Caroline Kennedy Leads Family Visit To Ireland

    June 24, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Caroline Kennedy recently led a family pilgrimage to Ireland to celebrate the 50th anniversary of JFK’s visit and visited the Limerick village of Bruff, which was the birthplace of ancestor Tom Fitzgerald.

Bruff residents were extremely excited to welcome back the Kennedys and spruced up the town in anticipation of their arrival.

“This is our gig, our moment,” said Bruff Heritage Group member Paul Dennehy.

Caroline Kennedy, her cousin Sydney Lawford, and Caroline and Edwin Schlossberg’s three children – Jack, Rose and Tatiana–visited the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul to look over their ancestry records, drawing in residents who were hoping to catch a glimpse of the family. They also read along with a prayer at a special service held in their honor, and Caroline spoke about her Irish heritage.

“Grandma always had it that the Fitzgeralds were the better half of the family,” she said.

The family also brought over an eternal flame from JFK’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery, lighting it in a ceremony with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny. The emotional event marked the first time the flame has been passed in such a manner.

“May it be a symbol of the fire in the Irish heart, imagination and soul,” Kenny said.

  • Tammy Burris

    I am commenting on Caroline Kennedy. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! You are not just your father’s daughter, “you”, sweetheart, are a lady. Born and bred! Mama would be proud!!!!!!!

  • jamie warnick

    She looks like her Dad.

  • Dawn

    The Kennedys have accomplished a lot since their Fitzgerald ancestor came to the USA. The family had realized tremendous wealth, fame and participation in the American political system. Joseph Kennedy would say that his family is now at the parties.

    • Tammy Burris

      This little girl has paid the price for what ever she has. Nothing is lost on her I assure you! Caroline Kennedy is “America’s “Kate Middleton”!

  • http://webpronews. DeusexVinum

    A class act. Rich but unassuming. She should run for our President’s office.