British Zombie Plan Revealed In Freedom Of Information Request

    December 28, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Is there a British zombie plan in case the nation is embroiled in an undead apocalypse? That’s what a recent freedom of information request sought to find out, and the answer didn’t disappoint.

The Telegraph reports that the British government responded to the FoI request with a detailed plan on how Britain would emerge from any kind of apocalyptic event, whether it be zombies or Mayan doomsday prophecies. The government says that the Cabinet Office would lead efforts to “return England to its pre-attack glory.”

As for the Ministry of Defense, the agency said it would only provide military support to the civil authorities during an outbreak of the undead. The agency said, however, that it “holds no information” on the matter of how the Cabinet Office would coordinate military forces in beating back a zombie plague.

Might I suggest that the British government catch up on some solid zombie killing guides as seen in such films as Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead and Shaun of the Dead.

  • http://Anonymous.stfu Anonymous

    Oh what the fuck ever next person to mention the word Zombie Apocalypse I will kick there ass.

  • Scott Parkhurst

    *their. Zombie Apocalypse is 2 words. Looks like I’ve found a zombie IQ already.

  • Sun

    Good luck UK. You have disarmed your people and denied them the right to keep and bear arms for the self-defense against all threats real…and imaginary.

  • http://www.masks-online.com Peter Bauta

    Tax payers money well spent to have a plan ready for likely events such as the possible return of the zombies or the mayan doomsday. Oh wait, wasn’t the UK one of the most indebted nations on this planet ?

  • trolo

    Zombie Apocalypse. And it’s “Their ass”