Bruce Willis Steals One-Liner From Arnold

    August 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Bruce Willis is one of a bevy of action stars who appear in the huge blockbuster “The Expendables 2″, which opened over the weekend to mixed reviews. And while they’re all getting a little older, it appears the jokes aren’t.

One of the thing fans love–and have loved–about these films (and the stars) is that they are formulaic and timeless. These are men who have been around for decades, doing the exact same thing, and somehow it almost always works. We want to see these good guys win, because they are an inherent part of our childhoods and formative years. They have become icons in their field, muscle-bound heroes who always save the day, and sometimes in this big bad world, that’s what we need to see most.

“The Expendables 2″ is chock full of those stars, the men who made movies like “Rambo” and “Terminator” what they were; and because they have been around for so long, they’ve built up an impressive arsenal of one-liners and inside jokes that never fail to tickle us. It’s like seeing an old friend in a very unexpected place. And when one star–Arnold Schwarzenegger, for instance–delivers one of those infamous lines only to be one-upped by one of his co-stars, the result is a new classic.

Schwarzenegger, along with Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, and Jean-Claude Van Damme (among others) have managed, for the most part, to please audiences this time around with a film which emphasizes action and visuals over intelligent story lines or engaging dialogue. But every now and then, they managed to slip in an old, oft-used joke at the expense of their storied careers, and even though we were all expecting a particular line to pop up, Willis managed to turn it on its ear.

“I’ll be back”, Schwarzenegger says.

“You’ve been back enough,” Willis counters. “I’ll be back.”

It’s small, but at the same time significant. These men have built their careers around certain characters, and even though the unexpected is a welcome change in film, this isn’t the place to be different. “The Expendables 2″ is just what it promised to be, and nothing more: a fast-paced, loud, blow-everything-up action adventure that showcased every action star we have grown to love over the years and put them right where they belong.

  • http://yahoo CATHY

    i love this man no matter what he
    does….he Rocks…xoxo

  • http://yahoo CATHY

    i love this you Bruce Willis…
    You are the Man !!!

  • Greg

    Saw the Expendables 2 over the weekend. Man was it ever good. All these stars in one ticket price. Loads of action, Funny lines just great all around entertainment. Well worth seeing.

  • mark

    I think you missed it also when arnold says back yippie kay yay as his reply to willis

  • Bonnie

    I totally enjoyed the flick. These guys are awesome!

  • Absolut

    The movie is pure bubble gum and sucks. Willis and Arnold are both burned out and need to find a real job.

  • Linda Guyse

    These are a bunch of guys that I would love to be around, chew the fat, half a couple of beers, eat a lot of peanuts, etc. Thank goodness they still love what they do. They are just what they are–action loving, wise cracking, throw caution to the wind, etc. Can’t wait for Expendables III. If they end up fighting crime on crutches or in a wheelchair, I’ll be right there with them. They do things on film that I can only dream of! Shout out to the stuntmen…they earned every penny!!! See ya soon guys!

    • Bettye

      Meet you for the viewing…….we’ll have fun !

  • steve

    The Movie sounds like its on an 8 year olds’ level(a waste of money).Bruce Willis is the only believeable actor in the bunch.I’m a big movie buff, and can identify them just by their voices.TCM is my favorite channel but I like newer movies,too(I have 300).They’re all getting a little long in the tooth.I’ve lost respect for ahhnold, Dolphs’ movies suck as a rule,Chucks’ are all Kung-Fooey,the”muscles from brussels could kick their asses no sweat(now hes’ off drugs?), Sly just shows his muscles(like that teutonic terminator)and mumbles(Adrian!)and both problably used(use) steroids to achieve those muscles and we all know how dangerous they are!.I’ve seen too much shit in movies in my over 50 years to know when to hold on to my money!.The old classics look better every time I see those trailers on the boob tube.I’d rathr watch “Forbidden Planet” or “My man Godfrey” than waste my money on such tripe!.As you might guess, I’m somewhat of a movie critic,but when you get to my age,you’re more discerning.

    • Bettye

      Sounds like a fun movie to me, I’m 78 years old chronologically, but my innner person is about 15, so I love it !!