Burger King Mascot Prank: McDonald’s Isn’t Happy

    September 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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That creepy King is at it again.

Though Burger King officially dropped the mascot as their go-to guy for commercials and ads, someone decided to dress up in the costume and prank McDonald’s recently, and the fast-food chain isn’t happy about it.

It’s been reported that the man is part of a comedy troupe called “Woodcreek Faction” and that the prank was their doing; they uploaded a video of the shenanigans on YouTube, where you can see the King handing out Burger King burgers inside a McDonald’s, taking pictures with kids, and then abruptly leaving. When a manager confronted him, he said he was simply “raising money for charity”, although he collected no money during his visit.

Police were called to the scene, though no arrests were made.

  • JJ

    I always lol when police are called to a scene like this. Someone drops their ice cream on your lap, call the cops.

  • neil

    It would be cool if he had ronald mcdonalds hanging from his hand like jason and freddy krueger

  • neil

    oops, i meant to say it would be cool if he had ronald mcdonald’s head hanging form his hand like jason and freddy krueger

  • dylan dole

    I would feel uneasy receiving “free” burgers. especially during this day and age.

  • http://facebook joe diantonio

    comeon!!! please bring back the Burger King Mascot. he,s got LOYALTY.

  • darrylturner

    Make burgers affordable then see who’s king!!!!

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Good thing the King didn’t have his dog with him or the cops would have shot it for sure.