Brett Favre Could Play in the NFL Today


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Could Brett Favre come out of retirement, again?

Don't get too excited Favre fans, or too upset if you're a hater. The former NFL quarterback isn't making another comeback, but his agent thinks he could play if he wanted to.

Bus Cook, Favre's agent, was in Mobile, Alabama Monday night as a guest speaker at the New Horizons Credit Union-1st & 10 Club meeting. He told those in attendance, "Today, he could play today. I saw him the other day. He's in the best shape I've ever seen him in, physically. His arms look like a blacksmith's arms. He rides a bike probably 30-50 miles a day. He runs four or five miles a day. He's coaching at the high school and they're undefeated. He loves it. His body fat is 7.5 percent and he weighs 225 pounds. He could play today, better than a lot of them out there today.''

Sounds like somebody has a crush on Favre.

Cook's love and adoration for Favre doesn't stop at his physical prowess either. "It was never about money with that guy. It was never about records. The one record he was most proud of was that consecutive starts. He said, 'Because that tells everybody that I gave the man a day's work for a day's play and I got up and I went to work every day of my life.'...He's just a super guy, he really is.''

On Twitter, some people are hoping this is just an observation by Cook, and not the hint of a comeback for the 43-year-old Favre.

While others wouldn't mind seeing Favre throw the pigskin around professionally once more.

Favre first retired from the NFL as a Green Bay Packer in 2008. After a comeback with the New York Jets, and then the Minnesota Vikings, Favre retired again in 2011.

You can relive Favre crying through his first retirement in the video below.

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