Bullying Football Team: Did the Coach Go Overboard in 91-0 Win?

    October 22, 2013
    Erika Watts
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A high school football coach in Texas was slapped with a formal bullying complaint after his team won 91-0 on Friday. Aledo High School, the football team that put up a score you’d expect to see in a basketball game, has scored 77 points or more in their last four games. This is the first complaint that has been filed against head coach Tim Buchanan for his team’s blowout victories.

The dad of a player on the team that was blown out, Western Hills High School, claims Buchanan encouraged his players to bully their opponents by running up the score. The dad, who opted not to leave his name in the complaint that went public, said that while the Aledo Bearcats players showed good sportsmanship, he was disappointed with their coach’s actions.

The father wrote in his complaint that driving his son home after the game was tough because “I did not know what to say on the ride home to explain the behavior of the Aledo coaches for not easing up when the game was in hand.” The dad of the Western Hills player also said, “We all witnessed bullying firsthand, it is not a pretty sight.”

Buchanan is adamant that no bullying occurred in his team’s win. Not only did he pull his starters in the first quarter, his third string players were on the field when the clock ran out. After the first half was over, the officials began running a clock that didn’t stop unless a timeout or score occurred and in the fourth quarter, the officials used a continuous running clock, so the score could have reached triple digits.

Do you consider running up the score as Aledo did in their 91-0 victory a form of bullying? Respond below.

Neither Buchanan or his team were happy over the victory. “We were just sitting there,” Buchanan said. “You’d have thought we got beat. I looked around and asked, ‘Is there anyone here that feels good?’” Buchanan says that while such victories aren’t anything he takes pleasure in, he can’t tell his kids to quit, either.

“I’m not gonna tell a kid that comes out here and practices six to seven hours a week trying to get ready for football games, ‘Hey, you can’t score a touchdown if you get in, you’re gonna have to take a knee,’ Buchanan said. “That may be the only touchdown that kid gets to score in his high school career.”

Aledo Independent School District plans to investigate the complaint, but it appears the school district has the head coach’s back. “I can tell you, our kids learn from our coaches’ compassion, and slowing things down,” said Superintendent Derek Citty. “It could have been worse than what it was.”

The Texas Education Agency provides the following definition of bullying, which will be considered when deciding whether to take action against Buchanan:

“Bullying occurs when a person is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself. Bullying is aggressive behavior that involves unwanted, negative actions. Bullying involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time. Bullying involves an imbalance of power or strength.”

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  • Jimmy Lee

    That daddy is raising that boy to be soft. If he was a little tougher on him maybe they wouldn’t lost so bad.

  • David Pollard

    As a former athlete I never wanted anyone ever to let up on me or my team. I want their best 100% of the time. If we get smoked 91-0, the person I am upset with is the person I see in the mirror. When my brother and I used to lose to each other badly in one on one in the driveway we didn’t get mad at the other one we beat ourselves up for doing horrible. I literally mean punching yourself in the gut and punishing ourselves for a poor effort. If someone wants to put up 150 on me..great! My job is to stop them. If you are up 100 and want to throw bombs…great! Go defend it! Play the game and stop crying! Society needs to stop playing the victim.

    • Hmm

      Well said David. These guys were all very classy about it, the parent should have made a lesson out of the situation instead of placing blame

  • Mantis

    I don’t usually take this approach, but frankly I think the dad is being a whiny bitch. Telling his son “Awww its ok honey! That team was just a bunch of big bullies!” Now if the Coach had left his first string players on the field, then I would think differently. Cuz in that case, you ARE being a bully. But this coach put his THIRD STRING players on the field! If the third string kicks your ass, that is YOUR fault! Nobody elses! If I was the coach of the opposing team, I wouldn’t be worried about my team being bullied, I’d be worried about losing my job. I’m not in favor of bullying in anyway, but seriously, this is just being a bitch

    • Jason

      Thats right!! The 2nd and 3rd string practice as hard as the starters, they deserve a touchdown every now and then!!

  • alex

    dear idiot father:

    look up georgia tech vs cumberland 212-0 stfu

    sincerely, sports history

  • Kenneth Poling

    This is just what life is going to be like in America for a long, long time. Our society nowadays is all about never accepting responsiblity and ‘wussifying’ everyone. You team got beat, better file a report becuase you got bullied. I rembmer when some kid in my 1st grade class died, went to school the next day and dealt with it. In this day and age kids get a week off and have to talk to counselors. Maybe if we started teaching our children how to cope and stand up for themselves, society would not be amessed up as it is.

  • wong

    if she is going to do that Alabama, florida state, oregon, ohio state, baylor, and all the ncaa are bullies

    • your mother

      right? lets say by some miracle the parent’s kid makes it into college football. what are they going to do when Oregon drops 70 points on them and never lets up the entire game?

  • Matt

    High School sports are not “youth” sports. Not every player gets to play. Man up, at the high school and college level coaches are hired to win ball games. Although the score was a complete blow out, how can you tell a second or third string player who sits on the bench everyday that he cant have his chance to get in the endzone…just pathetic

  • John

    This isn’t right. We have an opponent we’ve faced every year we could’ve beaten like this, but we started taking a knee in the 4th quarter when we were on offense. My senior year we just put our JV against their varsity to make it more of a fair fight. That coach behaved classlessly; there’s no excuse for running up a score that badly. That’s 13 touchdowns and successful extra points. At that point I’m sure they were putting in lineman as receivers. I don’t know if it qualifies as bullying, but a classlessness complaint would be appropriate.

    • Jason

      You are wrong!!! The kids on second and third string deserve to score as well!! You must be a starter, some spoiled little starter, who always gets to play!! Saying it’s wrong is whats wrong with our country! You give 100% no matter what!!

      • mark buemi

        YES,,, AMEN!!!!

    • your mother

      john, I guess your team had class for saying both ‘we can take a knee the entire 4th quarter and still win’ and ‘you suck so bad our jv team can still beat you’. your argument is completely backwards.

      also, this team only passed the ball 10 times. they rushed for 99% of the game with their 3rd & 4th string players. you’re an idiot.

    • mark buemi

      JOHN, you are an idiot!!!

    • Dave


  • Mickey Shea

    That is maybe the gayest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  • Rich

    MaxPreps says this team is ranked 24th in the Nation and 4th in Texas. The team comes from a rural area, but obviously a magnet for football. I would assume some parents moved into the district for their footballers to play on a team that vies for Elite 5A State Championships.

    Obvious to me, when going into this game as an opponent you may get trampled like all the teams that faced them this year, but “play tougher than you’ve ever played and do your best”. If they did that as individuals, then hats off to them.

    “Whiner Dad”, was your Son a Warrior going against Goliath? I hope so. However, I’m afraid you may have embarrassed him, his team, and yourself for opening a bullying charge. Open your Eyes–did you not mentally prepare your kid for this? And, you unintentionally put Aledo Football in the National Spotlight. OH!! Tickets are going to sell…..

  • The Minister DCX

    This bullying issue is way out of hand. You should not compete if you aren’t prepared to loose, by what ever the score. America loves a winner unfortunately America is the biggest bullies on earth. The rich bully the poor, corporations bully large companies, large companies bully small companies small companies bully mom and pop businesses. They all compete to win. What is the problem. We teach our children to win at any cost. This is the price for that mentality. You should be happy, these kids get it. Bullies control society.

  • your mother

    they only ran like 40 plays. they only passed the ball 10 times. the coach pulled his starters, then pulled his 2nd stringers, then pulled his 3rd stringers. they had a running clock the second half. the opposing team gave up. if the coach had his qb take a knee on every play after they took the commanding lead, you’d have people complaining that he was rubbing it in the other teams face that he didn’t even need to play to win at that point.

    it’s not the coach’s fault he was put in a sorry ass football district. complain to UIL if you think a team is too good. just because you don’t know what to tell your kid on the way home doesn’t justify filing a bullshit complaint. if talent was distributed equally among the human race, we’d all have NFL contracts. your kid’s team sucks compared to aledo and it’s NOT aledo’s fault. That’s life.

  • mark buemi

    really? the father of the football player that was on the loosing team, should take some testosteran! what the heck does he want? the coach put in the last string of players he had in the 3rd qtr! should they have just snapped the ball on offence and purposly fumbled? get a grip!!! this is exactly what happens in a over the top society that wants to be ALWAYS politically correct! dont play to win,, just play to play. you might hurt your opponents feelings if they lose and you win!
    that father filing the complaint should take his son and place him in crafts or something that is not clasified as a competitve sport. this will allow his son to grow up and be another voice on political correctness and put an end to any competitve sporting in the school systems throughout the country. Then someday, when we as a country have to go to war, we can send Soldiers to defend this country by going on the front line and yelling, ” ok, dont shoot real bullets, we just want to pretend, no one has to win or lose” lets just play to play” remember,,, you cant win cause that is unfair! otherwise,, we are going to tell on you!! na na na na na!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS COUNTRY IS FINISHED!!!

  • TM

    I was actually bullied when I was a kid (for real – not some stupid game). I realized, rather quickly, that they weren’t going to come down to my level. So I rose up to theirs. It made me a much stronger person. The Wussification of America continues.

  • Bob

    Doesn’t meet any legitimate bullying requirements…
    The coach used his 3rd team most of the game.
    Suck it up, and move on…..

  • johnG

    The parent sounds like a big baby,a wussy.It’s football.

  • Edward Douglas

    Wait, the coach pulls the first team in the first quarter, goes with the rest of the team, so basically the WHOLE TEAM played, now tell me, are you going to tell a second and third stringer to back off? think they would listen? Doubt very much

  • Dave

    If your kid can’t take it the don’t play the game. Obviously they were over matched. Forfeit next time that way you can keep your pride and I’m not taking about the players sounds like the parent was embarrassed and its not about him at all.

  • Dan

    The losing team had to know they are playing a highly ranked team and might get there a**es handed to them. It would be like Oregon playing a JC football team and not to expect to lose badly. It is football and the winning team did everything they could to keep the clock running and played his 2nd and 3rd stringers. What next put the cheerleaders in to play?

  • Rick O

    No Way this is bullying. Wimps cry fowl but the coach put in second, third string players and they still ran over them. Don’t ever teach kids to be losers…Go Coach!

  • Will

    Probably a queer making the complaint. You know, that is how the homos push their agenda, by bringing attention to “bullying.”

  • http://hatersbeware.com/ haters

    Thats right!! The 2nd and 3rd string practice as hard as the starters, they deserve a touchdown every now and then!!