Cady McClain Joins ‘The Young and the Restless’ Cast

    February 27, 2014
    Jerrica Tisdale
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All My Children fans will see one of their favorites return to the soap world: Cady McClain has a new gig.

The soap star played Dixie Cooney-Martin on-and-off from 1988 until the show officially ended in 2013. She joins CBS’s The Young and the Restless to replace Cynthia Watros, who currently plays Kelly Andrews on the soap opera. Her final scenes will shoot March 14 and air April 16. McClain then shoots March 26, and makes her first appearance on April 24.

Young and the Restless’s Kelly will be recast, instead of dying, because the show plans to romantically pair her with Peter Berman’s character, Jack Abbott. Watros is leaving the daytime drama to star in a show called Find Carter, which has been picked up by MTV for a full 12 episodes.

According to TVLine, Finding Carter is about “a teenager named Carter (Skins‘ Kathryn Prescott) who seemingly has the perfect life with fun-loving single mom Lori (Law & Order‘s Milena Govich), until the police bust a high school party and she discovers Lori abducted her as a toddler. Now Carter must return to the family who thought they had lost her. As she navigates brand new parents (Angel‘s Alexis Denisof and Lost‘s Watros), a twin sister (newcomer Anna Jacoby-Heron) high school and boys, she vows to find Lori before the only mom she’s ever known is gone forever.”

All My Children was canceled in 2011, but revised and brought to exclusive Hulu and iTunes platforms. Hulu and iTunes uploaded episodes from April-September 2013. In November, the show was officially canceled for good. Various former All My Children cast members have been finding work on other soap operas and primetime dramas. Since the soap opera’s cancellation, McClain has worked on a short film and penned a memoir. Besides All My Children, McClain appeared on As the World Turns as Rosanna, on-and-off, from 2002 until the show’s 2010 cancellation.

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  • carol

    So why is it that Jack is not paired up with someone close to his age? He is 60, Cady is 44. Typical Hollywood crap that has the older man paired up with someone much younger.

    • tigger

      Peter Bergman 60? I don’t think he is suppose to be that old!

      • tigger

        oops, just looked it up born in 1953. I stand corrected!

        • gramtee14

          does that make him 61?

      • Judy Pennington

        Peter will look handsome for another 30 years. He just has that kind of face.

        • McKay

          Yeah, right. He’s about as handsome as ole prune faced Victor…………and speaking of looks… how about the new Billy Abbott? Holy Smoke… what a scrunched up face!

      • guest

        By the way, 60 is not old. I just turned 58 recently.

    • Annie

      Men with that much money can get young women, who want money

  • Gail Ferrell

    If they wanted someone older they would have kept the one that they had-to pair her and Billy up was crazy. She is definetly to old and cannot act either.

  • Springs1

    Every time I see Cynthia Watros, her face is just weird. According to the internet, she had plastic surgery is probably why. It just makes her look really bad. She looks good in a way, but her face is just VERY weird looking. Personally I much rather look at this new recast than her ANY DAY! If she really did have plastic surgery for beauty means(not because she really needed it), she made herself look like Joan Rivers.

  • Judy Pennington

    Well, as far as I’m concerned, they could have hooked up Kelly and Billy and then booted them both off the show. This new/old Billy can’t act for crap and I for one am sick to death of his whiny self.

    • louise

      yea, bring the other Billy back………..new one ……..?

      • Annie

        The new Billy was once Billy before. I like him.

      • Judy Pennington


  • louise

    what is happening to phyllis

  • Jane Roberts

    Show isn’t the same without Adam & Chelsea. I liked watching the love and happiness they had. I think there should be at least one loving happy couple in all soaps, one where nothing goes bad with the relationship.

  • alice

    Is Phyliss coming back? Hope Adam comes back.I wondered at first if he really was blind his eyes looked like it.

    • Annie

      The same Adam will NOT be back, but, remember they showed his fingers moving in the last shot of the accident.

      • alice

        yes i rember fingers moving. I liked the old Adam.Its like the B&B they replaced Ridge who has been on for years. i don’t like the new Ridge he is not even close to looking like the old one. I am glad they are replacing Kelly she looked so old for Billy any way.The actor is the brother of Heather Tom used to be on Y&R now on B&B

  • McKay

    Why hook her up with this old crab Jack and what about Phyllis? Or is she gone for good. I hope!

    • http://batman-news.com Deborah manago

      Yes, please bring back the old Billy, I can’t stand this orginal Billy!!!!!! He’s not even cute

  • Alis

    Real Question is why is Neal not paired with someone closer to his age??? Why not pair him with one of the women from Girlfriends or from the cast of SoulFood???? The new Billy needs to study under old Billy for acting lessons. Much more pleasant with Phyllis gone, hope.
    Tyler and Abby’s storyline is fake and getting tired…….and why would Nikki offer $5 million to an old guy who took advantage of her when she was younger when all she had to do was tell Victor or her two sons that he was bothering her and Summer???

    • guest

      WHY not call the cops like any NORMAL person would do in that situation?

  • Annie

    I do not understand why the Kelly they have now is not wearing any makeup. She looks so pale and old. People who grieve a child can wear makeup after, if that is why they did it. Great someone else is taking her place.

  • meme

    Why pair jack with someone his brother has slept with, there is enough of that in real life?