Captain America’s New Job: Leading The Country

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Captain America has long stood for what is right and good with the world (however sparse those things may be), his shield and costume symbols for a defender who will do whatever it takes to keep freedom free and the bad guys right where they belong, rather than running amok in the world. And now, he’ll get to do it all from the White House.

In the upcoming Marvel Comics “The Ultimates” issue, Steve Rogers will transition from soldier to Commander-In-Chief after winning the election as a write-in. In other words, he’s the hero the world wants and needs.

“Cap is answering the call of the people. This is not the first time he’s stood up for an America in crisis. This is a further evolution in his role as America’s defender, from soldier to superhero to president,” writer Sam Humphries said. “He didn’t ask for this position, but if it helps him reunite America, then he’ll take on the job.”

With the insane success of the comic-to-film transitions of “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “The Avengers”–not to mention the recent tense election months–now is the perfect time to see such a dramatic shift in the Captain’s character. With the Marvel world in turmoil as factionalism and rampant anti-mutant groups march towards destruction, Captain America is looked upon as the one person who can make a change.

“Cap has been elected to do a job, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to reunite America. He doesn’t see his place as having press conferences in rose gardens, he sees his place as out in the field,” Humphries said. “This will result in a unique and thrilling presidency we’ve never seen before, in history or in fiction.”

Captain America’s New Job: Leading The Country
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  • Thor39211

    Great! Now a bunch of Comic-Con, nerdy bozos are going to waste their votes by writing-in Captain America instead of voting for a legitimate candidate.

  • http://www.cross.tv/81390 Peter Jerry

    It’s Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to share the role as Captain America. Obama is now the evil villain who hates America and the freedom it stands for. America Rejects Obama!

    The Lying, Dying Liberal Communist Agenda in America


  • Angry Chef

    I liked it the first time i read it in What If 26? 1984?
    Good story, Not so great art!

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