Brock Lesnar Rumors Abound; Potential Return to UFC

    December 27, 2013
    Brian Powell
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In 2007, Brock Lesnar shocked the worlds of both professional wrestling and mixed martial arts when he made a successful jump from the WWE to the octagon, defeating Min Soon Kim in just 69 seconds (TKO due to strikes). Lesnar would continue his unprecedented success-story by going 4-1 in his next 5 fights and obtaining the UFC Heavyweight Championship in only his 4th fight ever.

However, Lesnar’s success would be short-lived. After successfully defending his title twice, Lesnar suffered his second loss in a first round TKO against Cain Velasquez. Proving that this loss against Velasquez was no fluke, Lesnar was once again defeated in the first round by Alistair Overeem. These two losses, combined with Lesnar’s constant bouts with diverticulitis (an intestinal affliction), led the former WWE star and college wrestling champion to retire from the octagon.

Or so we thought (and perhaps wished). The most recent buzz surrounding the UFC is not Saturday night’s rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, but rather the potential return of Brock Lesnar.

Following the UFC 168 post-fight press conference, Dana White, the president of the UFC, was asked to validate the truthfulness of the rumors hinting that he and Lesnar were to meet in Las Vegas this weekend:

“Really? I don’€™t know. I honestly don’€™t know,”€ stated White. “Honestly?” the reporter questioned. “€œHonestly,”€ White replied.

While one would like to trust the statements made by White, one can’t.

Lesnar’s camp has always been known for its secrecy. If Lesnar and his associates requested a confidential meeting to discuss a potential return with White, White would have to respond as he did.

Along with the propensity of Lesnar to be secretive, White has serious business reasons to bring Lesnar back. Currently, the UFC is missing some of its biggest stars: UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez, who defeated Lesnar to take the title in 2010, is due to be gone for an entire year due to a shoulder injury. Lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is also out due to an injury. And perhaps most importantly, UFC superstar Georges St-Pierre is currently on a hiatus, leaving a huge void in the UFC lineup.

If Lesnar returned to the ring, he would most certainly stuff the pockets of White and the UFC with mucho dinero. The four matches in which Lesnar won the title and and made defenses were four of the most-watched UFC matches of all time, breaking the 1 million buy mark each time – a UFC record.

Until White comes on record and states that Lesnar is returning, the rumor-mill will continue. It is worth remembering, however, that the last time the rumor-mill fired up concerning Lesnar’s return, that White stated that Lesnar was “never coming back.”

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  • http://yahoo mike

    so what. he can’t take a punch. glass jaw, glass ego. after cain beat dos santos over and over, brock is wasting the ufc’s time. this ain’t the WWE. this is the real deal, not put on make-up for the spot light

    • db

      He’s a moron and not up to world class standards.

    • Kevin J

      Can’t take a punch? Glass Jaw? That’s all he could do…take a punch. He took MANY unbelievable shots and didn’t get knocked out. I guess you didn’t watch the Shane Carwin fight. The one thing he could do is take a hit. He couldn’t hit, and had poor defense, but to say he couldn’t take a hit is idiotic.

      • Fred

        The fact that you defend that overpushed pansy is idiotic. You are so brainwashed.

      • Jared

        It’s not that he had a glass jaw. It’s that he didn’t respond like a fighter when he got hit. He turned and ran. Until he learns how to respond to being punched, he won’t be a real contender.

        • Fred

          The reason he didn’t respond like a fighter is because he’s not a fighter and he never was a fighter. He’s a big dumb joke.

    • Don

      A glass jaw would mean he gets KO’d easily n often. Brock Lesnar does NOT have a glass jaw he’s to busy folding up, covering up, cartwheeling when getting hit I think that classifies as having a bitch chin. I can’t even say that because these women in the UFC throw down! Brock needs to stay in WWE but I would love to see the biggest whimp get embarrassed again.

  • http://aol JohnsonAguilera

    he must need the money

    • mike wingfield

      Brock is a wussy and can’t stand to be hit, cowards like a little girl when hit.Will never be champ even if he does come back.

      • Kevin J

        Um, has already WAS the champ.

        • Fred

          champ of what? a company that compromises its integrity just to please 8 year old lesnar-underoo-clad pimple snots like you?

    • Andres

      he wants to get in there and hold the title while Cain is injured

    • Scott

      he has a very lucrative deal with WWE and only has like 4 matches and a handful of promos to do on tv. I’m sure he probably misses the adrenaline and unpredictability of a live fight vs a rehearsed bout with a scripted finish. Love him or hate him, he’s a cashcow for both companies and money talks in both the field of sports/sports entertainment.

      • Fred

        cashcow? That’s the biggest bunch of cowdung I’ve ever heard in my life. you overrate and lie for that sack of suck which is why I will never respect the opinions of a lesnar fan.

        • AKONI

          guess you can’t read ?? the story says he was the biggest draw …over 1 million viewers each fight …Get it ? Got it ? GOOD…

          • Fred

            So you believe everything you read. That is the definition of stupid.

  • http://yahoo Linda

    Yes Brock, Please return! I would love to see you get destroyed AGAIN. You are not a martial artist and never will be! Remember how you coward in those fights where you got your ass beat? Yeah I saw when you pulverized Frank Mirs” face . That could happen to anyone when they have a big gorilla sitting on them. Stay in the phony-ass WWF arena.

    • AKONI

      Real life Hulk…

      • Fred


        Brock : Real life Coward…

        Akoni: No-life prick…

  • http://yahoo Linda Miller

    Yes Brock, Please return! I would love to see you get destroyed AGAIN. You are not a martial artist and never will be! Remember how you coward in those fights where you got your ass beat? Yeah I saw when you pulverized Frank Mirs” face . That could happen to anyone when they have a big gorilla sitting on them. Stay in the phony-ass WWF aren

  • woodsen

    Glass Jaw?

    You wouldn’t live long enough to test his jaw.

    F’n moron. He took a hell of a beating on occasion.

    He will make a great draw, let it be – and we will see…

    • Fred

      We’ve already seen except you because you’re a blind mofo that’s gay for him.

  • http://yahoo Loren

    You’re joking right? A martial artist can punch, kick and good on the ground. Brock is neither! When he gets hit a couple times, he sits against the fence and covers up like a little bitch. Next

    • Ironhead15

      Are you serious..not a martial artist? He was a tremendous REAL wrestler before he ever became a WWE entertainer. You must have forgotten who he beat in his limited time in the Octogon..FRANK MIR FORMER CHAMP…, RANDY COUTURE FORMER CHAMP, SHANE CARWIN…INTERIM CHAMP and HEATH HERRING He only lost to Overeem and Velasquez..yeah hes terrible.lol This is a load of crap if you dont think he belongs in the UFC when healthy

      • james

        brock is a terrible mma fighter. he beat washed up fighters. cain is a real fighter and messed brock up. brock should stay retired

  • reignman

    He is old and not that good. A great wrestler but doesn’t know what to do when being hit. He might be a draw in his first fight or so but if he loses to other stepping stones like Big Country or Bigfoot he will be done. I’d pay to see him fight Fedor.

    • Benny Harrah

      Lesnar would not lose to Bigfoot Silva.

  • Kevin J

    I only want to see one fight….Fedor vs Lesnar!

    • Fred

      keep dreaming

  • TheTruth

    In all honesty, the second lesnar lost to overeem, that was his calling card to quit. I always saw overeem as an overrated CAN beating mma fighter turned star. Thankfully the world is now seeing Overeem exposed as how he really is without juicing. Just an empty 0 confidence shell of of a man.

    Anyways Brock cannot compete in this sport, theres no way! Someone that doesnt like to get hit cannot compete here (u cant train to enjoy hits lol). Specially with cain velasquez headlining the division (currently no heavyweight that can beat cain in my book). With the power Hitters in the heavy division brock will just fail horribly! Wont come close to even be considered running for a belt. So he would just tarnish w/e he accomplished in the ufc. Brock already isnt liked by many, (im a huge fan of his) so this would just give all the haters something to laugh at him about, and quite frankly i dont wanna see that.

    • Fred

      Brock isn’t liked by many for a very good reason. He’s a cheap lazy ass no-talent bitch.

      • AKONI

        And what have you done fred ?? What ring have you been in to judge him or anyone ? Fred your just another internet asswipe with a big mouth..

        • Fred

          I don’t have to be in the ring to judge a no-talent piece of trash that gets everything handed to him. All I need is integrity and enough morals not to look the other way when a company gets shady. Unfortunately you got neither because you’re gay for brock. the only way you can ever like lesnar is by selling out your morals and from what I’ve seen you’re either the biggest sell-out on this site or you never had any morals to begin with you unreasonable prick.

  • Ironhead15

    Are you people serious..not a martial artist? He was a tremendous REAL wrestler before he ever became a WWE entertainer. You must have forgotten who he beat in his limited time in the Octogon..FRANK MIR FORMER CHAMP…, RANDY COUTURE FORMER CHAMP, SHANE CARWIN…INTERIM CHAMP and HEATH HERRING..no slouch.. He only lost to Overeem and Velasquez..yeah hes terrible.lol This is a load of crap if you dont think he belongs in the UFC when healthy

  • Bill

    UFC brings in the cash when Lesnar fights. Too bad St Pierres taking a break, I enjoyed his fights a lot. Some reason lots of people like to watch Lesnar fight

    • Fred

      you are such a liar

  • FLU

    Bottom line is, Dana is desperate for a draw right now, and like him or not, Lesnar was the biggest UFC draw of all-time. He stands a chance against anybody due to his wrestling ability and pure athleticism. I think he’s learned his lesson and will not attempt to stand and trade punches with anyone. Also, any fighter with any sense will just aim for his gut, which is his true achilles heel. I think Dana’s plan would be to have him fight Roy Nelson and if he wins, give him an immediate title shot. I still don’t see it happening, though.

    • Fred

      Calling lesnar a draw is what killed your credibility you dumb goof.

    • Fred

      btw nobody deserves to have an immediate title shot especially not a loser like brock. That’s what kills the credibility of sport rushing people to the top instead of making them earn that spot. Dana white should be ashamed of himself.

  • Jason

    Glass jaw or not he is fun to watch.

    • Fred

      because you don’t know what a real fighter is you brainwashed fool.

  • yoyo

    why come back?
    To have Velasquez humiliate you again?
    or have Overeem LITTERALLY kick the shit out of you again?

  • Logic

    to all you know-it-alls… “HE LOST TO CAIN!” (Who is the #1 Heavyweight, not to mention the current Champ? Go ahead… take your time). “OVEREEM BEAT HIS ASS!” (Didnt that overrated chump fly to Holland to buy time so he can water down the roids he was taking before fighting Lesnar. making all that bullshit up when he got caught with 14 to 1 T/E ratio before his fight with JDS. The same juicehead that got KTFO by Bigfoot and Browne) But you guys failed to mention Brocks W’s (who someone kindly reminded everyone from a previous comment above). Not to mention his health issues and the surgery he’s had from the intestinal disease. Stop being fuckin’ retarded.

    • Fred

      you can’t get people to see brock as a legit fighter so of course you gotta pull out the pity card don’t you? “Oh don’t be so hard on brock. he’s got diverticulitis and almost died!” Newsflash: NOBODY GIVES A RAT’S ASS so take your excuses and your crying elsewhere and STFU.

  • Joe Shmoe

    Brock won’t stand a chance anymore as the fighters in the UFC keep getting stronger and more experienced and also more talented. Watch and see.

  • Martin Zuniga

    Good !! It was fun watching him get beaten up, bloodied and humiliated. He is a weight lifter and and not much else and an ugly one at that.

  • mvp

    I wonder if any of you can take a punch from Brock and remain standing?
    I wonder if any of you ever been in a fight to begin with

    • Fred

      nobody has to take a punch from pussy brock to know how much he sucks as a fighter. It’s no wonder the MMA fans can’t stand you WWE fans. You’re all full of crap when it comes to having MMA knowledge.

  • mvp

    I guess most of you fail to acknowledge, that it’s all about the MONEY.
    Win or loss, Brock will make millions while all of us will diss him making our 30k/yr sitting behind a desk

    • Fred

      Except those of us that diss him actually earn our money while your precious brock gets paid to sit on his ass. What you fail to acknowledge is what a cheap lazy ass he is.

  • http://www.webpronews.com leon

    Yea let him go back to UFC and give him his rematch with cain valasquez lol don’t be stupid brock sitck with wwe no need to comeback to embarasds yourself.

  • http://yahoo Viking

    I would love to see a Lesnar vs Carwin #2

  • Fred

    this pansy is so overrated. Why anybody is a fan of him makes no sense whatsoever. he gets everything handed to him and for that he gets treated like he’s the god of everything. The fact that he has fans just goes to show that WWE is responsible for how stupid and corrupt our society has become.


    Hey everyone les go see fred fight ..fred Who ??? Exactly

    • Fred

      Exactly why you lesnar fans should keep your mouths shut. You’re biased retards and you have an attitude problem.

  • john

    everyone on here is forgetting that he does this everytime his current contract(where ever he is)is up.he knows his time in ufc is over.he was a flash in the pan.it is his way of making sure the wwe offers him what he wants.he is having surgery like every 6 months to close up his bleeding from his gut.steriods is to blame from that.i mean come on,he leaves school at 205lbs. enters the wwe 2 years later at 295,now about 250,because he can no longer juice up.body can not take it.he is just trying to get wwe to pony up rock type of money for WM.there is no chance he can come back.remember he is a one trick pony.for all his size he could not cut the mustard in the NFL.now you think that with his gut messed up he is going to be taking real punches?please after a wwe match”that are fake”he has to be taken to the hospitals for CAT scans,and MRIs.and that is before he can even fly home.no matter what he does he has always been and will ever be a steroid using flash

  • chris mello

    you gonna play with big boys that hit or get hit with a fake punch, hows you’re intestines doing lately ……big letdown.

  • Lesnar Supporter

    If you think that Brock has a glass jaw or that he cant make it in the UFC then apparently you are dilusional. I mean seriously people. The only weaknes that he has is his stomach problems. I understand that you have your opinions but if you actually look at what he has done he does belong in the UFC. For all the none believers i would LOVE to see you step into the ring and do what he does pretty sure you would be knocked out in a second.

    • Fred

      Nobody has to step into the ring to prove how much lesnar sux. All one has to do is know the right way to make a champion and how not to be a biased kiss-ass when making a point about brock. You wanna talk about weakness so far the only weakness I’ve seen is that hole below your nose and the hole that’s between your ears.