“Bronco Bama” Girl: 4-Year Old Sick Of Election-Talk

    November 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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I think most of us can commiserate; listening to endless polling stats and predictions, recaps of debates, recaps of campaign stops, and recaps of recaps can be difficult to handle in the weeks leading up to election day. So when 4-year old Abigael had a meltdown in the car and her mom found out the reason, she says she changed the radio station out of sympathy.

“Why are you crying?” her mom asks.

“Just because I’m tired of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney,” Abigael says pitifully.

“That’s why you’re crying? It’ll be over soon, the election will be over soon, okay?”

“Okay,” Abigael replies.

We’re right there with you, Abby.

  • http://WebProNews Bob

    Considering average child development, this video,although expressive of valid national sentiments, is most likely staged. Just a reminder that just beause you are seeing it doesn’t make it a true event.

  • Lisa


  • Jennifer

    I am so tired of mommy’s and their cameras. Stop the propaganda!!!!!!

  • glassgirl

    She’s reacting to the TONE of all the election talk she’s hearing. The pundits and the ads all sound either angry or threatening – and the closer to election day we get, the angrier and more threatening that tone becomes.

    We are, as a nation, YELLING at each other – constantly, and from every TV and radio – and that is more than enough to make any child cry (and some of us grown-ups, too).

  • cuntpunt

    this kid is retarded. stupid staged mommy propaganda bullshit

  • Tosin

    Firstly, the kid needs to be educated. The mum should have told her ‘it’s not ‘Bronco Bama it’s Barack Obama’. I hope she did that after the video, so she doesn’t grow up to be ignorant. For people who are tired of the campaign and TV ads, you can choose not watch by simply changing the channel. What I’m tired of is parents raising ignorant kids.