Brett Favre: Packers Consider Retiring Former Quarterback’s Jersey

By: WebProNews Staff - May 18, 2012

Brett Favre, who famously parted ways with the Green Bay Packers in 2008, is back in the news once again. Thankfully, this time it has nothing to do with sexting or retirement. In fact, should the legendary NFL quarterback soothe the ongoing tensions with his former employer, they would like nothing more than to retire his jersey. However, considering the current state of their tumultuous relationship, this honor may not take place for another few years.

According to, Packers president Mark Murphy recently told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he would love to retire Favre’s jersey, though he wants to wait a while so the event will be memorable for all involved. This, of course, suggests that relations between the famed QB and the Packers are still somewhat strained. Time heals all wounds, right? I’m sure Packer fans would love to see this happen. Assuming, of course, that some of them can put their bitterness aside to enjoy the moment.

Mark Murphy siad #packers want to retire Favre’s number in a year or two when it is meaningful to 4
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In related news, Favre recently auctioned off some of his precious time for charity. For $10,000, a person and their guest(s) could play a game of catch-and-pass with the quarterback, with all proceeds from the auction going to RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. Although the auction has closed, no winner has been announced.

News about Favre’s potential jersey retirement has caused some waves on Twitter. You can sample some of the reactions by investigating the posts embedded below.

@Aaron_Nagler should the Pack retire Favre’s jersey? He wronged many fans/even the org a little for going to MN Or does saving GB save him?
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@TheFakeESPN brett favre’s jersey will also call other teams retired jersey’s secretaries and leave weird voice mails
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Not surprised #Packers want to wait a year or two to retire Favre’s jersey. But it’s a bad call. Do it now. Time to celebrate his greatness.
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Packers not retiring Favre’s jersey for another year or two? That’s why I can’t stand that team or their crybaby fans. Get over it.
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Mad props to the guy I saw get off the bus (in Boston) decked out in a Packer hat and B.Favre jersey #KeepingTheDreamAlive #fb
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  • RFC

    Favre left green bay in 2008, not 2007.

  • fanytime

    maybe the fans should organize a gala of their own. forget Murphy Thompson and McCarthy. the fans have the love and the power to make it a most memorable occasion. the media would love it! I would have it at a park in Ashwaubenon and then parade Brett down Oneida or Ridge to the stadium for the “official” ceremony of retiring the jersey. Man Brett you were soooo loved in GB during your years there. I still love ya and feel honored to watch you all those years. Miss you man

  • http://yahoo Michael A Karjala

    Brett Favre may be a good quarterback, I would not say he was a great qb. If his ego could fit through the door would be one thing, but to do what he did to the Packers after leaving the team is inexcuseable.

  • Jack Evans


  • Rachel

    Brett should simply refuse to participate in any farcical “honor” that involves Ted Thompson, Mark Murphy or Mike McCarthy. The Packers screwed Brett, NOT the other way around. TT forced him to announce his retirement instead of giving him his release to negotiate with other teams, as the Colts did with Peyton Manning once they were through with him. Then TT initiated a campaign of slander against Brett which some of the fans actually bought.

    Packer fans are either gullible or evil. Winning another Super Bowl might have been nice, but integrity counts for more in the end. And the Green Bay Packers and their “cheeseheads” have none.

    • Sherry Porubcansky

      Well said – couldn’t agree more.

    • Paul

      Amen, Rachel. Everybody forgets all the garbage that Ted pulled in sending Brett to the Jets just so he wouldn’t have to face him. I have no problem with Aaron or the rest of the Pack, and Ted has built a decent (but not perfect team). Yes, I wish that Brett would take Mark up on his offer and come back to Green Bay to work in any capacity, but let bygones be bygones Mark. Retire his jersey NOW.

  • Cherilyn

    they should..Brett was a great quarterback ego or no ego..after all Brett led them to their first title in 30 years in ’ of the few times the Packers were beaten in the Super Bowl..wonder if the Vikings will do the same

  • Cherilyn

    oops I meant the Patriots

  • ed

    we loved him & then we all hated him as bad things happened _ i’m a pack fan & all i can say is the guy gave the best he could offer for a team that was down & out for a long time- yes his # should & will be retired – let it happen now instead of later- all egos salved & great closure for everybody-

  • John Lindsey

    Come on man, this is a friggin game, retire his damn jersey,meh played tough football for some poor packers teams, and look at all of the coaches head and off and quarterback he had to relate to. Move on already.

  • mj Jones

    Please Lick your wounds so called PACKER FANS you all cheeered Brett on, Sat on the end of your seats, yelled at the tv and love him for 16 years, till TT. He IS ONE OF the BEST QB’s EVER, one of the “Toughest” to have ever played (BOUNTY GAME WITH THE SAINTS) and ALWAYS made it EXCITING. HE LOVED GB AND FOOTBALL and WE TRUE FANS LOVED HIM no matter where he went. Football is not the same without him playing ,as it has not been without Reggie, Levens, Brooks, Robinson, Sterling, “Free”, Chumra, Butler, Brown, Bart , Ray, Horning, Mcgee and all the other packer greats. Montana was treated with NO RESPECT, Payton too and soon Drew BREES will be a victim of the systems, so Packer FANS your not the only team to GET DIVORCED. You HYOCRITES will all be there to live the moment when he does get the honors he DESERVES. Whenever TT, MM & MM grow up and allow him the Right HE EARNED to be in the ring of honor in GB. The worst part is you’ll act like you love him after you back stabbed him and act like you care if they do…shame on those of you do and weren’t true fans. Ron Wolff would never let this happen. So when Mike Holgrem is honored in July 2012 does Brett get invited to honor his Coach?? Probably not….Brett Thank you for all the thrills memories, and love of the game

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