Car Sliced In Half During Accident In New York

By: Amanda Crum - October 9, 2012

A teenage driver who only had a learner’s permit crashed his car early Monday morning, sending it flying into the woods where it was cut in half.

17-year old Joseph Beer took a curve too quickly and sent the car veering into a stand of trees, killing his four passengers (according to initial reports, but contradicted by the video news clip below), who were thrown from the vehicle. Beer was taken to the hospital.

The accident left debris scattered all over Southern State Parkway, which was closed for more than five hours on Columbus Day. Witnesses say they heard a “loud boom” when the crash occurred, and that several accidents have taken place at the very same spot in the road over the years, but this was the worst one yet.

Eerily, even though the car was cut in half and mangled the radio was still playing.

According to the news report in the video below there possibly was one survivor who was walking around dazed following the crash. The deceased were all 18-years old, but their names have not yet been released.

Here is a video from a local news report about the crash:

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  • Bob

    Sad but if they keep making cars that are crap…this is going to continue to happen. I miss the cars from the 60s and 70s..They were built like tanks.

    • http://aa Keith Hull

      The reason cars are built so lightly today is federally mandated fuel millage. The best way to comply (maybe the only way) is to reduce weight, so blame the bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

    • Robert

      Idiot, and Idiot comment from Bob. How is it a car’s fault dummy?
      There are no stupid cars, just stupid drivers. If your planning on driving fast, take it to the tracks.

      • Joan

        Robert, I see your point. I also see Bob’s. If people would just drive normal we wouldn’t have this problem. I would rather trust myself and drive right with a flimsy car, rather than go out in a “tank” and take my chances(and pay for the gas).

    • Kyle

      Bob, todays cars are much safer then the 60s and 70s, have you seen this youtube video? Take a look….

    • Eve

      Actually, Bob, your statement shows ignorance. That is insanely untrue. Those “tanks” were a lot more unsafe because of their design. Cars today are made to crumple to reduce the impact energies on the passengers among other things. Yes, they look a lot worse when they wreck, but I’d rather my car be destroyed than me and my passengers. And regardless, if you fly into a tree or any other unmovable object, no matter what you’re driving this type of thing is going to happen.

      Do some research before setting your mouth to make stupid comments.

      • david

        Someone who actually knows what they are talking about..

    • david

      No…Cars today are MUCH better than the 60’s and 70’s…They are designed to crumple up…You want the car to absorb the impact not the person..The reason more people die in car crashes today is because there are more people driving on the you blame the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. but your wrong

    • jeeper

      If the cars were still built like they were in the 60s, we wouldn’t have any more fuel…. In most cases, cars are safer thanks to technology. This was a freak accident. Get a grip.

    • bob smith

      would those be the vehicles with no airbag, no seat harness and no neck headrest? right!

    • chollister

      Actually cars were far less safe years ago. 30 years ago less cars less poulation more fatalities. Cars are safer stronger smarter and better built than ever , and far more reliable. Popular Mechanics tested this crashing old cars into new models the results were as expected older cars unsurviveable heavy sheet metal does not equal safe

    • CB

      You are mistaked… cars today are much safer than cars in the past. Despite more drivers on the road there is a clear trend towards less automotive deaths. Adjusted for the number of drivers the reduction is huge… rate of death is about half of what it was in early early eighties, and the 1970s was even worse

  • SDF

    I didn’t think it was legal for kids w/ just a learners permit to have non-adult passengers. If it’s legal, it shouldn’t be. Very big distraction, esp to teen boys who are inclined to drive fast anyway. And are there no signs for this spot to get drivers to slow down?

    • Syke Slider

      It isn’t legal.

  • SDF

    Always remember to wear your seat belt. You best chance of staying alive is inside the car – esp on a road where you might get run over by other drivers. Stay safe.

  • Mark

    Sad story but it is not the car. Carts maybe made differently today than than in the past, but it is apparent that the driving had a lot to do with this. Driving the speed limit on that curve the accident may have still happened but I believe the outcome would have been different.

  • Mike

    Funny…old cars killed the people, and the cars survived…people used to die cause they hit steering wheel and dashboard…
    So, stoned and speeding dangerous regardless of vehicle used..Funny how people just spew shee-it not having a clue.I really do hate most humans..I wish you’d all self exterminate…

    • Mary

      Shut up stupid!!!

  • Chuck

    First off, Robert’s “online personality” calling Bob a dummy is typical of web forum people and is all too typical.

    A 17 year old on a learner’s killing four people in an accident due to driver inexperience on a curve is so tragic. However, in Maryland, and I’m sure other states, a driver on a learner’s is not premitted by law to have any passengers other than a licensed adult mentor driver, adult being defined here by years of driving experience, further meaning another kid, even if said kid has his or her licence cannot mentor a student driver.

    Something is consequently very wrong when passengers were in the car.

    • Steve

      You are correct, Chuck. My first question is, where were this teens’ parents? Did they know that he was driving and did they know that there were passengers with him? If the answer to either one of those questions is yes, they should face charges. Although parents don’t want to accept it, their children are their responsibility. Some parents do step up, however many find reasons that they can’t be held accountable.

      • Danielle

        I do agree that parents are responsible for their kids and their kids actions but this teen was 18 as stated in the article. His parents are not liable for his sad and irresponsible actions. This was an adult that should have been more mature and not risked his and his friends lives.

        • Danielle

          I apologie the article says 17 year old driver which negates my previous comment …. though later it says all were 18.

        • The Fume

          The article states that the boy driving was 17 his passengers were 18.

      • Arnel Aquino

        I fully agree with Steve. The parent should be held responsibility. ( Endangering the public)

  • jerry

    hey bob dont listen to these jerks robert and eve! they need to shut their traps before somebody beats them to a pulp they would deserve it! i agree with you the classics are made way better than todays plastic crap! the fact is, robert, bob never said it was the cars fault now did he? and eve perhaps you can demonstrate for us how safe you feel in a car crash please! the classics from the 60’s and 70’s should be driven slower and taken very good care of and preserved in responsable peoples garages like my 65 Impala! Nothing today is built as solid as this beauty!

  • briang123

    The real issue that we need to focus on is how the criminal Republicans have done nothing to stop the scourge of teenage driving recklessness because they are in the pocket of Big Insurance, who charge extortion-level rates to young drivers and make massive profits. If I were the lawyers for the families, I’d sue the Republican Party for causing the accident because they are in the pocket of Wall Street and Big Insurance and should have done more to keep young, inexperienced, and immature drivers off the road.

    • edg

      you are a tool. Left wing nut job.

    • pearlie369

      So I have to ask since you want to campaign here on an article about an ACCIDENT and not the debate, what do you think that anyone should do about kids driving? Do you think it would be better to not allow them to drive until they are over the age of 21? Would you, with your great knowledge, rather have a bunch of adults driving 1,000+ pounds of steel and fiberglass without any experience? Does that somehow seem safer in your tiny little mind? Please tell me how you plan to teach people without allowing them to have any experience(you must be an HR person because they are the only ones I have ever met that think experience comes magically from the Experience Fairy at night)? And how would the laws have helped in this case, since the kid had already broken the laws and was driving around on a learner’s without a person over the age of 21? Like a 21 year old is going to tell someone to slow down, or watch a turn. Please don’t drive, vote or breed.

    • Stacy

      You are a damn idiot! This has got to be the most retarded comment ever. Those damn republicans! How dare they make cars?! How dare they make people drive fast?! How dare they take away one’s free will to speed?! Shut up @$$hat!

    • mjake

      that’s the dumbest arguement I’ve ever heard

    • edg

      or how about taking personal responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming some one else. Seems to be a theme with some people. Remember this is not a step? How many idiots fell because they wanted to test the theory and then sue the ladder manufacturer and then government stepped in with more regulations causing the cost of that step ladder to go up. Common sense aint that common anymore. Seems to me a a kid with a learners permit shouldnt have been driving…

      • Corey


    • Whitewill

      get a job…….loser

    • brianmcknight

      This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard lol. The insurance companies charge high raters for young driver for this case in particular. Teen drivers don’t have experience and they are more prone to violations and accidents. The severity of these violations and accidents tend to be much higher suck as reckless driving and in this particular case a bad accident. The other passengers or their families will sue and that’s where insurance comes into play. To say its extortion-rate levels is absurd.

    • Corey

      You are a fucking idiot. The problem is that lone child not being responsible. Quit trying to place blame elsewhere. That is the problem with America. You dumb fucks keep looking for scapegoats. Take some responsibility.

    • Scottland

      You better do a little research before you start the pathetic babbling. Timothy Geithner is Obamas Secretary of the Treasury, central banker and Wall Street insider. Look at the rest of his administration as well.

      P.S. It’s a good thing you’re not an attorney-you’d have no clients.

    • mjake

      @briang123 – that’s the dumbest arguement I’ve ever heard

    • Greg

      Really!! you blame Republicans, not the irresponsible teen but the the big bad Republicans?? There is no hope for you! Why don’t you go back to sucking on Obama’s tit and wait for your free cell phone, while the rest of the working people support you and your lame ass statements!! Whiners like you are what diminishing the greatness of this country!

    • Steve

      a young driver that does not know the road or know is car kills his friends and it is the Republicans fault? Bit of a stretch there isnt it? The sun comes up every morning are you going to praise the Democrats? Its colder and or warmer this year wait its Bushs fault right? It is tragic when a person dies and I feel sorry for each and everyone in their family.Oh wait lets blame the auto maker or the tires damn still Bushs fault, really?? The driver drove without the proper training he needed people died, period.

  • clay

    Horrific accident. As foolish as it may sound, always, always, wear your seat belt.

  • JP

    Why is this reporter yelling at the camera?

  • Carolyn

    I think this a very sad story.


    Uh Briang123…huh? Your rambling nonsense completely makes zero sense! “Stop the scourge of teenage driving recklessness…” Did you just learn the word “scourge” and wanted to use it in a sentence? Because that is an utterly ridiculous statement. And what do the Rep have to do with Big Insurance (and of course I’m sure not ONE Dem has ANYTHING to do with Big insurance) and this kid on a learner’s permit having a tragic accident?

  • Brian

    Wow there are some real issues with public thinking if the vast majority of people reading this want to blame either the car, the republicans or the insurance. Lol, because obviously its their fault this “kid” with a learners permit had passengers and was speeding! Um no, it doesnt matter if he had a 60’s car or a 2012, the point is he shouldnt have had passengers and he dam sure shouldnt have been speeding. Point blank!

  • Jai

    It amazes me that people argue in these comments. Lives were lost. My thought are with the victims and their families.

    • Mary

      You are so right. It is so sad that there are egotistical people who can’t see beyond themselves. Prayers for all involved.

    • Heather


  • Patricia

    I think that it’s both the driver and parents fault because they should not of let their son drive(neve the less with passengers). This all would of been avoided if it was illegal to let teenagers drive with their permits. In the Virgin Islands for a teen to be able to drive on the road they must have their license unless they have their permit then there must be an adult present in the car at all times. They need to change that law effective and immediately.

    • dee

      Patricia – We are not in the Virgin Islands and how in the world is anyone supposed to learn to drive without a permit. Going directly to a drivers license is insane. The idea of a permit is to allow the driver to learn how to drive with a responsible adult – which should be a parent or grand parent. And Yes it is the driver and parents fault. The teen should have NEVER been driving without a parent. My 18 year old drove with NOONE but myself or her father until WE felt she was ready to obtain her license – which took a year. The permit law does need to change to the effect that the teen should be with more then just an 18 year old but a parent or guardian. Most 18 years olds I know are not responsible enough to be driving with a 16-18 year old with a permit.

      • R

        In Virgin Islands or not. I live and learned to drive in California, it’s not the best state but I feel they have it right, while under the age of 18 driving under a permit there must be an adult in the car at all time in the passengers seat for the first 6 months after that you can not drive with anyone who doesn’t have a DL, also you can’t drive between the hours of 5pm and 5am. they do work around having a job for 16 1/2-18 but it is strict and you can be the only one in the car at the time.

        • Mike

          In case you all didn’t know, the rules here are basically the same as the Virgin Islands. You are NOT allowed to drive without an adult (with a drivers license) in the car with you while you only have a permit. Most states require the adult to be 21 or older. So, stop thinking we just hand out permits with no restrictions. Also, most states go as far as restricting the age of passengers of a permit driver to be 18 or older (as long as there is that 21 year old there too as stated above). And once that permit driver has his/her license, they cannot have more than 1 or 2 passengers younder than 18 (depending on the state), cannot drive after 10 p.m. (depending on the state, and depending on if the driving is on the way home from work or school), and can have no passengers younger than 18 after 10 p.m. (with the previously stated rule). So I do not care what the Virgin Islands do, we have restrictions in place, but as tragic as it is, it is this 17 year old’s own damn fault for what happened, and he will have to live with this the rest of his life.

      • Chris

        Dee, I went straight to a drivers license at 18 with no experience at all and I can honestly say I am one of the safest drivers in the United states.

    • http://facebook linda

      my heart goes out to the families what a horrible thing for them my prayers are with all god bless.

    • Pete

      Maybe we should have a government official ride with all new drivers until they are 30. Ban everything. Government knows best and all kids are stupid, so are there parents. That is why government should step in and monitor every aspect of there life. They don’t eat right either, They could get hurt playing basketball and football is a rough sport. Ban that. Make all drivers were a helmet and install a 5 point roll cage with monitoring devices. We are all too stupid to manage our lives ourselves. Vote obama if you agree.

    • Laney

      In Indiana, drivers with permits have to have a licensed adult (16-18 has to be a parent or guardian; over 18, a licensed driver over the age of 25 with at least six years driving experience)in the passenger seat at all times. Permit drivers are not allowed to ride with other passengers unless a licensed adult is present in the passenger seat. From dusk to dawn, permit drivers are not allowed to drive and cannot do so until six months have passed when they get their licenses. So you can say all states in the United States don’t have good laws.

      • Laney

        Can’t say^

      • Darryl

        This kid probably had to have a licensed driver in the front seat too. Heck, maybe one of the dead 18 year olds was his licensed driver. A government can make all the laws they want to but it’s up to the citizen to choose to follow those laws.

    • Rob B.

      We seem to be making some assumptions that are not supported by the article. We don’t know that they parents allowed him to drive the vehicle or that the vehicle even belonged to the parents. For all we know he could have been at a friend’s house “spending the night” and all his buddies decided to go out for a drive. Maybe the older kids were all drinking and figured it’d be safer to let this kid drive. I mean who knows, there’s just not enough evidence at this point to say. I just think back to when I was that age and some of the crazy stuff I did and my parents had no idea.

  • Juanita

    This is so sad, I send my prayers to the families of all 5 victims. The driver has to live with this all his life, and he probably will blame himself and suffer just as well, so I say just be kind and support the families. In Chicago we get our permit at 16, and at 16 I was driving all my friends around, speeding was on him, not his parents fault.

    • Edwin Johnston

      Yes it is a sad thing to happen, the 17yo’s parents will be paying literally with everything they own since they the owners of the car and are responsible for the actions of their underage driver(son)

  • Demetria

    My prayers go out to the famlies who have to deal with their loved ones deaths.
    My God be with the family and Bless them.

  • Observer

    Why is a 17 year old driving without an adult in the wee hours?

  • bud

    One officer thinks beer was involved in the crash

    • Renee

      That’s uncalled for and just plain crude! Shame on you!

    • Mark

      Please cut the “in France” crap. I use the E42 in Belgium daily and the cars plated F for France have the most reckless drivers on the road I encounter. Left lane hogging, highbeam flashing, speed limit ignoring, tail gaiting, not checking the blindspot before lane changing , accident causing and not even seeing it or stopping reckless drivers in northern Europe.

      • Mike

        I’ll agree to that. Driving in France was the worst driving experience I’ve ever had.

        • eric

          are you sure you were not driving in buffalo??

  • Angelique

    In France, it is very difficult to obtain your driver’s license. You go through rigorous testing and training and it’s a privilege to get a license. It should be the same way here for this very reason. Driving is a huge responsibility and you can kill someone by accident in the blink of an eye and my heart goes out to all of those teenagers and their families.

  • Bob

    This is a tragedy that could have been avoided. The parents are no doubt second guessing their trust in the 17 yo judgement.

    My first girlfriend was killed in a senseless accident at 17. Not her fault, she pulled all the way off the road onto the shoulder. Hit head on by a drunk driver.

    Even though it was a different circumstance, I can tell you the memory lives on and the emotional impact does too. I tear up every time I think of it.

    My condolences to the families who lost their children. The 17 year old and his parents will have nightmares for the rest of their lives for the decisions and consequences.

  • Edith

    It is unfortunate this happened. on the other hand, even mature people with driving licenses fly into trees when they lose control of their cars. Let us all take care.

  • Mark Willmus

    Terrible no doubt. but really what would you expect from a kid that has been strapped in the back seat until he was 13 years old. most of that time playing some video game. My guess is the kid never had a go-cart or was asked to mow the lawn. Could have cut him loose at 25 with the same result.

  • Radio

    UMMMMMMM…. i was 16 with a drivers license so why does everyone keep calling him an underage driver? I was driving everywhere by myself at 16? Im confused on how this is the parents fault?

    • Susan

      He didn’t have a license, he had a learners’ permit. More restrictions on a permit than a license.

  • Radio

    I was 16 and had my drivers license. I went everywhere without my parents. So how is this the parents fault? It was a kid who thought he was Mario Andretti nothing the parents would of said would of done anything to stop this. Yes he had a learners permit, but comeon 17 you should really already know how to drive if not sorry for your luck. The crash was horrble but not the parents falut at all.

  • monty smith

    on a learners pemit and 4 people dead he should not get a lisence after all this .

  • Pro

    Well … If this has been happening every year in the same spot AND no government agency has done anything about correcting this death trap, then it may not be entirely the fault of the driver or for the previous drivers and accident victims in this spot.

    • Zeek

      Right – because it’s always someone else’s fault.

      • Mike

        I agree. Why is the government always being blamed? Here’s an idea: At almost every tight turn in the U.S. is a sign (posted by the government) that says the recommended maximum speed for the turn. If the sign says “35 mph” and people routinely decides to take it at 50 mph and end up in accidents, is it the government’s fault? No! But I’m sure people like this will still throw them the blame.

  • William

    This couldn’t be the fault of the parents, as it was early in the morning, and a child without a license would not have been allowed out of the house, I assume, by the parents, as it is illegal.
    A Learners permit states that the child or person is allowed to drive and operate a motorized vehicle under watch of a parent, or guardian who has had their license and can be watchful during the time of operation.
    Once a child gets his/her license, if under the age of 18, must operate a vehicle for the first year without any passengers in the car, or until he/she turns 18.
    this child did not even have a license and therefore chose to illegally operate a motorized vehicle without the consent of his parents, I hope and assume.

    do not put the blame on the parents who are grieving, because, most of the time, parents dont even know whats going on with their kids because we are pretty manipulative and sneaky.

  • http://Yahoo T

    OMG…He is just a kid and kids think they can drive fast without worring about accidents. I hope his parents didn’t just give him the keys and let him go because then they play a good part of the accident. The report doesn’t state that beer was involed his last name is “Beer” what a co inky dink.

  • Dee

    When my son had his learner’s permit, he had to have licensed driver over the age of 21 in the car with him. Also, there were restrictions of how many passengers were allowed in the vehicle with him while he was driving. I wonder what the laws are where this accident took place. Does anyone know?

  • Robert Johnson

    I agree it’s not just the drivers fault but the 4 passengers who let him be the driver and all the parents. The parent buys him a new car without earning his drivers license. The kid isn’t ready to drive responsibly and the parent buys him a car.


    in oklahoma were i live children age 15 1/2 yrs can get a learners permit at age 16 a graduated permit and age 17 a learners permit and age 18 a regular drivers license. i believe all parents of this kids are responsible,why do i say this because where were they at were they asleep did all of these kids sneak out of there homes?who owned the car this young man was driving. please remember at this age kids know how to sneak out without being heard.they all were most likely out just joy riding like we did when we were young without oour parents knowing where or what we were doing without them even knowing we were gone. all of the parents an this young man are greiving the loss of the ones they all lost especially the young man he most likely lost his best friends because he was the one driving the car but it could have been any one of them. may god hold all of them in his loving arms during this time of loss.amen.

  • LK

    Uni-body construction, lightweight vehicles, and the relaxation of true safety measures which were put in place in the late 1960’s to late 1970’s for U.S. vehicles, but were scrapped with the arrival of the phony “energy crisis” and foreign imports, are as much to blame for this and other horrific crashes. In 1972, my seventeen year old brother took a curve too fast on a rain-slick road, jumped the curb, traveled twenty feet, and slammed sideways into a telephone pole and two trees. The automobile was a 4- door, 1969 Chrysler New Yorker. He and a friend were able to lay down in the front seat when they saw the pole looming; they did not have a scratch on them. His two other friends in the back seat were uninjured, as well. The Chrysler suffered a bent frame, which was later straightened, and a damaged front fender; the passenger side doors were damaged, yet held in place by rigid side-bars–an option at the time and paid extra for by my father. And, because it was a heavy and larger passenger vehicle, it did not become airborne, as I suspect the one in that terrible tragedy described above did. Any motor vehicle without a solid frame beneath, side-bar door reinforcements, reinforced roof and side posts, and strong “real” bumpers does not stand a chance today in even the most minor of collisions.

    • b

      It isn’t the vehicle’s construction that’s at fault here, it’s idiotic untrained drivers and the teenage “it can’t happen to me” mindset that cause accidents like this. Bring driver’s ed back into schools.

  • Thomas

    Maybe they were going to Office Depot

  • b

    4 more reasons why idiot 17 year olds should NOT be allowed on the highways.

  • Silhouette Seeker

    People (old and young, experienced and new) Need to learn how freaking drive respectfully and responsibly. All these preventable car accidents are just that, preventable. I’m sick of my Er nurse of a mother coming home with more stories about people being killed behind the wheel. Whether or not they were the cause or sitting in the back seat or even if they were in the car. This is ridiculous, we as the human species are smarter than this!GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!

  • Krystal Beckham

    This has been happening since cars were invented! It could have happened to anyone. He turned a curve too fast. Its a tragic horrible story and could have been prevented (he was young, inexperienced, excited), but no one should be “blamed”. We should just teach forgiveness, encourage responsibility and respect life and death more. (Have you said Hi and Thank You to God, your Maker, today?)