Breakfast At Taco Bell: What They’re Saying

By: Toni Matthews-El - March 21, 2014

If there was ever a fast food restaurant absolutely no one associated with breakfast, it was Taco Bell.

Then came the news last month that the fast food chain was going to throw its hat into the breakfast ring with the likes of McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Subway.

On the upcoming Taco Bell breakfast menu will be such options as AM Crunchwraps, Cinnabon bites, and the curious “waffle tacos”. Coffee and orange juice will be available as breakfast beverages to go with the items.

Despite the rest of us having to wait about a week to find out whether these breakfast choices will be a big “yay” or “nay”, some lucky individuals were able to get an early sampling of the menu.

First up is the waffle taco with sausage, which features eggs and cheese wrapped in sausage that is in turn wrapped in a waffle. This is the highly talked about breakfast option that many are buzzing about.

How does it taste?

The waffle is described by one reviewer as “bready” and “slightly” sweet and the sausage is said to be “well-seasoned”. The eggs are “fluffy”, but also flavorless. Nothing a bit of salt and pepper won’t fix I’m sure, however the world could do without flavorless eggs. Ick.

The cheese is meant to add a decadent touch.

It’s hard to tell whether or not the waffle taco will live up to the hype, but it sounds like it will at least taste about as well as you expect. There is syrup available to drench the item in for even more flavor.

The AM Crunchwrap is 660 calories by itself (the waffle taco is 370 calories), which makes it seem like a promisingly filling endeavor. The breakfast quesadilla is made up of hash browns, bacon, eggs, and cheese, all wrapped up in a grilled tortilla.

This is said to be the tastiest menu on the item, but that will remain to be seen. The reviewer noted that not all the cheese melted evenly, which could impact the reception by some palates.

Lastly there are Cinnabon bites to look forward to. These tender morsels come with icing on the inside. Yum! You get four in all, with a total calorie count of 310.

The first reviews of the Taco Bell menu seem to suggest that the company may be able to get a foot in the doorway to competing with other established fast food breakfast menus. But as with everything, customer satisfaction will likely vary.

The menu is set to make its national debut on March 27th.

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