Carrie Underwood Says We All Need Jesus

    December 9, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Carrie Underwood had a short but sweet response to those who weren’t feeling her performance as Maria von Trapp in last week’s live broadcast of “The Sound Of Music”, and it’s gone viral.

Underwood, a country star who made it big on “American Idol”, was an odd choice for many, including the real von Trapp family, who said they wanted another actress to portray Maria.

“Carrie Underwood as Maria? Seriously?” Francoise von Trapp wrote in a blog post. “I mean, I have nothing against her personally – she’s an extremely talented country singer, but I’m pretty sure my father is repeatedly rolling over in his grave. Since the movie version of SOM won an Academy Award the year I was born, it’s always been easy to identify with Julie Andrews’ portrayal of my grandmother. It’s a little harder to envision Carrie that way. (But I do realize that’s what happens when Hollywood freezes time.) And while the girl can sing (although her voice lacks the Soprano purity of Julie Andrews) can she act? I’d like to know who else was in the running. Personally, I’d have put my money on Ann Hathaway, who in her upcoming role as Fantine in Les Miserable, proves that she can act and sing.”

After the broadcast on December 5, the internet pretty much blew up with comments about Underwood’s acting, singing, costumes, and anything else viewers could think of. And although she received quite a few compliments, most headlines are focusing on the negativity. Underwood addressed it in a Twitter post

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  • janel isaaacs

    Great family show. When are people gonna realize this was live TV, not doctored performances. Carrie and cast were great. I want to see it again!

  • Brenda Ball

    I admit that I don’t hang with the Hollywoof types or even real hip peope. My friends and neighbors are simple people grateful for simple pleasures Everyone I know was so pleased with the performancr. What a treat for people to have theatre in their livongroom. As far as any VonTrapp comparong Julie Andrews to their grandmothet, they too should have been remembering their grandmother not the film version. As a theatre group themsevelves,probably the original Van Trapps would have understood the undertaking of live theatre. I can think of no one better suited to the role.Carrie’s faith and her innocence was a huge selling point. That was Maria……the girl that wanted to be a nun and was unsure of herself in the real world. I have a feeling Maria would have enjoyed it. As far as criticism from the woman whose only claim to fame was playing Gretle in the movie…..nobody remembers her or cares what she thinks. Unfortunately there was so much hatred given to this production that it never stood a chance. So happy it will be available on DVD because it will be a favorite in many homes. Clean family vewing is a thing of the past. Kudos to the cast and NBC for putting the money behind this production. Many LOVED itfo what it was.

  • ohiodale

    I did not see the show but knowing the way people are so hatred, I doubt the show was that bad. We are talking NBC. Look at the regular programming on this network. I doubt for live this was any worse.