Buxom Bandit Displays Boobs, And Face, On Surveillance Camera

    July 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The so-called “Buxom Bandit“, a busty woman intent on scoring some extra cash, struck a gas station in Australia yesterday with her assets on full display.

The woman may have made off with some dough, but she didn’t do much to quell the stereotype that women with superior mammary glands are ditzy. Not only did she not bother to conceal her face–which was totally captured on camera–she wore a glove on the hand that held her weapon but grabbed money from the till with bare fingers, meaning she probably left prints everywhere.

The thief was dropped off at the store by an accomplice and proceeded to threaten the clerk with the knife. If when she’s caught, there’s no doubt she’ll be in big trouble, although if she wears that black top again she may get some clemency.

  • duane

    The Buxom Bandit is, frankly, my kind of thief. Being that I’ve long been a boob man (along with long being a leg man), this chick can feel free to commit theft on me any time. As long as I could score a look at her mams, I honestly wouldn’t mind handing my money over to her. And what’s with this phony-feminist bleating concerning how this she-babe is enforcing some kind of stereotype concerning big-busted women? Surely anybody encountering this she-hottie would quickly conclude that she is just one woman, one INDIVIDUAL woman, and not make any brushstroke conclusion based on her alone.

    • Spork

      @Duane That was a joke. She clearly is new to the whole “robbery thing” and so she made some big mistakes. The author spun it into a joke about her enforcing a stereotype, he didn’t mean it as a serious commentary. Lighten up man.

  • Gene

    Nice HAIR………….

    • Mr. Bad Example

      hair? HAIR?!? haha!

  • chilly willy

    She might have a face, and a pretty one, even, but I doubt many guys were looking at her face, might be a good MO, except you can eliminate flat-chested suspects pretty quickly. You’d think she could have been a “titty” dancer just for a few hrs. and avoided committing a robbery. The lengths some people go to get out of a day’s work. Too bad.

  • aviewer

    20 to 1 says she’s A)a mother B) a ex-adult film star/stripper

  • Rick

    Just wanna know when she’ll pose for PLAYBOY??? YOWZA!!!

  • Philip C.

    I’d like to hit that before they take her in.

  • Gern

    If she said to me “Stick em up”, I’d reply “TOO LATE!”

    • Hansi

      Oh…that’s bad!
      Funny but bad. It’s no wonder men get such bad reputations!

  • http://yahoo Bruce Jenkins

    So, did she have to keep telling the male tellers, “My gun is up here?”

  • BcdErick

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Thanks for posting this.

  • http://Yahoo Bryan

    Wonder if the police will be accused of “racial profiling” like here over the AZ bill sb1070 for stopping and questioning big busted women?

  • http://YAHOO.COM Stokie Benson

    She should have wore a shirt stating: I wish these were brains!
    She could have robbed me also. I would have given her a ten pole.

  • bledpurple

    don’t suppose anyone noticed friggin gas is only 1.35 gal over there????

    • be_moore

      You mean like $5.40 a gallon. That’s $1.35 per liter. Metric system.

    • Pete Senty

      Yhat is $ 1.35/liter or about $ 5.50/gal US.

    • tom assmart

      its europe they use metric or liters not gallons so almost 3 liters to a gallon, think before you speak please and thanks

      • Bob Hoskins

        Since when has Australia been a part of Europe?

      • Playtime

        It’s Australia not Europe, think before you speak (type) and thank you.

      • dumb and dumber

        that’s a lovely accent you have there, let’s put another shrimp on the barbie

      • Brian

        Australia is not Europe, think before YOU respond

      • CJKCyr

        Really, Australia is in Europe? Think before you…

      • steven crouse

        Yep THINK and CHECK before YOU speak…not “almost 3…3.78 to be more exact!!

  • ejhickey

    The first thing a Cry-Baby girl learns: our bazooms are our weapons!

    CryBaby 1990

  • Mark

    Will the cops have to find 4 other females with buxom boobs in order to line the suspect up for identification? I”m sure that the cashier was looking at her boobs instead of her face.

  • http://yahoo dallas

    I wanna be the Prosecutor in this case!! “Well now, there IS ONE thing you can do that’ll help…”

  • http://yahoo art di tullio

    I’m grateful that someone keeps abreast of crimes like this. These crimes must be nipped in the bud.The titular head of state should be aware of this.

    • LVH

      “TITular head of state” … LMAO

  • dennis

    I want to go back to the guy that thinks Auatralia is in Europe! Maybe he thought it was “Austria” and not Australia! Geez! Anyway, the whole world is metric except here in the US. As for the Buxom Bandit, I wonder if this was a publicity stunt of some kind. She definitely got her “15 minutes of fame!”

  • Bo

    Australia is part of Europe and Argentina is on the Bering Sea you morons.

    • Ryan

      Bo, you’re not serious are you? I really hope not, because Australia is nowhere close to Europe and Argentina is in South America…

  • steven crouse

    To all you nipickey scholars…thats 3.78 liters to the gallon to be closer to accurate!! Stop nit-picking others when you lack facts yourself!!!

  • http://yahoo dinamoehum

    someone cup,errr cuff that woman to the bedpost

  • Eric Snyder

    Sir can you describe the robber? Um….she had really big hooters……umm….did I mention the big hooters?…..lol

  • Red Mango

    Those fun bags look pretty good in the photo. I would have paid $10 for a peek. $20 for a feel. Why bother robbing a gas station when you have those money-makers?

  • john Phillips

    She could also be called the big titty burglar.

  • Bob

    Poor girl, she got the change in Nipples and Dimes

  • gk

    May they should set up a booby trap!

  • Mag

    I don’t know what they are talking about, I watched the video 3 times and I didn’t see her face at all.

    • John M


  • peapers

    What a clever disguise. No one even looked at her face.

  • Bob Dickinson

    She was valedictorian of her class but obviously went bust.

  • joe bloe

    What liars! She did not expose her breast!!! WTF?!? She kept her top on the whole time. I hope they did not mean cleavage was ‘exposed breast’ women’s cleavage is everywhere in most non-muslim countries.

  • Bob Dickinson

    This is a hoot. Breast get on with it. Cans she do it? Tit’s likely nip and tuck.

  • HM


  • stark rhodes

    I think amnesty is fitting in this situation…GOT MILK?

  • stark rhodes

    Im feel like a baby all of a sudden…Mmmmm!

  • http://www.uglygeorge.com ugly george

    Ugly George calls this A Cheap Trick, distracting red-blooded men with her great cleavage whilst she robs them. She should try this @ CNN where neither Anderson Cooper nor any other gay ‘joinalists’ would even look up!

  • Jon

    I can see Playboy Magazine getting involved!!! “Hey Buxom, we’ll egt you off all charges if you get us off and pose for a spread! lol!

  • neet

    What a boob!

  • Very Obvious!

    Yeah that camera that caught her face! I’m sure everyone will identify her by the huge fuzzy blurry imprint! Yup! They’ll get her in no time!

  • breva

    Keep us abreast of any updates. BTW do they have co-ed cells in Australia? If so they could probably hold a lotto and make a fortune.

  • Chip

    An “all points bulletin” has been issued. Those “points” shouldn’t be “hard” to find. (o)(o)

  • Mike

    She can rob me anytime. I will go around the block and let her rob me again

  • The Ruler

    Bitch I’m Rick James, show me your titties!!

  • Tim

    The police will catch her. All cops like a big bust.

  • Joe

    She held up the store with a pair of 38’s. She also had a gun…..

    • David

      More like a pair of 357 magnums, a real dirty sally.

    • Arnold Cohen

      Are you sure it wasn’t a pair of 44’s?

  • KevinSPD

    The police have been showing a picture of her face caught on camera all over town but no one saw her face…but who cares just look at those babies..LOL

  • http://Yahoo Nightmoves

    Well, she did wear gloves and for sure the clerk could not see her finger prints, and she did respond when he said for the third time “…could you threaten me just one more time…only get closer.” Definitely no wig, she’s blond…trust me!

  • Joe

    It looks like Meagan Murphy actually gives the boxom bandit some competition in that arena!

  • Randy

    The titty terrorist! No aureola of mystery here!

  • Geoff

    Even if caught,just try to find a jury containing men that will convict her.

  • http://crocodile_smile_inc@yahoo.com frank dodge


  • Plantman

    She might have done better than what was in the till had she offered sexual favors for money!

  • scott

    not the first large breasted woman to rob a man….

    • Joseph Tade

      I also can attest to the fact that the “buxom bandit” is not the only large breasted woman to rob a man….I was continually robbed for six years, by my best “friend” and ex- fiancee.

  • woodrow loy

    I want to frisk her.

  • Arnold Cohen

    She is truly armed and dangerous.

  • Heidi

    Men will do anything for a great natural pair of 38DD’s. But she could have made thousands in a topless bar instead.