Brian the Dog to Rise from the Dead?

    December 7, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Brian the dog will rise from the dead–at least that’s what Entertainment Weekly says. And while they’re not actually calling the dog’s return a resurrection, they are claiming he’ll appear in some form on the December 15th episode of Family Guy.

Brian the dog was hit by a car and taken to a veterinarian on the November 24th episode. Subsequently dying from his injuries, he was laid to rest in a proper burial a la Stewie and the whole Griffin family. Of course to add to the insanity, the Griffins got a new dog–Vinny (voiced by Tony Sirico). It will certainly be interesting to learn how Brian reacts to his replacement.

Voiced by the show’s creator Seth MacFarlane, Brian has long been a staple of Family Guy. Might his return be indicative of an uproar on behalf of fans? It’s definitely a hot topic on Twitter.

Fans weren’t happy when Brian the dog was killed off.

Recent news is filled with the deaths of real people who deeply touched the lives of millions. Nelson Mandela fought apartheid. Paul Walker leaves behind a teenage daughter. What’s with these people taking to Twitter to discuss the demise and return of an animated dog?

This Twitter user definitely sees the absurdity.

It seems this present society–or at least one facet of the Twitter community–reveres its animated critters with at least an equal regard (in some cases it could be even more) as human beings. When you ponder that for a moment or two, it’s really quite sad.

Happiness will reign, however, when Brian the dog returns to Family Guy on December 15th. Hopefully all reasonable people will halt their holiday preparations, their work and their family plans, to tune in to this momentous occasion.

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  • Kim D

    To those who think people asking for Brian’s resurrection are callous or oblivious to real suffering in the world: call me when your petition to bring back the most highly revered man of our times is answered. *I* understand the difference between entertainment and real life. Do you?

    • KIm

      This is mindless entertainment lady! Give the world something to veg out and watch and enjoy instead of all of the sad news in the world for goodness sake!! Do you not know how to have fun. No wonder you have nothing better to do than to put comments like this on stories that are supposed to be happy endings for millions of Americans.

  • Anne-Marie

    Kim D said it all – people die every single day and there is no way to bring them back. Whether they were good and made a positive impact is irrelevant, there is NO WAY to resurrect them. With fictional characters, in a respite FROM REALITY, why shouldn’t we protest their demise? Wile E. Coyote falls thousands of feet and shakes it off – cartoons are supposed to do that and make us laugh at the same time as we understand reality never works in that manner. Give us fans a break and allow us to rail against some idiotic thing we may be able to change.

  • Chris

    They shouldn’t be doing that. While I was shocked, and still sort of am, that they chose such an important character, I believe it’ll cheapen his death and him, altogether, if they bring him back. Marvel Comics is pretty notorious for killing off a character and *shock* s/he’s back many issues later, via time travel, espionage, clone, etc. Keep him dead.

  • mr. T

    I liked Brian the dog and the way Seth paired him up with Stewie. it gave the show more variety . it made it more than just Peters silliness and the rest of the gangs hilarious acts. people its just a CARTOON … not a show based on real life. I dont think bringing him back will be a bad idea at all….. heck the new dog is sorta out of place after all the years Brian was on the show. if Seth can figure out a way to bring him back forever .. not just 1 show, I would think it was great.

  • KIm

    To all of you naysayers out there who are comparing bringing back Brian to bringing back loved ones in real life… GET REAL, ITS A CARTOON. Give people some place to go to get away from the constant rhetoric of the real world where all there is is death, destruction, violence, and sadness. Let us have this ONE victory, where one of the good guys gets another chance, and we win for once. For goodness sake, it is a mindless, comedic escape for 1/2 hour from this pathetic country with bad politics and where only the wealthy get breaks. It is the only thing some of us every feel they have EVER been “heard” on. Leave it alone…

  • Sara

    I hope they bring him back. Brian was too big of a character to eliminate. That’s like getting rid of Lisa from The Simpsons.

    Anyway, I love this show. It’s one of the few things that makes me laugh when I’m feeling down, tired, or just want to relax.