Branson Inquires About A Joint At The White House

By: Shawn Hess - March 16, 2012

Richard Branson will have to cross President Obama and the White House off of his short list of places to score some good weed. According to the Business savvy celebrity, they don’t keep any on hand. Branson attended a dinner for British Prime Minister, David Cameron at the White House on Wednesday and commented on the event on Thursday to an anxious crowd outside an Atlantic office in Washington.

Branson made an appearance at the Atlantic alongside Atlantic’s Washington Editor-At-Large Steve Clemons and Ethan Nadelmann, the executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance to promote a panel discussion titled, “Benchmarching the War on Drugs”. Though he only jokes about asking for a joint at the White House, he is an avid marijuana smoker and hopes to play an instrumental role in legalizing the plant.

The trio’s presentation on marijuana speaks to common sense aspect of legalizing the plant, addressing issues like the non-toxic nature of the drug and prison overcrowding. They present some interesting arguments for legalization and they specifically mention the initiative in Latin America to decriminalize marijuana.

Here’s a video of the Atlantic event featuring Branson:

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  • RJ

    Finally some people talking sense! I have said this already and with me so many people, The war on drugs has failed from the beginning! it is an absolute waste of tax money!! money we could have spend on helping people!!

  • FaTe

    As a owner of a cannabis related website for some years (I won’t advertise) this article makes me super happy. Look at how well Branson has done in his life, the stereotypical view of cannabis and it’s effects is sickening.

    Although it does account for some of his half brained ideas on expeditions in balloons, he must of been wasted when he thought that up. “Hey guys *toke* .. I just had this idea right, we can get high in balloons an…”