Casey Anthony Civil Trial

    March 26, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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Attorneys for Casey Anthony will be back in a courtroom today where a judge will ascertain whether the Zenaida Gonzalez civil defamation suit has the legal standing to proceed. Gonzales is trying to make a case that her reputation was ruined after Anthony claimed that she kidnapped Caylee in 2008.

Anthony’s lawyers are going to ask Judge Lisa Munyon to throw the case out.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez’s attorneys are aggressively seeking a judgment to recognize the damages their client supposedly received and claim that they have already submitted enough evidence to prove their case.

One piece of evidence in particular is a jailhouse video that shows Anthony claiming that police officials never showed a picture of Gonzalez. It has been substantiated that they did show Anthony a photo.

Anthony’s lawyers are responding to this by saying that the photo they showed her did not look like Gonzalez. They are also claiming that Anthony never said that she kidnapped Caylee.

According to WESH Channel 2 news Anthony’s lawyers say that the case has no merit for the following reasons:

“Casey never identified Gonzales as the “Zanny Nanny” — when deputies showed her a pic of Gonzales she said, “It’s not her.”

“The names don’t match up. The plaintiff’s name is Zeniada Gonzales and the name of Anthony’s fictional nanny was Zeniada Fernandez-Gonzales.”

“The plaintiff voluntarily injected herself into the public eye by doing TV interviews using the name Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.”

“After Zenaida showed her face on TV that is when she started to get impolite and unwanted comments from strangers — the sole remaining damage in the case.”

“And finally, that Anthony didn’t ruin the plaintiff’s reputation and highlights that Gonzalez had several different brushes with the law including a DCF investigation where it is alleged that she had sex with an underage boy.”


Anthony’s attorneys claim that the lawsuit “has been a fictional play set in the theater of the absurd” and needs to go away.

  • sjr

    I find the defense comment, well, comical! Casey has done nothing but lie and lives in the theatre of absurdity. This case has gone on and on. Everything I have seen and read support the fact that Casey obtained Zeniada’s name from the rental office and did in fact say that Casey had been taken/kidnapped by Zanny the Nanny.

  • Kim

    Anthony ruined her reputation and should have to pay for her lies!

  • steve

    money grubbing momma cittoo leave her alone people die every day who cares

    • http://yomamma.org stevesucks

      Certainly if you died, steve, no one would surely care as well. Do the world a favor and swallow the knife.

    • gene

      u are a dumba@#, what if it was your child punk. should we hope your’s die. or will no one procreate with you retard.

    • beth

      It was a child!!!!

  • Penny

    Casey should have been found guilty! Let her pay someone whose life she ruined since she cannot make restitution for her precious little girl.

  • http://yahoo.com Jen

    Casey Anthony has ruined many lives and still continues to lie about everything!!! She needs to fess up and pay!!! Little liars don’t go too far!!

  • Tracy

    Karma will come back to her.

  • bud

    Dumb @ss lawyers, would only believe anything she has to say. I hope she has to pay out the few cents she got out of her liar book.

    • Andy

      Lawyers don’t have to believe their clients, just defend them.

  • denker

    strange that this case has never been resolved.And the truth will die with the mother of that precious child (all children are precious,why do they turn out the way they are as adults?)

    • Nis

      The case was solved and the verdict was not guilty on all counts. I don’t know if you followed the case but this did happen in this country. So technically she is not guilty but she is being prosecuted and executed everyday by media and other people. The best thing for everybody is to respect the US court system and accept the verdict and move on, end of story.

      • Bob Thomas

        What an idiot you are. Juries make mistakes all the time. Intelligent pepole can see the error, and refuse to bury their heads in the sand. You sound like like a sheep, you’ll go along with any injustice. Go play ostrich, fool.

        • Courtney

          O.J. Simpson was found not guilty by a jury of his peers but still found liable in the civil case. So Casey Anthony is not being persecuted only being held accountable for her actions. Hopefully the RIGHT decision will be made this time and the scum bag will have to pay.

        • beth

          Intelligent people who can not spell people use spell check.. I do agree with you.

      • Charles

        The jury was wrong (and are idiots). The verdict was wrong. No one has to accept that and if the justice system won’t punish her, humankind will.

      • Nancy Miller

        Too bad the jury was too stupid to see what the truth was. That is why most will not accept the verdict and move on. Casey needs to be tortured and humilated everyday of her evil life. The only way is for her to tell the real truth and that is she wanted to be a happy carefree party slut. The verdict was wrong wrong wrong!!!! I guess some just go along with what is easiest because they can’t figure out what the truth is as they might not have the capacity to think thoroughly enough. Casey should always be made miserable.

  • Selena

    I’m starting to think Casey’s lawyers are as dilusional as Casey is…What can be worse than Casey? A lawyer that tries to cover up her lies..This is how I feel about all of what Casey says about anything, It takes a fool to tell the lies that she has & continues to say, BUT it takes a bigger fool to believe them…The 12 jurors are stupid fools in my eyes & opinion, I wish they had never been a juror on this trial. Let’s hope to GOD that Casey will pay for every lie she has told, and I believe there are too many to even count…She should of been the one to take the stand at court & put through the ringer, not her parents or anyone else…Casey u make me sick & u will always be a murderer in my eyes, 12 jurors set u free but they do NOT speak for most of America, U R THE MOST HATED WOMAN there is….Please just go away to never been seen or heard from again…
    Virginia would of put u to death for what u done…We dont put up with lying pos like u!! Rest in peace little Caylee Marie, ur mommy cant dope u up now and make u sleep so she can party…U Casey are a waste of air!!

    • Joan

      You have said exactly everything that should have been said…thank you..Casey you are a very sick person and DO NOT DESERVE TO BE OUT IN PUBLIC, but I do believe that we do reap what we sow, therefore Casey the time will come when you will have to pay for all that you have done, every death, every lie, every hurt, every vile act, all of it…

    • Courtney

      I couldn’t have said it better!!!!

  • Rick Patel

    It seems like every shyster, swindler, stalker, scofflaw & scam-artist in the country is trying to ride charming Casey Anthony’s slender, shapley shoulders for some face-time and a few greasy shekels.

    • http://yahoo Catlady

      That’s not the case, she named this lady and since then can’t find a job and she and her children are being harassed and are getting death threats. Put the blame where it belongs!! On CASEY ANTHONY!!!

      • susan250

        Why is it that the number one person to be protected is always Casey. She grew up lying and stealing and was never punished by her parents. Now she got away with murder and was able to sling mud at her father, Zanaida, Kronk, Tim Miller and everyone else in order to get away with it. She was allowed to perjure herself (swore that she did not know Equusearch was looking for her child She does not have to show up in court if they can’t find her in order to protect HER rights. What about others’ rights and why does she keep on getting a free pass? And her mother Cindy obviously lied in court and also destroyed and withheld evidence and got away with that too. And every ruling by Munyon seems to go her way too, so it would not surprise me if she decides to throw the case out. When will she stop being allowed to throw other people under the bus and when will the courts start protecting others’ rights, the victims, over hers?

        • beth

          Well said.

          • http://yahoo BETTY

            GO TO HELL B!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Catlady

    Casey has lied so often and so much,she can’t keep her lies straight. She needs to take responsibility for what she has done. Since there is no justice for Caylee because her and her family lied at least let her be responsible for ruining this woman’s life.

    • meankitty

      She should definitely be held responsibe for her lies. It’s about time she learned that her actions have consequences.

  • meankitty

    It is clear that despite Casey’s so called “religious conversion”, she is still telling lies. She needs to be held accountable for her lies. And it is glaringly obvious that her life revolves around “me, me, me”. And just HOW is she paying her lawyers anyway?

  • Jo

    Nobody Cares.

  • Joyce


  • Joseph

    frivolous lawsuit and hopefully Gonzalez will be charged with filing a frivolous suit. The only link this woman has to the case is that her name sounds the same as the name Casey Anthony used. Casey Anthony was found Not Guilty and thats the end of it! The laws of the land prevailed not the laws according to Nancy Grace

    • Tammy

      I couldn’t agree more Joseph!! This woman should not get a dime!

      • Nis


    • David

      Joseph… Tammy… one name…. O.J. Simpson.

      That is all there is to it. He is really famous for actually doing something other than what he did, Casey Anthony is not. He lost his civil suit, so what do you think is going to happen to her??

    • Tim

      The law of the land prevailed? Are you deaf and dumb? The justice system failed! A precious little girl lost her life and either Casey did it or knows who did it, and she’s out screwing her lawyer just like she screwed the jury. I hope she’s haunted by this for the rest of her life!

    • Nancy Miller

      Have you forgot that Casey went to the apt. complex where this woman lived and got her name and info. off their records. You are another idiot that Casey could fool and rip off. People like you would be in a rage if some criminal accused you of something like kidnapping a child and put your name and address where you used to live out there for everyone to point at and scream threats at and fire you from your job. I bet you would be singing a different tune with your lawyers. If not then you would be a big wimp to be walked on.

  • Tammy

    Can’t bleed money out of a turnip! Sorry folks, she may be guilty, we can only speculate, but I agree with the attorney’s, Casey did not ruin this woman’s life.

  • Denise Fitzpatrick

    How can anyone with any sense at all believe anything that Casey Anthony says!!!!!!!!!!! She is ridiculous and she had no business using that nanny’s name whatsoever. Of course something like that can ruin a persons reputation. Anthony should indeed pay for something!!!!!!!!

  • tricia

    Has anyone forgotten about the beautiful little girl who lost her life at her mother’s on hands then thrown out like garbage. Casey who’s name should be monster killed poor Caylee. She is a narsscasist and her day will come on the day of her judgement. She can run and hide and enjoy her new life without her baby but her day will come

    • http://yahoo fan

      Thank God for my babies…God will deal with this Murderer..

  • David

    Sometimes courts don’t put a person who deserves to rot in prison where they belong. Remember that “not-guilty” is not meaning she is not guilty. It only means they couldn’t prove the charges they were after. As for the civil suit, yes she is going to end up paying. She lied to everyone and thinks because she has a tight little body she will never have to pay. She is the best place to start to begin making this happen.

    • Seige

      No… Not Guilty means not guilty… Aka, shes not guilty of the crime she was being trialed for… Not taking sides but thats the way laws and trials work… on what far away planet of basic understanding of justice did you fly from? Also, this person should not get a dime based on the fact that its totally preposterous that shes making these allegations. Shes the one who put herself out there to be trampled on, not Casey… But I suppose the next time you use the name “Bob” or “Sherry” in a fictional story I can sue for you slander if my name is Bob and I don’t like the responses you get… think about it at its most basic form.

  • Julie


    • justjustice

      You are weird-no morals-condoning sin-let her babysit your kids.

    • Charles

      And you are an idiot. I hope you don’t reproduce.

    • beth

      This is not a criminal case its civil, as many people have noted. Why can’t you people understand that. She used this woman as a scape goat it really does not matter (except the verdict was absurd in the criminal case) how the first trial turned out.

  • LibsSuck

    No one’s killed this Beeyatch yet.

  • brandi

    I am sorry but you only need common sense to see that Casey Anthony is responsible for her daughters death. I don’t know if it was accidental or intentional. But she is responsible. The fact that she can act as if it never happened is disgusting to me. She did blame it on this zanny the nanny woman. Come on what are the chances Casey happened to just pull that name out of her ass? Any of the above idiots who back Casey are dumb fools who are only looking for attention themselves. I pray none of you have children for it sounds like they could suffer the same fate as poor caylee…….

    • Nancy Miller

      Well said and very correct.

  • Rebecca LaForgey

    Typos, typos. The name, I believe, is Zenaida Gonzalez, not Zeniada Gonzalez, as stated in paragraph 8.
    Whatever her name, she needs her case thrown out because she’s obviously just out for what she thinks will be an easy pay-off. Damages? Humph. Caylee is the one who was damaged.
    Here’s hoping it won’t be long before Casey’s Bad Karma catches up to her and she’s punished as she deserves.

  • http://facebook Don

    Casey is Hot! And you old divorces ladies want her. And you leezies also.

  • http://yahoo fan

    This an example of American Justice

  • pete

    We are so sick of this type of mess. Let’s move on who cares!! It is old news a waste of time.

  • Swstalkee

    Dis biatch on the “gang stalking” list yet? Why the freak not!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpLDI5gwIaY janet

    i cant beileve all of this, click here for more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpLDI5gwIaY

  • Chico

    I want to marry Ms. Anthony. She’s hot as heck, and in line for some serious cash. She was found not guilty by 12-Floridians, that’s good enough for me.

  • darla

    let the women live her life,she was found not guilty.justice has been served. TEAM ANTHONY……

    • brandi

      You’re a fool and your ignorance is showing.

    • Jade

      Darla, what planet are you living on? The planet of total ignorance and stupidity? Ignorance is bliss so they say, and you are as blissful as they come. The word IDIOT comes to mind.

  • Carla

    Her Attorney’s couldn’t possibly be serious! Now, they claimed that Ms. Anthony KNEW that her child was dead while claiming a very “DISTINCT” name, it’s not like she said Ms. Simpson, or Mr. Green . . . But, Oh No, in one jailhouse recording Ms. Anthony ACTUALLY S.P.E.L.L.E.D. OUT “Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez!” Now, come on give us all a break – you killed your own child and did everything but blame the President for her murder. The way you acted after you baby’s death was horrific. My only daughter died in a horrific car accident caused by a drunk driver on November 18, 2011 Thirty days before her 27th Birthday . . . It took more than 30 minutes to get me off of the hospital floor when I was told my baby, my only daughter didn’t make it! EVERY single day of my life I will mourn for my child. I will not be out partying, kissing girls, drinking or any of the other horrific things that you did AND you knew your child, your only daughter was dead. May the Heavenly Father have mercy on your soul and bring the demons up out of your spirit. Please Get the Help You OBVIOUSLY NEED! ~RIP SWEET DAUGHTERS~ <3

  • cal

    wow you haters are relentless casey anthony innocent until PROVEN gulity happy birthday casey

    • Charles

      You weren’t found innocent skank, you were found not guilty. There is a difference dummy.

  • Charles

    The skank is working overtime on this board with her fake names trying to make people like her. You are a baby killer. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Charles
  • Manny

    OK. I know she was guilty. Hell. Even Ray Charles could see that she was guilty. But like with anything else in life: decisions are made every day that people will not agree with. This being one of the more in your face things, but same rule applies. She has to keep with this whole mess because she started it. But I can bet you one thing. She’s thought about her little girl. But she also has to live with the fact that she took that child’s life. That she is an unfit mother. Let that be punishment enough for the time being. Everything has its time and place under the sun. She’s having her moment. Let her have it. Its only a matter of time when all this bullshit resurfaces, someone gets really pissed off, and offs her. And then guess what? That person gets to do life for taking the life of someone who wasn’t really worth it. I don’t agree with the verdict, but shit happens every day. The little girl is in a better place. All of you guys should take solace in knowing that God had her back from day one. She will pay. That I know. Both here and eternity. Not anyone’s problem but hers. Why cry over milk that went bad over a year ago. She is gonna pay. Nuff said