Cancer Drug Erbitux Fails to Produce Results in Trials

By: WebProNews Staff - July 6, 2012

The cancer drug Erbitux, which is manufactured by Merck & Co., Inc, has failed to produce any significant new results for the second month in a row. The German pharmaceutical company, one of the largest in the world, watched helplessly as their wonder drug crashed and burned, ultimately failing in its quest to increase the life span of those patients suffering from gastic cancer.

Sadly, Merck’s drug achieved roughly the same results in May. During a trial with centered around individuals who had certain types of colon cancer, the drug did not benefit the participants in any significant way. Details surrounding these trials will be presented in greater detail during various international scientific meetings in the near future.

Annalisa Jenkins, Head of Global Drug Development and Medical for the Merck Serono division, commented on the drug’s poor performance. “Understandably, these results are disappointing for patients with advanced gastric cancer, and as a company we will continue to invest in oncology research and development to find new treatments for these diseases with high unmet medical need.” It’s unclear if more trials will be scheduled for the future.

Despite this setback, Erbitux will still be used to treat metastatic colon cancer and head and neck cancer, areas where the drug has been most successful. Merck has enjoyed quite a bit of financial success with the aforementioned drug; Erbitux sales reached $1.07 billion last year.

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  • jb

    I think you should use the resources God made for his people the pits of seeds cures cancer and you avoid it like the plague.

    • frank

      Your an idiot

  • Ginger Seidel

    Unfortunately, Erbitux was unsuccessful at stopping or even slowing down my late husband’s colorectal cancer four years ago. He passed away at age 39.

  • Joe

    Idiot Merck is not a GERMAN CO.

  • Greg Thorpe

    I took it along with radiation for nasal cancer. Neither worked and I ended up having to have surgery. It’s side effects were nasty.

  • Joes Amoron


    Merck is a German company, dumb@ss.

  • NCState78

    @ Joe. Why be rude? This study was done by the German Co: Merck KGaA.

    Here is the description from Wikipedia: Merck & Co., Inc. (NYSE: MRK ), dba Merck Sharp & Dohme, MSD outside the United States and Canada, is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Merck headquarters is located in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. The company was established in 1891 as the United States subsidiary of the German company now known as Merck KGaA. Merck & Co.was confiscated by the US government during World War I and subsequently established as an independent American company. It is currently one of the world’s seven largest pharmaceutical companies by market capitalization and revenue.

    The company describes itself as “a global research-driven pharmaceutical company” that “discovers, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of innovative products to improve human and animal health, directly and through its joint ventures”.

  • Richard

    jeez people. i know cancer is a nasty affliction (i lost my grandpa when he was only 52) so please don’t ignore the facts. some of you may not be willing to try medicinal marijuana, but so far it’s the only substance i know of and have read about that can fight cancer cells. so the choice is simple. cower in fear of the law, or make an educated choice as a grown up and try something that won’t have nasty side affects, won’t require painful surgery, and you won’t have to shove a bunch of man-made chemicals down your throat. or you can chastise me and call me a stupid stoner, but i know one thing… the gov’t has WAY too much power. it is under the influence of corporations and they work together to make laws for YOU to follow, not them. plus, marijuana is classified as a more dangerous drug than high powered prescription pills and cocaine (wtf???). now you tell me who’s the crazy one?