Carl Crawford: Slur Gets Cop Fired, Onlookers Confused

    July 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Carl Crawford was participating in a minor-league game on July 5th when a policeman–Officer John Perreault–began heckling him. While yelling insults at the other team is fairly common in sports, Perreault took it one step further and hurled a racial slur at the Red Sox outfielder. What had onlookers confused, however, was that it the word “Monday”.

According to Urban Dictionary–and comedians such as Russell Peters–the term “Monday” is a put down because “everyone hates Mondays”. It has gained some attention in recent years because it’s almost a code word for a racial slur; a way to say a very negative word in relatively nice terms. And while those around Perreault were confused as to what it meant, Mayor Dean Mazzarella was not. He sent a letter to Perreault outlining his termination, effective immediately, after a disciplinary hearing found that Perreault was guilty of using other racial slurs at different times during his career.

As Mayor, it is my expectation that City employees of any department will never use racially-motivated statements against anyone, whether on-duty or off-duty. Your actions are so egregious that severe discipline is warranted. There is simply no place for your behavior in the workplace and there is no place for someone who exhibits such objectionable behavior in the Leominster Police Department, or any City Department, for that matter, the letter read.

Perreault is claiming he is not a racist and is pursuing an appeal of the decision; however, with more than one offense on his record, it will be difficult for him to convince the public of his innocence.

  • Gary

    Politics at its best!! The Mayor must have thought it best to fire him for his political gain. The truth is the officer will easily win this through arbitration. A letter of reprimand may have been too harsh but to be fired over an almost racial slur gimme a break. He may have done the cop a favor and a lawsuit may follow.

    • hard

      apparently this was his second offense according to the article.

    • Kevin Barbour

      A history of racial slurs or insults. Any more questions?

      • Louis

        I have one. Were those also misconstrued to be racial comments?

    • http://WebProNews.com Allen

      Read the story Gary. This man has a history of racial comments to his name, and we all no that racist have come up with clever undercover ways to get there message across so stop insulting our intelligence with these pitiful excuses.

  • Brad

    Monday is racial give me a break! Also was he in uniform?

    • Levar

      Yeah really that’s dumb and that’s coming from a Monday type guy

      • Rivkah

        Hehe. :) It was the cop’s history of using racial slurs that got him fired, this was just the last straw.

  • Kam

    Monday is a Templar Masonic word. Some cult secret society garbage going on.

  • Carly Respen

    “What had onlookers confused, however, was that it the word “Monday”.

    -did you fail out of journalism at DeVry University

    • Rivkah

      Yeah, Amanda can’t write, I’ve noticed that. She doesn’t sit down and carefully proofread her ‘work’.

      • http://WebProNews.com Allen

        Not a good comment Rivkah. We need champions for all people not a spell checker. So far you have been a champion lets continue with that.

  • hard

    I can hear the Mommas and the Pappas singin Monday Monday ba da, ba da da da every other day(every other day) of the week is fine yeah. Oh MOnday morning I wish I’d never been.

  • Bruce

    So, if he called him an asshole would that be a racial slur. A Monday is something you hate. So is a guy’s whose a jerk. Has nothing to do with race. I’m from St. Pete. I love the Rays and Carl Crawford. He hasn’t done a thing since he came to the Red Sox. The cat’s a Monday because he’s disliked for his non-performance no for his color. This is the kind of horse shit that will perpetuate this racial nonsense forever. Black people are going to play on the guilt complex that they’ve foisted on whitey as long as they can get away with it. White people put a black guy in the White House. Obama got 95% of the black vote. I’d say the blacks are the racists. That’s all they think about. Lets us a little common sense here. btw, I’m black myself. But right is right. Let’s knock off the crap and use some common sense.

    • Kevin Barbour

      You used to be black if you don’t understand the motivation behind this termination and what the hell does this firing have to do with President Obama or politics?

    • Rivkah

      The cop had a history of using racial slurs, it was time for him to go and the mayor had had enough. Kudos to the mayor! One more racist cop fired. Of course, the will go over to the next township and get a job, and continue his racial profiling and spreading of hatred.

    • http://WebProNews.com Allen

      Bruce, if we are to use common sense, then we may have done the right thing in electing Obama as President. White men have run this country forever and what has it got we the people? Bailouts, corporate greed and a government that does noting for the ones who put them there. I’ll take a woman, black, or hispanic over white males any day of the week, even Monday.

      • Louis

        That sounds awfully like a racial comment towards white people to me. Weird

  • Jim

    Why do people hate Mondays? It’s not like we have jobs to go to anymore anyway. Monday is just another weekend day like Saturday since Obama took over. When football starts back up, Monday will be one of the best days of the week. Now calling him a Tuesday. That would be racist. Or sexist I guess if a woman did it.

    • http://webprownews.com Peter

      Kudos to the mayor. it is a god thing to see a man of conviction doing the right thing. Being a cop is hard enough with another man in blue poisening the efforts of the good ones doing one of the most challenging jobs one coud have.
      Gratuitous Obama (what was unemployment when he took office?) and female comments pretty much says where you are coming from. Of course, commenting at 4AM you might have just been tired and likely getting up for work…..

  • J. P. Quarles

    Jeez. I’m surprised the mayor did that. I AGREE with his action 100 percent. Nevertheless, I’m used to mayors backing up their towns’ racist/bigoted/bully/bad cops. Hooray for Mayor Mazzarella. He apparently owns a set.

    • Carolyn

      This has to be a FIRST ! Good for Mayor MAZZARELLA ! I like his and Mayor BLOOMBERG’s ( N.Y.C. ) leadership !

      • Lungs_of_Steel


        For real?

        Bloomberg subverted the will of the people. He’s scum.

  • Kevin Barbour

    When are people going to get it? You are supposed to a grown up,not to mention a police officer. I wouldn’t want this guy pulling me over after he has had a bad day at work.

  • Joe

    Oh god this is absolutely pathetic. He must have said “Monkey” and tried covering it up by saying the word was “Monday”. Yes, everyone hates Mondays (thank you Office Space), but that does not mean it is a racially directed word or insult. Ridiculous.

  • Negro Please

    Well, lets talk about how the Black population of only 12.84% is responsible for over 92% of all violent crime in the USA. Lets also discuss the Department of Justice Study on Race and Crime conducted between 1985 and 2005 in which over 1,000,000 Whites were the victims of Murder, Rape & Robbery and Violent Assault at the hands of Black criminals, BUT that during that same time (20 years) only 184,000 Blacks were similarly victimized by ALL OTHER RACES (MOSTLY BY OTHER BLACKS). The most damning figure: Blacks are responsible for over 93% of ALL HATE CRIMES. So you all liberal adopt-a-coons tell me this…WHO ACTUALLY NEEDS PROTECTION IN THE USA. Certainly not the wild and savage monkeys. We should be able to apply for hunting permits just to control the population.

    • King

      These lies really make you feel better.
      Statistics in favor of whites, by whites.
      Most of the crimes in my area are committed by whites.
      Most of the major crimes on TV are done by whites.
      So you hold on to those thoughts if that’s what you need to make yourself feel the false superiority that most of you do.


      • William

        Where do you get your statistics off a cracker jack box?

      • Mark

        Hey moron, of course whites are responsible for more crimes, we make up the highest percentage of the population. If you look at percentages, a higher percentage of the black population have committed crimes then whites have. You have to look at percentages not totals.

      • Scot

        There is a BIG difference between white collar crimes and crimes that happen on your street every day.

      • Rivkah


    • Sara

      I don’t usually get into the back and forth with people like you, BUT, you are SADLY mistaken with your stats. According to the FBI CRIME STATS, whites commit more crimes and there are more whites in jail than any other ethnic group. White people constitute the majority of the serial killers in the US. Blacks account for the most drug related crimes in major inner-city areas, however, the percentages are relatively small because there are not a lot of major inner-city areas in the country – contrary to popular belief. Whites are also more likely to kill or harm their children according to the FBI CRIME STATS and they are more likely to kill their spouses, again ACCORDING TO THE FBI CRIME STATS. The ONLY crime stat in which blacks were regarded higher was drug related murders and even that statistic is changing when compared to prior years because whites are now committing more meth related crimes and murders. I am white, so I am not trying to start a race related issue here, but I study these crime stats for a living. Take a look for yourself on the government website. You will see that you are TRULY wrong about your stats and about the assumptions you have made about black people. It may SEEM like blacks commit a lot of crime because those crimes tend to be publicized more, but the truth is far from the fact. Black people tend to think that police are picking on them – and in some cases they are – BUT when you start breaking down the crime stats, a whole other picture emerges.

      • Larry

        Sara: Before you get into the back and forth that you state you abhor, you may want to do a little research on statistical interpretation. To keep things simple, let’s just take a look at the overall murder rate from the Buruea of Justice’s statistics from 1976-2005. Blacks are almost 8X more likely to commit a murder (whites 3.5 murders per 100K population/blacks 26.5 murders per 100K population). in 2005, even though whites represented 67% of total US population and blacks only 13%, blacks still comitted almost 2,000 more overall murders than whites (10,285 blacks vs 8,350 whites). As a whole, whites commit more crimes than other identified races because whites are a much larger statistical data set. Note though that when it comes to the most egregious of crimes, murder, blacks still rule the roost. I’d love to see you spin that.

        • Rivkah

          Does that justify racism? Does it mean all blacks are criminals? Doesn’t matter if there actually are more black criminals than white, who cares? There are far more blacks who are not criminals. Some of them worship with me, have dinner in my home and babysit my kids and I care for theirs. There are good people in every race, and bad.

        • damnifudodamifudont

          I guess the Oklahoma bomber was black, the bat man movie shooter was black, Columbine HS shooter was black and so was the persoon who said drop the bomb on Hiro
          shima. DUH???????????????????????

        • Pitter

          Any race kept in poverty and denied their rights for over 200 years would create the same statistics.
          My father and his brother after being wounded in WW 11 came back to home and were treated worst than dogs. I am in my mid sixties and I can remember the days when I was firehoused, attacked by German Shepherd dogs, called the worst names possible and denied basic human rights. I have the scars to prove it. After that I was denied employment because of my color and had I not fought tooth and nail for an education and worked my way up I along with my children would be living in a ghetto, perhaps relying on crime for food and other basics of living.
          I was fortunate, many others were not. This country was built on our backs and blood..don’t you forget it

    • Rivkah

      You’re nuts. False ‘statistics’, all around. Sounds like you’ve been reading KKK propaganda. I’m sorry I have to live on the planet with cretins like you.

    • Rivkah

      You’re one sick puppy. False ‘statistics’. You’ve obviously been reading KKK propaganda. Shame on you.

    • Dan

      Don’t you think that even though the Aurora shooter was caught, all news outlets say he “allegedly” shot and killed 12 people, injuring 58. You really think that people like you have nothing to do with all of the “alleged crime” you site? You sit here and criticize violence then want to be able to hunt them?

    • Pitter

      Any race kept in poverty and denied their rights for over 200 years would create the same statistics.
      My father and his brother after being wounded in WW 11 came back to home and were treated worst than dogs. I am in my mid sixties and I can remember the days when I was firehoused, attacked by German Shepherd dogs, called the worst names possible and denied basic human rights. I have the scars to prove it. After that I was denied employment because of my color and had I not fought tooth and nail for an education and worked my way up I along with my children would be living in a ghetto, perhaps relying on crime for food and other basics of living.
      I was fortunate, many others were not. This country was built on our backs and blood..don’ you forget it

  • Steve Owens

    The mayor went a little to far as to terminate this man. A demotion in rank or a talk with the mayor propably would had sufficed in correcting the attitude. Sure the content of what was said was negative & meaning questionable, the termination crosses the line of Free Speech.

    • Rivkah

      If you re-read you’ll see the racist had been using racial slurs in the past and this was the last straw.

  • Glenn

    This racial slur stuff is out of control. Pretty soon we won’t be able to communicate at all. I personally use Webster’s dictionary, as I think we all should, not the urban dictionary made up by the blacks. If we are going to use that as our dictionary than ebonics may as well be a language. Ridiculous.

    • Rivkah

      It wasn’t just this one time, the cop had a history of using racial slurs and this last straw was the one that finally caught up with him.

  • Dee

    All of the “white” comments about the “Monday” word and what it means in this situation are racist. Whites in America still condone negative comments and actions against Blacks. The Mayor sent a message and it was a good one.

    • http://yahoo don grab

      get serious, every other word out of a blacks mouth is garbage

      • Rivkah

        Get a life, get reality. I’m white, and my black friends, who come to my home for dinner, with whom I attend worship services, who entrust their kids to my care and I mine to theirs don’t use garbage language. They are far more educated, realistic and mature than you are. You bring shame onto the white race.

        • Dom

          Come visit my neighborhood in detroit and see how friendly, educated, and well spoken the blacks really are. If you’re lucky you might make it home without being kidnapped, raped, murdered, and left in an abandoned building on the east side.

          • Pitter

            You could change Black for poor and get the same results. Crime is driven by poverty, not by color.

    • Louis

      He sent a message to all the black voters in his community.

  • Gene T

    Monday?? What the hell does that mean? Even if he dropped the N bomb, he shouldnt have been fired, if he was a good cop. I guess we should let the minorities determine language and policy. Meanwhile, many blacks cant seem to stop calling each other nigga. I dont get it.

  • http://yahoo CM

    Really ? “Monday” is a racial slur now ??? How the he** am I suppsoed to know that ?

  • voice of reason

    whatever… the cop used his 1st amendment right to free speech, he did not harm anyone, he did not break any law, he did not do anything wrong at all. but, he did piss off yet another prima-donna millionaire athlete(is there any other kind)? why else did he lose his job except that crawford made a big deal of it; at a minor league game no less; how bush leauge! siliously now, why can’t they just all get along? Crawford should invite him for a beer at the white house with the prez and show how big a man he is!

    • FAH Q

      Actually Carl Crawford want offended and said he is entitled to his own opinion because I am getting paid big bucks and I havenot produced, I would be upset as a fan too. But see you wouldnt care to look up what actually happened you are just diarreah of the mouth

      • Rivkah

        The cop had used racial slurs often in the past, this was just the last straw. What comes out of a person’s mouth shows who they are inside. Good riddance to another racist cop.

  • Loxi

    I have met Carl personally and you could not know a nicer man. Sounds to me like the cop had been on the radar by his superiors for a while with other issues. Another bad cop gone. Good!

  • http://yahoo Gerry Renaud

    Its is very reassuring and comforting to see a cop being abused by someone else with a big ego in a position of authority. Personally, I enjoy seeing cops being mistreated publicly. I would much rather had seen Crawford kick his “cracker” butt.

    • http://yahoo don grab

      cracker is a racial slur against whites. monday is a day of the week.
      i hope the officer sues the city to the hilt and gets his job back, if he even want’s it.
      only in this country can a white say anything off color that blacks and browns use more often than any other intelligent words.
      i’m all for giving them alaska and get rid of the cancer once and for all and include obama

      • craig johnson

        fuck you an the horse you rode in on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • drerasmusdoorjammer

        The only cancer is you and you are the most disgusting vile type of cancer…..you are worse then Nazi and KKK …you need to have your ass kicked off the planet because just the country is not good enough for a vile cancer like you .

      • Rivkah

        Not Alaska! I live here in that beautiful state. We are very diverse, with over 90 languages and dialects used, and people from all over the world enjoying living here. We have very few racially motivated crimes and don’t want his sorry racist *ss up here. Grab, you are disgusting to advocate for the cop.

      • Pitter

        45 years ago I was repeatedly called the N word by Whites. I was not allowed to use your restrooms, restaurants, water fountains libraries etc. We started our own sub culture and had Miss Black America etc.
        As a biracial person, I see both sides. I never use derogatory racial terms or stereotypes but I am mindful of how each side feels. We need to get beyond this and people like your are the worst, showing your ignorance and lack of self esteem.

    • Jeff Hodge

      Me, too. That cop needs his ass kicked one-on-one at the local gym. Cops are as bad as gang bangers. They are tough in groups and they are pussies one-on-one.

  • anthony brooks

    a word that can be used to describe a black person without insulting them with them knowing.
    This word is relativley close to nigger.
    I fucking hate mondays!

    urban dictionary…

    people should just know better…white or black.

  • bernie

    WTF you cant even call a dan a day of the week now

  • Al Simmons

    What was his first slur? Did he yell “Tuesday” at a Chinaman?

    • http://WebProNews.com Allen

      Does it really matter what he said, He’s racist and with that comment you belong there with him.

      • Louis

        It does matter if that comment was also misconstrued.

    • David

      If he did, there’s a chink in his armor …

  • http://webpro Charlemagne

    Speech police in police state will get you.I guess you can’t call a non black a Monday. Boston the San Francisco of east. Did you ever here what black rappers say about whites?

    • http://WebProNews.com Allen

      You must not listen to rap music because all i hear them saying is the n-word. Are you saying you fit this description? It has been my experience that they do come in all colors.

      • Ann

        Allen, rappers are not working as a public servant for the people, and though I don’t listen to rappers and I think they are idiots for using any type of language that is not proper for referring to any ethnic group (which they shouldn’t be doing anyway) but you can’t compare the two groups of people. In this day and time racism is ever-present but God is a loving God to all, and we do need to get over racial slurs and/or anything that is degrading to another HUMAN being.

        • Ryo

          Or people need to stop thinking of insults toward a black person as racial and quit playing the race card any time they don’t get their way. They’ve turned society into the same damn crybabies they have been for 40 years.

          I am not against blacks, nor do I hate blacks for simply being blacks. But a lot of people cry racism when race had nothing to do with a conflict or problem anyone has with said member of that specific race.

  • Mark Bergeron

    Monday, please.

    • Jeff

      ok, now THAT was funny. Ice Cube would be proud. I’m afraid it flew right over the heads of 90% of the people here, however.

    • David


  • Etoile

    Monday is an esoteric racial slur. Anybody know what a “Canadian”

  • steve ehrlich

    Another manic Monday. I can’t believe that letter from the mayor. You’d think that Perrault had committed a terrorist act. What an over the top reprimanding for just saying Monday. That mayor is a lunatic.

  • sherrie smith

    Monday is a day of the week, a cracker is food and a bitch is a female dog. The use of the word is the difference. The cop obviously did not mean it in a good way. A peckerwood (or woodpecker) is also a bird, not a human being.

    • Louis

      So you can’t say anything critical to a black man without them thinking it’s racist?

      • Ryo

        That’s a legitimate question no one seems to be answering.

      • David

        Pretty much. Conversation with them is becoming harder all the time. In my experience, any disagreement over any issue means you’re a ‘racist”. The issues are of no importance; that tiresome “racist” crutch always surfaces.

  • http://yahoo Dan

    This Mayor is living in the STONE AGE, if that Dept. has a Contract there is MORE than likely PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE NOT AUTOMATIC DISMISSAL!, while his choice of words might not have been appropiate HE STILL HAS THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH!. Anyway when this officier files his grievance He SHOULD WIN and then it will cost the city the price of their share of the grievance AND then to make him WHOLE that means MONEY.

    • Val

      He deserves to be fired. I’m sure there are no blacks, hispanics etc… on the force working with him. Think they might be a bit insulted as well. People need to keep their racist comments to themselves. Especially if your a cop. Sorry, mom was a cop for 20 plus years, came from the deep south, poverty and never would she behave in such a manner.

    • Jeff Hodge

      “Free speech” is related to the government not throwing you in jail for your political opinions. Free speech has nothing to do employment. Your employer can fire you “at will.” In fact, human resources will tell a supervisor to just say, “You are fired.” They will tell you to give no reason at all. When you state a reason, a wrongful termination suit is more likely. If you want to fire someone, just say, “You are fired. Now clean out your desk or your patrol car.” Of course, most white cops are racist, and they became police because of the power trip. No person with a decent head on his/her shoulder would want to become a cop. They are idiots who just want authority; that is all. They want to boss people around. Most of them have personality defects, like most security guards in shopping malls.

  • larry julien

    I have both black and white in my family. And I realize there is no differance because of skin color. And I know that racial comments come from all races. But I have to wonder why only the white race is called racist? Is that what they call “being politically correct”?

    • David

      It is indeed.
      For whites, it is “racist”.
      For blacks, it is “Freedom of Speech”.

  • sam the man

    Don’t act as if words don’t have double meanings folks. Calling a black person a “spade” it’s not just a referrence to a playing card suit and we all know it. If the term “Monday” when used in a certain context was said with the purpose to intend a racial slur, then Mr. police officer you accomlished you intention, and oops, it also got your ass fired.

  • Michael

    They call it stormy monday, but tuesday’s just as bad. Lord and Wednesday’s worse, and Thursday’s oh so sad…So, it could have been worse, he could have called him “Wednesday”…….?

    • Val

      Michael, I think your a Monday! Ass! He didn’t deserve that slur.

  • Jed

    there is a difference between hate and racism. racism is when one ethnic group has power over another and uses this power to put another ethnic group down. a hate crime or hate speach is when one racial group attacks physically or verbally another race based on color only.

    A black person can not be racist in the U.S. because they don’t have power over white people. but a black person can be hateful or committ a hate crime.

    i guess i bowls down to the question would you want to be a slave or a slave master. a slave master is a racist and can never be a racist, but both a slave and slavemaster can be hateful.

    i guess the drawback of being part of our powerful white race is we can potentially use that power to put other races down and be called a racist. if a black person trys to hurt another white person then he or she is hateful or committing a hate crim.

    • Mike In Dallas

      And you are a fool if you think blacks can’t be racist. Let a white person walk down the wrong street at the wrong time and you’ll see how one ethnic group has power over another and uses this power to put another ethnic group down, in this case on the pavement while they beat them in groups and rob them.

      • norven

        Mike that’s just them acting like you all act towards us. I’d never allow it to happen while I’m around, and I have many friends who would take the same stand for any innocent person. But some black have learned the hate thing well from you all, and I tell you one thing that drives them and blacks like me crazy…u and other white folks acting like racisim is a thing of the past…acting like we aren’t paid less to do the same job. Hell, white women make more than me…

        • Mike

          “…you all…”? I have news for you, hero: not all white people act that way toward those different from them, and to imply they do shows YOUR ignorance! You do NOT have to have power to be racist, you just have to look down on others for the color of their skin. Those of other ethnic groups CAN be racist and some from those groups are.

          • Sherry

            Ok Norven was your comment regarding white women racist or just hate?????

    • sunday

      jedidiah, dude. do everyone a favor and just nod yes or no from now on. p.s. your powers of persuasion via the written word suck.

    • norven

      Thanks Jed, I keep seeing and hear white folks calling black folk “racist”. What a joke. Ya have to have POWER to be a racist….

    • rey

      Bravo!!! Social Psychology 101. I seldom read such an accurate comment.

    • Mike

      No you do NOT have to have power to be racist, you just have to look down on someone else for their skin color. Saying certain ethnic groups cannot be racist is an excuse for some to get by with treating others like crap.

    • bob shook

      First, Jed, know and understand the definition of the word before you start spouting your ideas about it.
      — n

      the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others

      abusive or aggressive behaviour towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief
      Finally, your idea that racism must invovlve power as an entire group is completely wrong. power is in the context of the moment.

  • Robert

    I get the hate part, but what is the connection to being a racial slur?

  • http://poop beavis

    “… was that it the word “Monday”.”

    … great writing.

  • Todd

    GET OVER IT!!! he called him MONDAY for crying out loud!!! What is this world/country coming too… and I thought we had freedom of speech in this country! well I guess we do as long as we dont offend anyone, 1 question though I get offended at least once a week so how can other ppl get away with it??? you know why? because I am a man and have thicker skin than that!

    • norven

      No longer can u use your secret words to slur people. It’s about time they did something to u cowards! Great Job! And for those who are making these “why can’t he say that” comments, your sheets are showing. U know good and well what the heck all us respectful people are saying.



    • Olivia

      Todd, my husband fights so you can have your freedom of speech. What he does not fight for is ANY form of racism!!

  • SAM

    I think that anybody that even knows that the word monday is a racial slur, is full of shit!

  • Mark

    From my count, it sounds like it is about four to one vote that the mayor is a PC coward. I have never heard ‘Monday’ in the BS context the mayor states.

  • Mike

    “(A)lmost a code word for a racial slur”…hogwash! Either it IS a racial slur or it ISN’T! “Code word” is a term used to imply racial connotations against anyone, especially a white male, who criticizes someone of a race other than their own.

  • daniel

    Maybe I missed something, but since when is saying everyone hates you a racial slur?

  • steve

    1) I dont get it at all. Monday? a slur? never head of it, thought it was a day. 2) The guy was at a baseball game, my God, gimme a break. This Mayor is a leftist liberal nutcase.

  • Lee

    The mayor is so full of it. Should take him outback horse whip him.

    • http://www.webpronews.com Lisa

      Why don’t you like this mayor. He just following the goverments lead to mind our business….lol

  • http://www.webpronews.com Lisa

    Give me a break, monday is it the worse day of the 7, how does that say its racist? Who is master in saying what a word means to each person. Quit telling me what I mean or what I am think, anyone, anymore. Besides if a person is racist . they are no matter what they do or don’t say. Live and let live.

  • Mohamed

    Monday is a racial term to describe blacks. Black people are Mondays, and no one likes Mondays. It’s the most disliked day of the week, implying that blacks are the Monday of races. It’s the most disliked race.

  • http://www.abedouinspath.com Mohamed

    Monday is a racial term to describe blacks. Black people are Mondays, and no one likes Mondays. It’s the most disliked day of the week, implying that blacks are the Monday of races. It’s the most disliked race.

    • David

      Wait a minute … when I listen to a ‘oldies’ radio station and they play The Mamas & The Papas hit “Monday, Monday”, am I racist if I enjoy the song?

  • Regina

    The article also states that this is not the officers first offense.If he has other marks on his record exactly how many chances should he get to straighten up?