Bruce Jenner Hits the VIR for Lamborghini Series

By: Meaghan Ellis - October 6, 2013

Although Bruce Jenner has had a few minor setbacks over the past couple weeks, it didn’t stop him from hitting the Virginia International Raceway on Friday for Saturday’s festivities.

The former Olympic track star took part in the race during the Lamborghini Series. Jenner’s son, Brandon, was also raced in the Lamborghini Series.

Actor Patrick Dempsey was also in attendance for the American Le Mans series of the race. He and Jenner even made special appearances at the VIR before the Oak Tree Grand Prix event on Saturday.

Jenner was also in attendance for the VIR honors ceremony, which commemorated the repaving of the track during the off-season.

ABC13 reporter, Heather Rosembaum, took to Twitter to announce Jenner’s arrival. Rosembaum also got the opportunity to speak briefly with Jenner and actor, Patrick Dempsey, prior to the race.

The reality TV star, and his son both took a moment to weigh in on their sentiments towards participating in the race. “I had heard about it a lot but never had the opportunity to come here,” admitted Bruce. “We’re just going to go as quick as we can, try to drive smooth, I’m going to try to keep up with this guy,” Brandon chimed in.


Image via Wikimedia Commons

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    Bruce Jenner was cool in the 70’s. Now, he is a cat-whipped plastic surgery freak, surrounded by a hideous pack of Kardashians. Wow. How the mighty fall…