Britney Split Rumors: Is She About To Be Dumped?

    December 18, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Britney Spears has had her fair share of rocky relationships, so when she started dating her manager, Jason Trawick, fans and family had high hopes that it would be a positive move in her life.

However, rumors are spreading online that Trawick has told her family he intends to break up with her when this season of “The X Factor” is over–in order to give her time and space to cope–so she’ll have a support system already in place when he dumps her.

Rumors have been flying for a while now that the couple’s engagement is being called off amidst stories of wedding-date push-backs incessant fighting. Sources close to the couple say Britney feels Jason–who is her legal co-conservator–is smothering her with his constant need to be a father figure to her, and that he feels like a mere babysitter for the star. The couple insist that the wedding is on, however, despite what people are saying.

Britney has made quite a comeback in the last year or so after an initial lackluster return to the spotlight following her infamous meltdown; with a new perfume, a new album and tour, and a gig judging contestants on “The X Factor”, she’s worked hard to restore her career.

  • http://webpronews Cate lynn

    Britney has too many issues going on, she is a very flighty individual and she is washed out. She can start a fight with herself. She will say anything to get publicity no matter how negative it is. She needs some serious mental health. I never liked her. Anyone that shaves their head to avoid a drug test has something to hide, although it was a few years back, it shows deception. Lady GaGa is more normal than Britney.

    • http://yahoo liz

      people around her cannot be trusted…. all they want is her fame and money. Thanks to her father for being on her side for the interventions and guidance. Good luck Britney. Stay strong and take charge of your life.

    • http://none Lance Story

      Yea Britney can’t keep from screwing her life and career; however, she is talented (dancing) I think Avril Lavigne has taken the top spot especially since her engagement to Nickelbacks lead man Chad. Avril you’re the best ………..you Canadian Babe.

  • Onion Head Oscar

    if she’d pay me a decent service salary, I’d toss her one about once a month. But I’m about as sexy as Barney Rubble.

  • http://YAHOO NANCY


    • http://yahoo liz

      she don’t need to work, she’s a millionaire… du..mmmmm

  • Suzy Q

    This is just another attack on a poor, innocent, young star. And a blonde no less! Let’s see….we have just struck down Lindsay Lohan (Again!), with police and tax matters, gone after Pamela Anderson for taxes (another blonde), Gary Busey for taxes. Where does this all end? It doesn’t!

    And for those who ridicule Randy and Evi Quaid for their “star whackers” belief, what more evidence do you need?

  • MARK


  • Deke Thronron

    Can’t wait to see Britney as the headliner on the 2014 Carnival “Summer” ship cruise

  • Mark Erickson

    I instinctively perceive a girl really good to know beneath all the crap that’s been in the news. Britney needs a dude who’s a lot like John Carter in the movie(all seen that?). Someone who’s weary of the popular-in-society “war” for fame and fortune, and may seem unpleasant to meet at first, but will do what he believes is right in the end.

  • anonangel

    Britney should just be an X Factor judge from now on. I can’t believe people still buy her “music”, it’s all the same and all awful. There are so many rumors keeping her popular like this one, she’s probably happy with Jason and this is all another plot to keep her in the spotlight. I like X Factor because she is giving other people a chance to be stars. It’s really time for her to give other people a chance and stop performing.
    Britney is nooo Madonna. She doesn’t have the brains or talent, if she’s still doing shows at 50 it just won’t seem right.

  • Betina

    I wonder if that perfume smells like failed pop star. What is that you ask? Ass and stone-washed jeans.

  • Jack

    She needs to go back to Louisiana and marry an old friend from high school days and just let him stay home with the kids while she perfoms around the world and regularly come home when she has a break and let him love on her for a while and send her back out to make more money for them. She’s not able to romantically get along with any other celebrities. She can take a page out of Dolly Parton’s book.