Candace Cameron Bure Responds To Backlash Over Cleanse

    July 28, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Candace Cameron-Bure has come under scrutiny recently for her eating habits, but the former Full House star spoke out recently to defend her choices.

The 38-year old posted a photo recently on Instagram of a day at the beach, and she looked more fit and toned than ever. After years of struggling with her body image while going through adolescence on television, she says she knows what her body needs and took to Facebook to let her fans know that she was fine with her choice to do a protein shake cleanse.

“After going back to my normal eating habits as well as extended overindulgent summertime vacation eating and normal exercise routine, my body has endured some confusion causing some minor health issues. That is private, so I will not go into detail, but this cleanse is just a step to getting it back on track because I know that food is a key source to healthy living,” she wrote.

Cameron-Bure spoke recently about body image issues, saying there is one problem in particular that lends itself to the issue.

“I can’t stress enough how much airbrushing and photoshop goes on with every picture. Even the non-professional pictures are manipulated. 99% are manipulated to look perfectly flawless. It becomes a mind trip to all of us. In reality, we are beautiful, but they are getting a little extra help,” she said. “My advice to girls is to know that God wonderfully made you and you are unique and special no matter what your size is. God loves you and it’s not dependent on what you weight or how you look or where you’re at. God’s love is full no matter what, because it’s how He made you.”

The former child star made headlines earlier this month after she “stole” John Stamos’ phone while they were both attending co-star Dave Coulier’s wedding and took a selfie with Andrea Barber, who played Kimmie on Full House.

“This is what you get when you accidentally leave your phone with Deej & Gibbler,” Stamos wrote when she shared the photo.

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  • MissingPerson

    She’s on the thinner end of the spectrum, but still short of anorexic. How is this news again?

    (That’s a rhetorical question, BTW)

    • DavidRauschenbach

      That’s a serious one for me

      • MissingPerson

        A serious question? I see your point, and we’re right. Why *is* this news? (You still don’t need to answer :-))

    • http://www.lost.com lito_2010

      Nothing wrong with being thin, She’ doesn’t look unhealthy in any way. Much better than most 38 year old people I know

    • Jennifer

      I actually think she looks on the bigger side of the normal spectrum for her height. She’s about 5’1″ and looks to be about 120 lbs.

      • Sarah

        Are you stupid or something? Bigger side of the spectrum at 120lbs?? No wonder there are so many eating disorders out there with little girls and these little girls are sometimes as young as 6 years old.
        I had an eating disorder consisting of bulimia and anorexia and starved myself down to 117lbs, and I’m 5’3″. Since I have an athletic build and not much body fat, my ideal weight is around 140-150lbs because I play every sport out there.

        Hockey, softball, baseball, football, tennis, Muay Thai, etc. I hit as hard as men and could take any guy in my league. Of course being 150lbs,

        I was told I’m too big and decided to throw up everything one day and I started losing weight. It became a nightmare, I was spiraling out of control. My weight was down to 117lbs and I could fit into a size 2-4, yet I still thought I was fat.

        One day I went to the doctor for a check up and she noticed how thin I was and how pale I looked. I was in bad condition, my potassium levels were low, my hemoglobin was 7.2, bone density showed low bone mass, kidney’s and liver were failing, etc.

        Naturally I was hospitalized for quite a while requiring 2 units of blood transfused, constant drips of medication and fluids to stabilize my levels and therapy to change my way of thinking.

        Now I speak at intermediate, middle and high schools warning girls about the dangers of having body dismorphic disorder as well as other eating disorders. I am now anemic and have problems with my kidney’s and liver, requiring my blood levels being checked every month. All for what?? To be thin because I want to conform to society’s ideal body image of women!?

        To hell with that, and to hell with what everyone else thinks! It should matter how healthy the person is, no matter what weight they are. Believe it or not, overweight people can be healthy if they have 0 underlying conditions. Besides the fact, I realize now, skinny people who look anorexic are probably the least healthiest people on earth!

        So for you to judge someone and think they are big when obviously they’re not, get your head checked! You obviously have a distorted view of what an ideal weight should be and perhaps you need to take your medication today.

      • MissingPerson

        I’m not going to bestow a blanket agreement with Sarah’s rant, but at the same time, the opinion you express here is clearly not aligned with any mathematical reality. She’s definitely on the thin side, though I can’t say that she’s “too thin.” She surely doesn’t need to be any thinner to be healthy, and she’d still look fine if she put on a few pounds.

        And if we’re betting on the over/under on her weight, I’m definitely going under 120 lbs., unless she’s several inches taller than you say.

        • Jennifer

          This isn’t my opinion. I’m going by the standard medical guide for weight/height ratio. 120 lbs is on the bigger side of the weight guideline for someone Candace’s height. Meryl Davis weighed 110 lbs while doing DWTS, and she and Candace are around the same height. Take a look at Meryl’s picture from the show, and tell me if Candace doesn’t look like she’s a good 10 lbs heavier (at least) than Meryl.

          • MissingPerson

            “I actually think she looks on the bigger side…and looks to be about 120 lbs.”

            You use the words “think,” and “looks,” and you’re trying to tell me you’re not expressing an opinion. :- #smh

          • Jennifer

            I am not expressing an opinion about what the standard medical guide is.

          • MissingPerson

            Bahaha, whatever. The term “bigger” is not “standard medical” anything.

            I appreciate the thinly veiled agreement.

  • Sara James

    Will this old has been just go away…

  • Candie

    I don’t think she looks thin at all. I also think she Photoshops a lot of her pictures. The most recent one on Instagram has obviously Photoshop marks around her legs. I think she has serious body issues.

    • Sarah

      Another dumb ass once again trying to critique people when you have no clue what the hell you’re talking about. Go back to school moron!

      • Candie

        If YOU had gone to school and taken graphic design, you would clearly see the demarcation lines on the photos. The legs are clearly Photoshopped to look thinner. Her waist is often ‘shopped, too.