Candidate Killed In Storm Moving Through W.V.

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A 60-year old G.O.P. candidate from West Virginia was killed yesterday and named as one of three fatalities from the massive snowstorm that has moved through the state.

John Rose, Sr. was reportedly checking the fences on his farm when he was struck by a falling tree limb. According to West Virginia news station WDTV, it is too late to replace Rose’s name on the ballot, and voters will still be able to cast their vote for him during early voting and on Election Day.

If he gets the most votes, citizens will have elected a vacancy and the Republican party executive committee of Barbour County will submit three names to Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and he will select a nominee to serve House District 47, reads the station’s site.

Candidate Killed In Storm Moving Through W.V.
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  • obama2012

    Thank god, another republican is gone on to his great reward. I mean seriously, how is B supposed to get anything done with all these republicans bill blocking him. We need to take the house, the senate and the presidency this time so I definitely won’t cry over this GOP death.

    • Romney2012

      Why should political party matter? A person was killed, he had a family and friends. What a low class political remark to make.

    • Pete

      On behalf of Obama supporters who have a soul, I’d like to ask you to crawl back under your rock now.

      • Mike Hunt

        Why should we do that when repugs are already under a rock. Get over yourselves!
        Poor hypocritical Romney….handing out packages to some of the 47% government takers he so loathes affected by Hurricane Sandy. What a joke to see him have empathy. He could care less….***eliminate FEMA…let the states take care of their own when disaster stikes, or even better, let disaster relief be handled by the private sector so they can profit from other people’s grief… that’s the American way according to Brother Mitt***

        • Borderbully

          Mike – You’ve just proved your stupidity. If you aren’t aware, that 47% crap is out. Romney was referring to the 47% who he knew had already made up their minds they’re voting for Obama so he felt no need to go after them for votes. He doesn’t want to eliminate FEMA, birdbrain! Read his plan, it’s on his web site. Obama wants to slash $800 million from FEMA and has put that in his sequestration bill. Guess you didn’t read that either. Romney’s been helping people since before he got into politics. It irks you Libs that he acted before Obama to get aid going to those affected by the storm, doesn’t it? He was out there organizing and helping on day 1 and where was Obama? Sitting in the Situation Room directing traffic. Why wasn’t he as concerned about Benghazi when he sat in there on 9/11?

    • Baby B

      I thought Democrats are supposed to be open minded and caring? Bah ha ha!!!!!

    • d

      you are disgusting and you are what is wrong with America today ..

    • Teri

      You have bigger problems to worry about than who is going to be elected president…have some compassion.

      • cindy

        Who cares anymore,all you dam people only know had to verbal abuse someone,you all mark my word ,IF Mitt gets in, and you all think there is trouble now..Just wait!!!!! I don’t want to hear you cry babies,REMEMBER THE RICH ARE FOR THE RICH!!!!!!!!!

        • Borderbully

          Hey Cindy – Did you forget Obama is a multimillionaire? Who does he hang around with? The rich Hollywoodite airheads, Soros, Beyonce, Jay-Z. He hasn’t done anything good for this country in almost 4 years except put us deeper in debt, lower our international reputation, schmooze with our enemies and treat the taxpayers money as though it was his own. Wait until his taxes kick in in January 2013. You’ll be crying along with the rest of us. Unless, of course, you don’t pay taxes.

    • Lexxa

      You are not an Obama supporter. You are trying to cause further division and discord at a time when we all, regardless of political affiliation, should be supporting the East Coast. Further, stop trying to sound like a Black person by referring to Obama as “B.” You are trying too hard. Obama is referred to as the president by most people unless they are disrespectful, hateful, trolls like you! Major FAIL! You’re a disrespectful person whose goal is to cause strife and discord.

    • HolyCow2

      How could any human speak that way of another. Hang your head low now htat you’ve hit about as low as you can go on the chain of self respect.


    • Diane

      You are a rotten excuse for a human being. How is Obama supposed to “get anything done”? The same way any other President in the last 200+ years has gotten things done when faced with opposition: By working WITH them, NOT trying to do end-runs around them, lecturing them as if they were 10 year olds, and then whining when he doesn’t get his way. Obama has been the most divisive President in decades, and has almost succeeded in turning our country into one big “hate” fest by reinventing “class envy” and fostering dependence on Big Brother government.

    • mal

      I would vote republican even if that party nominated whatever god they believe in for any office BUT YOU, WHATEVER ELSE YOU ARE, ARE A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY EVERYWHERE! With any luck from Mother Nature, you’ll have a horrible and painful event within the next day or so and it will be terminal.

    • http://WebPronews Tom

      To Obama2012, it matters not which party this man belonged to he has lost his life in an storm. your remarks are very inconsiderate to say the least. i would not say that about you are anyone no matter the color. But I will say this Karma is a BITCH and one way or the other you will regret that remark…..you’re an idiot!!!!

    • Borderbully

      Obama2012 – You are a disgusting piece of scum. To rejoice because someone you don’t agree with has died is lower than low. As the old saying goes – What goes around comes around. Someone may one day rejoice over your death. But then you probably don’t care because you have no soul. And don’t use God’s name in vain. You’re not even a Christian.

    • fred whitley


    • http://webpronews faye


  • meg

    A man has died and you are rejoicing?

  • gregory

    Thas is a typical “caring” liberal for ya!
    If you don’t agree with their politics they want you dead.

    • Bittersweet

      Think that over some more. Obama2012 is not a democrat. You don’t seem very smart but yet we don’t say everyone that is of the same political party is a moron like you, correct?

  • Arnold

    I can’t believe this idiot ( obama2012 ) would post a message such as this. Makes you really wonder about those fools supporting Mohammed Bin Obama, doesn’t it ?

    • Joe

      For those of who jumping up and down about the comments of Obama2012, be aware that this troll could also actually be a Romney fan trying to incite so don’t be so quick to start attacking liberals and progressives and purposely mistaking the President’s name…makes you as bad as the troll. Silence is best.

      • 21leftcenter

        Yeah, even as a Washington State Romney volunteer I have to say this looks suspect to me.

      • http://yahoo kathleen decker

        and God created you too. And as you are God’s right hand man you can speak for God, I guess.

      • Borderbully

        If Obama 2012 is, indeed, a Republican he needs to be run out of the party. I’m a Conservative Independent and am voting for Mitt but I do not want this despicable scumbag associated with the right. He could also be a Libertarian so you Libertarians should beware also. Every site he posts on it’s the same old, same old. He should be banned by Yahoo!, MSN and all the other sites. He’s lucky we still have the First Amendment.

    • Mike Hunt

      And I can’t believe you stooped to name calling of the President. How childish is that? Guess the repugs can dish it out but can’t take it…typical repug behavior. Go Obama all the way!

  • http://Google Helen Phillips

    Shame on you OBama 2012 but then again you have no shame. I never heard anything so low down as you are. How can you look yourself in the mirror. Unbelieveable that people are so cruel. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GW

      I to believe that Obama2012 is a troll. No one of any party could really be that insensitive. My thoughts go out to this man’s family. A terrible loss of human life and a public servant who tried to help this country. And for the record, I am a registered independent.

    • Pat

      you are a


  • Spiny Norman

    I’m with Pete… regardless of how true the “bill blocking” comment may be, this is a man’s life we’re talking about. Can we put politics aside and think of the man’s family?

  • alani

    Another one bit the dust! Every man that is born shall die! If he is a Christian do not mourn for him, his reward is in heaven. I guess those of you who are crying for him aren’t don’t believe he was a Christian.

    • http://yahoo kathleen decker

      Lord mourned for Lazarus, Joseph and the people that would miss them. Someone will also mourn you and feel grief for the people in your family who will grieve for you. Grief is a part of that living and dying experience.

  • Jack Karako

    Obama2012 is an imposter trying to create a negative response by making an utterly stupid comment.

    • http://idon'tknow Mike L. Sonneborn

      I agree

  • klmiem

    Obama2012 you are a moron … I can’t waste more breath on you but you I am of the party who let’s Dems, Reps, Ind. know that M-F 9-5 you belong to “We the People” so get to work…no jingling keys for sex or flying a jet to work M-F cause you don’t want to live in DC..move out then…but YOU, YOUR INSENSITIVITY just puts and shows to others who crazy Obama supporters are and to what extreme they go to. MORON.

    • http://yahoo.com john

      Few of you make sense.

  • Lexxa

    I am in agreement with GW. Obama 2012 is not an Obama supporter. That person is trying to cause further division and discord at a time when we all, regardless of political affiliation, should be supporting the East Coast. He tries to sound like a Black person by referring to Obama as “B.” He is trying too hard. Obama is referred to as the president by most people unless they are disrespectful, hateful, trolls like him! Major FAIL! He is a disrespectful person whose goal is to cause strife and discord.

  • http://idon'tknow Mike L. Sonneborn

    I don’t think that was President Barack Obama saying this.

  • Good Grief

    Obama2012 and Romney 2012 have nothing more to do with their lives than to stir up controversy and we give way to their idiocy and their misguided political agendas by responding to them. RIP John Rose and my condolences to your family.

  • http://yahoo william barrow

    PEACE//hate begets more of what.What is, is that these artifical divisions aint worth fighting over.really.At least, Not Now. The things worth fighting for are coming apparent,you think.Unless this “sandy”is just another “liberal plot”in yer demented thinking.we gtta pull it to gether or you aint gonna make it.ferget about “Rush” and the ones who won’t help and want to see you fail so they can “get fat” and addicted.

  • http://yahoo william barrow

    PEACE//hate begets more of what.What is, is that these artifical divisions aint worth fighting over.really.At least, Not Now. The things worth fighting for are coming apparent,you think.Unless this “sandy”is just another “liberal plot”in yer demented thinking.we gtta pull it to gether or you aint gonna make it.ferget about “Rush” and the ones who won’t help and want to see you fail so they can “get fat” and addicted.

  • http://yahoo william barrow

    PEACE//hate begets more of what.What is, is that these artifical divisions aint worth fighting over.really.At least, Not Now. The things worth fighting for are coming apparent,you think.Unless this “sandy”is just another “liberal plot”in yer demented thinking.we gtta pull it to gether or you aint gonna make it.ferget about “Rush” and the ones who won’t help and want to see you fail so they can “get fat” and addicted.

  • Greg

    The divisive, greedy republicans. God is angry.

    • BtownRat

      It is one of those things that makes you wonder where we’re at as a country and as humans when a man dying needs to be discussed politically. Really? This man died working his property and greedy republicans have angered God is the best you can do? This is what his family needs to hear from you? Greg I’ll bet this guy served his counrty better then you’ll ever serve yourself.

      • janice kraczon

        Amen, what an idiot he is, Greg I mean

      • fred whitley


        • fred whitley


    • Shelly

      You don’t mind taking their $$ though do you?? Spoken like a true freeloader. No human compassion in your liberal waste of space.

    • samantha

      Greg, you really just need to jump off a bridge

  • Lisa Montgomery

    Thank you all for reminding me NEVER to read the comments on an article.

    • Barbara

      Oh please.

  • June2012

    The US is in crisis, and all I hear about is Democrat or Republican. If it was possible, I would like everyone to look at the larger picture. Don’t listen to words. Look at actions; they don’t lie. Don’t listen to the why’s or theories spouted by newscasters because they ARE biased. Don’t listen to slant. Look at what has actually happened through the actions or inactions of the President in the last four years. Judge on facts.
    It is a very sad occasion for anyone to die. To suggest it’s okay because of that person’s political affiliation speaks to the utter degradation of your soul. It’s very troubling, and I feel sorry for you.

    • marlene tuttle

      My condolences to the family of the deceased man. My heart also goes out to the jobless who no fault of their own lost jobs because Bush played fast and loose with the economy. I am a white, Jewish, 70-rs. old Democrat (living on Soc. Sec., pension, have high medical bills and costly drugs and no social services, YET…and I am voting Democrat. I would be the first one to change party affiliations if I didn’t think that Romney was going to lead us further down a path (stated under Bush who had an approval rating of 13% before leaving office) that will absolutely devastate the 99% of the population and give Billionaire’s breaks that are unfare. The revenue of this country used for such things as repairs to roads, bridges and schools (a problem way before Obama took office) all that have deteriorated thanks to a do nothing congress with an approval rate of 10%. Just think of the jobs that would have been created if we had more revenue (not so much anymore because of this Grove Norquist creature who made every gop congressman sign a pledge not to raise taxes. Everything will be privatized under Romney: schools, safety services and now, possibly FEMA. My synpathies to all people who have been devastated by this last storm, only to have Romney want to do away with FEMA. Nice Huh? (Check out Republican Gov. Christie’s comments commending Pres. Obama on swift action to service the State of New Jersey. Elect Democrats to Congress and the House, please so that we can get moving on all the bills Obama has introduced but have gone unnoticed because Congress want to devalue women’s rights a little more!!!

  • jose

    This fellow was a man with Republican beliefs just as I am a man with Democrat beliefs. We are both men except today my beliefs are in my pocket and I have to offer my sympathy to his family on their loss.

    • fred whitley


      • paul Farinella

        Tell that to Rush Limgauh.

      • http://yahoo jim

        well there are humans left in this world. way to go Mr.Whitley.for everyone else out there in cyber land or netville orwhatever else you call this key board with a screen. HATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATE because thats all im hearing.

    • David

      Well Spoken!!

  • middle

    Didn’t Obama just buy a $17 million dollar house in Hawaii?

    • paul Farinella

      No, but Romney has sent jobs to China through Bain, owns numerous mansions around the country, and pays a 14% regressive capital gains tax on his wealth (he is in the top 1% after all and plays by a very different set of rules). Moreover, Romney has stated he wants to eliminate FEMA (sorry people devastated by Sandy), is against marriage equality for all Americans and has openly expressed anti-women views (binders anyone?). He is openly stated he will eliminate Medicare as we know it (sorry grandma) and will raid Social Security thus eliminating the safety net for tens of millions of future American senior citizens, the disabled and veterans. Furthermore, his trickle down economics is a proven disaster for the country. I really don’t know or care about President Obama’s ostensible house, but the facts about Romney – you know, the things that really matter to most Americans)

      • Hkinsey3

        Well goodness sakes I didn’t know all of that. You go ahead and vote for odumbo and I will go ahead and vote for Romney then we will all be happy.

      • Tim

        It’s fools like you that will wreck this election and this country. Oh by the way, tom,orrow is the first of the month. Your check should be in.

      • Frannie

        Standing for what is right, not what is relative, for what has made this country strong, not what has made it wrong.. is never easy. Politically correct, crowd pleasing… is so wrong… we have come to the place that we feel that we should change laws and outlooks because if it is lawful or accepted, then we don’t have to feel guilty about our poor behavior or laziness, and we don’t have to change. Someone else will be responsible.. only some day, if the plunge into this foolishness continues, there will be no one to be responsible. And then, we will be under someone elses thumb, and have no choices at all. Freedom… just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

      • Chris

        Paul be drinking some spiked kool-aid.

  • Chris Hunter

    The man’s political affiliation should not have been mentioned in the article. It just brings out the crazies. He died while working on his farm. There is nothing political about that.

    • paul Farinella

      I fail to see the point of your comment. Of course his political affiliation should be mentioned. It is part of his identity. Of course, if he is hiding something then I might see your point.

  • http://yahoo brian

    Really would have been nice to know what office this guy was running for. Didn’t you guys down there study journalism?

    • Hkinsey3

      House dist 47? Maybe your computer didn’t get that part.

    • Retlaw

      House District 47. What part of that don’t you understand. Where did you klearn to read? To easy to critize. Guess it’s hard if you don’t have reading comprehension………………

      • batman1954

        Why don’t you learn how to type, and spell before you critisize someone?

        • Chris

          Hey, Batman. It’s “criticize.” Kind of ironic to call someone out on spelling, using a spelling error.

    • M.J. Fleming

      Mr. Rose was running for the West Virginia House of Delegates from Barbour County.

  • Just Sharing My Thoughts

    I hate that someone lost their life; I’m always saddened to hear something like that, but I hope people don’t still vote for him out of pure sympathy or to keep his memory alive because that’ll only put the decision in the hands of the govenor. This still is an election and should be the people’s choice. Republican or Democrat-that should not matter. Prayers to his family.

  • http://www.mhdeals.net LouisP.

    @paul Farinella everything you said was a lie.

    You simply puked out the left wing news propaganda twisting the facts about Mitt Romney.
    It’s the same as me saying Barrack Obama is a closet Muslim who never goes to church or promotes Christianity (because he is not a christian) that he wants to turn America into Mother Russia an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC and Communist China, his financial skills have caused the worst economic disaster in American history, he can’t do math so he doesn’t bother to count how much money we have, He wants to indoctrinate your children with the agenda to promote gay/perverted/violence, he is a hypocrite top 1% who has donated the least amount by a president in history to charities, because he really doesn’t care about the poor, needy, sick, vets, anyone at all. He is so desperate to win that he will lie directly into the camera counting on poor ignorant Americans not to pay attention to his lies, He misleads, deceives, like its 2nd nature, he has covered up his past and works with media (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, OTHERS) TO STEER CLEAR OF NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT HIM AND HIGHLIGHT NEGATIVE THINGS AND MAKE UP NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT HIS COMPETITION. There is such a long list of things that can be said about Barrack Hussein Obama that are frankly unfair and not exactly true but hey….why be truthful, it’s an election!

  • joseph

    i have no regrets hearing about a politician dying, this storm did us a favor, took out one of the causes of the down fall of our country. must be a good storm.

    • teri aldridge

      Its heartless people like yourself that need to get a clue. How dare you speak so carelessly of a persons life. SHAME ON YOU

      • D

        I agree Teri, I can’t believe what people are saying about another human being. My heart and prayers goes out to his family and may he RIP

      • dee

        that is so cold hearted. Joseph you need help with hate n

    • Jennifer Chavez-Ochoa

      Look at yourself in the mirror you pathetic excuse of a human being! Anybody that would wish death to another person is pathetic. You are what is wrong with this Country. The Decline and Moral Decay of this Country is directly caused by your kind. If Obama steals this Election and continues his Reign on the Throne it will be the final Nail in America’s Coffin.

    • omar

      your a jackass. you cant wish death upon any person. he still had a family that he left behind. such an arrogant comment.

    • Alan

      That is one of the most idiotic and hateful comments I have ever read.

      This man was a CANDIDATE wanting to serve people…..”even idiots like yourself”
      What do you do to serve and help your fellow man besides writing like a fool.

    • GUEST2012

      You’re an idiot. He was still someone’s husband, father, son, uncle, etc. BEFORE he was a politician and to make such a MEAN SPIRITED comment is DISGUSTING! I HOPE someone does the same thing when one of your loved ones dies and see how YOU like hearing mean spirited comments. JERK!

    • believeinme

      @Joseph — wrong, wrong, wrong — never wish ill on another human being. Never. Period.

    • voter

      couch critic…get off your arse and do something about it then quit your cry’n! It’s people like you that spawn kids we American’s have to babysit!!! the apple doesnt fall far…your a horrible example to others…

    • Jorge

      solamente un idiota sin escrupolos puede desearle la muerte a otro ser humano, pero eso es tipico de muchos democratas.

    • Suzanne

      Joseph, your comment is deplorable.

  • Kelly Caron

    Wow, Joseph! He who lives in glass houses…! Careful of Karma, it can really bite you in the ass. Wishing harm on others, just not a cool thing.

  • pkalill

    This staunch democrat is saddened to hear of someone’s death. Put away your political party during a time of tragedy, and think of his family, and all the other’s who have lost loved ones during this awful storm. Shame to those who cannot see humanity through their political blinders.

    • slh

      Ah, decent human beings still exist! Refreshing!

  • mary pat

    this man was doing work that he enjoyed, he should not have been checking his property in the middle of a storm, however, while my heart goes out to his family..and nothing will replace him, i have spent enough time watching family and friends die slow painful humiliating death to be able to say, he died in a good way.

    • Mr. Blue Jeans

      Died in a good way. HE GOT HIT BY A FREAKING TREE LIMB! You think he would agree with your assessment. Lets see dying slowly with cancer or AIDS able to say good by to your family -or- Get hit by a Freaking tree Limb? Huh, really hard choice. Lmao Geez!

  • tbone

    a message from God, no doubt. God wants the Dems to win !

    • slh

      God must not have known that the name would still appear on the ballot. smh

  • Paul

    First, I want to offer my respects to Mr. Roses family. Second, After reading some of the comments, Shame on you. Let me say this. As a Rep living in Utah. I cast my vote to Obama. I am not as much voting for Obama as I am NOT voting for Mitt. The last thing this country needs is a morman president. Just the the thought that Mitt could win is very scary thought.As he would not be running the country, The cult leaders in Utah would be. Make no mistake it is a cult.

    • slh

      Yeah, the guy not voting for a candidate based on his religion should really be casting shame on others.

    • MrBoo

      Get a real LIFE!

    • Russell

      So guess a socialist on the brink of comunist is better? Lets see Romney belives in strong families and believe in strong morals. Obama thinks gay marriage is great and killing the unborn is ok. He voted no twice on a bill to make doctors aid a baby that lives through an abortion when he was in the state senate. Make no mistake about it Obama is a very far left wing liberal. He says he is a Christian but his actions do not bear that out.

    • http://webpronews faye


  • Bob

    To Meg:pretty sad isn’t it?

  • Paul

    It is not a religion, It is the worlds largest cult. These people think they have god on speed dial. They baptize the dead. Example Jews killed in WWII.Their religion is the only one and anyone not with them, Well study up and make up your own mind. Even better, ask a few non mormans in Utah who runs things here, who is really behind the curtin.If your not a morman, you burn in hell. Do you want Warren Jeffs running your country. If you don’t know who he is, look him up.

    • Cristy Vandenhende

      I think you have your facts wrong.? I don’t think Mormons believe in hell. Neither do I.

      • Lee Parker

        Cristy, Mormons do not believe Jesus of Nazareth, was the Christ. There are no crosses on their temple, churches,etc. They believe in “Latter Day Saints” such as one of their leaders Joseph Smith. They are a “Cult”. Your silly little pop-off confirmed your ignorance.

  • St. Shaun

    WoW!! That sounds like some “Final Destination” type incident… Heart goes out to Family & Friends!!!

  • Rinkraptor

    Too bad the storm didn’t kill a liberal instead….

    • Wiser Beauty

      A man lost his life and you actually crack jokes? . I pray that a loved one (your father, brother, uncle, son, or BOYFRIEND) does not die in a similar incident. If the Mayan predictions are correct and the world is coming to its final days….with evil people like you….now we see why. I am a TRUE CONSERVATIVE…and we PRAY when anyone of good heart has lost their lives. Please stop making us look ignorant and stupid. I wish NO ONE had lost their lives in that storm.

      • john

        you really believe the mayans, and they didnt say it was the end of the world it was just the end of that calander, and the ones we use now are way different. the mayan 2012 date already past

        • Sam

          Amen to what you said…somebody lost their loved one and it’s so sad and sick the comments people are making.

        • larry

          if you read your bible then you would know the saying goes, a man knows his time no more than a fish knows his. if people actually knew the exact time of their demise then no one would live cause they would fear until the day had arrived. all things must and will come to an end but ask yourself if they actually know when or making a calculated guess. and when i say calculated i mean punching in numbers and saying yes this is the day. if you do read the bible i would suggest you take a look a revelations, read that book and then make your decision as to whether the earth will cease to exist on December 21st. as if y2k and the pastor who resigned cause his calculated guess on the last day of earth was a failure. not once but 3 times. some people hate not having all the answers and hate not being in control. but saying this is when the world will end can control a lot. its all speculation to me.

      • babes17

        Perfectly Said Wiser!

      • Jerri Findley

        To Wiser Beauty. God Bless You! I am so ashamed at some of
        the trash Iam reading on here. We are coming to the final days. God will not let this go on much longer.

    • Craig

      Rink, that was pure trash. What is wrong with you? Is there any humanity left in pathetic garbage like you or have too many hours behind the computer detached you from humanity to such a degree that you can’t distinguish decency from humor? Truly pathetic. In a fair world, it would have been you to die.

      • http://MozillaFirefox vickie


    • anon

      really i was thinking it’s a shame it wasnt’ romney who was killed instead

      • Steve

        I was hoping it was you.

        • http://webpronews faye


      • KL

        May karma soon kill those who wish death on anyone!

      • http://webpronews faye


        • http://MozillaFirefox vickie

          YOU sound just like them!

    • Lee Parker


  • OldeRose@ymail.com

    In Chicago, this outcome is typical of primaries.

  • Someone

    Reminds me of J.K. Rowling’s new book “The Casual Vacancy”

  • ila

    I would vote for the dead guy. He cant do any worst than the people in office now.

  • Nixon

    She needed to die as she wasn’t a conservative.

    • Lee Parker

      Read as SPAM!!!



    • Sam

      That really a sick thing for you to say…you need help!

      • Sanjay Gupta

        You Sir are mental and need to have your butt whipped in front of the world!! Dr. Sanjay

    • Barbara

      You’re a true democrat. Mean and rotten to the core.
      You do your party proud.

      • CWhite

        Has nothing to do with dem or rep. Just mean plain and simple. You are contributing to the problem not helping it. People should just stop using these comments to spew their deep seated hatred. We have lost sight of our humanity and become walking machines and using the comment sections to say the things we would never say to our neighbors, co-workers or strangers walking down the street. It is the utmost in cowardice and bullying. We wonder why children are behaving this way at school. Just stop. May God Bless this man’s family and friends -(republican or democrat)

        • Just Me

          Barbara I must say you do your party proud also,
          Judging everyone by the thoughts of one person.

      • David

        I believe that was a republican trying to make democrats look bad.

        • http://webpronews faye


      • betty

        I am a true politian but I believe politics, dealth, and work do not match every four years its the same dam shit and what we are most of us wants accomplished do not get accomplished then we start shit he isnt doing this and that FUCK THAT AND VOTE your choice. My condolence goes out to the representative who passed away and may he rip.

      • autumn

        That is not a very Christian thing to say. Please do not paint all Democrats with the same brush. I think you should take a look at what YOUR party has been doing and saying. Not nice, Barb!

    • Ann

      You know, you shouldn’t say that about anyone

    • Karen

      You don’t even have the guts to use your real name! Coward!
      And @ Sam I agree with your comment.

    • KL

      You are a heartless idiot!!

    • anela

      you are sick!!!

    • Kelsey

      “Justin Bieber” You are a genuine piece of shit for making such a heartless comment about another human being! Maybe one day someone will speak that way of you, or a loved one of yours when no longer here….

    • http://seekwisdomdaily.com DeCoty Phillips

      Justin, Justin,

      Good buddy, no one knows how you feel more than I, but, that’s not the approach we must take in matters such as this. Republicans have done, and said some horrible things, particularly of late. Things that are patently untrue, as a matter of fact. However, human suffering is not a partisan matter. In times of national tragedy, deep suffering, and great personal loss we must all pull together, support one another, and show what most of us believe is the true American Spirit. Don’t allow the good treasure of your heart be destroyed by the likes of Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, John Sununu, and so many of those who are poor representatives of humanity, and Americana. My best to you my young friend. Time, and age will bring tolerance, and wisdom. May god bless you, and my deepest condolences to the families of those lost in this most recent national disaster.

    • http://webpronews faye


      • http://MozillaFirefox vickie

        No we all need to turn back to GOD.

        • Lee Parker

          Exactly. What a lovely way to say it.

    • Jeff Cole

      Bieber you DUM ASS whenyou get out of diapers you will realize how stupid you have exposed yourself as a nasty, dum, heartless Democrat!! JUSTIN BIEBER YOU FOOL!!

    • Lee Parker

      Thanks for the heads up Justin. We thought you were ignorant. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • Sam

    My prayers go out to the family for their loss…it’s sad to see some of the horrible comments on here….

    • Lee Parker


  • Karen

    OMG! Would you listen to yourselves. This man wasn’t just a republican or a democrat. Nor was he just a conservative or liberal. He was a man. With a family who loved him. How could you say that it was a good thing that he died. Even to say too bad it wasn’t someone else is just wrong. Do we have no morals in this country? Forget about the elections for a moment and take time to send your sympathy to his family!!

    That being said my heart goes out to his family over this tragedy. May you find more peace in this world than the fools on this site.

    • Heather

      Very well stated! I am in awe of the things that can cloud what is truly happening – we allow ourselves to become to caught up in the unimportant details. My prayers are with this family.

      • Cheryl Goodson


      • http://MozillaFirefox vickie

        You know what people it’s not going to be long before Jesus Christ comes. I really can’t belive in what I’m hearing. Yes I take that back!!!!! There is no love out there form our fellow humanbeings. I’m not saying all I mean. but there are many. we’re dose all this hate come from? Oh yes I almost forgot THE DEVEL. Please people turn back to GOD in our time of need. I think John Ross was trying to tell people in his kind deeds.Stop and look at your selves before you wish bad for some one else.This poor poor family has lost a very dear loved one and all you can say Im glad that he’s dead sham on you He was loved By his family and GOD.GOD BLESS EVERY ONE THAT READS THIS. THIS FAMILY IS IN MY PRAYER’s

    • Lee Parker

      Sick’em Karen. You are right on target!

  • jaxblonde

    Read the book Harbenger you will see whats going on in this country. And more to come.

  • Cheryl Goodson

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during their time of sorrow and need.

  • Joy

    Politics don’t have anything to do with the loss of a loved one. This is a tragedy, pure and simple. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends. I also pray for the people here who have no heart.

    • Lee Parker

      Two thumbs up!

  • Stanley Mulaik

    We are all Americans and should be pulling together.
    Wishing your opposition was dead in politics is understandable, but
    expressing it publically is unacceptable and unAmerican.

    The man had a family and likely grandchildren. We should wish
    them our condolences.

  • http://verv carmel suter

    what in the world is wrong with everyone?why do we sit around and complain about everything,and do nothing about it.everyone is so judgemental,but does nothing else to make a difference.we all just come up with what we think are some real clever comments.how can we ever be united if we keep dividing ourselves?????democrats,republicans,man woman,prolife,abortionist,blood,cryp,latin king,and see how far we can go down the line.im sure on our death bed.and we will get there………………..that wont be the thing that will be comming out of your mouths…grow a brain cell,and try to make this planet a better place,for those of us who have children and grandchildren

    • Lee Parker


    • Human101

      Well said Carmel Suter!

      I was thinking the same thing – why the division??? …(republicans/democrats, blacks/whites/latinos, males/females etc…) we should all be One (unit) – Human Beings!

  • Monica

    I’m a proud liberal and I would Never wish anybody such tragedy. As stated before this is NOT about politics, parties, or any of that right now. Yes, our beliefs and politics are important, however at the end of the day we are ALL human beings, and I believe most of us do want whats best for our country and each other as does our President. It’s disgusting to be glad over anyone’s death particularly in such horrible scenarios. I’m from Florida and I thank God we dodged this hurricane we would’ve been underwater I think. It’s awful to experience mother nature’s wrath and my prayers go out to everybody effected by this. It’s just sad and heartbreaking. People’s entire lives have been altered, put yourself in their shoes this is just absolutely heart wrenching. We all need to pray and contribute money (every single dollar counts, doesn’t have to be much) or whatever possible to help get our people back on their feet. We should Always stand united, together we’re stronger. Shame on any liberal/democrat who wrongfully represents us like this, we’re better then that remember?

    • Jeff Cole


      • Lee Parker

        Feel better now? Someone on the planet is “lower” than you? All you did was confirm your ignorance. Thanks for the heads up!!

    • http://webpronews faye


    • R, C,

      MONICA, Thank you for your thoughts, especially your spirit of compassion and humanity! I am lucky that I have not heard any negative comments about the death of candidate John Rose, Jr. I pray that our nation will keep his family in their concern and prayers. President Obama and Chris personalized the meaning of unity to help others. Opponents in the shameful political “wars” have come together to help our citizenry at their time of need.

    • Lee Parker

      Cudos Monica. I appreciated your comment.

  • gogi b.

    to the heartless who can’t feel sympathy for the loss of a fellow human remember there is such a thing as karma.

  • Diane

    May the soul of this public servant through the mercy of God, Rest in Peace. Amen.

  • Jessica

    He had no business being outside, so I don’t feel bad. It’s just common sense.

    • Joyce

      I guess you have never been anywhere you should not have. Good for you.

      • Leslie

        Jessica, that is so heartless.

    • Teena

      I guess, Jessica, you don’t understand nor have the ability to try to understand what the responsibilities of ranchers or farmers. Cattle and crops HAVE to be taken care of no matter what the weather. I come from a long line of farmers and ranchers and cannot tell you the times I have had to ride the fenceline to insure the well being of our product, cattle. If you will check your statistics, you will find farming and ranching listed as one of the most dangerous occupations. Enough said, think about that the next time you have a great tasting steak.

    • Kathy Bamert

      Jessica you are a heartless witch. This man was doing what he had to do to take care of what was his. Did not want the government to have to come in and bail him out with federal disaster funds. So he was working to protect your tax dollars if you even earn any.

    • Jessica

      oh please. Jesus freak

      • autumn

        What a brat. Your parents must be so proud.

    • marti

      wow, you don’t feel bad….I hope that’s a reaction and not your true feelings.

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