Candice Huffine, Plus-Size Model Featured in Pirelli Calendar, Says Times Have Changed For 'Curvy Women'

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Candice Huffine, 30, says she felt beautiful during a recent photo shoot for the upcoming 2015 Pirelli calendar, despite wearing little to nothing.

The iconic calendar is known for being risqué, and the plus-size model is attired in a latex corset, with a whip in her hand for the photo.

"You actually feel quite beautiful. I mean that wasn't my first time. I did a full nude shot the first time I shot with Steven for Italian Vogue," she said in an interview with The Telegraph. "When you love your body and you're proud of it, you feel OK to strip down."

This wasn't always the case for the 5-foot-11-inch model, who had a rude awakening when she arrived in New York hoping to start her modeling career.

"It was devastating. I was a size six to eight at the time and I didn't realise that was way too big to be a model. I thought I was fit, trim and cute. I had no idea about sample sizes," she said.

According to Huffine, she was told by some agents that they might reconsider things if she dropped around 15 lbs. Feeling discouraged, Huffine renewed her dream when Wilhelmina Models considered her as a plus-size model.

Huffine said much has changed from those early days, and she is proud to be a part of an industry that now celebrates curvy women.

"I've watched new companies form and designers extend their sizes into new ranges. There are all these options now for a variety of curvy women. I'm really passionate about the industry - we've grown together," she said.

Pam Wright