Britney Booze Ban Extends To Hotel Mini Bars

    September 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Britney Spears has a well-documented series of breakdowns and mishaps on her personal resume, so when she landed the job as “The X-Factor” judge, many were expecting her to fail magnificently at it. But in your face, general public, because she’s kicking ass, and she’s doing it while completely sober.

Most of us remember the whole ordeal she went through when her father gained conservatorship over her finances and general well-being, which extended to the caretaking of her own children, but not everyone knows she’s battled alcoholic demons in recent years. That’s why she had her reps write up a rider for any traveling associated with the show, to keep her focus solely on the job rather than being distracted by the things she’s trying to recover from.

The rider states, among other things, that all hotels offering their services to Spears must abide by a very important rule.

“Very important: We require you to empty the minibars of all alcohol. And no gifts of wine or any other alcoholic beverages, please.”

As fans are finding out, she’s taking her job as judge very seriously; whereas many thought she’d be the “Paula” of the show and put people through out of sheer pity, she’s actually being very honest and a bit harsh in her critiques. Which, as we all know, makes for a wonderful reality show.

  • d loc

    let the girl party… what dont kill ya will only make ya stronger….. except for whitney…lol

    • frankB

      Your brain sounds damaged

  • Ben Fartin

    I think she is MUCH MUCH prettier when I’m drunk….

  • http://webpronews michael

    good for her hope she does well

  • john

    good for her , ya shes a dumb blonde but give her credit to try and be a better person

  • Letherbebritney

    Let her be britney. When she saw emblem you could tell she wanted to go out there and rip their clothes off. The show will be more fun if britney has booze

    • booboo


    • frankB


  • Lana Walker

    That is the best thing she could have ever done! We are very proud of you Britney! Keep it up. We want to you stay strong so we never lose you to something like booze or drugs.

    • BOB

      I feel sorry for her to an extent, it’s very obvious she has been thru alot. she looked rough on X factor, eye brows not done,finger nails chewed to the skin ( i mean get a damned mani girl)and a general weathered appearance. I feel she should have tried to look her best for her new begining so to speak.
      On the other hand I pray for full recovery.

  • Paul Behr

    No, keeping booze away from her is not keeping her sober. Sober is not just the absence of alchohol in the system, it’s recovery from the mental obsession to drink.

    • Donna

      Yes I am pretty sure they know this….. they are just making sure that the temptation is not there. You really have no idea where she is in her recovery, and I too had to deal with a family member with alcohol issues and I can tell you this during recovery there was not a drop at my house. So I am sure with all the money and doctors she has that they are doing the entire self and not just hiding the booze.

  • 3wwwishes

    Especially in early recovery, its nice not to have alcohol readily accessible. I did the same thing at the first hotel I stayed at sober. Kindly asked the hotel to empty the minibar. Not everyone understands addiction. I get that. Not everyone is an addict. But for those non addicts out there, the less judging you can do, and the more supporting, the better we do. Be grateful that it is not your plight in life. We are very fortunate to have a 12-step program that helps us with daily living. I’m not sure how well that works for a celebrity, where anonymity is considered a spiritual foundation. I give her a lot of credit.

  • Steve Luera

    Have you tried carbonated mineral water? No alcohol, no caffine, no sugar, no sweet tasting poison chemicals. Takes a little getting used to, but so did beer, coffee and booze the first few times. Especially good chilled!!!

    Good luck

  • Anne Van Orden

    Britney Spears has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. In addition to its deleterious effects on behavior in general, alcohol has been clinically demonstrated to negate the effects of such anti-manic agents as Lithium. Even a small amount can radically alter the effect of her treatment for BD. Also, Bipolar patients are notorious for self-medicating. #1 drug of choice? Alcohol.

    • Chris

      Thanks Dr Anne. She’s just a dry drunk. Idiot

  • Kristine

    She does not look so good on the X-FACTOR. She always has the exact same expression, which is her “annoyed” look, where the sides of her mouth curl down as she glances at Simon.

    Everything she did to herself, has made her age prematurely. Whoever does her make-up gets a four “NO’s” from me! Her lipstick is too pink and her complexion is too waxy.

    • LiLa

      And you’re too critical. Fortunately for Brit, she doesn’t have to live her life trying to achieve your standards for her.

  • Semore Butts

    Jeez, give the girl a break! Everyone makes mistakes in life. Brits are broadcasted throughout TV and magazines because she’s famous. I give her credit for taking control of her addictions the way she has and coming back stronger, more dignified.

    I will agree that who ever does her hair and makeup SHOULD BE FIRED!!!

  • Caroline

    I love Britney and still a huge fan. She’s a great ENTERTAINER/dancer.
    When you get caught up on the partying lifestyle, thus, you have addictions. She needs to go back and remb. how it all started: passion. She’s a grown woman, her father should have control.