Brain Tapeworms: More Common Than You Might Think

    May 26, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Brain tapeworms sound disgusting. Well, that’s because they are. In a recent article published by Discover Magazine, the parasites are discussed at-length, so much so that you may find yourself second-guessing every single piece of food that enters your mouth. In this day and age where cockroaches and severed fingers are unknowingly served to us by major restaurant chains, it’s not surprisingly that brain tapeworms are becoming an issue.

How does one come into contact with such an organism? It’s essentially no different than contracting a tapeworm that lives, feeds, and grows inside your intestines. Brain tapeworms are larvae that work their way through your bloodstream to your tasty little brain, where they effectively dig in their heels and set up shop in the form of large white cysts. So when you chow down on an undercooked piece of pork, you may, in fact, be consuming some of the larvae. When you stop to consider that a single tapeworm can produce 50,000 eggs, the bigger picture becomes shockingly clear. Your lunch suddenly seems intimidating.

Side effects from brain tapeworms include violent seizures, brain damage, blindness, loss of motor functions, and, in some extreme cases, the individual suffering from the affliction may fall into a coma. Although there are treatments available to combat the infestation, they can often cause the person’s brain to swell.

Dr. Theodore Nash, who discussed the problem with Discover Magazine, said that it’s difficult to track just how many people are carrying tapeworms around inside their skulls. However, he estimates that nearly 2,000 people in the United States are playing host to these parasites. In an even more alarming revelation, Nash suspects that almost 29 million people in Latin America could have them in their craniums right now. Very scary, indeed.

So how does one go about avoiding brain tapeworms? It’s pretty simple: Wash your hands thoroughly after you’ve handled raw meat and, of course, make sure that your food is cooked thoroughly. Otherwise, you might find yourself with dozens of tiny tenants living off the tender noodle inside your skull.

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    So that’s where the voices are coming from.

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  • vettech88

    be careful of being around raccoons. They are cute but the raccoon tapeworm is transmitted through them and that is another one that goes to your brain.

    • jen

      @vettech88, you are sooo wrong! I am also a vet tech and the only tapeworm that invades the brain is the Taenia solium, which hosts are humans and pigs…not raccoons. It is also very rare for this particular tapeworm to invade the brain and people generally get it from eating undercooked pork since the larvae can invade the muscles of the pig. Raccoons do indeed get tapeworms but they are strictly the intestinal tapeworms and if I was worried about catching anything from a coon I would worry more about rabies from a bite or leptospirosis. And as far as intestinal parasites in coons I would worry more about the large roundworm, which is easier to catch than tapes.

      • dave pennebaker

        thanks Jen for setting the record straight. I was a parasitologist in a large medical laboratory in San Diego some years ago. What you stated is fact.

        • Suzanne

          He is probably referring to Baylisascaris, not a tape worm, but just as dangerous, and definately carried by raccoons and transmittable to humans.

        • Ken

          I think vettech88 might be talking about the Echinococcosis infection from various types of Echinococcus tapeworms. These are carried in raccoons, foxes, coyotes, bears, sometimes even domestic dogs, and can go through a life cycle in humans (the human isn’t their preferred host, but they can still infect us). These critters form cysts, primarily in the liver and lungs, but occasionally in the human brain, as well. The infection usually isn’t nearly as dramatic as the Neurocysticerosis, but it can be very unpleasant and occasional highly dangerous — occasionally fatal, as well. But it’s rare, and again, this type of tapeworm doesn’t readily make the jump to humans, so don’t be that concerned.

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          Yeahright!! Thank god for Google!!! Bung!!!

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        Everyone, move out of the way, we got a vet TECH here!

      • BT

        Hi Jen,
        Are tapeworms contagious from human to human?

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        I hate to sound terribly ignorant here, but what is leptospirosis?

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          I could be totally wrong, but I think it is similar to the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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            That is soooo funny,lol!

          • http://Yahoo Virginia Swann

            An infectious bacterial disease that occurs in rodents, dogs, and other mammals and can be transmitted to humans. This is and can become very serious if not taken care of by a doctor and let get out of control. Hope this helps…

        • Scott

          Not to sound like a smartazz but aren’t you using some type of computer=worlds best library for finding information. I am about to research that myself,not a clue.

        • Scott
        • http://Yahoo Virginia Swann

          An infectious bacterial disease that occurs in rodents, dogs, and other mammals and can be transmitted to humans.

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        Thanks for setting the reoord straight. Your post was infomative, relevant and interesting. It is nice to see that we have some intelligent people out there to offset the sensationalist journalism from journalists that thrive on inciting fear in the lives of their readers.

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        Oh my. Suddenly going kosher sounds like a really good idea!

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    It’s an epidemic in D.C. The breakout started about 10 years ago and has gotten progressively worse. Probably started in china.

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  • John

    There was a woman locally who had passed out a few years back on Mother’s Day. She was rushed to the hospital where they removed a three foot long tapeworm from her brain. They traced it to her eating
    a considerable amount of raw sushi.

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    Cool we have finally figured out whats wrong with Joe Biden

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    It’s no good worrying about it now. What’s done is done. Just make sure of what you eat, and make sure you eat well cooked food. No raw sushi. Yuk.

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    Freddy, the ball has to cross the goal line. Often they have to review the play because it is so close that you can’t squeeze a tapeworm between the ball and the goal.

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    Focus, Freddy, focus!!!! We’re talking about something serious, and you, being a guy, have scoring on your mind!!! Imagine that!!

  • Victor Martinez

    29 million people in Latin America carry this parasite? Well, it’s certainly possible, but I think you need more than a renowned scientist throwing out a number off the top of his head. He suspects, but he doesn’t know, does he? Parasites are not a bit medical topic in the US, but in fact they’re quite common. Doctors are not trained in that. It’s not a big money maker for Big Pharma. It’s always been big in Scandinavian countries and Latin America. We all have all kinds of parasites.

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    Who is this Brian and why does he have Tapeworms?

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    It is very interesting that Alzheimer’s disease couldn’t be traced back to some parasite in certain cases. I just finished the Master Cleanse Detox and from my colon, I saw parasites and a worm or two. I didn’t like the idea that I was the host to those critters! But after doing the cleanse for approximately 59 days, it was well worth it!

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    I’m still wondering about the football question. Would it count if the tapeworm crawled out the ear, grabbed the ball, and took it over the goal line?

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    A retired pediatric RN here. About 15 years ago we admitted a child to our hospital that was diagnosed with a tapeworm in the brain. She had been to Mexico.

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    Why does he think millions of people in Latin America are carrying this parasite? How did he come up with the estimates? Details please!

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    There are worse things in your food then tapeworms… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOBzPxd3t98

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    Parasites in food are of no concern to me. I have found that I consume enough 80 proof alcohol to kill any critter still living when it enters my digestive system. This is factual as there have been instances in which others consuming the same food as myself have grown extremely ill and I have not. However, on occasion when my BAC has fallen below about .14, I have grown extremely ill…

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    The video was very unsatisfactory. It jumped far too fast from one obscure little scene to another instead of staying on a subject long enough for a viewer to make sense of it. I thought we might get to see microscopic shots of worms in action too, or clinical pictures of the type of damage they do.