Call of Duty Elite Down For Many Users, Problems Seem To Be Varied

Service appears to be still intermittent

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Call of Duty Elite Down For Many Users, Problems Seem To Be Varied
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Call of Duty Elite, the social gaming network launched around Modern Warfare 3, hasn’t gotten off to the best start. The service, inundated by membership requests, has been unable to get itself fully operational since MW3 launched last Tuesday.

Originally plagued by registration and login issues, the problems have spread to actual functionality of the service. The huge demand by players to track stats, make matches, and organize clans has crashed servers. The service is currently still given “intermittent” status on the official Elite status site, which acknowledged the problems late last week. After blaming high traffic on the failures, they announced that they would throttle access while they worked on the problems –

We are also going to temporarily limit access to Elite services on both the console applications and website while we build additional capacity and scale. We’ll look to increase access to greater numbers of users as soon as possible

In order to assuage frustrated gamers, Elite offered a free month of premium service to existing premium users and extended the Founder eligibility period (where new MW3 players can sign up) until the end of November.

Here’s the latest from the Elite status page:

As we continue to keep everyone updated on the steps we’re taking here to get more of you into Call of Duty Elite, we are aware that some users have been denied entry into the service once they have input their age. We recognize that in regions around the world player age requirements vary. We are happy to say that we have identified some solutions to this issue. Our team is working on the technical changes required, and we expect to announce the details soon on this change. Meanwhile, if you purchased MW3 and were not able to register for Call of Duty ELITE, we wanted to make you aware of this pending change, and we thank you for your patience.

We remain committed to taking all of the necessary steps to increase our capacity for all our users. The Call of Duty Elite team will keep you updated at callofduty.com/elitestatus. Continue to check back here for overall Elite status or for a complete list of FAQs, check out our customer service site. We will also give you updates regularly through the official Twitter account, @CallofDutyElite.

We’re working around the clock 24/7 to resolve things, so thanks again for your patience.

That Twitter account looks like it’s been hit with a load of questions, and it looks like it’s doing its best to answer them. From the wide variety of complaints, we can see that the Elite outage is affecting multiple parts of the service.

Twitter user xMimisReal looks to be having the same problem that this writer is having:

@CallOfDutyElite Dear CoD Elite.
Im trying for days now to enter my Elite Account,but i always get the Throtled error.
Regards, Mimis. 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Paddy1322 looks to be having the age verification issue that they mentioned in the above statement:

@CallOfDutyElite my xbox says this account is not egible but i am 18 in the uk but my msn says im 17 is this going to be fixed cheers 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Some seem to still be having problems even logging in:

@CallOfDutyElite Six days and still “Due to heavy traffic, we cannot process your login request.” Along with no founder entitlements. ??? 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Clan making features are currently down as well right now, according to Elite –

@CallOfDutyElite it let me create a clan but wont let me invite anyone…says i have no friends. Any chance this will be working by tonight? 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Call of Duty Elite’s response to all of these queries basically take this form:

@EveryoneHatesP This feature is down at present, keep an eye on ELITE status for updates http://t.co/oVwcUALw 4 hours ago via CoTweet · powered by @socialditto

According to feedback we received on a previous WebProNews article on the topic, the problems are prevalent and varied. And many users are beginning to lose patience. Will Elite have to offer more than what they’ve already offered in order to assuage frustrated players? Let us know what you think.

Call of Duty Elite Down For Many Users, Problems Seem To Be Varied
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  • Tyler

    Mine is telling me An Internal Server Error Occurred

    An unexpected system error occurred.

    • joe

      I bought the hardened package and I can’t even use the service. Nothing works. The thing is a total c0ck up.

  • chris

    when i load elite now it runs amazingly fast and i havebt encountered an error yet that was only about 2 hrs ago but i restarted it many times an it worked out fine! elite is the only thing keeping mw3 i still think they should offer more tho and all my dlc isnt free yet! and i didnt get my camos fot beimg founder o well not a big deal as long as i get all 4 map packs free

    • Tyler

      i cant even verify my account so i can have full access, it wont let me

  • http://? kainer

    I registered my elite membership with the wrong email address how do I change this to activate my founder wotsit and stuff ?

  • http://? runtins

    Same here Kainer, I have registered my elite membership with the wrong email address I can’t activate membership , how do we change email address so we can activate ?????

    • Tyler

      you might not be able to, until Elite is back up and running

  • Tyler

    An Internal Server Error Occurred

    An unexpected system error occurred.

    Is anybody else getting this when they try to finish their registration for Elite?

    • Michael

      I’m having issues registering my account, let alone access to the service. I received the e-mail to confirm my e-mail address, but when I try to accept the Terms of Use Agreement the page simply sits there – nothing changes and nothing happens. Frustrating. I was willing to purchase this service for the access to map packs after I used the free service for a short time, but now I’m wondering if that will work as promised…

      • Tyler

        Same i got the confirmation email, i click the link enter my info. and then it says

        An Internal Server Error Occurred

        An unexpected system error occurred.

    • Jake

      I am having the same problem but mine also says error 500 let me know if there is any news on fixing this.

      • Tyler

        mine also says error 500

  • Paul

    Call of Duty Elite should extend their subscription service, drop their price for subscription, and should extend the deadline for founder status. At present, they are asking millions of users to pay a high premium price for a service that only a few lucky individuals have been able to use. Why would I sign my name on a service that is plainly broken?

    The free service of Elite is not even usable. Can you imagine a sales pitch or presentation where the lead designer demonstrates a product that does not work?

    The smart and public relations-type thing to do is to offer the gaming community free access to elite’s subscription service for a limited amount of time (one month) and advertise the elite subscription and “founder” status ONCE they can properly show off their wares.

    If this seems too hard for Elite’s servers (which it seems to be the case for the basic service), then why not just extend the deadline to obtain “founder” (nice ploy there) status? You should not punish the cautious consumer for not wanting to buy into this hefty ($50) price tag when they cannot even use it (paid elite service) or test it out (basic service).

    Offering the customer a product for a premium price when the BASIC package/version does not work is outrageous. It is the equivalent of trying to sell someone a car with an expensive window tinting costing extra when it has no tires.

    At present, it is reasonable to assume that many gamers will not pay for the subscription service since they are not able to use it. Those who already paid for such service are twiddling their thumbs, vainly trying to log into their premium service every night and finding they cannot get what they paid for.

    Of course, there is a large number of people who have paid for the service and are presently signing up right now to avoid expending more money on the overpriced map packs due to come out later. That is a different story, but it is still full of that old fashioned snake-oil that is poisoning the gaming industry.

    Games are so much of a big business now, which means the gaming customer will lose out as they pay for more and more things that should have been included in the game(map packs) or at least for a cheaper price (Elite).

    • Paul

      When mentioned the idea of extending the “founder” status deadline; I also meant beyond the end of November. Judging from the past week, it does not look like the Elite service will be functional by the end of this month. Consumers should have more time to at least use the basic service to make an informed decision on whether or not to pay for the full package. This mentality should not be punished by the current “founder” status deadline.

  • marlin toney

    im not able to get on my elite accont either, really upset because i paid all that money to get the harden pack just for the elite service.NOT HAPPY! waiting for mobile app too. whats the hold up? why so many problems?

    • Tyler

      someone hacked Elite, and it messed everyone’s Services up

  • tony dooley

    will anyone be able to simply give us a date when this is going to be working or shall i return the game back to the asda and buy skyrim, reply please

    • Tyler

      Skyrim is so much better

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/wiredwifi SOuthpawSoldier

    You would think a gaming giant like Activision would hav the tools to pull this off. They were expecting MW3 to break records so why are they so suprised with the amount of traffic?

  • James

    Man I was so happy to get the elite package come to find it didn’t even work that puts a downer on my empty pocket

  • http://chchcheckit.com Brandon

    Is it just me… Or are the services that Activision is trying to sell oddly similar to those that Bungie have for Halo? Ironically, Bungie offer their services for free, and their servers didn’t crash like Elite is, and Activision wants us to pay them to use it… Wtf?

  • josh

    hey im all signed up site is working fine for me no problem exept im not geting m
    y title and emblem and i preordered this months back

  • Joe

    Mine just has a green lock in the corner of the adress bar and it takes ages to load, had computer on for 4hours yesterday not even close in getting access..

    They really need to make the capactiy 20x bigger or even more due to how many people with Founder/Premium are trying to get on it.

    Juat sort it out or you will loose alot of COD ELITE users and people sending there MW3 back to places because of the ELITE servers.


  • Yang

    Did anyone of you guys get your lvl reset…on 11/13 i was 73….then on 11/14 I was at 66…..please can anyone tell me what this means……

  • H-TRAIN49

    my elite works prefect now. I have my elite titles and emblems and everything us working perfect. I must be a lucky one

  • GWF

    I have registered with my code for a prepaid year and I am stuck on the user agreement page (360). Having returned to the site to verify my profile, I am further frustrated by unexpected server errors. For me, this much heralded pay to play IP is disappointing!

  • Russell

    I put the wrong email in that is no longer active. So i can’t activate my account . I have a new email but i dont know how to chage it. It has been a week now and still can’t use elite. What do i do?

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