Andrew Breitbart Conspiracy Theories Starting

    March 2, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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In a posting on lsnewsgroup.com, Lawrence Sinclair spoke about Andrew Breitbart and the professional relationship that the two of them shared. The story consisted of some confusing questions about whether or not Breitbart’s death was from “natural causes”. There is no other, more sinister, cause mentioned in the article itself. But, Sinclair then makes rather bewildering statement:

Andrew Breitbart was one of the inspirations behind our consolidation of our multiple domain names into what has become Sinclair-News-LSNewsGroup. With the announcement of Andrew’s passing overnight we could not help recalling our conversation just 3 weeks ago in Washington, DC. Andrew said on Feb 9, 2012 in Washington, DC “wait til they see what happens March first.”

What did happen March 1st? Breitbart died, of course. Why did he make this statement to Sinclair? Sinclair never says.

Comments on the article questioned this, as well.

OMG someone give me some context on the “march 1st” thing, and why he would possibly be a target for assassination.

He died for speaking the truth. And that is what killed him. He stepped over the line.

He had the goods on somebody very powerful and that somebody had him killed. Case closed.

Since that original posting, it has been appended with the following statement:

In light of the comments which have been posted on this article we want to make something perfectly clear. We are not and have not said nor do we believe the death of Andrew Breitbart is the result of anything other than a believed heart attack. We simply reported that different media outlets reporting the cause of death as being of “natural causes” before a cause of death has been determined is wrong and has created this sense of something more sinister. While we are certain Joel Pollak meant well with stating his opinion as to the cause of death (as did Andrews father-in-law) reporting “natural causes” as being “fact” before a cause had been official determined and entered on a death certificate is wrong for so many obvious reasons.

Paul Joseph Watson, on InfoWars.com, piled on by conflating Breitbart’s death with his plans to release some tapes from President Obama’s days at Harvard. Breitbart had said these tapes would show “why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008″

“In a stunning coincidence, it appears Andrew Breitbart suffered his untimely death just hours before he was set to release damning video footage that could have sunk Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.”

The tinfoil hat crowd even has theories about how Breitbart’s heart attack was “induced”.

‘The standard method of assassination to provide a certified autopsy report of “death by natural causes” is the little EM beam “shooter” using the Venus ECCM technique – i.e., warping of its wavefront – to destroy the body’s control of its heartbeat.’

Like Bill Clinton before him, quiet rumblings of murder plots are forming about President Obama.

  • andrew sihler

    The Germans have a somewhat unkind saying: “Only death cures the hunchback”.

  • http://rogersparkbench.blogspot.com Tom Mannis

    Your story, while good, is a day and a half late. The conspiracy theories were flying within two hours of his death at 12:19 a.m. PST.

  • http://republicaninthearts.blogspot.com Incognito

    the infowars crowd are as wacked out as Hugo Chavez and his theories that the U.S. caused his and other lefty latin leaders’ cancer.

  • Not Obama

    Venus ECCM Murder Technique

    This assassination technique will give the victim a massive heart attack or stroke or both, resulting in his death. The standard method of assassination to provide a certified autopsy report of “death by natural causes” is the little EM beam “shooter” using the Venus ECCM technique – i.e., warping of its wavefront – to destroy the body’s control of its heartbeat. There are two basic sizes: One is about the size of a dime-store pocketbook, and has an effective range of something like 9 meters or so. The other is the size of a bazooka (shoulder-held rocket launcher) and its beam is effective at a range of about 60 meters or so. It also is often used with infrared sighting, to fire through a wall at a person (say, in a room on the second floor) by aiming at his infrared change and signature detected outside the building. A person struck by this Venus-technique warped wavefront beam has a sudden interruption of all control of his heartbeat, and so his heart goes into instant, uncontrolled, and violent fibrillation. Exposure to the main beam for 10 seconds or more is almost certain to result in death of the individual, by a resulting massive heart failure, stroke, or both.

  • SharonZee

    Yup and those Korans were burned by mistake and Vince Foster killed himself. Hey, whatever. The ones in charge are going to do what they are going to do and their agenda will be fulfilled. One way or another.

    • GM

      And aliens ate my Buick

  • Biff

    What good would it have done to kill him? It’s not like the material he was going to release is somehow stored in his brain. He has many people he worked with and his plans to release the material will be carried out anyway. I guess conspiracy lovers don’t need to think much to get going. Once they get going, lack of motive won’t slow them down.

  • TinFoilHatClubber

    What an offense comment, “The Tin Foil Hat Club..?!” Because people are asking questions and making connections that seem logical? You’re naive if you think this is about the Tin Hat Club people!! I didn’t even care for Breitbart that much and I smell a conspiracy! It doesn’t take an exceptional person to realize that something stinks here. The MINUTE, or a couple of single digit minutes before NDAA goes into effect and minutes before the day arrives that he’s to let something loose that’s big enough to throw the entire 2012 election up in the air?! He was a symbolic pawn and an enemy of our ruling party, and the POTUS! No matter what the coroner/s say now, nobody will ever trust it was a natural heart attack.

    • white collar crime kills

      if bitefart was an enemy of the ruling party, they wouldn’t have featured him on newscorp

  • http://blog.doodooecon.com DooDooEcon

    So now anyone looking at this is to be labelled a “birther” or “deather” in this case. The EM weapon has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “weaponology.” Oh and have you heard of fast and furious or project gunwalker?

    Why would Chicago thugs sell military weapons to Venezuelan/IRG trained killers? Why would the US train Mexican Special Forces only to have them bought by “drug gangs?”

    I cannot prove anything, but you measure threats in terms of capabilities not motivations.

    • white collar crime kills

      Why would Chicago thugs sell military weapons to Venezuelan/IRG trained killers?
      How would we know? ask Ollie North or Dick Cheney, mercenary master.