British Woman Arrested After Racist Tirade

YouTube video prompts police action

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British Woman Arrested After Racist Tirade
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A British woman has been arrested after a nearly two-and-a-half minute video in which she delivers a profanity-laden racist tirade on a British train car gathered nearly 125,000 views and well over 40,000 comments in less than a day on YouTube. The woman, seen holding a small child on her lap, lets fly a torrent of f-bombs in her rant about the minority population of Britain, who she believes are not English, and should go back to their own countries. Several attempts to quiet the woman only manage to inflame her further.

In response to the attention garnered by the video, word of which spread widely through Twitter via the #mytramexperience hash tag, British police tracked down the woman and arrested her for a racially aggravated public order offense. The woman’s name is not available at this time. The British Tram Police announced that they had made the arrest via Twitter.

We’ve arrested a 34yo woman for racially aggravated public order offence as a result of #mytramexperience video brought to our attn 5 hours ago via HootSuite · powered by @socialditto

The video is embedded below.

British Woman Arrested After Racist Tirade
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  • John

    She should not have used the F word, but Britain is certainly flooded with immigrants taking advantage of the welfare system, in that she is right.

  • Bob

    LOL. That woman has balls! Yeah, she should be arrested. Child abuse.

    • bob

      she wasnt harming her child.

  • http://www.lipu-china.com ball mill

    Britain is certainly flooded with immigrants taking advantage of the welfare system

  • http://smmseo.com/ Phanna Klorh

    What a shame…

  • http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/908930 anna


  • broski love

    Britain is a mess. Muslims can take to the streets holding signs that say “behead infidels” and they are left alone, but this woman speaks her mind and she is arrested.

    I support this lady and her right to speak her mind. I feel she was justified and has a legitimate gripe. Immigrants have been destroying England and other countries as well.


    • PBuc

      She might have the right to speak her mind, but ask her what her thoughts are on the British colonization of the WORLD, when the BRITISH pillaged and plundered in the name of the Queen/King/w/e!

      The chickens have come home to roost!!! You may or may not respond to this….I’m in the US and couldn’t care less/won’t be coming back to this site!

  • Sabrina

    Every country that offers welfare will have abuse of the system, even her precious “britts.” Stop lumping people in to categories based on race, creed or color. The real shame is the child abuse that occurred in which all the children (Our next generation) on the train now think that this woman’s words and behavior are ok. It is most certainly NOT ok. It is time we all start to see ourselves in others. We are all people living here on this planet, so it really shouldn’t matter what country you are from or what country you live in. Everyone has migrated from one place or another, for one reason or another. We were all born on this planet and we all need to start recognizing that.

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