Can Facebook Be Replaced?

Is Facebook Too Big to Be Dethroned?

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Once upon a time, not so long ago, MySpace was the top social network in the land. Eventually, Facebook took over that role, and has not looked back since. Earlier this year, the company announced that it had over 400 million users, then at its developer conference, Facebook made what could be considered its biggest announcement ever – the Open Graph. Since then, despite a growing amount of interest and discussion around whether or not people should delete their Facebook profiles, Facebook is reportedly just growing and growing.

Facebook Facebook is expected to close in on 500 million users next month, and as this Open Graph continues to grow (which it will – a lot), we may see that number rise faster than ever. Unless – all of this negative publicity the company is presently experiencing actually does catch up with it and people do turn elsewhere.

MySpace is no doubt hoping to gain back some momentum from Facebook’s woes, Twitter is certainly a popular option, and growing itself. Google Buzz is still the new kid on the block, but none of these have captured user attention quite like Facebook, and none of them have found such a brilliant way to infiltrate more and more of users’ time spent online as Facebook has.

Facebook has survived user backlash in the past, and it most likely will again, but privacy stuff really freaks people out, and whether or not blaming Facebook for any privacy issues is justified (it can and has been argued that you are really the one responsible for your online privacy), there are parties rushing to offer alternatives, and you can bet that there will be plenty more.

Facebook has already changed the Internet, and many expect it to turn online advertising on its ear as well. While Facebook users go around liking everything all over the web from a growing number of sites that implement its plugins, they are giving Facebook more and more power for the potential targeting of advertising that is truly targeted at them through things that they really do like.

The Like button is a game changer because all of a sudden you have the whole world wide web of content to "like" not just what’s within your immediate network within Facebook and what you may have taken the time to add to your profile two years ago. It keeps user interests current and enables an infinite amount of interest indication that advertisers would salivate for.

Facebook could challenge Google’s AdSense if they were to release a product for publishers to implement Facebook ads into their sites. And these would be the kinds of ads that users wouldn’t be as quick to ignore. In fact, they might even be welcomed with open arms. An ad that is truly relevant is useful to the consumer. And this gives users more reason to keep "liking".

It won’t work without the users though. If Facebook loses a lot of users, it won’t be quite as attractive to advertisers, but there is nothing indicating that this will happen, despite all of the commentary out there. Facebook is growing. People have already invested a lot of their time and web presence into Facebook, and it this point Facebook is just making it harder and harder to leave as it gets tied into more elements of users’ complete online experience. A lot of the people who have talked about deleting their FB profiles have even found it too hard to actually go through with it.

You might have Diaspora and others come along and try to open things up, but at this point, can Facebook really be replaced? 500 million users. To put that in perspective, the U.S. Census Bureau has 309,293,729 for the total U.S. population. They’ve got the world at 6,821,567,786. Facebook is hardly slowing so far.

Can Facebook really be replaced as THE social network? Tell us what you think.

Can Facebook Be Replaced?
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    I expect it will level out at over 1 billion more than enough to
    be number one for a very long time i guess. No one yet has
    replace microsoft!!!

  • http://www.highyielddeals.com/ ChrisCD

    Good point on Microsoft, they are still around. But they have been and continue to make money. As I understand it Facebook has yet to make money. I’m not sure how patient their funders will be.

    I think users are fickle and it is certainly possible for something else to come along. Did MySpace expect to have such an early exit?

    If someone builds a better platform, people will leave. But, I also suspect if Facebook starts to see a mass exodus they will make serious changes to win them back or at least to stop the bleeding.

    cd :O)

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/karlsutton09 Karl

    I believe Facebook will continue to grow and expand. Facebook’s online popularity may also surpass Google in the future. According to Compete.com, Facebook received 132,040,907 unique visitors in March 2010 and Google received 146,954,711 unique visitors during the same month.

  • http://cghearn.com cghearn

    I think people should switch over to Virb. It’s basically the same (minus the apps that torture your inbox) and it is secure.

  • Roscoemaries

    You can’t stop the bubble gum group, thats where the cash is. I left facebook a couple of months ago, couldn’t take the crap. It’s for kids.

  • Guest

    Perhaps a catchy name like FACES.ME and/or FACESOF.ME with a better platform than Facebook could wipe them out? Not sure how I would proceed with the development right now, though.

  • http://www.bestblogdirectories.com Dan

    Any company can be “Dethroned” or go broke.
    Look at multi-billion dollar corporations like GM, etc. However, that pales in comparison to say, the U.S. going broke for trillions and trillions and… you get the picture.

    I wont even elaborate on the fact that yahoo, the original and older search engine used to be number one. But again, were talking about a ‘SOCIAL SITE” not a search engine, so it means nothing in regards to Facebooks “Unique Visiters” means nothing. Put annother way,… there are some sites that have the same amounts of traffic, and unique stats. In fact, much higher, and while I wont tell you the sites, I will tell you that they are are porn sites. Gee, maybe they should try to give google a run for their money huh?

    People dont understand its the type and quality of the traffic.
    So 1 Billion uniques huh. Who gives a shit really, they might mean something if they made some money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OnePersonCanMakeADifference Guest

    No way they will keep on growing and will reach One Billion members in less than two years!
    Who should be able to stop Facebook? Only Facebook…. They sure tried many times in the past two years but nothing can stop Facebook….
    Google will try to stop Facebook because its a very very bad competition for Google!
    But Facebook rules!

  • http://www.backyardcity.com/ Ann Mohler

    I certainly wouldn’t be bold enough to say that Facebook will win out over some new improved version of social networking.

    Thats what makes the world go round in business. Good healthy competition.

  • http://www.mouse-mat.com mat

    It ultimately all depends on how badly or not Facebook abuses it’s users and their data. People keep talking about google, and they should.. Facebook should look long and hard at google… because it’s a prime example of abuse of position (street view, opting people in to things rather than offering an opt in, personalised search which i effing hate!)

  • http://www.pcwizz.co.za Web Design Pcwizz

    I wonder if Google is going do something about Facebook? haha and what can they do but they will have to come up with something, cause if Facebook starts implemented a adsense similar product well then what do you know.

    Any ways lets see but I believe Facebook will stay at the top.

  • http://www.pastreunited.com/ Michael N Hart

    Facebook is now just a place for banal one syllable comments, I have deleted my account, and do I miss it ….no.

  • http://www.pkshiu.com PK Shiu

    At this moment, this article is FB liked 16 times, buzzed 5 times, and retweeted 151 times. What does that tell you?

  • http://www.made-easy.cc Andreas

    I would say there are plenty of things that go for Facebook but still there are the cons which go against it. Facbook is and will be a generic platform. It will be impossible for localization and it will never be the platform where you will find your buddies from highschool… Well I am speaking out of practice and non of my highschool buddies has a profile (some will say… well a potential for FB…) I would say… on the contrary I have found them on a local platform… so what I do believe… as users do not have choices… they will youse Facebook (or as someone stated earlier) Microsoft…
    Well, the golden years were Investors pumped millions into development are over, so some many local platforms will rise (not replace) FB.
    Just to give you an example… How many car makers are there around? some 10th… still some people do prefer a Fiat, others like the Merzedes… so some other prefer Chrysler ( a Merzedes Brand after all) … still there is plenty of space for sozial networks on a local bases.
    We are currently launching a new Network for Greece and during the pre-run… I would rather say users where excited so we are hoping to get some base away from FB :)

    Some other points however in FBs succes is its cooperation with Zynga and as my sources tell me… Zynga is launching its own gaming platform and there are some problems with FB… so what will happen to FB it all those playing Farmville like games will change over (just for this purpose) to Zyngas platform?

    I would say there are many IFs! So rather than seeing FB as a competitor or better sad “The sole social network” no one will be able to compete.. so what I prefer to do is seeing FB as good guideline for our sozial network (after all… the wheel can’t be reeinvented) … but some would say… improved… and here we are again… localization for local needs of visitors.

    Another point is that (seeing the stats) of various News oriented sites… they are also doing pretty well (after all people will never stop reading their news)… weather oriented sites… the same, so just suppose… you mix all the pros of several sites (types) together and launch a, lets say “Sozial Network Oriented Hyper Portal” with content that covers all range of information people might seek (currently on different sites) still with a Sozial Network touch and extend functionality into the “verified” data range….

    Well.. in that case you will have more for less… and certainly having studied users behavior for the past few years have some have more pro’s than con’s over FBs philosophy…

    Hope someone else contributes so there might be a discussion on these issues :)

  • http://www.dating-russian-brides.com steve fowler

    I am discusted with face book. They banned my website because they saw me as a threat to their system.
    I believe in watertight security when it comes to dating and social networking sites should meet that challenge, insisting on full I’d checks for membership.

    They indirectly support paedophiles for one reason – quicker growth is revenue.
    They punish those who can see this realty by banning them, even if they have the highest moral and business standards.

    Romantic Adventures

  • Guest

    facebook can be replaced with:

    a 10 oz ball peen hammer
    an car with an empty power steering fluid reservoir

    Simply have someone turn the steering wheel on the old car, so it makes a
    and while that’s happening
    HIT YOURSELF on the side of the head with the hammer.


    You don’t need facebook at all anymore!
    Same effect!

  • David

    I don’t think it’s a good thing when a online service affects the offline life. Seven more days and im gone forever from Facebook. It feels much better to be without it, almost like it has been som kind of virus in my life that constantly wanted my attention :)

  • http://www.webdesignerillinois.com James Allen

    I believe that Facebook and Google will battle it out for a while for the most popular site, but in the end, they will just be popular sites striving to compete with exceptional social platforms that are sure to be concieved and developed along with the already existing ones.

    Google has one huge advantage though. They have their hands in everything web related, where Facebook is strictly a social network. Google buys up as much of the new web related technologies that they can to continue to give it’s users more reasons to stay. Unless the new Open Graph system delivers highly desired ads that users appreciate, the users will delete their accounts or use the network less once they are annoyed by the increase in ads that the Open Graph system will surely deliver.

    With that being said, Google will continue to compete. Facebook is walking a tight rope at the moment, with their ability to stay a true contender on the line.

  • http://femtobeam.com femtobeam

    As long as facebook is FREE, it will continue to draw in users and those users will begin to spend more and more of their time on facebook. The format is correct, allowing friends to find one another, email and comment on one another’s posts easily with notifications in emails. Mainly, it took a stance of being compatible with all formats, Google and Microsoft, Apple and Linux. It is accessible by all Internet carriers.

    Facebook is building the Internet network of the future with this many users, requiring huge infrastructure and storage. It does not need to be profitable if it is building the network infrastructure of broadband. This in turn allows companies to combine with facebook and share network resources, decreasing infrastructure costs for everyone.

    As facebook expands into advanced search functions for users to find information and most importantly, video phone integration for full motion interactivity between users, it could grow into the way people live online. Theoretically, this can expand into mobility and even brain interfaces at a later stage.

    It has also become an extremely important source of news and investigative journalism and video’s. This in turn leads to a more informed public and government, which can take advantage of millions of of instances of open source information. It can affect public opinion and decision makers as consensus develops on issues as a result. It can be a force for truth in the world, as anyone who has intelligent and well informed friends to debate with, knows all too well.

    The most important part of facebook is it’s ability to allow the individual to make choices…about what they post, who they chose to friend and most importantly…a way to dismiss friends and block unwanted access by people.

    It is user centric and tolerating of much diversity in the world. This is why there is no stopping facebook. The most important part about it is nothing is ever erased, like Google, and so information will remain until the end of time. You are what you say you are on facebook, not what others say you are.

    It might even stop disinformation warfare, used to frame and incarcerate people, with hearsay. It is the best thing that has ever happened to sociology and what the Internet was envisioned for… a way for everyone to communicate with people of their choice at a time of their choosing, anywhere in the world. It can tear down social barriers and unite the world in new ways.

    More power to facebook! They are going to need power plants and their own satellites soon, so hopefully those who benefit from it the most will jump on board the facebook bandwagon.

  • http://www.ParaphrasingMatters.com Syed Rehan

    May 20, 2010 will be celebrated as FB boycott day in many muslim countries. The page has already banned in some countries like Pakistan “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”. The page owner wants its member to draw cartoons about Muhammad (PBUH). FB has already received 1000s of complaint about it, in fact, the page is against there own policies but they are silent and not taking any action against this hatred page.

    On May 20, a large number of muslims not less than a million will boycott FB.

    I believe if it continues this type of discriminatory and hatred policies then it will certainly loose its market, at least in the Muslim world.

    • Anonymous

      Its freedom of expression…who cares if they boycott it…I don’t like the way they dress..so Im gonna boycott them!!!

      • Guest

        Draw Mohammed day is against facebook‘s own terms. And you can dream about boycotting Muslims, no worries.

      • Guest

        This is not the freedom of expression. It is a person’s choice weather he wants to cover herself or wants to go nude on the streets. But there are certain universal ethical practices that needs to be considered. Nobody has given a right to any person to do humiliating acts with the religious figures of other religions – this is insane – not a freedom.

        A well cultured and educated society don’t allow this – at any level.

        The making cartoons of any prophet is simply showing how extremist approach you have adopted for that particular religion, regardless of your religious believes.

  • http://www.soundblab.com/ Bob

    Someone above beat me to it but smaller, niche networks will be the future. I’d like to take this opportunity for a shameless plug of my social network. http://www.soundblab.com/

    We believe we’ve built the first of these smaller targeted social networks. No one will replace Facebook, it does everything you need and everyone is on there. Myspace is out dated, poor technology, ultra slow load time. Soundblab is for the alternative music community, it’s very early days but it’s growing fast. The difference here is also that we provide content for people to chat about, that I feel is another change we will have to see from other networks.

    When we looked at doing something different from Facebook, the main thing for me was to be able to network with NEW people over a common interest. With Facebook I only find myself getting in touch with old friends. With Soundblab we’ll be encouraging people to network through the bands they love.

    I’d love to know what you think, please sign up, access the network and invite friends. Then get in touch with me through the site and let me know your thoughts. There’s only three of us working on design, development and writing content, with no financial backing so go easy on us.

  • http://vepzone.es.tl/ Efren P.

    Hi Chris Crum, no doubt Facebook will continue to maintain the majority of users to share the only way unlike Twitter and other social networks no matter the season Privacy., Greetings.

    • Guest

      Faceboook is gonna lose in the end if they go to pay..make the advertisers PAY!!

  • NoFacebookTweetNik

    Betty White had it right when she quipped recently on Saturday Night Live that Facebook seems to be a big waste of time. I finally got a Facebook account for business reasons and I just seem to see a lot of useless information posted on my wall by my friends. Why does everyone think anyone else cares that they just brushed their teeth (unless they never brush their teeth and this is a major first step toward their hygiene) or that they think the guy they are sitting next to is hot! or that they just finished checking out at the grocery store. I don’t need all this constant reporting on mindless, useless facets of one’s daily life. I want to know the sort of things you tell me about in an email or a letter or a phone call. If that is what I saw on my wall, I would have something worth reading. I think Facebook could easily be replaced but is the population ready to stop sharing the details of their latest fart to actually go to something useful? That is the real question we need the answer to. I guess that makes me a social networking fart. And proud of it!

  • http://www.folkdirect.com Simona

    Well, it all got a bit much for me and I’ve migrated all my shiz over to www.folkdirect.com

    It’s built around privacy controls (you can customise pretty much everything) and has walls, groups, blogs, photos… videos… blah blah :)

  • http://www.sem-seo-service.com SEM Consultant

    To say Facebook cannot be replaced would be utterly foolish. Anything can be replaced and eventually is. The way I see it there are a couple of issues that will eventually need to be resolved for it to continue.
    1. Security – I see more viruses/worms on Facebook through the so called “Hey you oughta see what we caught you doing…YouTube Videos” that are fronts for anti-virus software promoters. Several people have said that they get a deaf ear from facebook on that issue citing that it is their responsibility. Not sure I agree with that reply.
    2. Paid service – most people will NOT pay a monthly fee to get swamped with ads. Facebook is a marketers dream come true. You can set your ads to run based on any combination of profile modifiers you want and only extremely targeted audiences will ever see them. It is a literal pot of gold. Make the marketer pay higher rates for advertising. They will do it because they know they will still get great conversions.
    3. There are a few more items people complain about but as the size of the Facebook community continues to grow, this one will eventuallyget rid of more people than anything else. We are in the generation of “NOW”. I want it now and I want it fast. Look at all of the millions of smartphone users today. Facebook has grown so large so fast they haven’t come close to keeping up with the traffic load. It was a little slow a couple years ago but today it is like molasses in the middle of January. Instant conversation if fine but only if it truly is instant. They need to work on the server speed very soon.

    I like going on for business and for social reasons. But the idea fo getting hit by show stopping virusware, paying a service charge to login and snail speeds are things that will eventually drive me away for sure, I imagine others as well.
    Thanks for your ear! :)

  • http://www.sebastyne.com Sebastyne

    The people who are usually the ones making life difficult for a web developer are the ones that will hold Facebook where it is for a long time to come: Those that resist change. They will probably stay on long after the change-loving people have moved on, and will force a big portion of change loving people to come back at least from time to time.

    Somehow, Facebook has managed to convince a lot of slow moving people to join up – or actually their members did that for them – but it will be a lot harder for anyone to convince them that there is something bigger and better out there, that you should try next.

    If someone comes up with a new *same* thing with an easier navigation, that might be dangerous to Facebook. (Simple as that.)

  • Morepork

    Facebook betrayed the trust of its users by not being up-front about the information being collected and how it was being used. Users are generally naive and when something is free they figure they have nothing to lose. The fact is that there can be much to lose.

    There have already been cases of people applying for jobs and being turned down, not because of the contents of their Resume, but because of some party photos on Facebook. The young are trusting and don’t necessarily understand the reasons why something like FB exists in the first place. (Clue: it is not to provide a useful service for users…)

    As the user base becomes older and more experienced they will realise that the “benefits” of FB membership are marginal and there are many alternative (and arguably better…) ways to keep in touch.

    It isn’t about a “contest” between FB and alternatives; it is about whether FB can be trusted with your personal data.

    It has demonstrated that it can’t be and for many people that will be reason enough to cancel subscription.

    In the same way that people filter the friends they have and become aware of who’s a gossip and who can be trusted, social networks like FB will be evaluated. It isn’t the “only game in town”.

    On that basis alone its demise is assured (unless some huge changes are made and it is seen to be better.)

    I’d give it 10 years.

  • Guest northwolf

    I deleted mine months ago… BEFORE the privacy thing. It’s just a huge egotistical dark well that I would prefer not to fall into. I’m not interested in re-living my past thru old high school hookups and knowing what everyone is doing now. … and I def don’t need to know that somebody just finished brushing their teeth ;)

  • http://www.searchsquad.com.au Mark – Search Squad

    I don’t get it.
    All these social networking sites and Facebook is the leader by a long shot. Obviously it offers people what they want so they use it.
    Then you get this vocal minority moaning about privacy and whatever else they can fault. I bet they are the same people who protest against swearing on television and short skirts.
    Get over it, people. You are responsible for yourself, not everyone else, so keep your bitching to a minimum, please.
    Whatever replaces Facebook will have flaws too, you can be sure of that, so keep those complaints to yourself too.

  • http://www.blogkraze.com Cordy

    I don’t see Facebook being replaced anytime soon but many will move.
    I have started using BlogDumps.com great company behind the web site.
    Privacy is not an issue, get a blog, upload videos, share music, host photos, you can customize everything. There is even a discussion forum, toolbar, Instant Messenger with video like skype and it’s free you can even email the owner and he replies. Five Stars for them!


  • Veronica

    It’s not going to happen any time soon. It will be on a voluntary basis in the beginning.(May 31st) Others will be watching. When problems arise with (really) deleting the account as opposed to deactivation means then more resistance to Facebook will build.

    In my opinion if Facebook wants to keep there Family, Friends of Friends, and everyone’s profile they store of Terabyte servers they should be more ethical with their business practices and change the attitude I have your information so deal with the consequences.

    The future is open to any company that can come up with a better version of Facebook.

  • Alan

    When enough people find their identity or bank accounts compromised because their personal information has been published, and that same personal information is used to “verify” the identity of impostors seeking to drain their bank accounts, the same wildfire spread of news that built Facebook will shut them down, (if they do not reconsider their personal data sharing).

  • http://www.join.yournight.com/gaggs Michael Gagliano

    No doubt FaceBook will be around for a very long time but there’s a new kid on the block. This new kid is the New Generation of Social Media / Networking. This kid has amalgamated all of the trends & directions that this medium is heading towards & packaged it in an environment that keeps you in touch with everything you need under one roof. It provides shelter & security & the site is fully customizable when it come to privacy & settings. This is the site where you no longer need to have other sites open to conduct what ever it is you do, it can all be done from this one site. Include the fact that it pays you, whether a free member or a paid member ( less than a pack of cigarettes a month ) has a dating portal, shopping, blog, & more, it is definitely the New Way of staying connected online.

    Check it out here – http://www.join.yournight.com/gaggs

    This may be of interest to you!


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    YN launched in Nov 2009 and is on track to grow to 10 million members by the end of 2010 and 50 million members by the end of 2011

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    Social Media is growing one million times faster then any other MLM or network marketing business out there..

    You can register FREE with YN, but you want to upgrade to GOLD Member ($10 per month) to take advantage of the incredible earning potential.

    YN allows you to tailor individual privacy settings for all 5 profiles (Friends, Family, Professional, Dating and Blogging) so you can separate your private life from your business life

    YN is the only social media site that shares 55% of their profits with their member base an
    jl;slgjorjhd 5% goes to childrens charities.

    EVEN MORE EXCITING! YN is launching a unique and innovative online shopping mall. You can save up to 20% with over 1000 leading retailers within the YN website and when your downline shop you earn as well!! (Launching May 2010)

    Timing and Opportunity are the key with any

    this is the right time and definitely the opportunity of the decade!

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    • @ Michael Gagliano

      You said:

      YN (YourNight) social media site is the first site that pays you to invite your friends!

      I say:

      How about PeopleString??? They started 1 year earlier – I’m in. Do your homework. Stop the spam.

  • Roger

    Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, that’s all you ever hear! Well, have I got news for everyone out there! Facebook will be replaced by www.wattszup.com. Try this social network, and you will see what I am talking about.

  • http://www.facerecognitionsolution.com Face Recognition

    Yes.. It can be replace. Change is the rule of world and each new thing replace the old one whatever it is a technology, new trend, website or Facebook.

    previously twitter was so popular than Myspace replaced by Facebook
    so now twitter or something else?
    Buzz?? nah…
    then what? no one knows but yes with current issues with Face book, when people are qitting it and not trusting it, it may go down soon..

    but who replace it that is a big ???

  • http://www.skinthecat.co.za Skin The Cat

    So it won’t be too long before people are being paid to ‘like’ something… and Facebook ads will become a victim of their own popularity!!

  • http://seo.tolafamakinwa.net Tola

    I guess it’s getting to the point where someone else is going to take the shine off Facebook. That said, I still believe facebook is going to be around for a while yet, there are still a lot of people who just don’t care about the privacy issue; or they feel they are relatively covered already.

    What just amazes me is the way people are trying to cash in on the facebook bad publicity by releasing all kinds of other social networking sites that don’t do jack!! I mean, Pleaseee!!

  • http://www.websitequote60.com/ Website development enthusiast

    Simply put, facebook by design is a clever and well thought out website – its users promote the website; They also design all the apps that go with it! As was pointed out in the article, the website design structure is such that privacy issues remain the responsibility of users who are easily able protect their data and profile. I cant fault the site as such, and don’t really see any issues or flaws, and I cant see them losing the monopoly in the forseable future either. “Well done Facebook” I suppose!

  • http://www.orentodoros.com Oren Todoros

    The article doesn’t give a hint or a simple idea of how Facebook ads could be integrated into websites. Even Google’s AdSense doesn’t come without it’s problems or lack of relevant. I don’t see a way “in the near future” that Facebook ads could be any more relevant.

  • Guest

    I used FB for games and thats all. When Zynga pulls out (if they do), I’ll have no use for it.

    I hate their advertising, they cater to deceptive trash advertising and scams – but then, I see the same trash and scams on some big name news sites, and of course, most of it is channeled through google.

    FB don’t listen to complaints.

    In general I don’t see any problems with FB enough so they’d slide under to someone else. I can’t image there are many companies willing to spend the tens of millions it would take to get up to speed and offer the same level of connectivity etc.

    They might lose 30% of their base through a number of management failures, starting with greed, and including stupidity. As long as they try hard to give people what they want, they’ll be fine.

  • Rock

    I’ve tried and tried, but I hate facebook. I maintain a profile for work and social networking, but I avoid using it as much as possible. Before FB, people actually used to write each other and stay in touch. Despite myspace ills, people stayed in personal touch with each other. FB propagates farms and mobsters and app mania, plus the continual silly status updates. Hardly anything of real contact happens with most other than thousands of event postings! Please spare me. It will continue because fluff is more important to people today than using brain cells. I would miss it, let me think, not at all!

  • http://www.paraphrasingmatters.com Syed Rehan

    As expected, the government of Pakistan has decided to block/ban FB till May 31st as a protest against the page “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”.

    People of Pakistan also liked this step. In fact, there are many who wants the complete closure of FB in Pakistan like Youtube in China.

    “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” is the page who clearly violating FB’s own policies but they are silent since it is only against muslims.

    Keep in mind that the number of users of FB in Pakistan is well over 2 million.

  • Guest

    What is an open graph??

  • http://www.SEO-writer.ca David SEO

    Only on Star Trek are the expendable and non-expendable characters. The Internet is more like M*A*S*H where characters were replaced just as in real life (Trapper John, Frank Burns, Radar O’Reilly, Henry Blake).

    The question before us about FaceBook is the same one that people were asking about Alta Vista…until Google came along.

  • Robin

    FaceBook replaced MySpace and Twitter because it offered something better. No one could conceive of FB or know why it was better until it was there, we tried it and stayed. I was on MySpace and Yearbook and got bored looking at people’s “pages” and being “admired” by total strangers. I was also on Twitter but didn’t want to be checking the stream 24/7. Facebook was a nice balance and the games sucked me in. Just the right balance of interaction vs. control over when I checked in and why. If something came along that was as entertaining (with me in the driver’s seat) but the privacy was easier to control, I’d probably spend more time there. I never made the conscious choice “I’ll hang out on Facebook and not MySpace.” I just found that Facebook drew my attention and MySpace didn’t anymore. I don’t like switching, but if something came along that drew my attention more than Facebook (like my life at the moment!) I’d be gone…

  • http://www.my-moood.com Sam


    My Moood opened a few days ago. It is a 100% Green ( servers powered with Green renewable energy). My Moood has no ads and very customizable functions. It has also more functionnalities than facebook ( forum, voting, rating, blogs, marketplace…).

    So, to answer the question, yes, I think that facebook can be replaced.

    Have a nice day,


  • Sam

    “Yes, and the future replacer is My Moood

    My Moood opened a few days ago. It is a 100% Green social website ( servers powered with Green renewable energy). My Moood has no ads and very customizable functions. It has also more functionnalities than facebook ( forum, voting, rating, blogs, marketplace…).

    So, to answer the question, yes, I think that facebook can be replaced.

    Have a nice day,


    ( going to be on tv very soon…)

  • http://www.atlantawebsites.com Guest

    Facebook need the media. The media en masse basically DROPPED FB during this recent coverage of FB issues. I think they went too fast, which is also what felled MySpace, in my opinion.

    Maybe, they just got behind on their bills…


  • http://BlogTalkRadio.com/ApprenticeTeacher Vinbeazel ApprenticeTeacher

    ApprenticeMentors radio networks have used the radio blog site BlogTalkRadio for the past two years, in education and mission outreach. We would like to see a Face BookRadio blog that streams from Facebook and can be used right on the site. We think that radio blogs are an important element for keeping people connected around the world. Any suggestions?

  • http://www.hawaiilifeofluxury.com Tina

    The fact that Facebook has many issues and continues to receive negative news on topics such as privacy, hackers, slow response time, etc ….

    In my view, that means that somebody soon will build a better mousetrip, making Facebook a distant cyberspace memory,

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