Brian Wilson Fired While Tour Is Ongoing

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The Beach Boys were excited to be together again when they reunited for this year’s Grammy Awards for a 50th anniversary celebration, but that hasn’t stopped controlling member Mike Love from giving Brian Wilson the axe, along with Al Jardine and David Marks. After sharing a stage again for an anniversary tour, Love announced he would be continuing the shows without his bandmates, and would instead play with Bruce Johnson and a backup band, which is rumored to include longtime Beach Boys friend John Stamos.

“The post-50th anniversary configuration will not include Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks. The 50th Reunion Tour was designed to be a set tour with a beginning and an end to mark a special 50-year milestone for the band,” read a statement issued by Love.

The Boys have had their share of spats, drama, and addiction since forming half a century ago, but fans are shocked at the blatant disregard for sheer history and loyalty as founding members are forced out of their own show.

“I’m disappointed and can’t understand why he (Love) doesn’t want to tour with Al, David and me. We are out here having so much fun. After all, we are the real Beach Boys,” Wilson said.

Sadly, the tour with Wilson, Jardine and Marks is still ongoing, meaning that if the hard feelings can’t be overcome, London will be in for a strange set.

Brian Wilson Fired While Tour Is Ongoing
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  • Adam Schramm

    So for all the Beach Boys fans who get stunned, hurtful looks when I’ve said in the past that Mike Love is a douchebag, are you convinced yet?

    • http://www.martysinvasion.com Marty

      Adam. You are right. I had been a longtime supporter of Mike Love. I sympathized with his getting screwed out of royalties and songwriting credit for his lyrics, which helped make their sound accessible. I still think he is a fantastic showman and baritone/bass in the context of their group vocals, but this latest action is indefensible. The guy clearly has issues. “Douchebag” is right! The lame Love/Johnston cover band should be boycotted.

  • http://yahoo.com GREG

    I think Brian Wilson was the vast majority of the Beach Boys dispite himself

  • http://www.crissstarr.org criss starr

    it saddens me, but doesnt surprise me, given the history of lawsuits between Mike Love & Brian Wilson. The real losers? The fans..because of Mike’s ego, he’d rather be able to say he ‘fired’ Brian Wilson, who in my opinion is a living legend. & the reason? who cares..I’m sure it dates back 40 years ago starting with Murray Wilson..or when Brian was labeled a ‘musical genius’ and stopped touring back in the day? poor Al & David, after all these years they are still pawns in Mike’s game..what kind of bandmate is that? Really Sad..

  • http://Yahoo.com Jelmo

    How can they fire Brian Wilson? He IS the Beach Boys!!!!!!

    • Janey Martin

      Mike Love is a parasite. He took Dennis’s leftover girls and he thinks he’s a “big man” He claims he’s the talented songwriter (no that would be Brian) The Wilson Bros WERE/ARE the Beach Boys, the others are secondary (including Mike Love) Mike Love is a nontalented egomaniac.

    • uncjky

      Mike loves every bit of this. Now that he has used Brian and Al he takes pleasure in being in control over Brian by firing him His time to pay back for all of neglect he has received over the years. Al is a great muscian and song writer. Come to think of it everyone in the group could play sing and write. Mike Love just understands the beach and cheerleaders

  • Nancy S

    Once again, the fans are given the shaft….grow up and check your ego problems Mike Love!

  • Stan Schmenge

    Mike Love is an egomaniac, the least talented, and the biggest “dork” in the group. You can tell he thinks he’s “a real cool head.”

  • http://Yahoo Brenda

    Mike Love has always been a control freak! If he doesn’t get his way, he pouts and “fires” everybody. Brian should have been the “leader” instead of Mike. The band would have been much more successful.

  • Adonis

    Who cares, they sucked back then and suck now…
    They couldn’t compare to the Beatles, Stones, The Who.. real Bands.. They need to just go away…Ride that one big Wave off into the Sunset…

    • murphy

      WHAT!!! you just don’t know music

    • Joseph Turner

      The real experts in music totally disagree with you. They originated a lot of phrases used by the Beetles as well as guitar riffs copied by everyone.

      Good Vibrations is many times considered the “best ” popular song of all time. If Brian Wilson (and his father) had been able to hold it together, this could not have happened,.

      Mike Love is an arrogant ass. He was playing at a Six Flags 10-15 years ago and has NOT gotten better and has no talent except avarice and greed aplenty

    • Joseph Turner

      How are things in the 7th Grade ?

    • REE

      I don’t have any problem with the bands that Adonis mentions. But, none of them are surf bands. The Beach Boys have had 32 top ten songs and have been selling out for 50 years including this year’s world tour. Someone must like them.

  • J. Stone

    I am glad I saw the original “Beach Boys” this past summer, all in tact. I took my teenage grandkids and their friend. They are an icon and its sad to see so much turmoil, let alone with family involved. Seems “Love” has no love for family, but only for money the way this is written. Love lost a lot of my respect when he made a comment about the reunion making him want to “drag the ol’ bong out of the garage”. My kids were present! Now this..I thought they were a good example. I do have to admit though that Wilson sounded wonderful, if you closed your eyes he had not aged or changed, but his stage appearance was disheartening and sad. his pants were even twisted and on sideways and no one would help him when he exited from behind the piano. Regardless my hat is off to Wilson for enduring and he has a WONDERFUL VOICE and creativity beyond what I perceived.

  • Colleen

    Too bad, that after so many years together, differences can’t be put aside. All I can say is good luck to Mike Love——how many people are going to attend his concerts now after this incident? Should of thought about that before firing the founding member of the Beach Boys and Al Jardine, who’s been there since the beginning. What a shame!

  • http://www.foxnews.com Biff

    Mike Love not war.

    • Carolina Yankee
  • sharleen mendes

    Is Brian the Beach Boy who was on drugs and had the brain disorder because of it & the father of Carrie Wilson? He looks like he is still on drugs. So sad…

  • Evelyn

    I can’t believe it. Well, maybe I can. Who does Mike Love think he is. I’m 56 year old Brian W/BB fan for years, have read his autobiography & other books. Mike is supposedly a TM (transcendental meditation) practitioner. You would think he would ‘meditate’ his anxieties away. Brian IS THE genius behind the BB’s. Yes, Mike is a co-writer of many of their hits, but if it weren’t for Brian’s vision and talented harmonic arrangements, Mike would have still been working at a gas station in L.A.
    Give it rest, Mike. – (there’s A GREAT song on YouTube called “F.U. Mike Love” – people should go hear it.)

    • Likkem Gud

      Love is a co-writer only because B.W. allows him to be listed as such. As for the name – I believe somehow Love was awarded rights to the name “Beach Boys” – but he cannot ever have the heart and soul – Brian Wilson.

  • bryan

    Mike Love is an arrogant prick.. My company spent alot of money to have them at one of our corporate events…Mike would not even agree to photos or signatures..Im sure Brian would have!! What a jerk.

  • Tamara Sembach

    Brian Wilson is who made the beach boys, Mike Love use to be part of Charles Manson a LONG time ago. If it wasnt for Brian and making of the beach boys, Mike would be in jail with Charles Manson.

    • agif

      Mike Love seems to be doing his own Charles Manson version.

    • Sandi

      Actually it was Brian’s own brother who was involved with Charles Manson – Not Mike.

  • steve

    Remember when Mike Love ripped Paul McCartney about harmony at the R&R Hall of Fame? And also when he ripped Jagger at the same event because they didn’t perform as much as the Beach Boys. There’s no bigger jerk in music than Mike Love.

  • Animule

    Mike Love has been the back-bone of this group, Brian Wilson is the one who who has been in and out of mental moods and re-hab for it. Mike and Al Jardine, held it together for years.
    Get your facts correct.

    • L

      Mental Moods? You clearly do not have a clue about mental illness.
      Love has been a controlling creep for years…he is the one who should be fired. You should get your facts straight.

    • uncjky

      MikeLove the back bone? Yeah I guess if you took Brian out of it he could recitate his lyrics. Even in his mood swings Brian was writing great music. Kokomo Mike’s only #1 claim to fame was co-written by John Phillips and Scott McKenzie. Mike’s only lyric probally? By and by we’ll defy a little bit of gravity. He has held nothing together. Blame him for wrecking and suffocating the Beach Boys creativity so he could continue to write his 60’s lyrics. Listen to his material and their new album. He is time warped. Now he claims Smile and Pet Sounds.Go watch the Mike Love show

    • JWA

      Facts? Until his death Carl Wilson had been the leader of the group (i.e. post-Brian). To infer Mike Love was the backbone of the group shows your ignorance. And now that Love will be the solo front man of the group, don’t count on hearing a single tune on pitch.

    • REE

      Mike Love is the back-bone of the Beach Boys? Try a toe nail. While Mike Love was writing a few lyrics, Brian Wilson was arranging 26 separate cuts for Good Vibrations. Brian’s voice is still the real sound of the Beach Boys. Mike’s voice is merely that of a very average baritone’s. Totally replaceable.

  • JC

    Isn’t this like Ringo firing John & Paul back in the day? I am more of a casual Beach Boys fan, and Brian Wilson is the only face I can recognize out of ’em all. I think Mike Love screwed the pooch here.

  • Dante Hicks

    The talent just left the building.

  • Ricky

    Without Brian and Al, any group performing is not the Beach Boys. Mike Love may control the name, but he can’t control the actuality. If you pay money to watch and listen to a group calling itself the Beach Boys and it doesn’t include Brian and Al, that’s fraud and you’re getting screwed. Boycott the fake group.

  • Jim

    Maybe Brian and the boys should get Captain and Tenille to tour with them, after all they were the backup for them in the past, Tenille could then replace Mike Love who sucks anyway…

  • Tuan

    How does just one member have the authority to fire 3 other original members, including one who’s pretty much the heart and soul of the band and the founding member? Can someone explain?

    • Bob

      Love controls the name, as part of an agreement.

  • Likkem Gud

    That’s like saying John Fogerty sounds too much like CCR. Brian wilson IS the Beach Boys.

  • http://webpronews david

    I’ve booked and worked with the Beach Boys for 6 years now and can tell you Mike Love is an incredible idiot. He’s showing signs of dementia, forgets song lyrics and generally makes everyone miserable. It was nice having Brian and the others back for awhile, but it was only a matter of time before Mike’s ego got in the way.

  • D-Dubz

    I love both these guys, and am sad for all involved. I am stoked however I saw them this year before all this happened. The Beach Boys are the best! They are both amazing people and have achieved so much together. Having been in bands, and worked with family I can tell you it is not easy…

  • Geoffroi Wychwood-Mees

    There is S O much more to this story :
    Whilst we all love Brian Wilson , he needs constant attention on stage to make sure he stays with it : I was at Radio 2 Mermaid Theatre recording on Monday, and felt very sad for him, but how totally professional Mike Love was !
    They will be more relaxed , unfortunately , without Brian (Who actually missed the first words of “Good Vibrations” ~ and had to be Re-Recorded at the end of the Show !)

  • dennis

    its like mary wilson firing diana ross from the supremes….daaaaaaa

    • Pattie

      its like Diana firing Flo from the Supremes-still doesn’t work.

  • mike Barnes

    brian wilson is the Beachboys without him there never would have been the beachboys when you go see the beachboys your listening to the music written by brian wilson he was the actual brains the others just music players he just got old now there just tossing him aside thats just sad i wont buy a ticket to see those players one is so called family at that shame on you guys you wont see rock n roll heaven

  • Bernie

    Cancel my tickets. Brian should start own tour. Call it “Brian Wilson and real friends have Fun”

  • Martha

    Brian Wilson IS the Beach Boys, Mike Love is a bigger douchebag than Axl Rose thinking he can pull this off. Ticket refunds will break the bank.

    • http://webpronenews.com Steve Lilly

      Mike Love is a legend in HIS OWN mind. I would NEVER attend a concert to see him. How can he justify firing his bandmates after all the ups and downs they’ve gone through up to now? What a total ass.

  • Greg

    How about the band members firing this bozo Mike Love. I mean, John Stamos, a Beach Boy? LOL

  • cynthia

    Frankly the whole thing is sad. I heard them on the Today show a few years ago and it was bad to the point of having to change channels because I was embarrassed for them. Unless you are going to the concert stoned yourself, I cannot imagine this will be something anyone hates to miss.

  • Bassmanv

    Last year saw Brian Wilson Band on his solo tour .One of the best sounding bands I’ve ever seen .Brians voice was there and his backup
    band was incredible . There Beach Boys harmonies were flawless .No worry for Brian , he definately carries the Beach Boys sound and history for as long as he wants . Paul McCartney has been quoted as saying ” Brian Wilson has the best backup musicians ” it is true .
    Take it to the bank .

  • idic5

    remember who what were why? why did love kick ’em off the tour? teh article did not say – unless I missed it.

  • Sonny

    Brian Wilson is the beach boys, he wrote the songs that so famous. Mike Love is just an egomaniac NO talent bum!

  • mickey

    Mike Love is a loser, what a twat!

  • Sally

    Brian Wilson is the Beach Boys…saw them at the Hollywood Bowl and he is the voice and the music that makes the show!!! Sad news

  • Renee

    Mike Love is an idiot… I am a huge Beach Boys fan and was looking forward to hearing them all together again. I wouldn’t go see that concert now if they paid me and I don’t think any other Beach Boys fan should either… Boycott the concerts.

  • gene

    Mike Love may “own” the name “Beach Boys”. But he will find out the hard way that the fans know who is responsible for the success of the “Beach Boys”. Yes, he sang lead. But over 95% of all the successful music came from someone that he is mistreating, and the loyal fans will only put up with so much ingratitude.

    • John

      Exactly. I went to a fake Beach Boys concert and in fact they were good. But not GREAT and that is what the REAL Beach Boys were.

  • Guest

    With all the constant infighting, they should rename themselves “The B*tch Boys”.

  • http://webpronews C Dawson

    Mike Love may legally own the name “Beach Boys” but a lot of good it will do him when no fans show up at his concerts. What good is it to call it an anniversary tour if all the original members are absent? Today’s music fans don’t listen to the Beach Boys type music and the original fans will not be interested in watching fill-ins for the originals. Maybe you should rename your tour to the Mike Love Road Show, Mikey!!! I hope all your shows get cancelled for lack of ticket sales.

  • Mark Douglas

    Mikey-poo you mentioned “overexposure” are you sure it isn’t a helluva EGO problem?

  • Dennis

    Mike love is a fool !! Brian is the beach boys. Let mike fall on his ass and then no one will be there for him.

  • Karen Mann

    It really saddens me to hear of this Ego Trip for Mike. I have been a Beach Boys fan since the 60’s, I just can’t believe this is happening, and I’m sure that the others (of the real set) are turning in their graves.

  • http://aol Wayne

    Hey all ready, If Mike Love has fired the beach boys; then I see an end to that wonderful group as we know it. I hope Love falls on his face, it might be just what he needs to knock some sense into him. I just don’t see them surviving without Brian, and Al. Good- bye Beach Boys !!!

  • David Fleischmann

    This band has always been a mess since the 60’s. First the father then Mike Love. Nothing suprises me except how much phenomenal music Brian Wilson was able to create with all these issues, along with his own mental health problems. Imagine what he could produced with the right people around him encouraging him. Some tried to help and support him and other took complete advantage of him. You still take their best 15-20 pieces of work and they stack up with any band including the Beatles and Stones.

  • vince olson

    I’ve seen Mike Love and his Beach Boys wanna be act twice in the past three years. Both times were at conventions, thankfully I did not have to pay. It was a crying shame, I was almost in tears being subjected to the butchering of most all of the songs. The most offensive of all was Mike Love.

    Fans of the Beach Boys can only hope that reviews acroos the nation pan these losers.

    Bring back Brian and Al and save yourselves from the Rock and Roll graveyard of over the hill losers!

  • Allison Morgan

    I think this whole thing is a PUBLICITY STUNT to garner interest in the tour. The Beach Boys are not a charity. They’re touring to make money. Fans don’t like to see their idols this way. You watch: they’ll “work it out”.

  • kellys

    Boycott Mike Love, I will, screw him, it was Brian Wilson that made him.

  • john

    Mike Love may have the legal right to do what he did, but morally he known in the english language as a a**hole.

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