Cab Vomit Fee: Blowing Chunks Could Cost You Big Bucks

    July 3, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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A cab vomit fee doesn’t seem all that far-fetched to me. Given the amount of folks who probably spew copious amounts of puke all over the inside of taxis on a regular basis, I’m surprise more cities aren’t adopting some sort payment system. You defile the back seat, you have to pay extra. That should include any bodily fluids, as I’m sure drivers are forced to contend with a wide variety of expulsions during their careers.

The next time you’re feeling woozy in Chicago and decide to empty the contents of your stomach onto the floorboard of a cab, you may find yourself staring down a $50 fine, courtesy of the city itself. On July 1st, your uncouth, uncivilized behavior, which is usually the result of too much alcohol, will take a small chunk out of your wallet. Honestly, if they want to really drive the point home, they’ll charge these clowns more than just $50. Anyone who thinks they can barf profusely into a cab and not have to deal with the consequences deserves to have their bank account drained. In my opinion, the fine should be based on weight and volume.

“As a retired Chicago cabbie, this tax is a good thing,” said Stan Schulz. “Since I mostly drove nights and dealt with a lot of drunks, I had to clean up passengers vomit many times.. you have to get the smell out of your cab immediately or other people will refuse to get in the car.”

If you think a $50 cab vomit fee is unfair, then perhaps you should take R.L. Stine’s advice and just roll down the window and blow chunks onto the poor schmoes standing on the sidewalk. By the time they realize what they’re covered in, chances are you’ll be blocks away from the scene of the crime. Unless, of course, you’re stuck in traffic. If that’s the case, then, again, you deserve whatever repercussions lie ahead.

How do folks on Twitter feel about the fine? You can sample some of their reactions in the space provided below. Unless you’re just an insensitive alcoholic with a serious chip on your shoulder about the right to puke while intoxicated, chances are you’ll be amused.

  • http://yahoo mommiedearest

    If a person is truly sick and not a result of alcohol, don’t fine them. How about providing barf bags like on an airplane. I once got off a bumpy plane ride over the Rockies, got in a cab in LA and the ride was as bad as the plane. I didn’t get sick but got tossed around in that cab like a ball. The last thing I would want would be a fine!

    • Upchuck

      What! No Barf Bags? Better have them in the back seat prominently displayed or there will be a law Suit !

  • Susan

    I don’t blame them. If I had to drive a bunch of drunks around and clean up after them I would too.

  • Shirley Spencer

    Can someone please tell me what the term “amount of people” means? (See quote below) This is just one of the latest examples of the “dumbing down” of America which persistently appears in the written works of those whose income is based on their ability to communicate using our language. “Amount” is used for things which cannot be counted – number is the correct term for things which can be counted. Example: The amount of money is determined when you count the number of dimes you are holding. The number of people who vomited in a cab would be responsible for the “amount” of vomit. The number of cups of flour used in a recipe would determine the amount of flour etc. Let’s get some standards back!
    “A cab vomit fee doesn’t seem all that far-fetched to me. Given the amount of folks who probably spew copious amounts of puke all over the inside of taxis on a regular basis…”


    Question? When a cab patron vomits or leaves any bodily fluids in the conveyance, how does the cabbie clean the vehicle? From experience, immediate reponse is needed. My suggestion would be a local coin operated high pressure wash station. If cloth interior is involved there is a vacuum station to remove liquids from cloth seats/floor boards etc. A clothes pin for your nose is strongly suggested, too! A fifty dollar fine is too low!!

  • jessica

    whats next 20 dollars if you sneeze

    • http://www.yahoo.com Henri Pontes

      Just don’t be nasty and hold your liquor/food together.

    • lasgr

      ridiculous comment jessica……
      those responsible should be the ones to clean it up.
      That’s what you’ll do if you mess in my ride,
      ANY mess.

    • your mama

      get the stick out your ass jessica

    • Upchuck

      No ! $ 20.00 if you Fart !

    • http://webpronews.com Blair

      I completely agree with you about how our English language is butchered!!! It is really sad to hear people,say things like:
      1)If I was going to go with you.
      2)you and me or me and him.
      3)one more time or 2 times; Or just plain inappropriate,such as:
      saying”congratulations” to the bride
      I do not know what part of the country you are in however; I am here in Denver and people are so,so, so low class and do not want to follow any kind of protocol, WHAT SO EVER.I call it just plain……….lazy.These are people that do not want to be told what to do ,even if it shows them in a better light!I have noticed that there is a growing love to be scum.You can tell;just by looking at the way people dress,……sometimes.I do not claim to always be right with everything that I do, however; I try my best to not act like what I see on a almost daily basis.
      You also have to realize that texting is taking over and that is another reason why we are beginning to look like animals- we are letting our boundaries slip away and I also think that a lot of people are not very intelligent; you see these texters are dealing with two languages here and those people are either not smart enough to use proper grammar or AGAIN they are just lazy.
      I just do my best to not let it eat at my soul; so that I am not taken down to their level .I can see what is happening here and it is that we are going back to the days of the Barbarian’s .I really hope this helps to put things back into perspective for you.

    • http://WEBPRONEWS gs

      Get over it.

  • Ty

    I can’t stand it when “journalists” make grammar errors. There is no such thing as an “amount of people.” People can be counted, thus there are “a number of people” or “numbers of people.” No wonder everyone else messes up the language. The supposed experts can’t get it right half the time.

  • Geoff Bush

    But what if the cabbie vomits in his own car? do taxpayers have to cover the cost of the HAZMAT team called in to cleanup?

    • kris10

      It is his own car…. it is his job.. No I don’t think people should be out drinking blah blah blah. However it was semi responsible for whoever is the passenger when they were drunk to call a cab… And like the most intelligent person on this page said if it is such a HUGE problem.. have barf bags like the plane. Also FYI not everyone who gets sick in a cab is hammered.

  • Dago

    Yeah, let’s discourage drunks from taking cabs. I’d rather vomit in my own car and risk hitting someone along the way. Is money all people ever think of?

    • Carlos

      How about not getting drunk in the first place? The penalties for driving drunk are a lot more than $50. Maybe you are too drunk right now to figure that out.

    • dirtyharry

      You would rather they drive their own car and kill some one

    • Ashley

      You would seriously rather risk killing someone and go to jail than shell out a possible 50 dollars? Says a lot about your character. I hope some one doesn’t have that same thought when it is your family are the innocent ones on the road. A good DD friend is free btw. Idiot.

      • Traci

        Way to go Ashley,they shouldn’t drive drunk.I’d rather someone pay 50.00 than to kill someone,by driving drunk.

      • http://WEBPRONEWS gs

        yea ashley everyone wants that.

  • Mary Darby

    I think this is fair. Why should the cabbie lose time and money when somebody pukes in his car? He certainly can’t pick up any more fares until the mess is cleaned up. It’s about time people are held responsible for their own messes.

  • hmg

    I think the fee is fair, if the person is drunk. However, if the person is suddenly nauseaus, then they should not be fined. They should give the cabbie and extra tip to get the car cleaned though. Last fall, I got into a cab and did not feel well. I asked him to pull over and he kept driving. I covered my mouth and tapped him on the shoulder and shouted, “I think I am going to throw up, please stop!, he smiled and kept going. My friend started yelling at him to stop,but he smiled and kept driving. By then it was too late. I threw up all over myself, on the floor and the door. I apologized and gave him an extra $20 to get the car cleaned. I felt bad but, it couldn’t be helped:(

  • mikerotch

    Sounds fair to me. You wouldn’t want someone throwing up in your car, regardless of the reason.

  • Wanda E LeveL

    Only $50? Charlottesville, Virginia cabbies charge $300 dollars. Remember they have to clean up bodily fluids, and also compensation for the time and money loss while the cab is out of commission!

    • dirtyharry

      Ever heard of recyling.LOL

  • http://yahoo Paul Milazzo

    What about the public bus?

    • dirtyharry

      AT least they could hose it down.three thumbs up.

    • Josh Brink

      why would people want to steal puke bags.

  • dirtyharry

    I think the barf bag was a great idea of course the riders would probaly steal them .

  • Skchey

    Thats nothing, they charge 100 here in Denver for the cleanup

  • Mary

    I think cabs should have vomit bags like airplanes do. Lots of people who take cabs do so because they are sick or drunk and unable to drive. They should expect that.

    A fee is a great idea but so is providing vomit bags.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/cab-vomit-fee-blowing-chunks-could-cost-you-big-bucks-2012-07 Jerry

    I am a Taxi driver, owner & operator in, Santa Barbara . I charge $120 for anybody that pukes in my cab . Most drivers charge $150 if you barf in their Taxi .Hmmmm, i think I’ll raise my rates……..

  • http://www.webpronews.com/cab-vomit-fee-blowing-chunks-could-cost-you-big-bucks-2012-07 Jerry

    PS – Would you clean up some stranger’s bodily fluids for $150 ? Not me . I’d rather stop & let them get out and puke ,Just like a drunk will tell you he’s / she’s NOT drunk most say they are not sick but the next thing you know is that they are puking up.It is discusting . We have to put up with a lot of crap but puking is the worse . It should be $300 .

  • http://www.webpronews.com/cab-vomit-fee-blowing-chunks-could-cost-you-big-bucks-2012-07 Pat

    You call $50 BIG BUCKS ?!! Ha, Ha, ha . I feel sorry for any cabbie who only gets $50 .

  • AL

    Or pay the $40.00 bag!

  • mike

    so what is the fine if you manage to puke on the cabbie?

    • Michael E Keller

      Ass whooping and another fee.


  • germophobe

    Not enough….it should be more. It’s barf. It’s nasty. It’s full of germs. I don’t care the reason why, if you barf in a car YOU should clean it up, not the driver. Disgusting. Who really wants to touch someone else’s nasty ass fluids? They’re exposing themselves to all sorts of germs. Ew.

    I think if someone’s drunk the cabbie should drop them off at the local police station. No excuses for getting drunk….if you can’t hold your liquor, don’t drink. If you’re sick, don’t leave the damn house. Stay inside, and don’t expose people to your germs. It’s inconsiderate for a paeron to leave the house when they’re sick and be around other people. That spreads germs, and I don’t know anyone who likes being sick.

    • Kendra Hawley

      Sick people generally have to see a doctor, and seeing a doctor would require leaving the house and being around other people. Doctors have long stopped doing house calls, so what do you suggest, that sick people stay home and die?

  • Michael E Keller

    Drove taxi for over 25 years. Put in Puke fee when I brought the Co.Had all my drivers always carry double plastics bags under seat. When you heard the first sound of some one getting sic. Pulled over gave them the bag.If they got any in taxi they had to pay if not enough money took there ID.Mostly collage students


  • http://www.lauravittadini.com LauraVittadini

    I definitely agree that if someone is drinking too much and starts throwing up in a cab (or anywhere), I honestly have the urge to do physical harm to that person. That is so disgusting and rude. If you’re some drunk pig, don’t ruin OTHER peoples’ belongings.

    On the other hand, I was once in a private car when (out of nowhere) I became really sick. I do not drink and for the record, I got OUT of the vehicle each time… I ended up having to go to the hospital and I had to have my gall bladder taken out. So, it was pretty serious.

    So with that, if someone was seriously sick – and it came out of nowhere or something – then that should really be different than some drunken, slob, loser.


    A friend vomited in my car while I took them home from their favorite bar.
    The next day; they paid me 1000 thousand dollars, stating, “much less than the cost of a DUI”. I strongly refused the money, friends take care of friends. It really was not that bad, but they insisted I take the money.
    A rare situation but so pleased they did not drive.

  • Josh Brink

    Better yet, the taxi should carry puke bags like airplanes do. Then the cab does not get puke all over the place and people can save their money and not get fined.

  • Mike

    Since when is $50 “Big Bucks”? I’ve seen cabbies in San Diego and Maryland have a sign charging up to $150 for it.

  • john turner

    the taxi companies here in binghamton have had a puking fee for years.

  • http://WEBPRONEWS gs

    No puking allowed at all. How would you like it if some one puked in your own personal car. That would be the last time they would e v e r ride with me. Would you allow some one to take a crap in your cab, because they felt the urge… then no puking in the cab. If they’re gonna puke stop the cab and make them get out and puke. Then charge them the cab fee plus the 150. puke fee, for having to put up with that. If they puke without warning, charge them a 300. fee and drop them off at the police station. No excuse for puking. If you gonna get sick get sick somewhere else and not in some cabbies car. If you want a puke then walk. p.s. I’m serious and I’m not a cab driver.