Candy Corn Oreos Hit Target To Mixed Reactions

    September 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Oreo is a cookie known for changing things up and being all cool and non-conformist. They support gay rights, they love science, and sometimes they throw a curve ball and give us delicious fillings of birthday cake icing and candy corn.

Yes, candy corn. The cookie, which is a buttery golden color rather than the standard chocolate, is filled with orange and yellow cream for the Halloween season, and although initial reactions range from confused to “Groooooooss!”, I for one am excited to give ’em a whirl.

Apparently the filling just has a hint of candy-corn flavor but tastes mostly like icing, which can’t be a bad thing. They went up for grabs at Target locations everywhere yesterday for the low-low price of $3.59, but if they don’t prove to be your thing, try candy corn mixed with salted peanuts. It’s a staple in my house in the fall and tastes sort of like a sweeter Payday.

  • Scott

    I think I support shooting gays so never will buy a oreo again.

    • Swanny

      You’re gay. I can tell.

    • Stephen

      I don’t know if you’re a Democrat trying to sabotage Republicans or just a really, really stupid Republican, but you clearly don’t want Mitt Romney elected in November. You’re clearly no Libertarian.

    • krys

      I bet u love weener more than anyone Scott!

    • Donna

      shoot them before they get faggy spit on the oreo. what compiments murder better than a snack cookie? smell the sarcasm?

    • Wendy

      You are the one that should be shot.

  • Bev

    I don’t like it when a company supports controversial “causes”…. Goodbye Oreo’s.

    • River

      Lol, *really* you guys?? You read this and you pick up on the gay reference? It’s people like you two who are keeping an entire world from progressing to a happier place. Lose the hate, pick up a cookie.

      • Lori Morgan


      • Randal Phillips

        Got nothing to do with hate. Has plenty to do with morality and doing what is right. Embracing perversion won’t progress the world to a happier place, as you put it, but will lead to destruction.

    • krys

      Suck it Bev!

    • Anon

      why would it matter …your a hater, who cares if someone is gay or if a company wants to suppor them. What a bitch you are.

    • Seymour

      So if this were the 1960s, you would oppose a company that opposed racism, segragation and the laws prohibitting interracial marriage?
      If this were the 1950s, you would oppose a company that supported a women’s right to work?
      If this were the early 1900s, you would oppose a company that supported women’s suffrage?
      If this were the 1770s, you would oppose a company that supported the American call for independence from England?
      If this were the 1500s, you would oppose a company that supported those who said the earth was not flat?
      If this were the 1600s, you would oppose a company that supported Galileo’s proposition that the earth was not the center of the universe?

      These were all controversial causes at one point. Without individuals, organizations, and sometimes corporations willing to take a stand on “controversial” issues, we would still be living in the dark ages, treating women like chattel, and afraid of falling of the flat edge of the earth.

      • Donna

        Why are you even attempting to bring reason or intelligence to this pathetic discourse? She said discourse heh heh there we go

  • withaC

    One word, “YUCK!”

  • Cia Devereaux

    That little white tip on each candy corn?

    Candied cum.

  • RG

    No wonder target is selling them, they support gays too. Along with Ben and Jerry’s and JC Penney. Gross. Hope they don’t sell.

    • JR

      Wow, I guess where you shop they still have KKK outfits. Now just in colors representing what your bigotry is. Basic white for hating blacks and interacial marriage. Purple for anti-gay. Red for Injuns. And so on…

      Oreos. I’ll buy them just because of you.

      • chelly

        What does a cookie have to do with gay rights I am for gay rights but come on its a cookie

  • krys

    Good more cookies for us! Oh and Scott…Suck it! I bet u love weener more than anyone!

  • teresa

    Scott is apparently quite fond of the dick.

  • Josh

    I wish everything didn’t have to mix with gay rights. I don’t care what gay people do but I shouldn’t be made to think about gayness when I’m about to indulge in some Oreos

  • Randal Phillips

    My family hasn’t touched Oreos, or anything Kraft makes, since we learned how radically leftist the company is. We seem to be doing just fine without them. Our motto: don’t buy the rope they’re trying to hang you with.

    • Heidi

      Thanks for that info, Randall. I will be sure to buy them over other brands. Happy to patronize them!

  • Daniel

    And here I expected the comments to be about the oreos… I’m more interested in “what the heck do candy corn oreos *taste* like them having a political discussion about the company….

  • homo

    Groovy oreo! The good ppl do love your positive side to things. :)

  • chelly

    What does a candy corn Oreo have to do with gay people I am for gay right all the way but come a cookie lol

  • gilberto1963

    It’s a sad, sick world… and it’s not the Oreos that make it so. To the haters: I cannot believe the lessons of Nazi Germany and Stalinist USSR and Uganda and Rwanda and Somalia and Bosnia have not been learned. When you appear before your Maker on Judgment Day, be sure to tell Him of the hatred in your heart and how you thought it was ok to advocate the killing of another man. Tell Him how you missed the message of Love in His Book to arrive at the conclusion that He wanted you to hate one of His creations. (Now THAT is true perversion.) Ask if He will let you enter the kingdom. Don’t be surprised if you are instead cast out … along with a bag of marshmallows so that Satan himself can roast them over your eternally-burning carcass.