Britney Spears: Will She Tie The Knot In Hawaii?

By: Toni Matthews-El - April 13, 2014

Could wedding bells be ringing in the near future for Britney Spears?

There are reports that Spears is hoping to be married to boyfriend David Lucado in Hawaii. Lucado and Spears have been together for about a year now, a stretch of time which usually sees nuptials right around the corner.

A source told British magazine Heat that Hawaii seemed the most logical destination for the 32-year-old singer should Lucado pop the question.

“Hawaii is her favorite vacation destination,” the insider said. “Britney, David and her two sons took their spring break trip to the island of Oahu and stayed at the Aulani Disney Resort.”

Some even went as far as to speculate as the Spears family’s trip to Hawaii was a test run for an upcoming wedding!

This is merely the latest in a growing number of wedding rumors. Others gossiped that it’s possible Spears will be getting married at Graceland, the famous estate of legendary singer Elvis Presley.

RadarOnline heard this from yet another insider who told the online gossip site, “Getting married at the home of the late king of rock and roll in an elegant Southern-style ceremony would certainly generate one-of-a-kind pictures that Brit already plans to make the front page of magazines around the world.”

The source seemed positive that Spears would opt for Elvis’s estate for a more pragmatic reason: Family.

As Britney is a southern diva, it would make it fairly easy for her extended family to make the trip and see her married in style. While that explanation makes sense, it’s highly unlikely her family members would be disappointed to book a flight to a luxurious Hawaiian destination for her wedding.

What location will Britney Spears choose: Graceland or Hawaii?

Only time will tell as this is merely speculation courtesy of unnamed sources. It could be that Spears and Lucado never marry. If they do tie the knot, the pair may surprise us all with the location they choose for their wedding ceremony.

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  • Kaylee Carson

    Britney is super cute, Super Rich$, Super talented-extremely wealthy-already has her children-i don’t see the need to complicate her life with marriage…..

    • Jacqueline

      I agree! I’ve always had respect for her and felt bad for her when she was going through her rough patch some years back. But I wonder why she is so quick to jump into marriage.

  • teleflex

    The sad thing is she always marry/dates men beneath her. I dont know why she doesnt date on her level. I mean, cant she pick a man that she wont have to support and can buy her a ring on their own? Thats just embarrassing.