Bristol Palin Prepares to Unleash Her Reality Show

    June 11, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Bristol Palin, daughter of much-maligned political figure Sarah Palin and “Dancing with the Stars” alumni, is preparing to give viewers a chance to see her in a completely different light. The 21 year-old’s new reality program, “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp”, chronicles the daily life of the controversial mom, who will share the spotlight with her son Tripp, hence the title. Lifetime will debut the 10-episode show on June 19th.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Bristol dished on the show, claiming that it will give viewers an opportunity to see her as a “normal, grounded mom”. Although she hopes the program will portray her in a different light, Palin is preparing for the inevitable backlash that will follow the show’s debut.

“I think I have tough skin and I know that God is on my side and my faith is everything to me. It’s just the root of my life and my family’s life and I think it will do well,” she explained. “And when people are talking poorly about me, I think it just gives me more motivation to want to do more and want to speak up even louder and they’re just not doing themselves well by doing that.”

When asked what her mother thought of the reality show, Bristol stated, “You know, she supports me and she knows that I have good judgment so she is definitely in support of it.”

Bristol, of course, is no stranger to controversy. In May, the single mom came under fire for claiming that President’s Obama’s children were instrumental in his support of gay marriage. The rant came in the form of a blog post, which, not surprisingly, drew the ire of several same-sex marriage supporters.

What do Twitter users think of Bristol’s upcoming Lifetime reality program? Take a moment to look over some Palin-related posts below. Chances are you already know what to expect.

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  • steve james

    i think there is alot of nay sayers here who dont have the stuff to do a show themselves let alone let her do it an give encouragement …

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-richardson Chris Richardson

      What “stuff” does she have besides being famous for being Sarah Palin’s kid?

  • sophie matyiku

    i wish you well…..you deserve it…..you are a fine young lady and i admire your mom for standing up for you against the liberal morons….who have defamed you and your family…..

  • Anifhey

    This girl is begging you to think that her show will depict the “real” Bristol. Reality tee vee shows are not real, are heavily scripted and staged in places which are meant to provide colorful background. What is she doing in a gay bar wearing a Christian sweatshirt riding a mechanical bull in the first place???
    Whether he was a real gay man or played one on TV for Bristol’s hype and false reality on a closed set the guy got his money to say something to her. On the original video Bristol screamed at him like an angry teenager. They shot that scene over replacing her tantrum with reasonable speech in complete sentences, another fake. The man clearly signed a release to show his face and play his part in creating drama.
    Notice the long continuous camera shot of Bristol walking directly up to the guy where he was standing from the mechanical bull even though she had her back to him when he was paid to say those things. Every single scene is approved to make sure Bristol is shown in the best light possible, you betcha. You think a camera crew is going to be paid to show up and the producers are just going to cross their fingers and hope “something” happens that keeps America tuned in? It truly boggles my mind to think that anyone could believe that reality tv is actually “real”. But hey, that’s what Bristol wants you to think. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • http://www.dregstudios.com Brandt Hardin

    Like mother, like daughter. Bristol is selling herself in any form or fashion just like Sarah, to make that money. She pays a ghost-writer to slap together blog entries on hot-button issues to shamelessly promote herself. Talk about some successful capitalists- all body and no brains.