Britney Spears’ Bikini Cover: Too Much Airbrush?

    May 10, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Britney Spears is, without a doubt, looking better these days than she has in a long time. After a painful split from Kevin Federline, having two kids, suffering a very public nervous breakdown, and seeing her career and money go into a conservatorship, she attempted a comeback in 2007 that left her with an embarrassing, lackluster MTV Video Music Awards performance and widespread criticism about her body, which had once been toned and taut.

Spears got her act together after that and made another comeback, this time to positive reviews. Several years later, she’s tested the Hollywood waters by judging on “X-Factor”, made another successful album, gone on tour, and has even shown off her bikini body on the cover of Shape Magazine.

The 31-year old singer says she doesn’t work out as much as she used to and admits that dieting is hard.

“Dieting is tough … because my specialties are spaghetti, brownies and chocolate chip cookies,” she says. “I have had to work hard at getting it back to where it used to be. I used to be obsessed with working out. …[now], three days a week is cool, even two.”

But though she looks good, some think the cover is way too airbrushed. In a world where celebrities are judged harshly for their appearance, how much airbrush is too much?


  • tina

    Britney can’t win…she looks amazing even if they air brushed her, that’s still her body!

    • Lando Finn

      What does that even mean.. If it is airbrushed that is NOT her body..

  • And who cares

    Still one of the hottest – and they ALL have some airbrush – I would still be very happy if I woke up next to her

    • lolz

      You’re probably a FOREVER ALONE, so you would be happy if you woke up next to ANYONE!

  • Mike G

    She does look good….

  • Gartmore

    Yummy. Thank God they put her on the cover instead of hyping the hideous Michele Obama. Kim Kardashian is another one I’d like to see disappear.

    • aj

      Britney has always been hot! Kim Kardashian is a pig like her sisters just a crew of gorilla lovers

      • zay

        some people just can’t get away from the black, white issue of discrimination. We all came from the same sinful parents, and yet we still have sibling rivalry. Fortunately, people have the choice to date who day dam well please.

  • Protocol

    Great article on the cover, GET IT NOW! A BODY BUILT FOR SEX!

  • jake from state farm

    michelle obummer looks like a baboon

    • James

      And what on earth do you look like you anonymous troll? I’m sure that you are a man and no prize to speak of. She’ll put any tramp that you mostly pay for to shame. When was the last time your score some puzzy anyway?

    • Cindy

      Why be a moron and post something that has no relevance to this article. Michelle Obummer. Really?? You think no one knows what you’re talking about? Jake you’re a dumba$$.

  • MusicFan

    Britney looks good but todays best looking women in music are the Selena Gomezs , Miley Cyrus….Britney Spears was 1998-2004….she will have a great career in music/movies for the rest of her life but will never reach the heights that she did back in those days

  • http://yahoo john

    I love her!

    • Todd

      I love her too!

  • http://webpro duke

    Big Deal

  • http://webpro Just Hate all the hype on this she did porn thats on the web right ? so whats the big deal.


  • Todd

    The cover states it the best ” A body built for sex!” That about says it best! She does have a very sexy body!! Glad she got herself back to looking sexy!! :-) She’s always been a very beautiful woman!

  • Todd

    Thank you Shape !! :-)

  • Todd

    Thank you Shape !! :-)

  • Biff

    I slept with her last night. She wasn’t looking as good as her cover shot.

  • RocketJL

    Sorry people, but I think all bikinis look great. If I have to put a head on them to find out who is wearing the bikini, I am afraid I could be disappointed, in some cases.


    I have never been a Brittany fan. And yes it may a little too airbrushed, kind of looks like they are making her look like a teenager again, but she has come a long way. She had her good times and her bad times, but she has grown up and become more mature and hopefully she will stay this way. I am hoping she sees how Lohan acts and realizes that isn’t a life.


      oh an i love that bikini. it looks great on her and it’s age and body type appropriate.

  • Matt