry

    The trial has been decided and let Casey Anthony, go. If she’s smart she would live with her mom for a while take a new name and social security for her own protection. Again, I still feel in my heart that the real murderer will be found. I know it was NOT Casey Anthony i however do know for a fact that she probably had some shady friends or her boyfriend that might have done it for some jealous payback or stupid motive drugs maybe or that Mr. Anthony’s girlfriend didnt look like a prize package and lord forbid, girlfriends and their friends do stupid things if they cant get their MAN false complaints, blackmailing, threats on other family member who knows!

  • http://none garandmama

    Well, You all know that killer reads these posts. So this is for you Ckasey AH Hope you remember the smell. The look. The innocence that you took away. There are many of us in the U.S. That would have adopted her. Hope every time you see a plastic bag. Shovel, Smell something. You think of her. You will be your own worst enemy. You will never have any peace in your life because of what you did. And if you say you didn’t fine. But you are still as guilty as hell. None of us are as stupid as you. Anybody that would haul anything like that around in your car is guilty as hell. And should have got the death penalty. God Bless little Caylee. She was loved by many at least she will have a large family in Heaven.

  • Charles

    I’m surprised she’s still in Florida. I thought she’d chicken out of the country after her release from jail. Sergeant Joe Friday would’ve done a much better job on this case. Today’s courts bleed on guilty people’s hearts. “Just the facts, ma’am…”

  • lee

    She did it! Enough said……

    • adam guzzan

      your did not whatch the trial you just listern to the news you are so wrong

  • adam guzzan

    cant you guys leave cassey alone she was never guilty the only person that only nperson that killed cally as cassey dad

    • Mel

      Really difficult to side with you when you’ve mangled the English language. That said, you likely didn’t understand most of what was said during the trial, printed in the papers (real not rags) or on the actual news (not gossip/sensational news). The facts are plain as day. It’s evident you’re one of those men who happen to find a lack luster looking woman (Casey), attractive so the way your logical mind works is to acquit her (try using your upstairs head even if I don’t see much hope there either).

      Based on your posts alone, you’ve not grasp enough of the English language to understand what is & was said during & since the trial. Despite how it may sound contrary, this was not meant as a slam against you personally; just highlighting the obvious.

  • Elijah Holder

    She needs to sat her ass down

  • http://www.facebook.com/georgevhill George Vreeland Hill

    Casey Anthony is one messed up woman.
    It is a shame that she got away with murder.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • http://facebook beverly

    i hate you die! i hate u

  • gwen

    You are the biggest bunch of dipshits on the web. You believe what you are told to believe. In this case…it’s the comman enemy tactic. All of our newsertainment is done this way in order to control you through your emotions. Evil vs good. As above so below….Wake the fuck up. Please!

  • J

    Why so religious? For pity sake, you can’t in 1 breathe tell us not to judge someone & then right behind it, say everyone has a right to his opinion. Leave religion alone. It’s personal for most. But if youre forced to require a religious response, then some higher power will “judge” Casey Anthony and in time, she’ll pay for the crime of murder she perpetrated upon her daughter Caylee. THAT is my opinion & tough, THAT is also my judgment. If the higher power doesnt like my exercising my free will & freedom of speech given me, may they crash the internet before I hit send & destroy all comment boards that ask for opinions!

    In the end, I hope with all that is love & light, that gentle Caylee is resting in peace & truly in a better place, whatever that means to each of you. A short, bittersweet life cut short & ‘unlived’ when it likely should have blossomed. I hope whatever future (if it exists after we die… I dont know) is meant for Caylee’s soul, that it finds love, kindness, peace & fulfillment the next time around, if in fact, that one thought is a possibility. Id like to think so, especially for those who are struck down by deranged humans who decided to take what was given them… the gift of LIFE.

  • Therese

    It is the way of florida….they trumped the final charge to Capitol Murder….had they gone with manslaughter…they would have gotten their conviction….and we wouldnt even be discussing this…..that prosecuting attorney screwed it up…..my personal opinion….she wasnt the only mastermind her father helped with the cover up…..i was in florida during the trial….its a sad day when you cant even convict a child murderer….maybe the jurors had a lil too much sun that day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anne

    casey is a living human devil! she must perish forever!

    • charles

      blah, blah..blah:) Casey rocks!!

  • AFrayedKnott

    It surprises me to read all the comments that still say something like,” I can’t believe she got away with murder”. I watched every minute of the trial. Never once did I ever see or hear ANYTHING presented by the prosecution that proved Casey Anthony killed Caylee… or had ANYTHING to do with Caylees death. NOTHING! NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE!! Do I think Casey Anthony IS guilty of Caylees death? I don’t know and neither do you. You can thank the prosecution for dropping the ball on getting her convicted for that. As for our justice system regarding Casey Anthonys case… there was no other verdict that could have been reached, given the evidence presented.

    • john

      Wake up. No one who watched that trial and had a shred of intelligence doubted for a second that she did it. They detailed lie after lie after lie – including that her father molested her. How many weeks passed before she reported it to the police and only because she was forced to. Then she says the child drowned and her father helped dump her body? She’s guilty and deserves to die.

  • MJohnes420

    She can only “hide” for so long…… My daughter came face to face with her about 2 to 3 months ago in Citra / Anthony Florida area. Unfortunately my daughter was 8.5 months pregnant at the time. My daughter said Casey just stared at her in shock, I bet she did (when she saw my daughters belly it probally brought back terrible memories for her / the kid it took her so long to get rid of / Caley) I wish It would have been ME that had “run into” her….. It’s only a matter of time before someone get’s to her…… R.I.P Caley, Im SO SO sorry that you were born to THAT monster, you were and will always be a lil’ angel!!!

    • charles

      We all live in this same country and live by the same laws. She was tried, found not guilty, enuf said.. you all need to get over it. Unfortunately the little girl is dead and not returning, hating on someone, what does that prove?

  • john

    There are two kinds of people in the world: People who know Casey Anthony is a lying child killer and morons.

    • charles

      Morons? your a joker. I just look at the evidence and see that the not guilty verdict was just and deserved…Long live Casey….yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….Long live Caylee, ooops maybe not.

  • charles

    who cares anymore, maybe the little girl did die by accident. If so then god is taking care of her now. I don’t believe Casey killed her, if she did, so be it.

  • Matty


  • http://yahoo.com amanda

    ok this shit pisses me off i hope they hang the bitch by her toes and make her suffer she desrves the worse fate of anyone i have ever heard of. And i believe the idiots that are posting that she is innocent must not have children because if they did they would know in their hearts that she is a monster who stole her precious angels life i believe she desrves to burn in the bottom pits of hell then and only then will caylee see justice. But until then i hope that every day of her miserable existence is pure torture

  • Nancy Miller

    Stupid jurors were too incompetent and ignorant to figure out that a mom does not go out and party and laugh day after day and night after their child dies by accident. It doesn’t take a lot of smarts to know she got rid of Caylee so she could party. If that was an accident Casey would have been curled up in a fetal position sobbing the 1st night ( not partying and doing body shots ) after she called 911. Casey is pure evil, selfish and a user, look what she done to her dad. It was a game of winning for that lowlife attorney of hers. Baez was as dirty as he could be with the tactics he used. He came out looking like a sleaze to a lot of people. I hope Casey is punished soon.

  • Smith88

    What did she do

  • Smith88

    I hope that God isn’t dumb enough to fool with Casey. If she can get to heaven nobody should worry about going to Hell!

  • apet1956

    Ihope she gets whats comin to her…I hope someone kidnaps her drug her then put her in a trunk and stay till she dies and then drag her out and bury her in a shallow grave where the animals can drag her remains off in the woods..Thats what she should get. I hope she rests in Hell!