Box Office Results on Hold Following Colorado Shooting

    July 23, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Box office results are being put on hold for the moment following the tragic shooting at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado, a decision supported by the majority of Hollywood studios. Monday mornings are usually when movie-crazed individuals such as myself ravenously pour over figures in an attempt to see which motion picture dominated ticket sales over the weekend. However, given the events surrounding Christopher Nolan’s superhero epic, worrying about money seems a bit trivial at this point in time.

The Associated Press reports that Sony, Fox, Disney, Universal, Fox, and Lionsgate have all joined Warner Bros. in keeping last weekend’s box office results from the public eye out of respect for the victims of the Colorado shooting. Although executives at Paramount have not said whether they intend to do the same, one can only imagine the backlash the company would receive if it decided to reveal totals when everyone else is choosing to remain silent.

Of course, the decision to officially withhold the results hasn’t stopped others from speculating about the amount of money “The Dark Knight Rises” brought in over the past three days. Trade publications such as Variety and Hollywood Reporter stated Nolan’s trilogy-ending entry brought in anywhere from $75 million and $77 million on Friday alone. Midnight screenings across the country reportedly brought in $30.6 million. Analysts believe the flick could give be on track to overpower Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” as the highest-grossing film of the summer.

The shooting in Aurora has impacted movie fans across the globe. In addition to canceling the film’s premiere in Paris, Warner Bros. decided to cancel Batman-related events in Mexico City and Tokyo. Additionally, the studio has opted to remove the trailer for the Ryan Gosling action flick “Gangster Squad” from theaters due to the gun-related violence contained within the clip.

Box office results are expected to be released later in the day.

  • spanky meadows

    Political Correctness gone to far again….


    • nisedog

      It’s “too” not “to”!!! Try not to be insensitive AND ignorant.

      • justmytwocents

        You’re going to try to correct someone when you don’t know the right way to use correct grammar. If you can replace the word also with it you spell it too. Since you cannot replace it in gone to far (gone also far) you spell it to. IDIOT.

        • Jack

          No, you’re wrong. The word ‘too’ can be used for ‘in addition’ but it also pertains to degree. For example, “That’s too hot”. The word ‘to’ pertains to movement. For example, “bring me to the mall.” So yeah, You’re kind of dumb.

    • Flixen

      Only 236 years and then this kind of crime. Mh you create monsters with your movies lie Saw and Jason and other killing movies. The question is when and where is the next shooting spree. And the media is saying oh so happy the guy didn’t shoot himself so we are so thankful for more stories. That is evil to me. So farf 25 Shootings and 290 victims. When America reach 300 and will you be happy if Holmes get executed. Maybe he go to heaven because he repent and turn to Jesus. I hope he repent and face what he have to face. But do not be happy on other peoples fate it could hit you the other day. I feel not save I do not feel save. When i go shopping when i go to a movie when I am in a park America i do not feel save. No freedom at all no peace. I am afraid but i know everything happens with a reason and I am save only in Jesus he only makes me feel save. I hope those 12 victims are save and not lost. But you cannot prat them into heaven. It is final for them now.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/10stringbanjo?feature=mhee Mat Hiner

    Tragedy and the vultures that follow
    Credit: (Image via Twitter/@igkros)After hearing about the shooting in Aurora Colorado my first thought, after the initial stunned shock, was to how long it would take the US media to start recklessly disrespecting and harassing the victims-no surprise they dropped all the election bullshit, all the reality show updates for the mindless masses(even sports will have to mean a little less for a while)and directed all their energy on a catchy slogan(Movie Theater Massacre), and witty batman/ribbon icon to commemorate the tragedy. Of course this mindless dribble was accompanied by candid photo’s of victim’s and victim’s family members in shock and the firm grips of hysteria, not only because of what just happened but also because some asshole has a camera in their face and is now badgering them about mundane details like how many shots they heard, or what part of the movie it happened during. Leave these poor people alone you heartless savages, at least give them a couple weeks to come to grips with the reality of the situation. Besides, if all you vultures are patient in six months or so you can learn all they need to know about it from the made for TV movie.
    No sooner than they had their recognizable icon and tasteless photo’s/video did they start attacking gun laws. It was the same in ’98, and then again in Virgina. As long as more than one person exists, conflict will ensue and eventually crime will be committed, it has nothing to do with gun accessibility. Obviously our society breeds a certain amount of psychotic man-beast savages who take advantage of the freedom that we’ve scraped together over the last 236 years and they need to be stopped. Countless interviews, months of Court TV coverage, debates on gun control, or made for TV movies are not the answer… There may not be anything that can be done for monsters like that. Harsher punishment? Group torture by the families of the victims in the public town square? Maybe if examples like that were made of spineless monsters like that shit necked coward we’d have less media control in our country.