Breaking Bad Gets a Requiem For a Dream Video Tribute


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No other show matches Breaking Bad in grit and intensity, at least on cable television. Now the fifth and final season is upon us. To celebrate (and to prepare for next season), we present to you a video that matches the intensity of Breaking Bad with an equally intense movie in Requiem For a Dream. This video gives us a great recap of the first four seasons, set to the score and editing style of Requiem For a Dream. YouTube user Jswinney1 put it together masterfully, so enjoy.

Spoilers -- This whole video can be classified as a spoiler, so if you haven't kept up with the show and plan to, don't watch. For those that follow the show intensely, this is an awesome recap.

The final season of Breaking Bad aires July 15th and will consist of 16 episodes. The first eight air this Summer and the final eight next Summer. Where I'm from they call that two seasons, but AMC is billing it as one split over two years.

[ht: GeekTyrant]