Byler Sextuplets, Kindergarten A Second Chance

    September 4, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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After breaking through the ovarian barrier together, the famous Byler sextuplets are returning to kindergarten; however, this time the group of six will all be separated from one other. The group of five boys and one girl started kindergarten last year, but were placed into two groups of three at that time. This time around, each child will be placed into a different classroom.

The children made history after being Florida’s first set of sextuplets when mom, Karoline Byler, gave birth on September 1, 2007. Karoline spoke about the unique mix of this group of sextuplets. “Five boys and one girl. No one else has that mix in the United States,” she said. The sister and brothers include: Mackenzie, Brady, Eli, Charlie, Ryan, and Jackson.

Knowing when your children are ready to handle certain obstacles is part of the challenges that any mother faces. Karoline Byler decided to have her children complete kindergarten a second time, instinctively knowing what their best interests are. “So everyone is repeating it, but this year everyone is going to be in separated classes. So, everyone will be alone and we will see how that goes,” she said.

Karoline Byler explained why some of her children are adapting more to the start of the school year than others. “Some of them like it. Some of them don’t. The ones that are more boisterous and outgoing are fine. The ones more quiet don’t. Jackson cried the whole way to school on the first day of school,” she said.

Giving birth to six babies at the same time is not a small feat, so it should come as no surprise that even after six years people are still talking about the news, and sharing in the excitement as this bunch continue to grow.

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  • suki

    I think instead of sticking taxpayers with an additional year of cost for her childrens education, she should do like many of us do—no television and playing ‘school’ with our kids everyday so that when they do start K they are already way ahead of most kids. Most parents just sit back and wait for their kids to be taught rather than be proactive and take the initiative themselves. My kids had lots of fresh air playtime, reading, simple math, flashcards, music, age appropriate videos on occasion, NO video games, lots of face to face time with both mom and dad, interaction with kids and I just graduated my last child from UC Davis. All of our kids received multiple full ride offers so that they had choices. Their graduation gifts were the funds we had put aside for each one for their college, but didn’t need to use. They all have well paying jobs now, live within 50 miles of home, pay all their own bills, BUT sadly are still dragging their laundry home to me on weekends when they come for visits. And I am glad they do. :)

    • Susan Mary

      Well, Suki aren’t you full of yourself? Did you have 6 at once, did any have CP or were they all perfect like you? The United States mandates free and appropriate education for children of all abilities and that includes repeating a year if necessary.

    • Carrie

      Obviously Suki hasn’t had more than 1 child at a time or else she/he would understand what it takes to raise more than 1 child at a time that are the same age. I have twins so I can’t speak for raising 6 at a time of the same age but just the 2 of them we were already a few steps behind at birth than a single. We then begin the catch-up phase. For each additional kid you add you add additional catch-up time. I think she is doing a fantastic job and she is an inspiration to moms of multiples everywhere.

  • Michael


    I too am a graduate of U.C. Davis. My parents couldn’t care less. Davis was full of kids with “Tiger Moms” like you. We pitied them – they did not fit in because they had no social skills. This woman is doing her best to help her kids fit in. I’m sure there is no manual for working with six at a time. You think you could do better?

  • erin

    I don’t mind paying taxes to educate a child. It seems way better than NOT educating them & then jailing them as adults.

  • Kat


    Heck, I am proud when my 5 year old remembers to brush his teeth lol he loves his video games and just started kindergarten. Perhaps my expectations are a little lower than you but my only hope is he does not pick his nose in front of girls lol

  • Babs C

    My daughter has 6 kids (3boys,3 girls),not at one time, BUT born individually, all conceived on birthcontol. Now the kids are 13, 12, 11, 9, 8 & 7. Five had dyslexia, four have amazingly over come, 3 in advanced classes, all have high IQ’s, one has Sensory Integration Disorder. They are in 3 separate schools! Talk about ‘Meet the Teacher’ events being a nightmare. Luckily, she has an amazing husband who has no problem giving a hand with everything. Add up 4 are in sports, oldest son in soccer, 1 son in soccer & baseball, 1 girl in soccer and softball, oldest girl in Softball (catcher +), several have after school programs aswell. These parents NEVER get any recognition. Their dad has simultaneously coached tennis & softball in the same season, 2 different teams of soccer, baseball & softball. Obviously, we grandparents attend some of the games when the parents are tied up when the one or more of the parents go to the ‘out of town’games.
    Lunches are all from home – they both have a data bases of sports activities, after school events, classes & teachers for each, etc. Dad is a also in the Scouting @ their church. Both parents teach Sunday School. You want something done, ask a busy person. LOL

  • Tim

    She should homeschool them. They would be way better off at home and more socialized.